My planning was fun because I liked the practice.I’m M now but my Idea
came to me a long time ago.I was looking for a way to get caught
Masturbating.At first I tried but got scared in the store. So I made it
close at camp as my load shot before everyone came in to soon.That was
ok but not good enought I at this time still lived at home with my 3
sisters and parents.My routine was to masturbate an hour a day and not
cum that way after all that going and stoping holding squezzing my load
back so I could shoot cum everywhere.One day I stayed home and video
taped my routine.I was going to town because my hour was up in the
living room I squirted come all over my face and the TV and the floor
on the 3rd load soaking myself I look up as my mom and her friend stood
and stared still squirting cum facing both of them sill ejaculating
hands free.As I grew I got caught by my teacher on the bus and while in
the pool by my sisters.Now my wife in the kitchen. Best one yet was at
the party in the health club in the wieght room 3 floors all could see
I heard them yelling but I just shot my load in the air and on me the
glass I slowly stroked my self until they unlocked the doors.