“Slot him Joe” I said quietly.

“No” Frank lunged for Joe desperately, but too late, far too late, the Sten cracked once and the late Billy Bingham crumpled to the floor.

“Have you gone fucking mad?” Frank shouted, “They’ve got the girls, for fuck’s sake, you heard what he just said!”

Amateurs playing my game have always irritated me and Frank was an amateur.

“I’m not new at this Frank, ring Becky now”

“Becky, what’s happening there?”

He listened for a minute then said, “Ok, we’ll be back soon” and put the phone back in his pocket.

“Sorry Paul, I should have known better!”

Joe looked at me and grinned, “Pete?”

“Of course”

As we’d ran for the car to get down here, I’d told Katie to call Pete and get him there pronto, and to make sure he was tooled up. He’d been there in less than five minutes, parked in the next road and walked down to the river along a little track.

He’d watched from the trees as the four men in balaclavas had come in fast and grabbed the girls, but he’d waited until just after Katie had screamed down the phone at me. The thug who’d tied her was just unzipping himself as she screamed, if I’d listened just a second longer, I might have heard his scream as his penis came away in his hand, a bloody lump of gristle!

The second and third Neanderthals took a 9mm round each, one in the head and the other one in the stomach. The fourth had Sadie round the neck, a wicked looking blade at her throat shouting that he’d cut her, but two well placed rounds in his left knee persuaded him otherwise and he was out of the game too!

At the pub, we cleared everyone out and torched it, Bobby Bingham stood very quietly and watched, I thought he was one of the most dangerous men I’d ever seen and quite frankly, he bothered me.

We haven’t heard the last of this one Frank” I said, but he just laughed,

“Sorry to contradict old son, but you’re wrong for once”

He was pretty good with the Sten, which tends to lift upwards if the user doesn’t know the score. Frank did know the score, flicking it onto full automatic he swung round and Bobby took all remaining twenty seven rounds without a sound except the crackling of the flames and the sharp stuttering of the gun!

The police found all of us, girls and Pete included in the “Watchers” a little drinking club Frank owned in Camden Town, where all thirty one of the customers were able to assure them, we’d been there for at least three hours!

Chief Inspector Hemmings was not a happy man at all.

“I’ll be watching you closely Halford” he said softly.

“Sorry, but you’ll be wasting your time officer” I smiled, “You’re just not my type at all!”

It was really amazing how quickly his neck changed colour as he stormed out ahead of his men!

For the sake of appearances, we stayed for a while, but all I wanted to do was go home and relax with a couple of drinks and my daughter.

Eventually I stood up and took her hand,

“Come on baby, we’ve got a funeral tomorrow!”


She sat as close to me as she possibly could in the car without actually being on my knee.

“You know when Pete did his little rescue act?”


“I climaxed again”

I smiled and slipped a hand beneath her skirt, she was soaking wet!

“You’re a special girl Katie” I said, “A very special girl”

“Go on that new road daddy”

I smiled, way ahead of her as usual!

“It’s not open yet”

“She pushed herself against my hand and giggled, “I know”

At eighty mph, she had her legs wide apart, at ninety she had two fingers inside herself and at 135 mph she was cumming, both feet up on the dashboard, her whole hand ramming in and out of her cunt as she jerked uncontrollably in spasms of pleasure!

I was rock hard as I pulled up at home, my horny little girl’s juices all around my mouth after she’d wiped her hand on me.

She fucked me that evening, I lay on the bed and she mounted me, impaling herself on my prick the grinding herself on it sensuously while I just lay back and took it.

Side to side, forwards and backwards, she moved almost like a belly dancer, her cunt muscles never once relaxing their grip on me, she felt like a soft, wet velvet glove, every tissue of her cunt flesh caressing the sensitive flesh inside her gorgeous little cunt.

Twice she climaxed like that, before accepting my seed, then it was a shower and a few cool drinks outside in the warm evening air.

“You do love me don’t you daddy?”

We were naked on the long garden swing, each deep on our own thoughts,

“You know I do Katie, what’s brought this on?”

“I don’t know” she laughed a little forcibly, “I think it’s just the funeral tomorrow and everything that’s happened, and anyway!”

She stood up in front of me and kissed me, “I’m a woman!”

Standing up I knelt at her feet and kissed her stomach.

“Yes you’re a woman Katie, a beautiful, desirable woman”

I kissed the smooth mound above her slit.

“A very, very sexy woman Katie”

“Daddy” She put her hands on my head and moaned as my tongue dipped into the groove and found her clitoris.

“A horny little minx, who’s going to wet herself while daddy licks her pussy!”

“Oh fuck yes daddy” and the sweet golden liquid splashed onto my tongue!

The club was crowded with all of Franks friends from their swapping circle and one by one he introduced us to them all, there were brothers and sisters, mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, you name it, I’d never seen such a collection of horny, beautiful people all together in one place before!

Katie had opted to wear her late mother’s little white g-string, but many of the other girls were naked beneath ultra short skirts, or sheer dresses, some wore toga type dresses, with one breast bare, which Becky had chosen too with the added refinement of it being completely sheer as well, white lace up sandals and a miniscule white g-string were her only other clothes.

I kissed her mouth lingeringly before handing her over to my daughter who kissed her too and giggled,

“Oh fuck, there go the dry panties daddy!”

“I’ll see you later Paul” Becky whispered and Katie giggled as her friends hand found it’s way under her skirt.

“Come on Katie” she laughed, “Let’s see about those wet panties shall we?”

Sadie and Sharon looked gorgeous in identical white mini dresses, cut low enough to display most of their generous breasts and high enough at the bottom to cheekily show off the underside of their curvy buttocks, the contrast of the plain white material against their black skin was startling and I told them what I thought, that even though they’d dressed simpler than anyone else there, they were by far the sexiest couple in the place.

It was only as they reached up to kiss me together that I noticed it, a solid silver pair of handcuffs on Sadie’s left wrist and on her daughter’s right wrist!

“Well we thought we’d enjoy just each other tonight” Sharon laughed.

“I was going to ask you for a dance Sadie” I laughed, “I need something from you, but it looks like I’ll have to take the two of you on, may I?”

Each of my hands caressed a lovely firm bottom while I explained about the money,

I told them I needed an account number so that I could pay it in and I told them about paying my men the extra money for services rendered, but Sadie stopped me by touching her lips to mine.

“Paul please keep the money, Hal’s solicitor has been in touch about his will, as he died intestate, everything goes to me, the mortgage is paid off by his insurance and altogether with the other properties he owned and the money in his bank, I’m worth about three and a half million!”

-To be continued…-