Debbie and Michelle huddled together in the back seat of the luxury SUV as far away from their evil looking companion as possible. He looked over at them and flashed a bright, toothy grin, revealing one gold tooth. Michelle shrunk further into the corner, whimpering in fear.

“Hey, boss!,” the black man called up to the driver. “You mind if I sample ‘da merchandise?” He winked at them and grinned again.

“Naw, go ahead. Just don’t mess up the upholstery!,” the man called back, glancing in the mirror.

“‘Tanks, boss!,” the big man replied and unfastened his pants. Michelle started sobbing as he pulled out a large semi-hard cock. He reached out with a huge hand and grabbed Debbie by the hair, pulling her head into his lap.

“C’mon, white whore! Suck on a real cock!” He pushed her face into his crotch. “Suck it, bitch, or I’ll toss you out right now!” Debbie looked at the thick black penis. She could see it getting harder before her eyes and could already see precum glistening on the tip. As much as she wanted out of the truck, at the speed they were traveling, she would never survive being thrown out. Even so, she paused to think it over.

“Suck it! NOW!!,” he roared, pushing her face down further. Debbie grabbed it and began licking the long rough shaft.

“Ahhh . . . dat’s it!,” he sighed, easing the pressure on her hair slightly. Debbie licked all over the shaft and smooth head before finally sliding her lips over the ebony shaft and sucking nearly four inches of it into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down; her mouth making sloppy slurping sounds. He leaned back, closing his eyes, as Debbie’s warm mouth enveloped his hard tool. Michelle watched for a few seconds, then turned away, sobbing quietly. The driver looked into the mirror once again.

“Is she any good, Joe?,” he asked with a slight smile.

“Oh, yeah, boss! Real good!”

The driver shifted his eyes to Michelle. “Don’t feel left out, baby! It’s your turn as soon as we get home!” Michelle’s terror was nearly overpowering and she had to fight to keep from falling apart completely. She just couldn’t go through another brutal rape!

The black man started to moan louder and his breathing became shallow. He put his hand on Debbie’s head, preventing her from spitting out his penis. “Oh, yeah, baby! Here it comes!! Unghhhh . . .!!”

Debbie felt his cock swell, then explode into her mouth, quickly filling it with his warm, sticky jism. She forced herself to swallow it just before he filled her mouth again. She managed to swallow it as well, not spilling a drop, then easily finished off the lesser spurts before licking and sucking it clean as she’d been taught to do.

“Very good, slut!,” he said as he pulled her head from his lap. “You didn’t spill a drop!” He shoved her back into the corner with Michelle, her breath now foul with the taste of his semen, which coated the inside of her mouth.

“Boss, we may have to keep ‘da blonde! She give great head!,” the man sneered as he tucked his flaccid penis away and refastened his pants.

“I’ll have to try her out!,” he replied with a grin.

The SUV left the interstate and wound through a run-down section of the city until it finally pulled up to a garage door in a nondescript brick building. The driver pressed a button on the dash and the door slid open. He pulled the big truck inside and killed the engine. The black man, Joe, got out and waited while the girls slowly crawled from the back seat. They were parked in a small garage with bare brick walls. The dusty concrete floor was stained with old oil and an outdated pin-up calendar hung on a wall next to a boarded over window by an old workbench. A bare light bulb burned dimly over a door in the back wall. Debbie watched helplessly as the garage door rolled closed, once again sealing them off from the outside world.

“This way, girls,” the driver said as he held the door open for them. They slowly trudged through the door and into a musty hallway. The well-worn floor tiles, which had once been a black and white checker pattern, were now scuffed and yellowed, with curling corners and pieces missing here and there. The institutional green walls completed the dingy, run down feeling of the hall. Michelle followed behind Debbie and the boss, as Joe called him, down the hall with Joe bringing up the rear. She felt a pair of rough hands squeezing her ass, causing her to jump. Joe leaned forward and put his thick lips to her ear.

“I can’t wait to bend you over and fill that little pussy with my big hard dick!,” he whispered, grinning. Michelle shuddered and quickened her pace, taking Debbie’s hand. The man stopped at the end of the corridor and opened a door. He stood aside and ushered the two girls in. Turning to Joe, he said, “Call Jimbo. Tell him we’ll have two new girls ready for tomorrow.” Joe nodded, turned, and disappeared back down the hall.

The man went into the room with the girls and quietly closed the door behind him. The room was about twenty by thirty feet with two large windows that had been boarded over from the outside. It was painted the same fading institutional green as the hallway and had the same scuffed and yellowed linoleum tiles on the floor. There was a plain wooden table with two wooden chairs along one wall, and two double beds along the other. A door at one end led into a bathroom with a pedestal sink, a freestanding tub, and a toilet; all as worn and ancient as the rest of the building.

Debbie and Michelle were huddled together in the center of the room as the man turned to face them. He was dark-skinned with thick black hair and bushy eyebrows. He stood about five foot ten with broad shoulders and powerful arms. He walked slowly around them, examining their young bodies methodically. Both girls were wearing tight jeans and t-shirts provided by Donna and they left little to the imagination. He reached out and fingered Debbie’s blonde curls, then walked around to face them again.

“My name,” he said quietly. ” . . . is Carlos. You now work for me. I own you.” Michelle clutched Debbie’s arm, her eyes wide with fear. Debbie was probably just as terrified, but tried to put on a brave front for Michelle’s sake.

“You can’t own someone,” she replied, her voice cracking slightly.

Carlos grinned. “Oh, can’t I? It’s really very simple. When you fuck up with Donna, you’re punished. If punishment didn’t help, you were disposed of; meaning she sold you to me.” He paused, watching their eyes, before continuing. “There is no punishment here, however.” His face darkened and his dark eyes narrowed to slits. “If you fuck up here, I’ll just kill you,” he snarled. And his manner left them no doubt that he was deadly serious. Michelle whimpered and shrunk behind Debbie, still clutching her arm.

“Now,” he continued. “You must first prove that you are qualified to work for me. If not, I have no use for you and . . .” He drew a finger across his throat. The girls shivered, both fully aware of what their ‘work’ would entail.

“First, I need to see all of you. Undress each other, please!” He sat on one of the chairs, crossed his legs, and watched them.

Realizing that they had no choice, they turned to face each other. Debbie placed Michelle’s hands on the hem of her t-shirt and nodded. Michelle pulled the tight shirt up and over Debbie’s large tits and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts bounced a few times before settling into their usual upright position just above her newly flat, hard stomach.

“Touch her tits. Suck on them,” Carlos said from his chair. Michelle glanced in his direction, then looked up into Debbie’s clear, blue eyes. Debbie gave her a slight smile, letting her know that it was ok. Michelle slowly reached out and cupped each of the full round breasts, caressing them tenderly. She leaned over and kissed the left nipple, then took it between her lips and sucked on it. Debbie closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of Michelle’s soft lips and tongue on her sensitive nipple. After a minute or two, she moved over to the other one and gave it the same attention.

Carlos spoke up. “Very good. Continue undressing now.” Debbie tugged Michelle’s t-shirt off. Her firm, round tits bounced free. While smaller than Debbie’s, they were perfectly shaped and would no doubt grow larger as Michelle got older. Carlos didn’t say anything about Debbie sucking on Michelle’s tits, so she unfastened her tight jeans and worked them down over her curved hips. Although her tits were still filling out, the rest of her young body had developed nicely. As Debbie slid the jeans down her long, slender legs, she caught the musky scent of her sex and noticed a damp spot on her red thong panties. She pulled the jeans free of Michelle’s ankles and tossed them aside. Michelle stood shivering, her arms folded over her breasts, wearing only the tiny red thong panties. Her eyes went from Debbie, to Carlos, then back to Debbie.

Debbie took Michelle’s hands and placed them on the button of her jeans. After a brief nod from her, Michelle unfastened the button and lowered the fly. As she began slipping down Debbie’s perfectly formed thighs, she realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties! She glanced up, giving Debbie a questioning look, but Debbie only shrugged and offered a weak smile in return. She continued pulling the jeans down, revealing Debbie’s light fuzz covered pussy. She pulled the pants completely off, her nostrils filled with the aroma of her friends’ sex. Her labia was swollen and Michelle could see moisture glistening on it. She stood up, facing Debbie.

“Turn this way,” Carlos said. Both girls, oddly aroused, turned to face their new master. He stood up and went over to them. He cupped one of Debbie’s breasts with one hand, and one of Michelle’s with the other, kneading them roughly. Both girls grimaced in pain, but said nothing. Then he slipped his hand between Debbie’s legs and rubbed her moist slit.

“Hmmm . . . someone’s a little turned on!,” he exclaimed. His eyes dropped to Michelle’s thong and he spied the damp area. “You, too!” Michelle lowered her eyes and said nothing. Carlos licked his lips and grinned. “Well, either I’m especially sexy tonight, or you two are into each other!” He looked from one to the other. “And somehow I don’t think it’s me!” He stepped back a step or two. “Show me how much you like each other! Let’s see a big wet kiss, with lots of tongue!”

They turned to face each other, their eyes locked, and leaned their faces together. Their lips met in a warm kiss, their tongues probing deeply into each others’ mouth. Michelle could taste the salty remains of Joe’s semen still coating Debbie’s mouth.

“Wow! I was right! You two are a couple of dykes!,” Carlos exclaimed with a wide grin. He watched them for a few moments, then went around behind Michelle. He grabbed the thin string of her thong and with a quick lateral yank, tore it off her hips. Michelle, startled, pulled her lips from Debbie’s.

“Don’t stop yet!,” Carlos said, pushing them back together. They resumed their passionate kiss, with Debbie wrapping her arms around Michelle’s neck. She was really liking kissing the pretty young girl and was beginning to wonder if maybe she was gay. Thoughts of making love with Michelle ran through her head, and she found them very erotic and pleasant.

Meanwhile, Michelle was having similar thoughts. After her brutal rape, the idea of having sex with a man was somehow revolting and terrifying at the same time. But Debbie was her friend, and she wasn’t a man. Her lips were full and soft; her kisses warm and tender. She somehow felt safe in her arms, despite their seemingly hopeless situation, and didn’t want their embrace to end.

But Carlos had other plans. He put his hands on their shoulders and pulled them apart. “Ok, that’s enough of that for now.” He spun Michelle around to face him, her green eyes lowered and her full lips still wet from her kiss with Debbie. He grinned at her and put his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to kneel in front of him.

“You know what to do, bitch!,” he snarled. She sniffed back her tears and slowly raised her hand to his jeans and unfastened them. As she pulled them down, she could see the bulge in his shorts growing quickly. Debbie stood only a few feet away, powerless to help the scared girl. She would have happily sucked him and swallowed if it meant Michelle wouldn’t have to, but she knew it would be a waste of breath to offer. She expected her turn would soon come.

“Come on!,” Carlos barked. “Pull it out and get to work!” Michelle, startled by his order, pulled down his boxers to reveal an eight inch long cock. She stroked it a few times, then started to lick it before taking it between her lips and sucking it into her mouth, the tangy taste of his precum strong on her tongue.

As Michelle began to bob her head on his hard shaft, he beckoned Debbie over. He pulled her naked body tight to his, crushing her large tits against his chest, and kissed her hard, his tongue pushing deep into her throat. He released her mouth and bent down, taking one of her erect nipples into his mouth. He sucked on it, then bit it. When Debbie cried out in pain, he bit it again – harder. She yelped again but didn’t try to pull away, unsure of the consequences of even minor disobedience with this sick bastard.

He raised his head from her throbbing nipple and grinned malevolently at her. “Don’t like pain, huh? You’ll learn to like it!” He nodded toward Michelle. “Give her some help!” Debbie dropped to her knees and relieved Michelle, taking half of his hard cock into her mouth.

“Lick my balls!,” he ordered Michelle. She started licking his scrotum, sucking gently on his balls.

“Ahhh! Yes! Good!,” he murmured, closing his eyes. After a few minutes of the girls switching back and forth, he pulled away from them. “Ok, that’s enough for now.” They obediently released his cock and balls but remained kneeling at his feet. He pulled off his shirt to reveal a well-formed chest with a dark patch of hair in the center. He removed his Levis next and stood naked except for his boxer shorts.

He reached down, took their hands, lifted them both to their feet and led them to one of the beds. He turned to them and grinned.

“Consider this a test. Here’s how it works: you two are going to fuck me, each other, and anyone else I tell you to.” He paused, waiting for their reaction. There was none of the surprise and pleading he was expecting. He wasn’t telling them anything they didn’t already know. He continued. “If I find you satisfactory, you’ll go to work. If not, well . . .” He pursed his lips and sighed. “I’ve already told you my policy on punishment.” Both girls swallowed hard, remembering his warning. “Understood?” They both nodded, their eyes downcast and defeated. “Good! Now, blondie . . . lie down on your back . . . and spread ’em wide!”

Reluctantly, Debbie crawled onto the bed and lay as he’d ordered. She looked up at his erect penis bobbing before her and tried to prepare to be violated yet again. He turned to Michelle.

“Ok, baby. Time for you to do a little muff-diving!” Michelle gave him a puzzled look. He rolled his eyes. “Oh, for . . . lick her pussy!” Michelle looked over at Debbie lying spread eagle on the bed.

“It’s ok, Michelle,” she said reassuringly. “Just do as he says.” Michelle’s eyes met hers and Debbie gave her an understanding smile.

“See! She wants you to do it!,” Carlos said with a laugh. “Go on!” He pushed her toward the bed. Michelle stumbled, then dropped to all fours and crawled up between Debbie’s shapely legs. Debbie was lying so her pussy was at the edge of the bed and her feet were still on the floor. Michelle looked up and with a resigned sigh, lowered her mouth to Debbie’s open slit.

Debbie closed her eyes as Michelle’s warm, soft tongue slid slowly along her swollen labia and poked into her opening. She sighed in pleasure as it touched her erect clitoris, poking out from under it’s little hood like a miniature penis. Michelle licked slowly along Debbie’s pink flesh, tasting pussy for only the second time in her young life. It didn’t taste bad; not as strong or musky as a cock. And she wouldn’t have to worry about the warm, sticky cum filling her mouth. Debbie was moaning and gasping as her tongue stimulated different areas. Knowing that she was giving pleasure to her friend almost made it pleasurable for her.

She felt rough hands grasp her upthrust hips and push her legs apart. She started to lift her head when she felt a hard object probing at her exposed pussy.

“Just keep licking, honey!,” Carlos said as he forced his hard cock into her still tender pussy. Michelle closed her eyes and cried out into Debbie’s cunt as he thrust his entire length into her in one motion.

“Oh, yeah! Nice and tight!,” he exclaimed as he slowly pulled out, only to drive it back in forcibly. As his cock slid over her still sensitive vaginal walls, she could feel some of the pain that had just started to ease return in full. He began pumping harder, building to a steady rhythm and pulling her hips to his pelvis with each thrust. He kept it up for several minutes while Michelle buried her face in Debbie’s pussy, sobbing as she tried to keep up her oral duties.

He pulled out and Debbie watched in muted horror as he placed the tip of his cock to Michelle’s tiny puckered asshole. He began pushing against it, causing Michelle to lift her head from Debbie’s pussy and howl in pain as he forced his big cock into her tiny back door without any lube, stretching it grotesquely.

“Owwww!!,” Michelle cried as the huge organ was forced deep into her bowels.

“Donna . . . said . . . you’d . . . enjoy this!,” Carlos panted as his cock slowly disappeared into her ass.

Michelle opened her eyes and looked up to Debbie, whose face held a pained expression as she watched her friend being raped anally. Michelle’s mouth opened and appeared she was trying to say something, but no sound came out. She squeezed her eyes shut and tears streamed down her face as Carlos began pumping in and out of her tight asshole, his own face twisted in an expression of pained concentration. After a few more slow thrusts, he pulled out and watched as her asshole retained it’s unnatural size for a few seconds before slowly shrinking down to near normal again.

Michelle gasped a sigh of relief as his cock was pulled out. Her ass burned from the friction. The only lube had been the secretions from her pussy, and they weren’t nearly enough.

“Are you ok, Michelle?” She could hear Debbie’s concerned voice, but it seemed to be coming from a great distance. From somewhere beyond the pain. She collapsed onto Debbie’s prone body, gasping for air and wishing the burning ache in her ass would stop.

Carlos chuckled and turned her over. “Hold on, bitch! You’re not done yet! Clean my cock off!” He roughly pulled the semi-conscious girl to a sitting position and grabbed her by the hair, startling her a little more awake. He held her lips to his steaming rod. “Open up!” Only half aware of what was happening, Michelle parted her lips and he pushed his smelly cock into her mouth. “Lick it clean!,” he demanded, giving her hair a yank. Michelle was nearly overcome with nausea by the taste of her own ass on his cock, but somehow managed to keep from vomiting as she licked and sucked his shaft clean.

When she was finished to his satisfaction, he roughly tossed her aside. “Ok, I guess I’ll keep you . . . for a while!,” he sneered as she fell to a crumpled heap on the dirty floor. He turned his dark eyes to Debbie. “Your turn, bitch!”

He grabbed her ankles and folded her legs back over her stomach, exposing her pussy and asshole.

“First, some lube!,” he said with an evil grin, and pushed his cock deep into her pussy, which was still wet from Michelle’s licking. He slipped in fairly easily and Debbie gasped as he started pumping rapidly in and out of her tight snatch. Despite her utter hatred for him, she was starting to feel a tingle of pleasure as he continued to hammer away at her tender pussy.

“Mmmmm . . .,” she moaned involuntarily, biting her lower lip.

“You like that, you little slut!?,” he cried, and increased the pace. Debbie sighed as the tingle grew into a buzz. ‘Holy shit!,’ she thought, ‘If he keeps this up, I’m going to cum!’ Carlos sensed she was getting close to orgasm and continued his furious fucking. Debbie’s moans got louder and her breath came in shallow gasps. She started humping her hips in time with his thrusts as the feeling grew stronger inside her spasming twat. Finally, she came hard, thrashing on the bed and crying out as the orgasm enveloped her senses and took over her body. Carlos kept up his fast pumping for as long as he could, and she just kept cumming over and over and over. He eventually tired and slowed down, but Debbie continued to cum non-stop, her face and chest flushed deep red and her body coated in a sheen of perspiration. He pulled out and she still came for a few more seconds, before finally collapsing in a pile of quivering flesh on the bed.

“Well!,” he panted with a grin, his own body covered in sweat. “Aren’t you a handful!”

Debbie closed her eyes and licked her lips as she waited for her body to stop tingling. She felt a soft hand on hers and opened her eyes to see Michelle watching her, her green eyes wide with amazement.

“Are . . .are you ok?!,” Michelle asked, concern clouding her pretty face.

Debbie nodded. “Uh-huh! I . . .I’ve never cum . . . like that . . . before!”

Carlos watched them for a moment, but he wasn’t finished yet. He reached down and pushed two fingers deep into Debbie’s wet snatch. She gasped as his fingers probed her tender pussy. He pulled them back out, then held the dripping fingers to Michelle’s lips.

“Open up!,” he said, pressing the fingers to her lips. Michelle obediently opened her mouth and sucked the fingers into her mouth, sucking the juice from them. As she sucked them clean, he pushed his hard cock back into Debbie’s still sensitive pussy. Debbie gasped and closed her eyes as the long shaft once again slid along her over-stimulated tunnel. He pumped in and out a few times, then pulled completely out. Before Debbie knew what was happening, he pushed her legs closer to her chest and positioned his cock at her asshole, and began to work it in.

Debbie wasn’t prepared for it. She screamed as his big tool twisted and pushed at her tiny virgin asshole, seeking a way inside.

“Ow!! Oh, shit!! That hurts!!!,” she cried as he forced the tip inside, stretching her hole so wide it felt like she was being torn wide open. She screamed again as he pushed all the way in until his balls slapped against her cheeks. Michelle held her hand, tears streaming down her cheeks. She knew all too well what Debbie was going through.

“Quit your damn blubbering!,” Carlos yelled at Michelle. “Get down her and lick her pussy while I fuck her asshole!” Michelle reluctantly released Debbie’s hand and lowered her face to her still wet pussy. Debbie jumped as her tongue began to caress her swollen lips. She could taste Carlos’ precum as well as Debbie’s own sweet juices. Carlos was slowly fucking her tight virgin asshole, having a little difficulty, but thoroughly enjoying himself. Debbie was in intense pain. It felt like her asshole was on fire and Carlos’ big dick was splitting her in half. She could feel Michelle’s tongue gently licking her pussy, but the pain was much more intense. Carlos suddenly pulled out and drove his cock deep into her pussy, nearly hitting Michelle with it. He pumped a few times, getting more lube, then plunged it back into her stretched anal opening. Debbie screamed again. Her ass had stretched a little and it didn’t hurt quite as much, but it was still very uncomfortable and the pain was still barely tolerable. Carlos was moving faster, his eyes closed and his face screwed up into a pained grimace.

Suddenly, he pulled quickly from her ass and cried, “Get up here! Both of you!!” Michelle looked up, but Debbie was dazed. Carlos grabbed her by the hair and pulled her roughly to a sitting position with one hand while he stroked his hard cock with the other.

“Open up!,” he cried. They both opened their mouths and he pointed his cock at them. A second later, his cock erupted, shooting white gobs of sticky, hot cum all over their faces, in their mouths, and on their tits. When he finished, he looked down at the two naked and cum-soaked teens and grinned. He poked his cock into Debbie’s open mouth. “Clean it, bitch!” Debbie sucked on his penis, which literally tasted like shit, until it was clean and he pulled it out. He gathered up his clothes and got dressed as the two traumatized teenagers watched from the bed. He then picked up their clothes, tucked them under his arm, and turned to face them.

“You two are a mess! Get yourselves cleaned up. You have a party to attend later tonight and I want you clean and well-rested.” He turned to go, still holding their clothes. Michelle spoke up.

“Wh . . . what about our clothes?,” she asked in a high, trembling voice.

Carlos stopped, then slowly turned to them, a smug smile on his dark face. “You won’t need any until it’s time to go.” He paused, looking thoughtful, then added, “Maybe not even then! Get used to going naked. It’s how you’ll be most of the time from now on!” He turned quickly and went out, locking the door behind him

Debbie and Michelle slowly got to their feet, went into the bathroom, and began removing the sticky cum from their faces and bodies. Debbie turned on the water to fill the bathtub.

“You go first,” she said to Michelle. “I’m going to try and find a way out of here.”

Michelle grabbed her arm. “What if they’re watching us?” Then, almost as an afterthought she said, “. . .and we haven’t any clothes!”

Debbie placed her hand over hers. “I didn’t see any cameras out there and something tells me Carlos isn’t as security minded as Donna was. As for our clothes . . .” She shrugged. “This place is far worse than Donna’s. They’re going to keep raping us over and over again. If we escape naked, that’s small potatoes compared to that!” Michelle thought about it and nodded. “Besides,” Debbie added, forcing a smile. “If we’re running around the city naked, we’re sure to get noticed!” Despite herself, Michelle started giggling and Debbie soon found herself joining her. They embraced and Debbie went out into the main room while Michelle eased her aching body into the tepid water.

Debbie made a quick survey of their new prison and went over to one of the boarded over windows. She tried the latch. It wasn’t locked. With the windows boarded over there really wasn’t a need to lock them. It was very stiff from several layers of paint and she couldn’t move it. She looked around and found a piece of two by four about a foot long and began tapping on the latch with it. At first, it wouldn’t move. Then it began to slide open, a fraction of an inch at a time. After a few minutes, it opened far enough for her to try to slide the window up. She pushed as hard as she could against it, to no avail. It was painted shut and absolutely refused to budge. After a few futile attempts, she moved over to the other window, but it too refused to open. She considered breaking the glass, but quickly dismissed the idea. If she were unable to get the plywood loose, the broken window would be impossible to conceal and they’d probably be killed. Or brutally raped and beaten. Or both.

She sighed and began looking around for anything that she might be able to use to open the window. The room offered little. There was only the two beds, the table, and two chairs. Other than that, the room was bare. She sat down on one of the beds and looked around again. Her eyes fell on the wooden table. Under that table-top, on one side, was a drawer. She went over and tried to pull it open, but there was no knob. She ducked her head under the table to take a closer look. Reaching around to the back of the drawer, she began pushing on it, wiggling the swollen wood until it finally began to slide open. Tugging on the front, she slowly managed to pull it open enough to look inside. It was a utensil drawer, with dividers for knives, forks and spoons. But what grabbed her attention was a dusty butter knife lying in one of the compartments. Certainly no good for a weapon, or a prybar. But maybe, just maybe, she could use it to cut the paint around the window and get it open.

Just then, Michelle came out of the bathroom, dripping wet. “You think they would at least give us some towels!,” she said, shivering.

Debbie turned to her, the knife in her hand, and grinned. “I think I can get a window open with this!,” she said, holding up the knife. Michelle followed her to the window and watched as Debbie slid the dull blade along the painted edge of the window pane and sill. It was slow going, but it was cutting through the layers of paint. She kept it up for a while, then passed the knife to Michelle.

“Here. You work at it for a while. I’m going to take a bath.”

Michelle took over as Debbie went into the bathroom and started her bath. By the time she returned, nearly an hour later, she was still only halfway around the window.

“Slow going, huh?,” Debbie said as she took the knife and continued chipping away at the old paint. Michelle flexed her stiff hand.

“At least we’re doing something!,” she replied.

A little over an hour later, they had chipped and cut away all the paint that was keeping the window from opening. Debbie returned the knife to the drawer, then they both put all their weight against the ancient window.

“On three,” Debbie said. She counted down from three and they pushed as hard as they could against the window. Nothing happened. They tried again, readjusting their positions for better leverage. They strained at the window, grunting as they put everything they had into it. Suddenly, with a loud creak, it slid up a little. They grinned at each other, then pushed again with renewed effort. The window sild haltingly open an inch, then two, until it was open wide enough for them to slip out.

Debbie pushed on the plywood covering the window. It flexed a little, but seemed to be securely fastened to the frame. She picked up the piece of two by four she used on the latch.

“Go listen by the door!,” she told Michelle and she ran to the door, her bare breasts bouncing sexily. She listened for a moment, then nodded to Debbie. Debbie aimed the end of the board at the lower corner and drove the two by four into the plywood. It pushed out a little, but was still fastened. She looked over to Michelle, who listened, then nodded again. Once more, the two by four hit the plywood. On the fourth hit, the plywood pulled free of the nail holding the corner and Debbie was able to wedge the two by four into the opening and pry the plywood away from the window frame.

“Hold it!,” Michelle hissed, waving a hand. “I think someone’s coming!” Debbie quickly tossed the board under a bed and using all her weight, pulled the window closed. They both went over to one of the beds and sat down just as the door opened and Joe walked in. He grinned widely at the two naked girls and held the door open.

“Dis way, bitches!,” he said, waving an arm toward the open door. Sighing, they got to their feet and tried to cover themselves as best they could as they walked past his leering gaze and into the dingy hallway. They went back down the hall and into the garage where Carlos was waiting next to the Escalade. He grinned and opened the back door, gesturing for them to get in. He got into the driver’s seat and Joe opened the garage door. Thinking quickly, Debbie looked back at the building through the deeply tinted glass. The windows were only a few feet from the ground. An easy drop.

Carlos tossed some clothes into the back seat. “Put these on.” They looked at what he threw to them. Two very short pleated cheerleader skirts and two sports bras. No panties or tops. It was better than nothing, so they quickly put them on. Carlos made several turns, going up and down streets in a successful attempt to confuse them on any sense of direction. Neither girl had any idea where they were. All the buildings were the same mixture of brick and glass, with nothing discernable to use as a point of reference.

Finally, they turned into a narrow alley and stopped next to a plain steel door under a dim light. Carlos got out and knocked on the door, three quick raps, a pause, then two more. After a moment, the door opened and he spoke briefly to someone inside. The person stepped outside and the girls saw it was a tall, beautiful, long-legged blonde in a tight black evening dress. She spoke to Carlos, smiling and glancing occasionally at the black SUV. Finally, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and followed him over to the truck. He opened the back door and the blonde peered in at the two scared fourteen year olds.

“Very nice, Carlos!,” she said, her bright green eyes lighting up as she examined them. “They’ll do very nicely!” She smiled at the girls and held out a hand. “Come with me, girls! You’re just in time!”

Debbie and Michelle slid out, shivering as they tried to cover themselves as best they could in their skimpy clothing.

“Yes,” the woman said as she eyed them approvingly. “Very nice indeed!” She waved a hand toward the open door. “After you, ladies!” They stepped into the doorway, hand in hand. The woman, after bidding goodbye to Carlos, came in behind them and closed the heavy door.

– To Be Continued… –