He unbuttoned me as I wished. I smiled with fear. I wanted that but I feared I wasn’t doing the right thing either. Once he unbuttoned me completely, he didn’t remove my top. He looked inside. He didn’t see all of me, but he was overjoyed with what he saw. I was elated. I was anxious. I was hornier. I wanted Chuck so much.

I love my breasts. I wouldn’t change them. My roommates and I talked hours on end, privately in our rooms, having all sorts of conversations about them and guys. We laughed and laughed and we even played with them in the privacy of our rooms.

But to guys, well guys love girl’s boobs. I will never understand why but they hold special powers I sometimes think. So some days, like this week, my breasts are offerings to Chuck. I am happy to offer them up to him. I am delighted. As he might think, two delicious mounds for him to enjoy all night long. He smiled and I knew I was right all along. Then I removed my skirt for him too.

Doing it said I was ready to make love to him. Chuck took off his shirt. I liked Chuck’s chest right away It was manly enough. I rubbed it. I liked it more. He smiled when I did. I asked him if he was smiling because of what I was doing. If it was nice. He said to me, “No, it’s awesome.” We laughed so I took of my top. He told me he was really turned on. I told him I was too. I asked him to see what I meant and held his hand. He knew what I meant. I led it down between my legs so he could feel my panties. His eyes popped wide open. They were soaked.

I blushed because I didn’t realize how wet they actually were. They were soaked to the bone.

Chuck told me to feel his crotch. He wanted me to see how horny he actually was. When I felt his bulge, which was magnificent, an indescribable rush flew throughout me.

I asked him if I could take his pants off. He said yes. I was hott all over! I was going insane!

We stood up and as I looked at his face, I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants, and unzipped them. They fell by themselves to the floor and he stepped out of them.

Wearing briefs, I saw the splendor pushing hard against the inside of them. I didn’t think anything except “Let me touch, let me taste, oh let me have you please” or something like that.

I thought he would be bigger, but he wasn’t, and regardless, it didn’t matter one bit. His size thrilled me either way.

I was not alone last night and I was fulfilled. I am happy today. I want him back in my bedroom.

Instantly I wanted to grab it and the look in my face indicated what my feelings were. I don’t know if he understood that, but Chuck didn’t care. I went down on my knees, slipped his underwear off, looked up at him, and told him what I was going to do was a special gift to him since it was Christmas time.

I don’t know what he assumed but all I did was hold it in my hands. Holding his hardened cock was a present to me. It was enough to make me almost climax on the spot. I realized I told him I was going to give him a Christmas gift. I didn’t know that it should mean a blow job, hand job, or something more.

Holding it and staring at it, I stroked it very, very slowly. He loved it. He closed his eyes. I loved doing it too. As I stroked him, I closed my eyes. I asked how it felt as I stroked it.

He thanked me from the bottom of his heart. He said it was a lot better I did it then him doing it because it wasn’t as fun that way. He thanked me again. He didn’t ask for me to suck it. He didn’t ask for anything. I continued stroking it slowly, up and down, down and up. Slowly, surely I stroked his shaft, never being aggressive whatsoever.

I wanted that moment, that special holiday moment to last a lifetime. It did for a while and holding the lean hardware brought riveting pleasure to my soul.

I loved how his cock felt in the clutches of my hands. I loved the expressions his face illustrated as I stroked his cock. Quietly with no sound except one another’s breathing, I learned to love every second of the evening spent with Chuck. I loved his demeanor. I liked Chuck very much. I didn’t know much about him, but what I did know, I liked enormously.

Four days until Christmas and finally I was no longer bored and lonely. Still kneeling and enjoying my task, I looked up at Chuck and smiled. Tears welled up in my eyes. He was feeling good. He was enjoying himself. He loved how I stroked his cock. It was long, stiff, and lean just like him.

But Chuck saw the tears which made him feel bad. This was Christmas, he told me later, and nobody should be sad at Christmas time. Not me, him, or anyone else. But he knew anyone could be for one reason or another. He asked what was wrong as he lifted me up off my knees.

He was completely naked. He stared at my breasts. Chuck, I could tell, adored them. I was overjoyed he found pleasure in them. I wanted him to have me and have them as he pleased. By that point I knew Chuck and I would be special lovers. I hoped more chances would present themselves.

He lifted me up, removed my bra and panties, and standing completely naked, he stared and stared as if gawking, but he said something quietly as if talking to himself almost. “They are the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen.” He did not ask me to confirm his observation. He smiled and added, “I love your body and I really like you a lot.”

Then Chuck put his arms around me and we kissed and kissed for a very long time. It was a perfect evening of romance, but I was still horny and he was too. I told him quietly I still wanted to make love to him if he would. Chuck looked at me, smiled, and said “Oh so do I. I want nothing else but to make love to you too.”

Bare naked, I turned holding his hands, and I walked back to my bedroom where I lay on my bed so he could make love to me. Lying next to me, Chuck caressed my boobies, and then around them. He kissed them, and the surrounding areas too. It was so beautiful. My bedroom too had Christmas decorations, making the scenery romantic as well.

Chuck quietly kissed or caressed me everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean anywhere and everywhere. It was and it wasn’t intense. Building up to a moment of final ecstasy, Chucks hands swarmed me in areas no one has ever touched me before.

Chucks hands and fingers, slipped inside my cheeks, slowly they inched their way through to my butt hole, yes slowly, but surely they made their way. Not forcing his way, he subtly slipped his fingers in my pussy wetting them down and delicately went into my ass hole.

I squeaked when feeling his fingers inside it. I let him proceed. I began to love and enjoy it more and more. For I was without man that week and tonight finally I was with man and being made love to. I was happy and I began to enjoy Chuck’s presence.

Chuck had never finger fucked a woman’s ass before. He told me later he wasn’t sure what to expect. I told him, with a warm loving smile I didn’t mind, and I wanted him to do it again another time if we had a chance.

That Thursday night was more then beautiful. Thursday evening was romantically and sexually fulfilling. He not only made love to my boobs, he made love to my ass, my lips, my pussy, and more importantly, me as a woman.

Finally I didn’t have to call in a replacement for a real man last night satisfied me in a way a real man should satisfy a woman.

We played, teased, and loved one another before, during, and after sexual intercourse.

The greatest thing was Chuck didn’t leave until late Friday morning. I gave Chuck the best send off a man could get and it wasn’t breakfast in bed. It was the next best thing.

I gave Chuck the best blowjob any woman could give any man on crisp Friday morning in which a new fresh layer of snow fell between 3am and 8am.

I am so happy now. I want an evening like that again, tonight, and with Chuck, or at least someone exactly like him.

He was fantastic!

– The End –