“Now,” Kim said as the door closed behind them, “Did anyone explain to you what you’ll be doing here tonight?” The girls shook their heads, their eyes lowered. They had a pretty good idea.

“Ok,” she said. “My name is Kim and I host . . . special parties.” She paused, watching them. “My clients like to, shall we say, explore their wild side – sexually – and you two are going to help them fulfill a few fantasies!” Her face, at first genial, changed suddenly. Her eyes narrowed and her features darkened. “And you will do whatever you’re told to do – willingly; happily. Understood?”

They both nodded. Unfortunately, they were becoming quite accustomed to their roles as sex slaves.

“Good!,” Kim said, her once again friendly. “Follow me . . . and remember to smile!”

She led them down a short hall and through another door into a room with four men and a woman sitting on couches, sipping drinks, and chatting. They all appeared to be in their twenties or early thirties. There was a large bed to one side of the room. As Kim and the two teens entered the room, conversation stopped and all eyes fell on them.

Debbie and Michelle held hands and huddled behind Kim, trying to conceal their barely covered young bodies. Kim stepped aside with a smile and pushed them forward.

“Now, girls! Don’t be shy!,” she said in a cheery voice. They stood quietly, feeling the five pairs of eyes ogling them.

“Very cute, Kim,” the woman said as she stood up and walked toward them. She was pretty, and quite tall, with long brown hair that spilled straight down to the small of her back. Her slender body was accentuated by the tight red dress that she wore, her long, slender legs disappearing under it just inches from her pubic area. Her brown eyes flashed under long lashes as she examined the two girls. She reached out and pinched one of Debbie’s nipples, then squeezed her large, firm tits.

“You’re only fourteen?,” she asked, still fondling her large breasts. Debbie nodded, her discomfort at being fondled by a strange woman obvious. “Wow,” she whispered. The men watched with great interest as she squeezed and fondled Debbie’s large, firm tits. One man was tall and well-built, his hair cut short in a crew cut. His handsome, chiseled face was accentuated by a pair of piercing blue eyes.

The next man was a little shorter and his dark hair fell in waves to his shoulders. He was also well built, though he wasn’t as muscular as the first man. He smiled broadly at the two girls and Debbie felt her heart skip a beat. He was handsome, yes, but something about him left her a little weak in the knees.

The other two men were standing next to the bar, watching the woman examine first Debbie, then move over to Michelle. Debbie thought it was a little odd that the men hung back while the woman checked them out. Then one of the men by the bar moved over to the girls. He was about five foot ten, slender, and had curly black hair. His dark eyes penetrated deep into Debbie’s as he took her by the hand and led her over to one of the couches.

The last man was about the same height as the man with the curly hair. His hair was thinning and he was a little overweight. Not fat, but definitely husky. He had soft blue eyes and a friendly grin.

Kim made introductions. “Girls, this is Karen. And the others are Mark, . . .” She indicated the man who’d led Debbie to the couch. He now stood behind her, his hands resting on her shoulders as he casually rubbed them. “And this is Ron, . . .” The heavyset man grinned and nodded. “The guy with the crew-cut is Alex, and this handsome fellow here . . .” She rubbed up against the man with the long hair, who smiled and kissed her hand. “. . . is David.”

Michelle shuddered as David walked over to her and stroked her bare arms. His eyes moved up and down her small body and his hands went up to her shoulders. He pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. As she watched, he unfastened his jeans and smiled down at her.

“I think you know what to do, baby,” he said quietly, but firmly. Michelle sighed and reached inside his opened jeans. She grasped his hard cock and pulled it out. She slowly started stroking it, then opened her mouth and sucked it inside. Karen walked over and kissed David, then watched as Michelle slurped on his now fully grown cock. He reached up and caressed Karen’s tits with one hand, while he pushed Michelle’s mouth further onto his cock with the other.

Alex came over and knelt behind Michelle. He started lifting the sport bra over her head. David released his grip on her head so she could remove it, then pushed her mouth back to his cock. Alex amused himself by playing with Michelle’s firm round tits for a few minutes, then looked up to David and nodded toward one of the couches. Taking the hint, David stood up, removed his clothes, and sat on the couch. He beckoned to Michelle, who was still kneeling on the floor while Alex fondled her tits.

“Crawl over here, honey . . . you’re not done yet!,” he said. Michelle crawled over to him, with Alex close behind her. She started to kneel once again between David’s legs to resume her blow job, but Alex grabbed her by the hips and raised her up on all fours. David pushed her head into his lap and she went back to work on his cock.

Meanwhile, Alex stood up and undressed as Karen watched him, licking her lips seductively. When he was naked, she went over to him and kissed him deeply, her hand stroking his hardening cock. When it was fully erect, he knelt down behind Michelle again and caressed her small round ass, which was moving slightly under her short skirt as she continued sucking David’s cock. Michelle started at his touch, but didn’t stop her oral attentions. He slowly lowered her skirt to her knees then pulled it off one leg at a time. He spread her legs and started rubbing her exposed pussy until she was wet, then placed his long, hard dick against her wet slit and rubbed it back and forth. Knowing what was coming next, Michelle closed her eyes and prepared to be violated yet again.

He suddenly pushed in all the way without warning and Michelle yelped in surprised pain, her cries muffled by the big cock in her mouth. Alex started pumping his long, thick cock in and out of her tender vagina, ignoring her whimpers of pain. Michelle winced every time his cock bottomed out inside her. She didn’t see how big it was, but it felt bigger than Carlos’, possibly even bigger than Steve’s monstrous tool! She felt like she was being stretched further than ever before!

Unsatisfied with his uncomfortable position, Alex pulled his huge cock from her tortured pussy and stood up, her juices glistening along his shaft.

“Stand up!,” he hissed, pulling her to her feet by her slender hips. She released David’s cock and started to stand up.

“Uh-uh!,” David said, pulling her head back down. “I didn’t say you could stop!” She glanced quickly across the room and saw that Debbie was now also naked and taking turns sucking on the other two guys hard dicks. Karen and Kim stood to one side watching the action. Kim had her hand between her legs while Karen was in the process of removing her dress.

Michelle bent at the waist and took David’s cock back between her lips and sucked it to the back of her throat. She was getting used to giving head and it no longer disgusted her as it had just a few days ago. It was just part of her life now. The new position was hurting her back, but she said nothing, knowing that they wouldn’t care. Alex turned her slightly and put one of her feet up on the couch next to David. This was even more awkward for her. Her pussy was now fully exposed and spread wide open. Alex stepped up and pushed his huge cock back inside her, nearly lifting her feet up in the air as he did.

“Ahhh, yeah!,” he gasped as his thick rod slid all the way into her small body. “I love a tight pussy!” He began to fuck her slowly, enjoying the tightness of her tiny hole.

Debbie watched as the two men ganged up on Michelle and wished she could somehow help her. She knew that in her fragile mental state, the poor girl wouldn’t be able to take much more of this. Hell, she wondered just how much longer she would be able to hold out before losing her mind. Mark, still standing behind her, reached down and pulled her bra off. Her large tits bounced free and he immediately grabbed them, fondling them roughly. She watched as Ron undressed, his semi-hard cock nearly six inches long, and very thick. He stepped over to her and kissed her hard, shoving his tongue deep into her throat. As he kissed her, he reached down and yanked her skirt down, then ran his thick fingers along her slit.

“I could use a little help down here,” he said, his friendly smile turning menacing. Mark released his grip on her breasts and she dropped to her knees. She wrapped her hand around his stiffening shaft and gave it a few good licks before popping it into her mouth and sucking it to the back of her throat. She felt it growing harder inside her warm wet mouth and Ron sighed in pleasure as her tongue caressed it gently. Mark removed his clothes and stood opposite Ron by Debbie. He poked her in the cheek with his hard, eight inch prick, leaving a drop of precum.

“Me, too!,” he said. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it before taking it into her mouth as well. She began alternating back and forth between them, stroking one while sucking on the other.

Meanwhile, Karen had removed her dress and walked over next to Mark wearing nothing but a pair of sexy red lace panties. She watched Debbie tag team with their cocks for a few minutes, teasing her own nipples.

“She’s quite a little cock-sucker!,” Karen said as she rubbed her hard nipples. Mark pulled her close and kissed her passionately, his hand going to her firm tits. Karen broke off the kiss a few seconds later and smiled mischievously at him, nibbling on her lower lip.

“Would you mind if I took a turn?”

Mark grinned and pulled his cock from Debbie’s mouth, aiming it in Karen’s direction. Without missing a beat, Debbie went back to Ron’s cock, slurping noisily on the thick meat. Karen grasped his long shaft, slipped down into a squat, and sucked it into her mouth, her eyes raised up to his face.

Ron was enjoying his blow job, but was now in the mood for some fresh young pussy. He stepped back, pulled Debbie to her feet, and drove a thick finger into her twat, watching her wince as he did.

“I want some of that!,” he said with a leering grin. He grabbed her arm and led her over to the bed. Kim was watching them all, her fingers working in her pussy. When Ron led Debbie to the bed, she went over to them.

“Wait a minute,” she said. She kissed the naked man and cupped his heavy balls in her hand. “I need a tongue in my cunt.” She looked at Debbie and smiled. “Hers.” Ron grinned and sat down on the bed to watch. Kim unzipped her dress and slipped it off. She was naked under it. Her body was beautiful; full round tits, a slender waist, and long shapely legs that met at a clean shaven pussy. Ron let out a low whistle as he took in her naked form.

“Wow!,” he exclaimed. Kim smiled and bent over to kiss him again. Then she kissed Debbie, pushing her tongue deep into her throat. She broke off the kiss and put her lips to Debbie’s ear.

“You are going to eat my pussy until I tell you to stop!,” she hissed, then looked the young girl in the eye. “Understand?” Debbie nodded slightly, her eyes lowered. Kim gave her a hard look. “Now tell me what you’re going to do, slut!”

Debbie looked back up at her until Kim’s hard stare forced her to lower her eyes again. “I . . . I’m . . .,” she mumbled.

“Speak up!,” Kim yelled. “What are you going to do, slut?!”

Debbie jumped, startled at her loud shout. “E . . . eat your . . . p . . . pussy until you . . . t . . . tell me to stop!” Kim’s mouth twisted into an evil grin.

“Right!,” she exclaimed, then nodded at Ron. “While Ron fucks you!” She stared at Debbie, who lowered her eyes.

“Wh . . . while Ron . . . fucks me,” she added quietly.

“Good! I do believe she understands!,” Kim exclaimed, nudging a grinning Ron. She crawled onto the bed and rolled over onto her back, propped up on her elbows, and spread her legs wide. Debbie reluctantly moved between her legs, crawling up until her face was over her bare pussy, with her feet still on the floor. After making sure Debbie was positioned right for Ron, Kim pushed her face into her twat. Debbie began to lick at suck at her cunt and clit. Kim leaned her head back.

“Ahhhh . . . yes! Very good, slut!”

Ron stood behind Debbie, stroking his cock as he watched Kim sigh and moan while the pretty blonde teenager ate her pussy. When they were well under way, he pushed his hard cock against her tiny hole. “Here it comes!,” he cried, and buried his thick meat deep into her tight cunt.

Debbie cried out as her vagina stretched to accommodate the thick penis, raising her face involuntarily from Kim’s pussy. Kim immediately pushed her back down.

“Keep eating, bitch! That’s just the first of many cocks you’ll feel in that tight little cunt tonight!” Fighting back tears of rage, pain, and utter humiliation, Debbie resumed licking at her tormentors’ swollen pussy, trying hard to ignore the pain as the thick cock was pushed in and out of her aching pussy.

“Yes! Yes!!,” Kim moaned as Debbie’s tongue flicked back and forth over her inflamed clit. “Oh, shit!! Yesss!!!!” Kim’s body stiffened and jerked as her orgasm burst inside her and her cries faded to soundless screams of ecstacy. Debbie felt her pussy muscles contract on her tongue and a bitter-sweet fluid flooded her mouth as Kim’s hips bucked and twisted. She tried to pull away, but Kim’s hand held her firmly in place. She was forced to swallow and lap up the liquid as it sprayed from Kim’s spasming pussy. Finally, she released her death grip on Debbie’s head and collapsed to the bed.

“Ok! That’s enough!” Debbie gratefully raised her head, her face dripping with Kim’s cum. Ron was still fucking Debbie slowly, watching Kim in the throes of her very intense orgasm. Watching her brought him very close to cumming and he began fucking the hapless girl faster, driving his long, thick cock in to the hilt with each thrust.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!!,” he cried, then pulled out of her and spun her around so his cock was inches from her face. “Suck it, slut! Swallow my cum!,” he ordered. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her lips to his throbbing purple head. “Open up!”

Debbie opened her mouth and he shoved it in. Tears ran down her already cum drenched face as he started fucking her mouth, not waiting for her to begin. Debbie just went limp and let him do it. He was going to anyway, no matter what she did. Finally, he pushed it to the back of her throat, nearly gagging her, and held it there. He groaned and Debbie felt the hot cum splash against the back of her throat and fill her mouth. She swallowed again and again until he eventually stopped cumming. Knowing what was expected of her, she sucked on it until no more came out, then licked it clean. He pulled it from her mouth and looked down at her with a leering grin.

“Good job, whore! I’m gonna rest a minute, then maybe we can play again!” Just then, Michelle cried out from the other side of the bed.

Meanwhile, Alex had grown tired of fucking Michelle from that position. Besides, David had indicated that he wanted a go at her. He pulled out and David lifted her head from his cock.

“You’re a great little cocksucker, but I want to try out that tight pussy of yours!” He stood and led her to the bed, opposite of Debbie, Kim, and Ron. Michelle tried not to look as Debbie was forced to lick Kim’s pussy while Ron raped her. David sat on the bed and lay back, his feet still on the floor.

“Come here,” he said, indicating for Michelle to straddle him. She spread her legs and climbed onto his stomach, her small tits hanging in his face. David positioned her pussy over his cock and settled her down onto it. Michelle closed her eyes as the hard shaft penetrated her tortured pussy. At least it wasn’t as big as Alex’s and didn’t stretch her as bad, but this position felt like it was going in deeper. David rocked her for a few moment until she learned how he wanted her to move. To say she was enjoying it would have been a stretch, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Every once in a while his cock would rub on just the right spot and she’d moan in pleasure despite herself.

“I do believe she likes it!,” David exclaimed. Alex grinned and looked around for someone to play with. Everyone seemed occupied. Then an idea struck him.

“If she likes one cock, she’ll love two!,” he said, stepping up behind her. He pushed her forward until her face was only an inch from David’s. Suddenly she realized what he was planning.

“No!,” she pleaded. “Please, don’t!”

“Aww, what’s the matter?,” Alex said. “It won’t hurt . . . much!” He started rubbing his finger into her pussy and spreading her juices all over her puckered asshole.

“Please! No . . . please!,” she begged, sobbing. Her ass was still very sore from Carlos, and Alex was bigger than Carlos . . . a lot bigger! Ignoring her peas, Alex placed the tip of his big cock at her back door and started to work it in. Michelle began to cry and screamed in pain as he forced her aching anus open and pushed the head of his huge cock in. She howled in pain, tears running down her cheeks and snot bubbles bursting from her nose.

“We’ve got a real screamer, here!,” David yelled to Alex over the noise. He could feel Alex’s cock sliding into her through the thin membrane that separated her anal cavity from her pussy, filling her body with two large cocks at the same time.

Debbie watched in muted horror as Alex pushed his huge cock into Michelle’s ass while David’s remained buried in her pussy. Michelle’s face was contorted in pain and she was crying hysterically. Debbie couldn’t begin to imagine the pain she was being subjected to.

Alex continued to ignore her screams and pushed his huge meat all the way into her ass until it was completely inside her.

“Whew!, ” he gasped as Michelle’s screams subsided to wails and great heaving sobs. Debbie got up to go to her, but Kim grabbed her arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?,” she said. “You just forget about your little girlfriend and worry about yourself!” Debbie sat down, fighting back tears as Alex began fucking in and out of Michelle’s back door and her screams began again.

Mark and Karen walked over to Debbie and Kim. “It sure sounded like she knows how to eat pussy!,” Karen said, stroking Debbie’s blonde hair as Michelle’s screams once again gave way to sobs and whimpers. Kim nodded, grinning.

“Oh, yeah! She’s been well taught!”

“I’d sure like some of that young pussy! And ass!,” Mark exclaimed, looking over at the others.

Ron, his cock nearly back to a useable size, watched as David and Alex fucked Michelle nearly unconscious. He walked over to them, stroking his cock, and pushed it to Michelle’s open mouth. It went in, but she acted like she didn’t even know it was there, which she probably didn’t. He soon gave up and wandered over to where the others were.

“Well, I’m ready to go again! Who’s next?”

Kim grinned and nodded at Debbie. “She seemed to want to join her friend over there. Maybe she’d like to have two cocks in her, too!” Debbie began to protest, but Kim pulled her down and kissed her, biting her lower lip before pulling away. Debbie touched her bleeding lip gingerly, and said nothing.

“Well, I don’t know about double-teaming, but I’d like a shot at all her holes!,” mark said

“Come on, Ron,” Karen said, grabbing his arm. “I need a good fuck. You can do both holes if you want to!” He grinned at her and allowed her to lead him over to one of the couches.

Mark turned to Debbie. “Ok, kid. Lie down. It’s your turn.”

Debbie gripped his arm, her eyes pleading. “Please, don’t! I’ll suck your cock and swallow! You can cum in my face! Anything but that!”

Mark grinned maliciously at her. “Yes, I can do all that. And I can fuck your ass, too! Now, do you want to do this the easy way? Or the hard way? It doesn’t matter to me!”

Debbie felt her heart rise into her throat and she made a futile attempt to run for the door, but Mark caught her before she’d taken two steps.

“Ok, the hard way it is!” He picked her up, kicking and screaming, and carried her over to the end of the couch. Kim came over with some leather straps and rope. They managed to get the straps around her wrists and ankles after a few hard slaps across the face ended her struggles. Then Mark took her behind the couch and bent her over the back of it so her head was facing the cushions. Kim tied a piece of rope from her wrist straps to the front legs of the couch, then tied her ankles to the back legs, pulling her legs wide apart. Debbie screamed and cried in both anger and fear the whole time.

Once she was tied down and was positioned just right for Mark, Kim went over to a cupboard and returned with a large, realistic looking dildo and a roll of duct tape. She shoved the dildo into Debbie’s mouth and held it there while Mark wrapped duct tape around her head so she couldn’t spit it out. Her screams were muted down to muffled cries. She was trapped. Helpless. Her body was bent at the waist over the low-backed couch with her legs spread, revealing both her pink pussy and her puckered asshole. Mark moved into position behind her. Kim suddenly snapped her fingers.

“Hold on a second!” Mark pulled back and watched as she ran over to the cupboard, her perky tits bouncing sexily. She returned a few seconds later with a ten inch long dildo and held it up so Debbie and Mark could see it.

“Let’s see if she can take all of Big John here while you fuck her up the ass!,” Kim said, grinning. Debbie’s eyes widened in horror and she renewed her struggle against her bindings, to no avail. She went around behind her and started working the huge fake cock into Debbie’s tight cunt.

“Make sure it’s all the way in so it doesn’t get in the way!,” Mark said with a grin. Kim chuckled and pushed it further in.

“I can barely handle this monster!,” Kim exclaimed as Debbie’s pussy was stretched beyond it’s limits. She screamed uselessly into her gag as the long phallus was pushed completely into her, going well into her uterus.

“Well, what do ya know! She did it!,” Kim said with a laugh. She passed some KY to Mark. “Have at her, babe!” Mark greased up his cock and Debbie’s asshole then positioned his cock over her tiny rosebud. “Here comes daddy!,” he cried as he applied pressure.

Debbie screamed again around the dildo. Mark kept pushing until her ring opened and his cock started to slip into her recently ravaged back door. Debbie squirmed against her bindings and sobbed as he pushed deeper and deeper into her anal cavity. Kim, fed up with her slave’s behavior, went around to her face and slapped her – hard. Debbie, stunned, stopped squirming and crying. She moaned loudly as Mark continued his long slow fuck of her tight ass.

Alex was having a hard time to keep from shooting his load into Michelle’s tight asshole. “Holy shit, she’s tight!,’ he exclaimed. “I’m gonna lose it soon!”

“Me, too!,” David said. Michelle wasn’t moving much. She appeared to be in a state of shock. Of course, that didn’t prevent David and Alex from continuing to ream both of her holes mercilessly.

“Lift her off me!,” David cried. “I want to cum in her face!” Alex, keeping his own cock buried in her ass, lifted her tiny, limp body from David’s hard cock. He scrambled out from under her and Alex lay her down on the bed with her ass still impaled on his huge cock. As David pointed his prick at her face and began to jerk it, David pumped her ass a few more times, then pulled out and rolled her onto her back. Both men fisted their dicks and jerked off all over her face and body, coating her with gobs of hot cum. When they finished, they left the semi-conscious teenager and went over to watch Mark fuck Debbie.

Debbie’s ass burned as if someone had stuck a hot poker up it. Mark was pounding her fast and hard and she was certain he was ripping her insides apart. When Alex and David came over, Kim ripped the dildo from her mouth and ordered her to clean their cocks off. After another cuff across the face, she did. Just as she finished with the last one, Mark pulled his cock from her ass and ran around to her face. He jumped up onto the cushions and shoved his throbbing dick into her face.

“C’mon, cum whore! Open wide!”

Debbie was too worn out to fight. She opened her mouth and Mark pushed his filthy cock inside. He pumped in and out a couple of times, then groaned as he emptied his balls into her mouth. He pulled out and shot the last of his load onto her face, then climbed down.

By this time, Ron and Karen lay panting on the other couch, both drenched in sweat. After chatting with the others for a few minutes, ignoring the two semi-conscious teens, they all got dressed and left the room. Debbie looked up and saw that they had left the door open and heard another one close, shutting off their voices. This was their chance!

Debbie turned her head toward where Michelle lay. “Michelle!,” she cried in a hoarse whisper. No answer. From her position, she could only see her feet on the rumpled sheets. “Michelle!” A little louder this time.

“Mmm,” she heard her murmur.

“Michelle! Wake up! This is our chance to escape!” She saw the feet move and heard a moan, followed by a choked sob.

“Michelle, honey, I know it hurts. They did it to me, too.” She tried to keep her voice calm. “But if we don’t get out of here now, they may kill us when they get back!” She heard the rustle of sheets and a very bedraggled looking Michelle stepped before her eyes. Debbie fought back tears at the sight of her friend.

“It’ll be ok! Quick! Untie me!” Michelle’s blank eyes stared vacantly for a moment, then she knelt down and began removing the straps from Debbie’s wrists and ankles. Once free, Debbie moved quickly, ignoring the burning pain in her ass, and gathered up their clothes.

“Come on! We can put these on outside!” She grabbed Michelle’s arm. “Let’s go!” With their clothing under one arm and pulling Michelle with the other hand, she pulled the door open and peered out into the hall. No one was there. At one end was a heavy wooden door, at the other was the steel door they’d come in through. There had been no handle on the outside, but there was a bar on the inside to open it. Debbie could see no lock and assumed it was a fire escape like they had at school that couldn’t be locked. They moved quickly down the hall and Debbie pushed on the metal bar. The door swung open with a clank and they stepped out into the dark alley. After checking to make sure they hadn’t been spotted, Debbie led Michelle as fast as possible down the dark alley toward a lit street at the far end. When they reached a couple of dumpsters near the end, Debbie pulled Michelle in behind them and passed her clothes to her. Debbie dressed quickly and watched for pursuers while Michelle managed to cover herself up. Debbie checked her clothing, wiped some dried cum from her face and grinned.

“Ok, let’s go find a cop! We’re free, Michelle! Free!”

Michelle managed a faint smile. After one more check down the alley, they ran out into the lit street. It was empty; no people, no cars. Little more than another alley. Debbie could see cars going by at both ends and they started out for the nearest end at a brisk walk, always looking behind them for any sign of pursuit.

A few minutes later, they emerged onto a busier street. A few cars whizzed by, but Debbie pulled Michelle out of sight next to a tall set of steps into one of the tenements. She’s waited too long and had been through too much to risk flagging down a car that may be their kidnappers. They could wait for a cop car.

After about fifteen minutes and no police cars, she was about to give up and try another street when she heard a slow moving vehicle approaching. She peered over the top of the steps and her heart skipped a beat when she saw a black Escalade like Carlos’ moving slowly along the street, as if searching for something, or someone. For now, they were out of sight behind the steps. But once the SUV passed the steps, they’d be sitting ducks. She took Michelle’s hand and stared into her cum-stained face.

“We may have to run for it. Can you do that?” Michelle looked at her, a hint of fear in her glassy eyes.

“R . . .run? Yeah . . . s . . . sure. I guess.”

“Please, Michelle! This is a matter of life or death. If they catch us, they’ll kill us!”

That seemed to break through the fog a little more. Michelle nodded more sincerely. “I know. I’ll be ok.”

Debbie squeezed her hand reassuringly. “Ok” she looked over the top of the steps again. The Escalade was closer now. The passenger window was down and she could see a muscular black arm leaning out of it. Joe!

Frantically, she looked down the street. If they ran the same way Carlos and Joe were moving, they would simply speed up and catch them in no time. If they ran the other way, past them, they may get a little further, but would still be easily caught. There was nothing to hide behind where they were now. Frustrated, she was trying to figure out what to do. They couldn’t be caught again! They would be killed for sure after escaping!

The SUV was almost to the steps. She could hear it’s idling engine and the sound of rap music coming from it’s speakers. She was about to grab Michelle and make a run for it, when it’s engine suddenly accelerated and it sped up, passing by just ten feet from where they crouched against the building. Joe and Carlos were both facing straight ahead.

‘What the . . .?,’ Debbie thought. ‘Why did they do that?’ Her thoughts were cut off, her question answered when a police cruiser came into view behind Carlos and Joe. With a cry of joy, she jumped up and ran into the street in front of the cruiser, waving her arms, laughing and crying at the same time.

– To Be Continued… –