Jake met Mitsuko while working at his uncle’s plastic surgery clinic. It was Mitsuko who was his last customer that Thursday afternoon, a Japanese actress seeking breast implants. A twenty two year old beauty, her legs were long, her torso slender. Mitsuko’s hair was long and straight, undulating over her back to graze the top of her hips.

Large, doe shaped eyes and a petite mouth gave her face an innocence that Jake found especially appealing. He wondered what it would be like to kiss that tiny mouth, to see her naked porcelain skin, to hump her until she was flushed with orgasm…

As businesslike as possible, had Jake grilled her on why she wanted the surgery and what her health and lifestyle were like. He saw no problems with saline implants that would enlarge Mistuko from an B cup to a D cup, and she was here that Thursday to have the surgery done.

The surgery went smoothly, and Jake stared at Mitsuko’s new breasts in admiration. Seeing her eyelids flutter, Jake knew she would wake up any second. Impulsively he kissed her, and her eyes flew wide open. His hand strayed to her new breasts and caressed them gently, pinching a nipple in his fingers. Mistuko wrapped her arms around him, and his hands explored her stomach, waist, and thighs. Gently removing her underwear, he slid his finger inside her, and she arched up to meet him. Tiny hands pulled his hand in deeper as she moaned with pleasure. Removing his hand from her twat, Jake knelt between her legs and buried his face inside, which brought her to orgasm.

Feeling somewhat foolish, Jake stumbled over asking her out. “Would you come over to my place tonight? I don’t have any more operations to perform today. I won’t charge for your surgery…”

“That would be perfect,” Mitsuko purred, leaning forward to kiss him.

In Jake’s parents’ house, they swam naked in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub afterwards, where they explored each other fully. When it grew dark, they shared a bottle of Champagne in front of the fireplace and Jake set up blankets for the night – his parents, vacationing in Hawaii, wouldn’t be back for another week.

She did everything he wanted, and more. He fucked her in her pussy from behind, squeezing her newly enlarged tits as she bucked towards him, crying out for more. After he reached orgasm, he watched her play with herself and regained his erection. She begged to be fucked in the ass, and he was happy to oblige. As Jake lay down on his back she bent down and sucked on his dick, her wet pussy beckoning out from between her thighs. He talked dirty to her and savoured her soft skin with unsatiable lust, until it was red and coated in saliva and cum. Thoroughly sated, they collapsed in each others’ arms and fell asleep.


Mitsuko worked at a strip bar in Las Vegas. Half her audience were regulars. An aging businessman with a stomach that folded over his belt, he frequently brought colleagues to watch the dancers. A man with a flashy red car accompanied by the bartender’s friend. A younger crowd that flirted with the waitresses when they passed by. They would all gather together to watch the undulating young flesh, the bare breasts, and soft, pink pussies.

One day a new customer came by, a construction worker from across the street, with some of his buddies. Mitsuko had noticed him on her break, covertly admiring his tanned, muscled body. His name was Lucas, and he was twenty-three: Mitsuko found out the basics from the waitress serving him. Lucas noticed her and invited her to dance at his table.

“Would you go out with me?” He asked when the dance was over.

Ordinarily she would not go out with customers, but this man appealed to her. “I finish at midnight – would you meet out back at 12:15?”

“Sure – I’ll be seeing you then,” he said, and playfully squeezed her bum.

They met in the parking lot five hours later, after Mitsuko changed into a black bodysuit and red sweater. They went to a quiet jazz bar and sipped on beer while Luke stroked Mitsuko’s thighs under the table, slowly moving to her crotch. Rubbing her between the legs, Luke felt a sudden dampness from her pussy.

“Had enough of this place?” he asked. She nodded, and he paid their bill and left.

Luke hailed a taxi and the couple climbed inside, and he gave the driver his address. Luke took off Mitsuko’s sweater and they started kissing and feeling each other; he kneaded Mitsuko’s breasts while her hands reached inside his pants, and played with his cock.

Once they were at Luke’s place, he scooped Mitsuko up and carried her to his waterbed upstairs. They sank inside it, tearing off each other’s clothes. Mitsuko started kissing Luke’s chest and licked his nipples while his hands firmly held her ass, grinding her pussy lips over the length of his cock. It soon glistened with her juices, and Mitsuko slid her fingers in her pussy to scoop up more liquid, rubbing it over the head of Luke’s penis.

Luke groaned and thrust his penis between her hands. Fondling his dick with silken fingers, Mitsuko’s hands burned sensations throbbing through his body. Precum trickled out, sliding down to his balls. Mitsuko buried her face in his pubic hair and licked it up, sliding her tongue up and down his cock.

Just then she spied a pair of handcuffs on the side table. “What’s this?” She asked.

“My roommate is a policeman,” Lucas said, getting up from under Mitsuko’s face.

“Well, let’s have a little fun with them,” Mitsuko mischievously exclaimed, and pushed Luke’s arms down, towards the bedposts. He didn’t resist, and she handcuffed his hands around the headboard.

She straddled his face, resting above him close enough so that Luke smelled the muskiness of her pussy. “Now eat me,” she commanded.

Eagerly Luke’s tongue slurped up Mitsuko’s pussy juices, savouring the tenderness of the thighs grazing his cheeks. His mouth ached to bite them, and suck on them until they turned red and she begged for more.

Abruptly Mitsuko got up hovered over his penis, rubbing it on her pussy lips until it was wet all around. Her pussy enfolded his cock, and she began pumping up an down. They bucked in unison, his balls slapping against her ass.

“Oh honey,” Luke moaned and thrust himself as deep as he could inside her. His sperm shot out and dribbled down the side of his shaft, leaking out of Mistuko’s twat.

Mitsuko knelt over Luke, and he rubbed his leg on her throbbing pussy. She spread her legs wider and moaned; spying a key on the headboard where the handcuffs lay, she used them to release Luke.

“Want more, honey?” Luke asked.

“I should’ve brought my dildo,” she said, and Luke gets up. “Do you have one?”

“No, but let me find something.” Lumbering to the kitchen, he returned with a cucumber.

“What are you doing?” she asked with anticipation.

“You’ll see,” he grinned and picked up the handcuffs, binding Mitsuko to the bedpost. Retrieving a pair of shoelaces from his closet, he tied Mitsuko’s feet to opposite ends of the other bedpost. Fingering her pussy to ensure enough slipperiness, Luke inserted the cucumber inside.

She groaned and raised her hips to meet it. Sliding it in and out, Luke built up a rhythm, and Mitsuko’s vagina welcomed the cucumber with a fresh spurt of lubrication. As Luke increased the pace, Mitsuko’s breathing quickened, her face flushed with orgasmic pleasure. When she finally collapsed with exhaustion, Luke undid the ties and removed the handcuffs.

They sat down for a glass of water in the kitchen, after which Luke picked her up and carried Mitsuko to the living room. A large brown suede sofa sat against the wall, and he deposited Mitsuko on it. Settling himself on top of her, they started kissing again, not noticing a noise at the door. Henry, Luke’s roommate stumbled in the front door, and noticed Luke and Mitsuko immediately.

“Hey baby,” he leered, his eyes taking in Mitsuko’s body. Before she could react he walked up to her and started playing with her tits.

Lucas held down Mitsuko’s arms as Henry knelt down with his face between her legs. Spreading her thighs, he ran his tongue up and down the soft flesh between them. Mitsuko shivered in delight.

“You haven’t felt nothing yet,” he exclaimed, and sunk his tongue into her pussy, flicking it around inside.

Moaning with ecstasy, Mitsuko was wet with anticipation of his cock, which she watched enlarge through his pants. It was very large – she estimated it to be a full nine inches erect.

As Henry was eating her pussy, Mitsuko arched her back up to him. “Oh, please, more,” she exclaimed, grinding her pussy in his face. He grabbed her ass cheeks and his tongue found her clitoris, giving her an orgasm.

Luke began playing with Mitsuko’s tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers. They grew hard and erect, tantalizing both males.

Removing his pants and briefs, Henry bent Mitsuko’s legs to face the ceiling and shoved his cock inside her. It felt wonderful, filling up Mitsuko’s pussy, and she screamed as he started slamming into her.

Immediately after Henry stepped away from Mitsuko, Luke spread her thighs and fucked her as hard as he could, savouring the slipperiness of her well-lubricated pussy. Afterwards the three of them lay there together, and fell asleep.


It was Friday night, which meant a larger crowd than usual during Mitsuko’s shift. She had invited Luke along, saying she had a something special for him.

Mitsuko got on stage, introduced herself and Luke, who welcomed the crowd with a wave. Inviting Luke on stage, she proceeded to undress him, the audience cheering her on. Once Luke was naked, he pushed her down on her hands and knees, facing the audience. Entering her from behind, Mitsuko let out a gasp as she felt the hardness of his cock glide inside her, pushing in and out. She moved her hips up to meet his, matching his furious bucking pace. Just before he had an orgasm, he pulled out and his semen inundated her ass cheeks. Turning her around so that her ass faced the audience, he spread the sperm over her bum, and opened her pussy lips for the crowd to see. He ran his fingers over the outside of her vagina, and thrust them inside, feeling the warm, sticky walls of her cunt. In a few minutes his penis rose again, and he lay down on the stage as Mitsuko hovered over him, eagerly taking his cock in her pussy. Again she brought him to orgasm. Exhausted, Luke dressed himself and went back to join the audience, watching Mitsuko and the other girls play with each other.

Waiting until Mitsuko was done for the night to talk to her, Luke remained in the bar until all the other patrons had left. “I have a surprise for you, too,” he said, watching her eyes light up with curiosity.

“What is it?” she asked, her eyes wandering to Luke’s right hand, which was hiding something behind his back. “Come on, let me see it!”

Laughing, he opened up his hand . Inside were two plane tickets to Vancouver – Mitsuko had always longed to see the city, envisioning lush greenery and endless beaches.


They left the next day to spend a week in British Columbia. An otherwise uneventful flight was spiced up by a quick fuck in the airplane bathroom. As the sign on the door displayed “occupied” in red letters, Luke sat on the toilet while Mitsuko wrapped her legs around him, locking their pelvises together. To their seats they returned flushed and dishevelled.

Luke had booked a hotel for the week, which they arrived at by taxi. They immediately set off to explore the city after Mitsuko changed into jean shorts and a halter top. As they strolled through the streets, Luke noticed all the male eyes following her, mentally undressing her. Though partly jealous, it made him feel special as well – this was his girlfriend, and he alone possessed her.

Returning to the hotel late that evening, they fucked all night. The following days were full of fun: Mitsuko dragged Luke to a lingerie shop, where he bought her the most revealing underwear in the store. They frequented clubs, saw shows, attended a concert, and visited the zoo.

The last day they went hiking in the morning, and ventured off the trail to set up a blanket where they wouldn’t be seen. Mitsuko pulled down Luke’s shorts and started sucking his dick until it was fully stiff. Slowly she removed her clothes and Luke savagely kissed her, pulling her against him. They lay down on their sides and Luke entered her from behind, sliding in and out to orgasm. He reached his hand between her legs, overflowing with their juices, and rubbed the fluid on her tits and stomach, working it over her waist and on her bum. Getting dressed, the couple left the forest and walked hand in hand around the university campus nearby.

On their way back to the bus stop, Mitsuko noticed a sign that pointed to a beach at the bottom of the hill.

Luke noticed the sign as well, and pulled Mitsuko towards it. “Come on,” he said.

“But I don’t have a swimsuit,” she exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, and kissed her.

Arriving at the beach, they had full view of a multitude of naked bodies: matronly women with swaying hips and large, sagging breasts sunbathed undisturbed; lean young men with long greasy hair idled on the logs; slender young women accompanied by their boyfriends read novels; middle-aged men with sloping paunches congregated on the sand.

“I told you not to worry,” Luke said, squeezing Mitsuko’s waist. They set up the blanket on the sand and shunned their clothing.

On the blanket Luke lay against Mitsuko and nuzzled her neck, running his hand over her breast, and down her stomach to the curve of her thigh. His fingers found her throbbing pussy and plunged inside, rapidly sliding in and out.

Just then Luke spied a large tree just outside the beach and brought Mitsuko to it. His hands slid down the side of her body, and he picked her up by her ass cheeks, pressing her body against the tree. Mitsuko opened her legs and pulled his penis inside her, as he wildly bucked against her. Her back slammed on the tree trunk, but she didn’t notice – the only feeling that mattered was her horny flesh, which couldn’t get enough of Luke.

In the evening, after picking up some wine and cigarettes from the duty free store, they boarded the plane going to Las Vegas.

“How was the vacation?” Luke asked Mitsuko.

“The best I ever had,” Mitsuko said. “Come on,” she whispered, “Let’s see if the bathroom is free.”