We’ve been living together for awhile now and the sex is still hot. You had to go out of town for a week and while you were away we set up some rules. You decide that I shouldn’t cum for the entire trip but I quickly protest that that’s unfair. I suggest that neither of us cum and you change that to mean we can only cum while talking to one another on the phone. While both of us will be thoroughly sexually frustrated by the end of your trip, we both agree.

After a week of not being able to cum and only talking to you twice on the phone because of long distance fees, I’m at the airport waiting to pick you up. Instead of bringing a cheesy Welcome Home sign I decide just not to bring underwear and wear the shortest mini-skirt I can find instead. It’s cold outside so I grab a light jacket, something to warm my arms. I’m wearing a tight pink tank top that barely covers my breasts and I figure the cold is on my side as that’s exactly where I want your gaze to land first. Standing there waiting for you in just my tank top, pink lace bra, black mini-skirt and barely there jacket I start to squirm in anticipation. My mind starts to conjure up all sorts of hot fantasies while I’m looking for you. I finally spot you and instantly my pussy gets wet. My nipples, already hard from the cold, get even harder for another reason as my gaze travels up the entire length of your body, lingering on your cock. I smile up at you and walk over to greet you.

As I’m slowly making my way over to you, you can already tell how hot I am and decide to tease me a little. I wrap my arms around your neck and give you a nice, slow, kiss, my tongue instantly finding yours. Your hands had settled on my waist to pull me close but now they traveled slowly up my body to my breasts. You cup both of them in your hands before pinching my nipples, causing me to let out a little whimper and grind my hips into yours. While I’m lost in a sexual frenzy, you are still very aware of how public we are and pull us into a little corner.

Still not through teasing me, you continue to flick and pinch my nipples until you feel me squirm against you again. You lean your head next to mine and whisper into my ear all of the things you’ve been dying to do to me while you were away. While you have me lost thinking about what you’re saying and picturing us sprawled out on the kitchen table, picturing your cock deep inside of me, one of your hands leave my breasts and moves beneath my skirt. You quickly find that I’m not wearing any underwear and begin to tease my clit with your thumb. I gasp and arch my back, pressing my breasts into your chest, letting you feel how hard my nipples are. Your fingers tease my pussy, tracing the lips while circling my clit now and then. You have me right where you want me and slowly slide a finger into my soaking wet pussy. You have to kiss me hard to capture the loud moan that escapes my throat and I raise my hips up to your hand, sending your finger even deeper inside of me. You slowly slide your finger in and out until my hands move from your shoulders to the front of your pants. I squeeze your rock hard cock and this time I capture your moan. My fingers find the button to your pants and start to undo them but you still my hands and slowly, teasingly, pull your finger out of me, bringing it up and licking it clean while I watch. I let out a groan of frustration and glare at you for teasing me so. You just wink at me and pull me along in front of you as we quickly find your baggage.

You try to tease me again as I bend down to grab one of your bags off of the carousel, by coming up behind me and grinding your cock against my ass, your fingers skimming underneath my skirt. This time I pull away and just wink at you wickedly over my shoulder as I walk away.

Having gotten all your bags we start down the hall leading to the parking lot. I continue walking and making chit-chat about the weather, while really I am mentally undressing you in my mind, when you spy a janitor’s closet slightly ajar. You turn the keys that were left in the door to make sure it stays unlocked from the inside and quickly wrap an arm around my waist, pulling me back hard against your body as you maneuver me into the closet with you. Once inside you quickly back me up against the closed door and reach around me to lock it for some privacy. I ask you if this is your idea of romance and you merely let out a wicked little chuckle and tell me that there’s plenty of time for romance later, right now you just want to fuck me until I scream.

My pussy automatically starts throbbing, craving your cock, and you know it. With me already so close to the edge, you decide to prolong my orgasm and push me to my knees in front of you. My brain is still foggy with lust and I look up at you confused. You tell me to undo your pants and take out your cock. I quickly comply and undo your pants, roughly pulling them down in my haste with your underwear to lie around your ankles. I see your big, hard, cock, bounce free from your pants and gently hit your stomach. This makes my pussy even wetter and you slowly run your fingertips up and down your cock, letting me watch, driving my crazy. You know when I see your cock twitch it makes me go insane.

Finally satisfied with teasing me this way, you ask me if I want your cock. I quickly reply yes and lean forward to take your cock into my mouth. Your fingers wrap in my hair and pull me back roughly. You tease the head of your cock against my lips and ask me again if I want your cock. I let out another whimper and beg you to let me suck your cock. You loosen your hold on my hair and I instantly run the tip of my tongue up your entire cock, flicking the head when I can reach it. I slowly circle your head with my tongue, eagerly tasting your pre-cum. I take the head of your cock into my mouth and suck on it slowly. I tug with my mouth, sucking hard and swirling my tongue around the tip. You moan and push my head down onto your cock. I keep my mouth tight as your cock pushes deeper, letting you feel every inch of my mouth with the movement. I suck lightly now, bobbing my head up and down your cock slowly, running my tongue along the underside of your cock as I do. You push my head down roughly until the head of your cock hits the back of my throat. By now I’m used to taking you into my throat as roughly as you want and ease the head of your cock in with no trouble. You feel my wet, hot, tight throat, squeeze you tightly and your grip on my head tightens again. You start to thrust in and out of my mouth, causing me to moan, sending vibrations throughout your body.

You slowly pull me off your cock, not wanting to cum yet. Roughly you pull me to my feet and pull off my top. You discard my bra and quickly take one hard nipple into your mouth while your other hand plays with the other breast. You press me hard against the door again. This time you lift me up and start to tease the entrance to my pussy with the head of your cock, slipping over my clit here and there. I kiss up your neck to your ear, tugging on your earlobe with my teeth as I wrap my legs around you, pushing you harder against my pussy. I moan into your ear and grip your shoulders tightly. You push the head of your cock into my pussy hard and I gasp against your neck, my pussy stretching to fit. Your big head hurts for a second but the hurt is soon replaced by the intense pleasure. You thrust up hard again, burying yourself deeply into my pussy. You’re so big in my tight pussy and I bite your shoulder hard as you squeeze my ass. You start to pound into me; not bothering to warm up with slow thrusts first. I pull you closer, deeper, with my legs and can’t help but begin to moan. Over and over your cock fills me up and forces a sound of pleasure out of me. I scratch down your back and arch into you. In response you slap my ass hard and I jump a little, sending your cock another inch inside of me. Deeper than ever before my moans fill the closet and you are positive anyone outside could hear us. You continue to slam into me hard, feeling your balls slapping my ass, I can tell you are as close as I am. With one final thrust you squeeze my ass, almost painfully, and cum deep inside of me. Feeling you pump your hot cum inside of me sends me over the edge and I moan your name as my pussy begins to spasm around your cock. You continue to move slowly through my orgasm until we both stop to catch our breathe. I pant against your shoulder, which now contains a bite mark, and you slowly pull out of my drenched pussy.

My pussy still throbbing, I slowly begin to get dressed and when I bend over to get my top I notice your wet cock is right in front of me. I quickly take it into my mouth and clean it off before you put it back into your pants, leaving it semi-hard. Once dressed we leave the closet and start the mad dash to get back home to fulfill my other fantasy of being fucked on the kitchen table, and everywhere else I can think of on the way.

– The End –