Lisa was tall and had medium brown hair and hazel eyes. Her legs were very long, which was accentuated by her slenderness. Friends would tell her how she could be a model, or thought that she already was one.

Her breasts were small, firm and round – like little teacups, as her ex boyfriend would compare them to. Attending university on the other side of the country, he was far from her mind. The couple agreed to break off the relationship and date others. Lonely and horny, Lisa was aching for some action. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice the footsteps closing in behind her.

“Hey, Lise! There’s a party at the frat house on Friday – wanna come?” It was Damon from math class. Lisa singled him out on the first day by his tall, muscular figure and wavy brown hair. From what she could detect, he was very well endowed.

“Sure!” Lisa smiled. She glanced at his full lips, wondering what it would be like to kiss them – she knew he was attracted to her. His wandering eyes left no secret of his lust for Lisa. With a lustful gaze made her shiver, she always became damp between the legs when he was around.

“Great – I’ll see you then! Oh, and bring a swimsuit,” he exclaimed, and headed off to class.


Lisa arrived at eight o’clock, dressed in a short black leather skirt and a white blouse. She looked sensational, and she knew it. Two guys whistled as she walked up the steps of the front yard.

Damon immediately greeted her with a quick peck on the cheek. His appearance was equally appealing, with a fraternity sweater straining against his biceps. “Want a beer?” he asked, as she noticed the two bottles in his hand.

“Sure,” Lisa said, and he gave one of them to her.

Rented for the occasion was a hot tub sitting in the middle of the yard. Half a dozen frat boys were inside, and Lisa’s eyes were magnetized by them, as she admired their broad chests and shoulders.

“I brought my swimsuit,” Lisa added. She couldn’t take her eyes off the guys, and imagined what it would be like to have them all do her at once.

“Good girl. Do you want to go in right now?” They went into the house to change. Reappearing in a pair of blue swim trunks, Damon’s body was seen for the first time by Lisa. It did not disappoint her.

Once inside the hot tub, Damon’s hand slipped around Lisa’s waist, stroking her skin. Lisa edged closer to Damon so that their thighs touched. Feeling reckless, Lisa climbed on his lap and kissed him. His hand slipped lower, over the gentle roundness of her ass cheek. The kissing continued, and Damon’s lips explored Lisa’s face and neck.

One hand grasped Lisa’s bum, and the other slid inside her bikini bottom, relishing the wetness of her pussy. The folds were fleshy and swollen, and Damon’s finger circled them a few times before plunging inside, thrusting it in as far as it could go. Lisa gasped, and he added a second finger. Slipping them in and out rapidly, Damon felt a surge of pussy juices inundate his hand. His two fingers spread inside her, letting the juices flow. After a minute he removed his hand from her vagina, and slipped behind Lisa’s back, to the bikini clasp. Involuntarily she jerked away.

“Don’t worry,” he said. As he removed the clasp, she slid the straps down her shoulders, exposing her nipples. Normally large and soft, they puckered up upon being exposed to the cold night air.

Behind her a third hand squeezed her breast, pinching and rolling the nipple between two fingers. It was Jason, the head of the fraternity. His hands grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, and he started kissing her neck, lightly flicking his tongue on her skin at the same time. The hardness of his penis was felt against her bum, and he rubbed it back and forth.

Damon’s cock was hard and pressing against Lisa’s thigh. She started rubbing it with her hand through the fabric of his swim trunks, and Damon abruptly got up. “Come on,” he said, lifting her out of the hot tub. He grasped her by her thighs and flung her over his shoulders, carrying her into the frat house.

A minute down the hall was Damon’s bedroom, and he took Lisa inside, closing the door and resting her on the bed, tearing her bikini bottom off. Seconds later he put on a condom and his penis was buried inside her.

“Ooh baby,” he moaned. Lisa’s thighs were in the air, and his hands spreading them open her moist pink centre could be seen as it surrounded his cock. Its fleshy folds were hot and swollen.

“Fuck me hard.” Lisa’s hands were pulling Damon’s ass into hers, as she ground her torso into his. His balls slapped against her at a furious pace, and Lisa felt a sudden spurt of warmth coating the walls of her vagina.

“That was amazing,” Damon said, and moved between her legs to slurp her pussy juices. “I just love the taste of a woman who is turned on,” he said.

Behind them the door opened, and Jason and two other guys entered. Lisa recognized them from the hot tub.

“That’s one fine woman you’ve got there Damon,” Jason said. “How about letting us in on the fun?” Without waiting for an answer, Jason removed his swim trunks and straddled Lisa’s face so that his penis could enter her mouth. Opening her mouth, Lisa’s tongue circled over its head and down the shaft. Jason removed his cock and thrust it in again, building up a rhythm. “Ohh, baby – you are the greatest cocksucker I’ve met,” he exclaimed. His sperm gushed into her mouth and Lisa eagerly swallowed it, down to the last drop.

Damon moved away from Lisa, letting the other guys use her body for their pleasure. One of the other guys removed his clothes and started pumping his cock into Lisa’s cunt, his balls slapping against her ass. His load was enormous, and felt wonderful in Lisa’s body, filling her up. Some overflowed and trickled down her thighs. He scooped it up, and rubbed some on her breasts until they glistened.

The third guy waited until the other two came, then flipped Lisa over and parted her ass cheeks. A tight asshole beckoned him, and he worked his fingers into it to loosen it up. His penis followed, and was moving in and out of her ass. Creeping around her chest, his hands rubbed her nipples and fondled her breasts, which were coated in sperm.

Creeping underneath her legs, Damon’s fingers rubbed her clit and explored her pussy. With two guys working on her, one in the ass and one in the twat, Lisa had another orgasm. The guy pulled out of her ass and shot his load on her thighs, subsequently rubbing it in to her pussy.

It was Jason who then pulled her up, and Lisa could see that he was hard again. His cock was beautiful, very wide and nearly eight inches long. Lying on the bed, he positioned her over his cock, then impaled it in her pussy. Lisa bucked up and down, and he matched her rhythm. “Faster,” he panted. “That’s it, honey.”

The other three guys were playing with themselves, watching Lisa and Jason. Approaching Lisa’s back, the two guys shot their cum on her back, watching it dribble down to her ass.

Damon was still jerking himself off when Jason had an orgasm, and Lisa knelt on her knees in front of him, and began sucking on him. Her mouth brought him to orgasm, and he blew his entire load straight down her throat.

“Wow,” Lisa exclaimed, as she leaned on the edge of the bed to rest herself. Cum coated her body, her hair was a mess, and her cheeks were flushed a deep pink. Damon gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“Thanks Lisa,” the two guys said, and dressed themselves. “Come on – let’s get another beer,” one of them said, and they exited the room. Damon and Jason watched them go, and began to put their own clothes on.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” Jason said, and Lisa and Damon nodded.