I’ve told you before about Jodi Maleneger and how he was a kid with the sharpest eye for an opportunity that ever I’ve seen, especially when it was a chance to give a girl an unforgettable experience. I’ll tell you another story about him and his gang – including me – which I’ve sometimes tried to tell before and which nobody will believe is true. Not that I blame the skeptics one iota – if I hadn’t have been there I wouldn’t have believed it could have happened.

As I’ve also said before, these things happened a long time ago, in England. Which matters only so far as Jodi had access to wheels when the UK was very much a one car per family country – assuming you were lucky enough to have a car at all. But Jodi’s old man was a builder in a good line of business, and one of his company vehicles was a battered old Ford van that Jodi had taught himself to drive. Better yet his Dad didn’t mind Jodi borrowing it at the weekends. Not that Jodi was old enough to have a licence but it was well worth the risk of getting pulled over by the coppers for a chance to mark out some new territory.

So it was a weekend, and we were in a town twenty miles or so from our usual haunts. I guess that doesn’t sound very far, but in a place as small and crowded as England it meant that being seen by anybody who knew us was about as likely as winning the football pools. We’d travelled in that direction for absolutely no reason at all, and our luck seemed to be pretty good because in a field just outside the town a travelling fun fair had pitched its tents. It was dusk, all the bright lights were coming on and a steady stream of vehicles were being parked in the next field as the locals came to ride the dodg’em cars and sample the candy floss.

“Hey, let’s have a look at this,” Will said. “Maybe we can have some fun.”

“Fine by me,” Jodi replied and turned in to follow white tapes in the grass which led to the parking area.

All the usual suspects were in the van with him. Will, Micky, Jacko, and yours truly, Andy. The hard boys, the guys who had been there and done that and would have jumped into a ring of fire if Jodi had led the way. We’d long since found out that if anything really exciting was going to happen Jodi would be the one who made it happen – aye, and kept us out of trouble as well.

Not that this seemed to have much in the makings of special night out. There were plenty of girls around but mostly young ones acting silly, and as for the fair itself I’d long since gone past being interested in throwing balls at a coconut shy or riding on a big wheel. It wasn’t even worth trying to hit anything at the shooting gallery because everybody knew the stall holder would have fiddled with the rifles’ sights so you couldn’t aim straight.

Then we came across something we’d never seen before. A circular tent, a perfect half dome about thirty yards across, dark around the bottom and the top two thirds of the dome lit up, flickering images showing in the lighted area and loud music coming from inside it. A small generator was driving an air compressor which was feeding into a pressurised canvas tube attached to the side of the dome. The air was keeping it blown up, like a big balloon. Another generator was connected to a tangle of cables going into the dome.

“What’s all this then?” Will asked, not there was any need to, because there was a big enough poster outside explaining it all.








“Hey, Jodi, how about taking a look inside?”

“Yeah, why not. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

None of us had. The only sort of cinemas we’d ever heard of were the ones were you sat in rows watching a screen in front of you. This seemed different and interesting. So we paid our money and went in.

First off, I’ll tell you what I saw – and then I’ll tell you what Jodi saw. If nothing else it shows up perfectly the difference between an average Joe Blow and a real operator.

What I saw was a whole lot of people standing on the grass inside the dome staring up at a scene of huge office buildings rising out of busy city streets that seemed miles below. The picture was so wide and so close you couldn’t help feeling you were actually there, drifting over the edges of the skyscrapers and about to fall down into those streets so far underneath you. Even though I knew I was perfectly safe my stomach still curdled every time the camera viewpoint drifted across one of the gaps between the buildings. It sounds crazy, I suppose, to be looking up and feeling you were going to fall, but that was the sensation I got and I think everybody else did as well.

I wondered how the film was being projected and worked my way through the crowd far enough to see a wheeled trailer in the middle of the tent, leveled off with a built in jack at each corner and the top removed to reveal six projector heads. Each of the lenses was aiming a beam of light at the roof and somehow all the different films were being run in sequence to make up the big picture overhead. I thought it was real clever. Then I went back to gawping up at the film again.

What did Jodi see? I guess the first thing he noticed was that although the reflected light from the projectors made it clear enough to move around, that only applied to the area directly underneath the area of the dome the projectors were shining on. Around the outer edge of the tent was an rim of almost total darkness, tall enough to stand up in and five or six paces deep. The only illumination in all that area were the luminous strips that surrounded the doorway.

Another thing Jodi noticed was that there were around fifty people in the crowd, some leaving after they’d seen all the film clips, others coming in. Especially he noted that everybody standing inside was completely concentrated on watching the scenes above them, almost oblivious to whatever else was going on. Jodi also noticed that a lot of the crowd were girls – Jodi would have noticed those if he’d been in the waiting room to Hell.

Another matter he considered was the music. Classical stuff, being played loudly enough to match and heighten the excitement of the movie scenes. Jodie was starting to become excited as well, though not because of the films. As the Grand Canyon sequence started the camera angle passed over the edge of the highest cliff I’d ever seen and a big gasp rose up from the watchers. But not from the one person in the place who was looking sidewards instead of upwards, circling the inside of the dome and exploring its shadowy perimeter.

What Jodi found were four speakers, each three feet high, set up an equal distance apart in the darkened area. In the corners, I guess you’d say, if they’d been any corners. The speakers were painted black and virtually invisible until you were close enough to touch them. What was even more interesting was that they were standing on equally black supports. But when Jodi ran his hands around these supports they turned out to be nothing more than ordinary folding trestle tables, each one with some black curtain material draped over it.

‘Neat’, Jodi concluded. ‘Even if any of the customers take a real close look around they won’t see these crummy tables, not with this black material on them. But I guess the speakers would still work just as well if they were put down on the ground. Maybe they’d get wet from the grass but that’s not my problem. I think it’s time for a little experiment.’

The first I knew about his plans was when somebody tugged on my arm and I looked down, irritated at being disturbed when I was fascinated by the movie – irritated that is until I saw it was Micky. He pointed towards Jodi and jerked his head. I went over as the rest of us came together and put our heads close to Jodi to hear what he wanted to tell us. But he stepped back into the shadow area, so we had to follow.

The first thing he did was to tell us about the speakers and the table. I guess we were all puzzled as to why the hell he was interested in them. We were even more puzzled as he kept on talking.

“I’m going to show you where the nearest speaker is. Will and Andy, you lift it off the table and then Micky and Jacko, I want you to pick up the table and move it to the side a few steps. Then put the table down again. I want the black material left on the table. Then Will and Andy will put the speaker down on the grass and leave it there.”

Jacko asked the obvious question: “Why?”

“It’s an experiment. I want to see if anybody notices what you’re doing. If there’s any trouble bunch up and move slowly to the door.”

OK, if that was what he wanted. We didn’t know why he wanted us to do it but we gave it a go, and it turned out to be a piece of piss. The nearest in the audience to the speaker were a family. Big stocky guy with bright red cheeks and a check jacket, his wife wearing a headscarf, two young boys. None of them were more than three or four steps away. I thought sure one of the kids would notice something – and I was wrong. They had their heads tilted back, their jaws hanging open and their minds in neutral just like everybody else. Nobody saw what we’d done.

Then Jodie gave us the word.

“Right, we’re going to wait here until we see a couple of decent looking birds on their own. Then we’ll lift them and bring them over to the table. Everyone carrying their flicks?”

No problem there – we’d made some enemies in our time and we never went anywhere without our knives. No, if it had been a fight Jodi had been organising that would have been plain and simple. But to snatch a girl – two girls – and have some fun with them in here! It was crazy!

Crazy like a fox though. Everybody in the gang except Jodi looked like stunned mullets but gradually we began to understand the way he was thinking. Girls didn’t wander around on their own and if somebody disppeared from a group sooner or later it would be noticed and their friends would start looking around for them. But a pair of girls on their own – one minute they’re there, the next minute they’re not. So they’ve left, walked out of the tent, who would notice?

But what about the actual snatch? From the fringe of the crowd, everybody looking up, plenty of noise from the speakers. Grab the girls’ arms, hold blades against them and slip backwards into the dark area without anybody else noticing – if we were quick and smooth enough we could probably do that. It was certainly the kind of work we’d done before, though never in such a crowded situation. It would be like taking roosting pheasants out of a tree under a gamekeeper’s nose.

Even if it went wrong we’d just cluster together, show our blades and move off through the doorway. Nobody was going to risk starting anything on his own and outside the tent there were hundreds of people wandering around in the dark – we’d be among them and gone in seconds. But what if we got the girls?

Jodi explained that as well.

“We’ll bend them over the table. I want their arses to the walls. Then we’ll throw that black material over them and nobody will see a thing. The music from the speaker will cover most of the noise but if we get a real screamer give her a good tickle with a flick. If that doesn’t shut her up we’ll just have to walk away from it. Outside, we break up and meet back at the van. Everybody got that?”

Yeah, we’d got it.

“OK, Will and Andy, you’re one team. You take the one I tell you too, bend her over the table on this end of it.” He pointed.

“Micky, Jacko, you take the girl I show you, put her over the other end of the table. Will, as soon as yours is down you’ll grab her hair and keep her across the table. I want her under control and quiet. That’s your job, stay with it until I tell you different. Jacko, you do the same with yours. Micky, Andy, you’re the blademen. You put the steel against them in the lift. As soon as the other two guys have have got a grip on their hair I want your knives pricking the tarts’ backsides to let them know that screaming is not a good idea. Don’t worry about looking around to see if you’ve been noticed, I’ll be watching your backs. Get the birds over here, get them down and then we’ll sit quiet for a while and see if there’s any comeback.”

I guess I’d decided by then that Jodi was finally becoming over confident. It didn’t seem to me there was any real chance at all of getting a couple of chicks onto the table. Where I did agree with him was that there was no real danger in trying something on – if things went wrong we’d be out and away in a shake of a duck’s tail. At the last resort we could just slice the tent wall open with our flicks and step through it.

So, we waited – and waited. There were plenty of girls coming in, often in couples, but none of them came near us. Not near enough, anyway. Jodi stood and watched them like a crocodile on a river bank, eyes glittering and never stirring a muscle until he was ready to spring his trap. Pretty soon I was leaving it to him and looking up at the movie again. The roller coaster ride was showing now and the audience were gasping every time the car dropped down into another dip on the elevated track.

Then a hand slapped sharply against my arm and I looked around me. Oddly, the first thing I noticed was something the whole audience was doing as the roller coaster car went round a corner – they were swaying like wheat stalks in a breeze as the car tipped over, unconsciously trying to balance with it, their brains fooled by the big picture which surrounded them. The second thing I noticed were the two people who had just arrived and were moving around the edge of the crowd towards us, their attention almost totally taken up by the overhead scenes. But it had to be a false alarm because they weren’t two birds, it was a guy and a girl.

A second look though and I knew she was going to be the target – she was irresistable. Classy, good looking, a sneer on her lips directed at all the unwashed working class she was slumming it with. To know where she came from you only had to look at her escort. Handsome, tall, broad-shouldered, slightly overgrown black hair underneath a flat cap, tweed hacking jacket, knitted cable pullover with a green and gold silk cravat at the throat, twill trousers. if there’d be a label hung off him it would have said: “Rich landowner’s son, probably heir to a title: if lost, please return to nearest hunt ball.”

The girl was just as much a walking example of the top people but in a far more flamboyant style, a real surprise to come across in a tatty fair in a rural backwater. For a start she was beautiful, with a nose and mouth a painter would have needed genius to bring to life, and no painter could have caught the essence of her vivid blue eyes or the perfection of her teeth. Her hair was shiny blonde, short cut and styled in the casually ruffled kind of look which costs real money to achieve. She was wearing a shimmery black dress, low cut, with a velvet collar almost halfway to her waist, cleavage heaving up out of it in a double half crescent – the Mountains of the Moon, I remember thinking. Her throat was bare but four or five gold ornaments were clipped to the left side of the collar and her belt buckle at her slender waist was studded with pearls. A small black bag hung from her left shoulder and she swayed through the crowd with long necked grace, a head taller than most of the men in the tent. I’d have put her age at about twenty one or twenty two, and I’d have bet my balls it had been about that long since anybody had said ‘no’ to her.

Like I said, he and her were a matched pair: the sort that have known from birth that life was always going to be served up to them on a silver platter.

I also knew immediately what was going on in Jodie’s mind. These two were the kind of well to do snobs he hated as instinctively as a rat hates a cat. The difference with Jodi was that he was a rat always ready to bite first. But he wasn’t going to get a chance this time, not unless he could get rid of the guy, and there was no way we could knock him down and drag him away without being noticed. If Satan had arrived on the scene right then waving a power of attorney we’d all have happily signed off our souls, if only he’d have agreed to take the Hooray Henry in the hacking jacket back to Hell with him.

It would have been a bad bargain, but. We didn’t any help from the Prince of Darkness, not with Jodi around. I heard him speaking to somebody though I couldn’t see who, or hear what was being said. Then the pair of rich bastards were next to us, still moving slowly, still looking up – she was leading, he was following and suddenly there was a third person in the convoy. It was Jacko, and he put up his arm and grabbed the hooray Henry’s flat cap off the guy’s head.

Naturally, he turned around and looked at Jacko, completely surprised. Just as surprised as when Jacko offered the cap and then jerked it back again as the Henry made a grab at it. The surprised look became an angry one and the scion of the aristocracy stepped forward with his fist clenched. Jacko danced back, turned and started stepping quickly around the crowd to the doorway. The Henry went in hot pursuit as Jacko cut a trail which made it obvious he was going to leave the tent. One or two people in the crowd had noticed what had happened, but I guess they must have thought it was a bit of horseplay amongst friends – certainly nothing to keep looking at compared to the movie. They went back to gazing upwards again, and oohing and aahing as the roller coaster shots heaved up and down.

The girl had picked up on the hat hi-jacking as well – partly so, anyway, because she’d stopped and was looking back over the crowd at the puzzling sight of her now bare headed escort heading for the tent doorway as if a fire alarm had suddenly gone off. She stood where she was for a moment, clearly baffled. Then she took a few steps back along her original path – which put her as close to us as she was going to get.

Jodi stepped out into the light, put his fingers together as if pretending they were a gun and aimed them at the walking Barbie doll. Maybe it doesn’t sound much but the way he did it was like the way the way the deck handlers signal a jet launch off an aircraft carrier – ‘GO!’

We came out of the gloom like a pack of starving wolves coming out of the Siberian winter. Jodi’s gang had no room in it for wimps who dithered – when Jodi gave the signal you went in with everything you had, no pissing around. I’d been assigned to use a knife so it was open in my hand and I pressed the point of it right up again the bottom of Barbie’s spine as Will and Micky grabbed her arms.

“One shout, one fucking shout, and you’re dead!” Jodi snarled, leaning forward to make sure she heard. “Get her back!”

Will and Micky stepped backwards, dragging her with them, my legs carrying me with them as I kept the blade penetrating that nicely tailored dress. As soon as we were out of the light I hooked my arm around underneath Barbie’s chin, cutting off a protesting sqawk deep in her throat. I could feel Will and Micky changing their hold on her arms, twisting them around until she twitched with pain.

For a second we looked back at the spot where we’d just been, the place two steps away in the pale light where Barbie been standing. Three young girls in jeans and tee-shirts had been the closest to her. None of them seemed to have noticed a thing – not a bloody thing! A middle aged guy in a suit with rolls of fat overflowing his collar was still holding a toddler up in his arms and hadn’t even looked around. No bugger at all had seen a thing – it was wonderful – great timing, everything happening as the roller coaster had plunged down the deepest dip on the track. Bloody fantastic!

Jodi moved closer again. His own knife flicked open in his hand and I felt Barbie jerk again as she saw the steel glitter in the dark. He lifted his hand up and touched her face with the edge: “We’re going to bend you over a table. You give us any trouble or make any noise and I’ll slash your cheeks wide open. If you don’t want me to do that, nod your head.”

Her chin touched my forearm, once, twice, three times. “She’s nodding,” I told Jodi in case he couldn’t see it in the dark.

“A smart girl. Move her to her left.”

We knew which way she had to go but it was easier with her knowing as well. She certainly didn’t make any effort to hold back. Not many girls do when you start talking about face cutting, especially one as good looking as Barbie.

Jodi took the black curtain off the table and held it up by the corners like a magician getting ready to do a trick. From where I was standing I would have sworn that everybody in the tent must have seen him. But I was in the dark looking out and the crowd were in the light. Even if they’d been looking into the darkness a black curtain was the last thing they’d have noticed. Ever been to one of those animated puppet shows with the puppeteers wearing black costumes against a black background? The puppet stand out but not the operators – same thing. It takes a while though to get used to becoming invisible.

Barbie bent down across the table underneath Will and Micky’s guiding hands without any argument at all. Jodi spread the curtain across her and the table and I put my knife blade against her arse to make sure she kept getting the point about being a good girl. Not that I really needed to because Will and Micky were facing me across the table with their hands on the black material and the body pinned underneath it.

Jodi leaned forward and put his head close enough to hers so she could hear him through the curtain material. I knew what he was saying, he was telling we’d use French letters on her as long as she behaved. We always did anyway, we shared too many women to want to pick up a dose of VD, but it made them feel a lot happier and perform better as well. We needed sex and we took a lot of it without bothering to ask first but we never set out to hurt anybody unless we had to. Jodi once joked about his gang liking girls so much we were honourary lesbians.

Anyway we certainly liked the look of this one and the way things had panned out it seemed as if I was going in with Jodi to open the batting. I did wonder – but not for very long at all – about whether Jacko was still distracting the Henry out there in the fairground. Never mind, Jacko would know we’d have something hot waiting for him when he eventually got back.

Jodi knelt down and lifted up the edge of the curtain, then threw it over the top of Barbie, with Will and Micky pulling it clear. Then Jodi began to work up her skirt in little jerks, one side and then the other. I could just make out two pale blurs which were her legs, though they seemed cut off just below her knees. Then I realised she was wearing high boots: God knows why but there’s not a girl so ugly that she can’t send my blood pressure up by wearing a pair of those. As long as she’s got the legs for it, naturally, not skinny pipe cleaners. Good strong well shaped legs that the boots complement perfectly

On Barbie, bent over, Jodi wriggling her skirt up over a superbly shaped arse and legs like a showgirl’s, by Christ, my heart didn’t know whether to stop or go into a frenzy. Jodi’s hands finished rucking up the skirt then carefully ran over her thighs.

“Andy, she’s wearing suspenders”, he told me in a half giggle.

Two things happened: my heart opted to go into the frenzy and the music from the speakers cut off at exactly the same moment as Jodi felt up between Barbie’s open thighs. Her yelp seemed to echo through the tent, even muffled as she was under the curtain. My heart went past frenzy into whatever is the next stage, the scene in the dome turned to a picture of racing car’s nose with a racetrack ahead and the sound of a fast revving engine came out of the speakers. Not one upturned face in the audience looked around to see where Barbie’s cry had come from. Overhead a guy waved a huge checkered flag to start the car race and the four of us absolutely pissed ourselves with laughter. I don’t know, maybe you had to be there to find it funny but we were creased up so much it must have been a minute or two before Jodi told me to cut the girl’s panties off.

It was true what he’d said. Barbie was wearing a garter belt and suspenders to match her black underwear. Jodi let me have a minute or two to feel her before I used the knife: superb, man, superb. I was stroking a bum that a synod of bishops would have sinned for. No wonder the Henry had looked so happy, he’d surely been lined up to get the full treatment tonight. Only now he wasn’t, because his beautiful young Barbie was going to get a lot of working class rough fucking instead of an aristocratic coupling. Well, maybe he didn’t know that but Barbie did and she was keeping her legs well open for it, although trembling like a trapped animal – which she was, of course. But when I fingered her through the silk, just as a touch of luxury, I found out she was even more ready for it than I’d expected.

“She’s getting wet already!’

Jodi was mildly surprised, but when he checked with his own hand there was no denying it. “What a lovely little darling, to be sure, to be sure.”

He tweaked down the panties around her stocking tops, then gave her some more fingerwork. We could hear Barbie gasping away underneath the curtain. Loud enough for us to hear her, but nobody else. God, it was a crazy scene though – her over the table with her bare arse hanging out and a whole crowd of people only spitting distance away! Literally – spitting distance! This couldn’t last long but Jesus, it was going to be exciting while it did. God alone knew what was going on in Barbie’s head – maybe it was the idea of getting serviced in public which was getting her so turned on. Well, if that was it, she wasn’t going to lack for help in keeping her that way.

Still, I did feel a touch regretful when I cut those silk panties – there were girls I knew who would have killed for them. Never mind, most of the panties on our trophy board were either cut or torn. I was going to put them in my pocket but Jodi took them out of of my hand before he knelt down behind the table to give Barbie the length of his tongue. The racing car overhead changed up a gear and so did Barbie, judging by the way she lifted her arse up to give him plenty of room to work in as soon as she realised what was happening. Then I saw the Henry again – still bareheaded, still looking as mad as hell, and walking around the crowd, obviously looking for somebody. It wasn’t hard to guess for whom the beau trolled.

I turned to warn Jodi, but he’d already seen the guy. No matter what he was doing, Jodi always had his eyes open. He stood up, grinning.

“Will, Micky, kneel down underneath the curtain. While you’re there you can give her ears a nibble and tell her how many time’s she’s going to get fucked. Andy, why don’t you take over here while I put a Frenchie on. Keep your face down behind her skirt – that’s the only thing that can give us away.”

It took me a second to understand what he talking about. He meant the way our faces might show up in the shadows – or a bare rump. But Barbie’s backside was pointing away from the light, Will and Micky had already disappeared underneath the curtain and Jodi had turned to face the wall. As for me, well I ducked down behind Barbie and her rucked up skirt. By rights I should have kept right out of sight but there was no way I could resist the temptation of pulling the material down so I could keep looking at the Henry as I licked his girlfriend’s clit.

The rich idiot was standing there, just about where we’d grabbed her, looking around – still without his cap – looking for his missing girl, and she was five yards away, getting her ears and twat licked out. Hell, couldn’t he hear her? Couldn’t anybody? Couldn’t everybody? She was snorting away like a little steam engine as I tongued her and the other guys nibbbled her ears and whispered into them about how many cocks were lined up to shag her. Of course the truth was that the engine noise coming from the speakers drowned out every cry Barbie was making. Her boyfriend couldn’t hear us, he couldn’t see us, and as he stood there looking totally lost I started laughing so much I had to bury my mouth in between Barbie’s beautifully smooth buttocks to stifle the sounds. She must have thought it was an odd kind of sexual perversion.

Then Jodi tapped me on the shoulder to get out of the way. He’d cut the gusset of Barbi’s panties and tied them around his mouth and nose like a bandanna. If the intention was to make his face less visible it was a great idea with great side effects – we’d got cine-a-rama, sound-a-rama and now smell-a-rama. Jodi’s thick stiff prick and balls were hanging outside his jeans as he stepped up behind Barbie and drove his length into her for the full three dimensional experience. I guess Jodi was producing special effects at the movies long before anybody had ever heard of Spielberg or Lucas.

Like I say, he always was a master of timing. At the very instant he took her there was a squeal of brakes from the speaker as the racing car slowed for a corner. But if you’d listened real carefully you’d have noticed that one of those squeals was even shriller than a couple of tons of decelerating machinery would have produced. The tent was full of people getting their thrills but two of them were really racing.

The hardest part was waiting in the pits for my turn to take over the driving. Like Jodi, I’d stood with my back to the audience as I rolled on a Frenchie. I don’t know about him but my hands were trembling. Just thinking about how Barbie had looked when she strolled in and the position she was in now had me just about foaming at the mouth. Jodi was was ramming his cock into her like a human pile driver – Will and Micky must have been holding onto the table to stop it from bunny hopping across the grass. And yet nobody was noticing a bloody thing – the hooray Henry had moved on a few steps, walking right past us as he kept looking into the audience for a sight of Barbie. And Jodi was fucking her arrogant little arse off and watching him at the same time!

I had to put the sleeve of my windbreaker up to my mouth and bite on it so as not to bray with laughter. I didn’t care about the people nearby now, nor about anything else – except maybe for that bloody flimsy table collapsing before Jodi finished and I could get started. And then he suddenly sprawled on top of her and there was another shriek when the car was speeding up and not braking – but nobody noticed. We could have been screwing the Dagenham Girl Pipers and none of those idiots in the tent would have noticed, not unless the girls had started playing their bagpipes.

Jodi got up, unpeeled the condom, tied the end and stowed it away neatly in the top of one of Barbie’s stockings, the first of a collection which would help her keep count of her lovers. Then he gave me the panties and I pulled them over my face, turned around, put my cock up against Barbie’s quivering lips and pushed it into a nest of slippery muscles that had me groaning in pleasure. God, I’d never known a cunt as eager to drag me into it and I went with everything I had as our little darling rammed her bottom back against me as eagerly as I was going for her. Dragging in the smell of her perfume and body odors from the silk clinging to my cheeks was an aphrodisiac but it couldn’t have improved the fucking – that was already as good as it gets, ever.

A crowd of girls had stopped opposite us, gazing up at the screen. One of them was short and plump, a freckled face, red hair tied up with a white ribbon, strong little legs nicely shown off with a mini-skirt and half calf boots with white stockings rolled over the top of them. I was perving at the legs with my tongue hanging out as I pumped into Barbie. Every quiver and cry from her was a golden moment in one of the great screws of my life. Oh Christ, who could believe this!

I guess I’d have to admit that I came far sooner than I wanted to – still, I managed to hold out until the last lap of the car race. It must have been a final good sprint anyway because Barbie went into crazy celebratory convulsions without even seeing the winning flag as we shot past it.

And just then the Henry wandered by again, still looking for his lost love! If only he’d stepped back and looked around he’d have had the shock of his privileged life. But he all his attention was on the audience, none of it for what was behind him. What he really wanted was what the upper classes always want when things go wrong – somebody they can kick around to get rid of their bad temper. But this lad just wasn’t getting any satisfaction at all. Which was a real pity because there was plenty of it where I was coming from.

I lay on top of Barbie and laughed again and again, my face pressed down between her shoulder blades until Jodi ordered me to get the fuck off her. I didn’t care what he said, as far as I was concerned he was a genius and I’d have willingly fought to the death anybody who disagreed. So I left another filled up French letter in Barbie’s stockings as a memento before we changed places with the other two guys.

When they came out from underneath the curtain Micky and Will were laughing like drains as well. It seemed that our nicely dressed little rich girl was nearly fucked out her brain by now. Will told us her name was Pauline and she seemed totally off her face at being held down and gang banged in a fairground tent full of people. Jodi gave them the panties and said that whoever was doing the fucking had to wear it – both of the guys started laughing again at that, but it was an order they had no problems with at all. And, Christ Almighty, even as Jodi was talking our Pauline began wailing softly and moving her backside around. She was obviously impatient for the next shift to clock on. Jodi laughed and slapped her rump to let her know she wasn’t being forgotten. The film overhead had begun showing the same scenery as it had been when we first came in, the New York skyscrapers. It was fast becoming my favourite city: if we could make it here we could make it anywhere.

When I got underneath the curtain I found my partner panting as if she’d just run a mile – ex-partner I suppose, by that stage. Things were changing pretty quickly all the time, especially for her – Pauline was it? I’d preferred Barbie. Anyway, just to show there were plenty of hard feelings left, I stuck my tongue up against the side of her head and slopped it around until I found her earring.

“You bastards! Are you the ones that fucked me?” Even in her present state she had the kind of upper class accent you could cut glass with – Waterford glass, of course, not the Woolworth’s kind.

Jodi chuckled: “I’m the boss, I always get the first go. Hope you enjoyed it!”

“The second one was much better.”

I laughed at her defiance, and so did Jodi: “Never mind, perhaps I’ll do better the next time,” he said.

Pauline didn’t answer, she just sort of blew out a long stream of breath as if it were cigarette smoke and started mumbling to herself: “Yes . . . bastards, filthy fucking bastards . . .Oh, yes . God, in a fairground tent . . .” It was clear she’d just been boarded again.

“How’s this fucking suit you?” I asked. “We try our best to satisfy.”

“I can’t believe this,” she groaned. “Bent over a table in a tent with a cock inside me. In a tent full of people!”

The last word came out on a rising tone as the guy shagging our Pauline really got into his stride. The table began squeaking under the thrusts like a windmill in a rising gale. It didn’t move though. I guess the legs had gotten well sunk into the earth by then.

“Ah – ah . . . where’s Eddie?”

That gave me a jolt, until I realised she wasn’t talking about me but her missing boy friend.

“He went looking for his hat. Then he came back,” Jodi explained. “I guess by now he’s decided you’re not here and pissed off. Next time you see him tell him you left the tent looking for him and couldn’t find him in the crowd.”

“How . . .oh fuck . . . how many people are looking?”

“I don’t know that anybody is, they all seem too interested in the films. Course, I don’t know that somebody isn’t looking either. Nobody seems interested in stopping it anyway, so I guess you’ll just have to stay right where you are until we’ve finished screwing your lovely tight cunt.”

Pauline began sobbing, though whether in pain or in anticipated pleasure was more than I could say.

“You . . . bastards . . .yes!”

The table’s woodwork creaked like a clipper ship going around Cape Horn, the girl began screaming and Jodi put his hand over her mouth to stifle the noise: “Christ, I hope she calms down a bit by the time she gets to suck our cocks.”

That notion seemed to get an extra loud squeak from Pauline – I’d like to think it was also because I’d just my tongue in her ear again, but I honestly don’t think that had a lot to do with it. I guess we were both icing on the cake compared to the climax either Micky or Will was giving her. Even with Jodi’s fingers over her mouth she still sounded like a whale sounding. I do enjoy a noisy girl showing her appreciation for the attentions she’s getting: still, it was a good thing those speakers were on a high volume setting.

As soon as she’d calmed down enough to start catching up with her breath again Jodi lifted up the edge of the curtain for. He’d taken his hand away from Pauline’s mouth so that in the dim light I could see the paleness of her face, the glimmers of her round eyes as they stared at the legs of the people no more than three or four paces away.

“I can’t believe this – I simply can’t believe it. Shouldn’t I be screaming for help or something?”

“It wouldn’t be a good idea,” Jodi said. “In the first place nobody would hear you, and in the second place we’d hurt you. Anyway, you might end up with a lot more cocks queing up to fuck you.”

“You shits – there’s another used johnny being pushed in my stockings. How many of you are there?”


“Five! Five oiks and I can’t do a damned thing about it! Oh God, and here comes another one – oooh – yes, yes!”

I licked her ear again and sniggered into it: “Some days, Pauline, darling, you just can’t get a minute to yourself, can you?

She was too far gone to bother answering me, moaning and groaning and shaking her head as the other guy behind the table had his turn.

“Hey, Jodi,” I said, “Remember that part of the film about the Grand Canyon? I bet her twat is starting to look like the Grand Canyon by now.”

Jodi laughed and Pauline squealed as the job of getting some more mileage on her reproductive organs went on with all the devotion to duty our gang always gave to our community work. As Jodi always said, if a woman was worth fucking she was worth well and truly fucking. Then somebody tapped me on the head and I duck crawled out from underneath the curtain and stood up.

Honest to God, the tent was getting more crowded all the time. There were some kids so close I could almost reach out and touch them, brothers and sisters probably, all licking on toffee apples and staring wide eyed up at the top of the dome. We were all back on top of the roller coaster, getting our thrills from the ups and downs. Well, everybody except Jodi Malenger’s excursion party – we were finding the ins and outs to be more exciting. The only one who’d missed out was Jacko, and it looked as if he’d come back. There was somebody standing next to our side of the table, somebody who spoke in a hoarse whisper.

“Andy, that you?”

“No mate, it’s Santa Claus. Is that boyfriend still in here?”

“Naw. I’ve been hanging around outside until I saw him leave. How’s the girl? You left anything for me?”

I looked around. The black mass that was grunting away behind the table seemed to big to be Mark – must be Will. It looked as if he was one the vinegar strokes and both of us could hear screechs like an angry barn owl coming from underneath the black material.

“Left anything for you? We’ve spent all this time bringing it up to the boil for you for you. Listen.”

Not only could Jacko and myself hear Pauline having yet another of her noisy comeuppances, a couple of the kids looked around as well, Puzzlement was on their faces but they soon lost interest as she quietened down into a string of sobs. They started eating their toffee apples again and looked back up at the movie.

“What’s she like as a fuck?” Jacko asked.

“Four and a half stars, mate. Just give her quim a bit of a wipe out with that black out material and get into it while you’ve got the chance. By the way, what did you do with that hat?”

“Still got it in my pocket – a memento, like.”

Jodi came out from underneath the curtain as Jacko was starting to have carnal knowledge of Pauline without bothering to introduce himself first. I guess you’d have to say we were never going to make the grade as gentlemen.

“Andy, when Jacko’s had his turn, cut a slit open in the canvas and we’ll piss off, and take the bitch with us.”

“OK, where to?”

“There’s a mobile pie shop a couple of tents. I’m feeling a bit peckish. Well have something to eat and some hot coffee while Pauline gives us a round of blow jobs behind the pie cart.”

“That’s a terrible idea,” I said. “Making her get down on her knees in all that damp grass. We’d never forgive ourselves if she got housemaid’s knee.”

Jodi chuckled: “Don’t worry, she’s far more likely to get a bad case of wanker’s wrist.”