I woke up to the terrible sting of a thin leather belt across my stocking clad thighs! There was a very young blonde girl standing over me with a bright smile on her face, headphones on her head and a folded belt in her hand! The next thing that hit me was that it was daylight outside. I had slept for some time neck tied to the floor and wearing only my high heels and collar in addition to the stockings and garter. As the sting of the belt faded I began to feel the burn in my butt and the bruises of the night before, I had really taken a lot from those men and was feeling a weird sense of pride! I tried to ask the girl what time it was and got another hard strike of the belt to bring me out of my thoughts real quick! The cute little blonde girl was using everything in her arm to bring the leather strap down on me and smiling so sweetly too! She didn’t look a day over sixteen and she was whipping a woman who was naked and tied to the floor of a garage! I tried to get up but my hands were still tied behind me. I realized that she and I were the only ones in there. I began to ask her why she was whipping me but she took another big swing and stung my belly good while saying in a sweet “airy” voice that I was not to speak and should just lay there like a “good doggie” until my master came back. I tried to ask who told her to do that and she said “Shut up!” before stinging me again! This time I was fully on my back and she caught the inside of my thigh and some across my sex. This girl meant business and I chose to lay there obedient, under her inspecting gaze until whoever my “Master” was, showed up.

I looked around me to see what daylight brought to the garage. It was a small auto repair place with two big doors facing an alley, one of which had a regular door in it. There was a freestanding lift to raise up the cars, set at the end of one bay. There were three or four other machines between the bays including my very ‘intimate’ friend the tire changer and some hoses and cords hung down from the high ceiling. At the other side was the railing that separated a little office area from the two work bays. On the same side as the office was a room with a closed door, I assumed it was a restroom. I needed to go in there for a few hours to recover but I was afraid of the cute blonde and her strap! I was thinking of trying to seduce her like I could with many men, but I looked down at myself and I was a filthy pig! Covered with grease, cum and spit. My nipples were dark red, my breasts were purple (where I could see through the grease) and in places I had bluish bruises, plus there were four vivid red stripes across various parts of my torso and legs. I wondered if I was going to need a hospital. I didn’t really feel that bad, I just looked scary! A big clock high on the wall said nine-thirty.

The clock would make it around to eleven am before Kick came in the door. He looked at me there on the floor and asked the girl if I had been any trouble, she said no real trouble, she had woke me up at nine thirty with the belt like he told her to but I had tried to talk and she had to whip me a few more times, also like he told her to do. Kick said what a good job she had done and was invited to come back later that evening to “see” if she wanted. I started to say I wanted to go home now but she still had the belt and was all too proud to show him how she had dealt with me during the morning! Both breasts were caught! She hit me harder than any of the men had! He told her he would take care of me for now and gave her some money as she handed him the belt. “Amy” her name was, left the garage after telling me I was a “Bad Doggie!”. Not your everyday scene but then I had in fact really asked for this. Of course I didn’t even consider the possibility that I would be kept tied up overnight! I figured that I would be home soaking in a warm bath by now, contemplating the future of me. Kick started to tell me how he was going to make some money with me that night! I got the impression I was going to be kept for a while! He also told me that he had some “boys” coming in to clean me up soon, in fact they should be there in just a few minutes. I wondered how the men were going to wash or “clean” me up, with a hose perhaps?

Fifteen minutes went by (I had become a real clockwatcher) and the “boys” showed up. They were in fact just BOYS! Four of them, younger perhaps than Amy! They didn’t see me there on the floor at first and just asked Kick what they were to clean. He came over to me and untied the leash from the machine then grabbed a breast and the collar to lift me to my feet and said “This.” You could then add to the rainbow of colors I already displayed, the beet red of embarrassment! The men was one thing but some little boys! OK, twenty-four ain’t all that old but I was a lot older than these kids that had been told to “clean” me, on a leash, in the nude and obviously whipped! The boys seemed as stunned as I was and could do nothing but stare for a few moments, then broke out in high five’s and boys giggles. Kick told the biggest one to hold the leash and told another boy, if I moved or said anything he was to whack me as hard as he could with the belt handed to him.

That must have been how the instructions went with Amy and I soon found out how she got the “Doggie” thing. Kick told the boys how I wanted desperately to be treated like a stray dog and he was doing this for me as a favor. He told them that I may look like a girl but I was a “dog” in every way and that they must help him to help me by going along with this or they would have to leave and not get paid. He drilled into them that if I tried to say anything I was to be whipped like a mad dog until silent. They were afraid of him but not like scared fear, it was like they looked up to him and did not want to disappoint him. He asked if they could handle that and they all said “Yes Sir” Not as pleadingly as I had said to each man last night but sincere nonetheless. Kick said OK, he was going to get the soap and be right back, then went into the closed room I had noticed earlier. Less than a minute went by and he was back with some big can of orange scented, hand soap (it said on the label). He asked the boys if they knew how to use the soap and two said yes but they all were not sure how to clean me with it. Kick took a glob and very matter of factly slapped it on my shoulder then rubbed the gritty stuff until it liquefied them took a hose hanging from the ceiling and squeezed the trigger which poured cold water down my front! He said it was just like washing your hands but there was more of me to be washed. It seemed the boys all caught on and each got a handful to smear on me. Not surprisingly my breasts were the first thing to be scrubbed, while whispers of “tits” and “boobies” mingled with giggles. One boy got a firm grip on one of my breasts and made sure to spend some time rubbing the hand soap into my nipple, that caught on for a bit (which was pleasing me!) then it was time to rinse off that part. The water splashed around the shop and Kick told them to take me out in the alley! The young boy led me naked by leash and collar into an alley to be scrubbed down by three other young boys! The scrub down continued in that manner until they got to the point of having everything clean but my “Giggle, giggle, Pussy!” There they were not sure how to proceed! Kick told them “Remember? Just like a Dog!” “Make her spread her legs and scrub ‘It’ just like the rest of me.” One boy asked “What about inside there?” and Kick said that he should clean as far in as his fingers would reach! Only the one boy had the nerve to actually reach up in me and scrub but all wanted to help rinse me out! I saw Amy a few doors down in the alley watching intently as the boys did their job and got me sparkling clean. The biggest boy saw her too and asked if she wanted to be washed but she just took off around the corner of a building. The cold water up in me did cause a whimper but I made sure not to speak, the belt was still in the kids back pocket. Using the shop towels, the boys rubbed me dry and raw. There was a piece of metal in one of the rags that made me cry out. We all looked at Kick and he just said to them “What are you gonna do about that?” The boy with the belt sort of hit me with it and one other boy said that he didn’t think that was as hard as he was supposed to do. Kick said he wanted to hear it over at the desk and turned up his radio! I took three strokes of the belt but they did not get the required ‘snap’ Kick wanted to hear. He took the belt and had them lead me inside where he tied the wet leash to the rack again. I was up on my toes and he took two great mind numbing strokes across my breasts! I hopped around like a piƱata and was unable to scream, I wanted to but just couldn’t. I could not get any air with which to scream! God almighty! That, was going to hurt for a while! The boys were amazed at the sheer power of the stroke and could not believe I was still alive and not screaming! They were amazed, among other things, at how much my “boobs” had bounced. I was near fainting from all this and didn’t realize until too late that I was peeing on myself! The boys were grossed out a bit but had never seen a girl pee before. Kick untied the leash and had them rush me over to the bathroom. He told me to squat but not sit and “empty out.” Telling the boys that there is some housebreaking needed in my case. I did indeed relieve myself while squatting like a dog in front of the boys, then was taken outside and rinsed off with a hose! I had to bend over in the alley while Kick held me up with the collar and they hosed off between my legs.

The boys were paid and dismissed, being told that they must not go telling anyone about me or the shop. I had a feeling that they would keep this secret among themselves for quite a while. After they all left, Kick told me to sit in the chair at his desk. I was all too happy to NOT be on the floor or hanging by the collar or out in the alley, so I sat quickly. He walked around in back of me and I got a chill just as the “duct” tape wrapped around my face. My hands still tied behind me and being seated made it easy for him to keep me down while he finished up the taping of my mouth. He ran the roll of tape around my arms, breasts and waist then around the lower half of my legs as he held them up, making me so immobile that he really did not need the thick, cold, heavy chain around my neck! It was padlocked tight around me with a big brass lock. He dragged me by that chain into the storeroom/restroom which nearly strangled me and put a nice concrete burn on my ass and arms. He locked the other end of the heavy chain around the base of the toilet. The chain was just long enough for me to sit up next to the toilet and against the wall. The floor was cold and I was hungry. He turned the light off and left me there for so long I slept. Not an easy sleep but just nodding out from exhaustion and cold here and there.

I cried a bit and worried if I’d done it this time. Every sound in the alley brought a wave of new fears and I was persuaded that I was to be found in a refrigerator somewhere in a few weeks. Only the cabbie would remember where I had last been seen alive! The brief bits of unconsciousness were my only relief from the aches and worries I had brought upon myself. And Dammit! I still am NOT SURE if I want to live like this! I have NO idea how many times I came as those men used me to get their rocks off and hostilities out! Sweet Amy made me cum too! The boy had found it so easy to wash me inside with his little hand because I was wet! I wanted to finger myself for them in the restroom but my hands were tied (or I would have risked the belt to try!)

To be continued….