It’s been an already long Holiday break for me. All of my friends are still in exams at school. But my college was out at the end of last week. Its Friday with three days left until Christmas.

I know, I know they’ll came last night or will be home this morning but I was lonely. I’ve been online night after night. In fact I was out last Saturday night at the club and there were so many people, many of which were a bit older then me, but I didn’t know or recognize anyone.

I was so bored and the boredom led to ideas racing through my head. Still, I sat at the club Saturday night watching guy by guy pass me up and seeing me all alone. I did and I didn’t want the company. Sure I did, but I didn’t just want any old guy coming up to me and attempt to hit on me. I wanted the right one to come up to me.

Oh god there were some great looking guys. Guys with the perfect hair, perfect smile, and perfect body too. God I wanted them to talk to me as if they were only your bartender who made conversation because it was in their description, but I wanted them to take it one step further.

Be discreet and don’t only buy me a drink, but slide between my legs a bit showing some hint, some slight romantic interest in me.

Smell nice too. Wear some of that new cologne you saw advertised in some magazine for men; go and buy some at the department store while Christmas shopping, hoping that by purchasing it, someone like me would come along, and fulfill your promises too.

I want to be that one, I do. I want you to realize I’m waiting hungrily. I’m waiting in anticipation for you. I’m more then just hungry for the right person, I am desperate for that man who wears that new cologne, walks up, and slips between my legs rubbing my skirt as I sit atop my barstool staring into his eyes.

I want to call out I’m open for business but I’m not anyone’s slut, or am I? Oh no, I’m not a slut, I’m a girl, just a young woman, and guess what, my pussy is moist. There is a desire running in me. It is mounting, gradually rising, and should I say it is becoming a raging mad ball of fire within me.

As I become hornier for him, watching one after another walk past me, I become wetter and wetter, and slowly begin dripping a little too. The moisture within has built to a credible amount that is soaking the crotch in my undies. Oh no I didn’t want that.

If a man does come, he’s going to feel that and I will be embarrassed. Oh god, I can’t have that.

An hour and a half has passed and nobody has approached me sadly enough. No one has come forward to say hi. Yes many fine looking guys walked in, but they alas they are with girlfriends. I am not going there.

Two plus hours have come and gone and I’ve looked around but no one, yes nobody has approached me this night, so I am going home. I really like the bartender. He has been sweet and gracious.

I got up and paid, leaving a nice Holiday tip for him and told him Merry Christmas. He came over thanked me and told me the same. He was so nice and wished things were different. He was not beautiful, but he was nice and gracious.

He told me at the very last minute he’d ask me out if conditions were different. I thought I would have fucked him only because I was bored, lonely, and already horny as it was making it an easy decision. I wouldn’t tease; I’d simply fuck him for the fuck.

Oddly, as I walked out I turned around and looked back at him. He was looking at me with a smile and he waved. It was a nice wave. I looked around at other guys in the club and some looked at me with smiles I’ll never forget. They too, like me, were lonely and probably as horny as me.

I didn’t take advantage of my situation which was a good idea, maybe. Sometimes I thought I wished I had. Just as I got into my Wrangler some guy yelled out asking me if I was leaving so soon. I thought that was bold but told him sorry yes I was. He said he wished I would have stayed so he could have danced. He was cute and was the foundation for me playing and getting off that night at home. I thanked him in my own way but obviously not face to face.

Using my imagination, my orgasm Saturday night was while I slow danced with the guy who yelled out at me earlier. I climaxed while slow dancing with him. The orgasm was wild. In my fantasy, the guy was happy he could get me to orgasm while we slow danced. All he did while we danced was fingerfuck my clit, going underneath my skirt and I loved it. I always love my fantasies. I’ve come up with some doozies I think.

Tuesday morning I was online too but nothing. Another boring day I told myself. I called a really old friend who I knew to go shopping. I was going to ask her to go to the club but I didn’t. I went shopping with her but she and I really didn’t have much in common by days end and it wasn’t that fun so that is why I didn’t. I was so damn bored and I was so lonely Tuesday. I wished my friends were back from college.

Another long day Wednesday and that night too. I didn’t go clubbing at first. But by 10pm, I gave in and went over to the one place. I felt I had too. I was weak and needed something in my life. I called a couple of friends but I knew better; they were studying and couldn’t talk. I apologized and they told me it was okay because they really understood my boredom and loneliness.

Going into the bar, he wasn’t working that night. I was disappointed. I asked the girl behind it and she said he was coming in soon to help out, if it was busy. She said he was shopping and didn’t mind picking up extra hours, she heard, and would assist if needed. I smiled because I was relieved. I needed someone to talk to. She and I talked. It was an extremely slow night. There were two on duty, her, and another guy. He was new, but she told me he was experienced.

I thought, since I was bored and lonely, “how experienced is he?” She knew right away what was going through my mind and giggled.

“Listen I’ve been there and it is no fun. I miss it too. If it matters and if it would help you feel better, could I help you out?”

I didn’t know what she meant, but I realized shortly afterwards she meant she would take me home or she could come home with me and have sex with me. I’ve never had sex with another female before although we’ve goofed around in college back when I was a freshman and sophomore, but not as a senior I haven’t. No, not this year I haven’t. Things are different this year. I thanked her and told her maybe I’d think about it another time. She said it was alright and understood.

He walked in and to tell you the truth, I didn’t even know his name. His name is Chuck. He comes from a nice family. He and I wanted one thing. He and I were both bored lately and lonely as hell. Chuck wanted on thing, maybe two, and so did I.

I wanted a warm, loving, romantic, and intimate partner for the evening or a little longer. It took a while to establish it, but over the course of an hour and a half that Wednesday evening, we knew we were made for the other.

“I will call in sick tomorrow. What time do you want me to come get you? Where would you like to go or what would you like to do?”

I told him there was only one thing I had on my mind that I wanted and hopefully he would be the one to take care of it. I asked him what he wanted and he answered almost the exactly same way.

He was being polite. He wanted to make sure he was being a gentleman. Oh for sure he was that and much, much more. He completed me Thursday night. He fulfilled me.

Chuck was a guy who was 6’ 2” and a medium build. His hair was short with an affable smile and a demeanor which relaxed any man or woman. He had big hands with long slender fingers. It suggested to me only one thing, but I was wrong to a degree. I was not disappointed because I was horny and anything would do.

He was horny too. We didn’t waste time as Chuck made the first move. He leaned towards me as I watched his eyes close in on mine. It was beautiful. The look in his face was too.

He and I sat on my couch talking as he took the first step. He looked around my room and noticed how modestly decorated my room was adorned. With a small fake Christmas tree and presents underneath, also I had a string of lights across my patio window; there were a couple of other lighted decorations in the room. He complimented me on them. He wished he had decorated more.

While I looked with him, he laid his hand on my thigh moving it across and down to the inside of it. I happened to be wearing a skirt similar to the one the other night. Lightweight and cotton with Christmas tones in it, I always love wearing those type of skirts.

A person could blow at it and it would float up in the air almost. I liked it because of it’s free floating texture. I liked it because the skirts always put me in a cheery mood. He liked it too because to him, I’m sure, it was an invitation to sex.

I subtly opened my legs up allowing him some movement, and then I opened up more. I wore a matching lightweight top. I hoped he would take notice and move in on my breasts. I heavily yearned for sex with the man.

I began to like Chuck more and more. We began to kiss. We kissed more and more. I felt Chuck’s tongue. I tugged at him. I wanted Chuck and me to make love terribly. I wanted Chuck to unbutton my top, undo my skirt, and I wanted him to undress himself or let me undress him.

I craved his body. I craved his manly skin. I yearned for his warmth against my burning hot body. My pussy moistened and dripped. His cock hardened I am sure but I didn’t know it. He looked down and quickly looked back up. He looked at my legs and into my eyes. He looked at how I was dismantled and back into my face.

– To Be Continued… –