Lisa and I have been friends for close to thirteen years. However, I guess you could say we really have only gotten to know each other in the past year. I’m divorced. Have been for the past six years. She’s ten years younger than me and has only been divorced for two years. I don’t know exactly why she divorced her husband. I know he was my age. Maybe he couldn’t keep up with her. Who knows, but his loss was going to be my gain.

Even before her divorce Lisa and I had shared some of our fantasies with each other. Of course we didn’t get to graphic. I’d get to embarrassed. I couldn’t even tell my wife some of my fantasies. Moreover, I sure didn’t want to scare Lisa off by thinking I was some kind of pervert. We did tell each other that we were both into bondage or that is we wanted to be into bondage. Both of our ex-spouses were not into anything other than “normal” sex. I hadn’t told her that I had tried self-bondage. I liked self-bondage; of course I didn’t have anything else to compare it to. I also didn’t tell her that I liked to wear women’s tights and leotards. I never wore them out of the safety of my own house so I wasn’t sure if that made me a weirdo or not. However, she knew I liked women to wear them.

She called me one Saturday morning and asked me to come over and help her in the back yard. I walked through her gate and saw her bent over a flowerbed pulling weeds. All I could see was her butt sticking out from under the tee shirt she had on. I could see she was wearing a bathing suit underneath. Moreover, it always effected me the same way. This time was no different and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take my mind off her the rest of the day. “Damn,” I said as I walked through the gate. “I wish you wouldn’t dress like that when I’m around,” I said trying not to stare. Lisa stood up when she heard me. She smiled and told me she had some pictures she had found on the web and started walking to the back door, ignoring what I had said.

It was downright cold in her house when we walked in. We walked into the den and she turned on the computer. She gave me a disk she had saved the pictures on and told me to put it in the computer. Then she walked out of the room and told me she was going to her bedroom for a minute. I put the disk in and started one of the picture viewer programs she had. It took me a minute to figure out how to use it but then the pictures popped up on the screen.

All of the pictures she had saved seemed to be of a couple working out on a weight bench in their home. The only thing good was that they were both dressed in tights and leotards. Maybe she had gotten the hints about my fetish. The couple in the pictures wasn’t interested just in working out, either. In every picture they had their hands all over each other where it wasn’t exactly in the right form for working out. Something in the pictures looked familiar. Then I realized what it was. Lisa had the same kind of exercise machine they were using in the picture. I bet hers had never been used like they were using theirs. I turned around and looked at her weight bench and tried to imagine her lying there straining and sweating trying to push the weigh over her chest. I wanted to sniff the bench but I knew as soon as I did she would walk in and see me. How could I explain that one? I turned my attention back to the pictures. The couple had forgotten all about working out and had started to really explore each other.

I heard Lisa walking back toward the den. My mouth must have dropped to the floor when I saw what she was wearing. She had put on a pair of pantyhose under a red leotard. I had seen her dressed like this before but being in the same room with her just made it better. She walked in explaining that she needed to work out and hoped I didn’t mind if she did it now. I managed to ask her if she wanted me to leave. She laughed and shook her head no. “In fact,” she said, the last time you brought your pictures over you left some very interesting ones mixed in. All the blood must have drained from my face. She just smiled. By now having looked at the pictures and seeing her dressed like she was had started my juices flowing. I was starting to get excited and I didn’t know how long I could hide it. I turned around facing the computer, but she reached her foot up and touched the back of my neck with her pantyhosed foot and told me to turn around and watch her. When she touched my neck with her foot it sent chills up and down my spine and caused the lump in my crotch to grow a little bit more.

“Put these on now and I won’t show anybody the pictures,” she demanded. “Today is my day,” she said, not giving me any choice. I opened the bag she had given me and saw that there was an exact duplicate of what she was wearing. That wasn’t the bad part. Having to undress and put the hose and leotard on in front of her was the worst.

I turned around facing her. She was lying flat on the bench with her feet on the floor. The red leotard was stretched tight and was making her crotch stick out like it was straining at the fabric. Why was she doing this to me? It took everything I had not to reach out and grab her, but I still had no idea if that was what this was about. She put her feet up on the end of the bench and told me to hold them while she did sit-ups. That’s all I needed was to touch her feet. I’d probably shoot off in my pants. Nevertheless, I got up and knelt down at the end of the bench and held her feet.

Her legs were spread just enough to where I could see her mound strain against the red leotard as she raised herself up and lowered herself to the bench. As I watched I must have started rubbing her feet as I held them. She told me I was tickling her. However, I was paying no attention to what she was saying. I couldn’t take my eyes off her crotch. Finally I heard her and noticed that my fingers were playing with her toes through her pantyhose. I was really embarrassed now. I moved my hands off of her feet. She sat up on the bench and looked me in the eyes and smiled and said only one word, “good.”

Lisa stood up and told me to follow her. We went into her bedroom and she open up one of her dresser drawers and took something out. She looked down at the crotch of my leotard and couldn’t help but see I had a major erection working. I had forgotten that there were mirrors on all the doors of the closets. I could see myself from every angle. It shocked me so much I didn’t know what to do. She sat down on the bed and stared at the mirrors as I stood there, very embarrassed. Even though that was one of my major fantasies, wearing tights and leotards in front of someone, I just wasn’t ready for it, yet.

Even being embarrassed I knew I wouldn’t last long. Living out a fantasy made me close to shooting off inside my leotard and hose. I saw Lisa sitting on the bed. She looked good, too. When I saw her I forgot all about myself. She was sitting there with her video camera taping me in my full glory. I don’t know where the camera came from. She put the camera on the dresser and made sure it was still on me and came to where I was still standing. As she walked around me she stopped in back of me and put her hand on my butt and straightened my leotard. When she walked around in front of me her eyes rested on the bulge in my crotch.

She went to the dresser and came back with something in her hand. I didn’t watch what she was doing in the mirrors and before I knew it she had my wrists tied behind my back so tightly I couldn’t even think about freeing them. She had used some pantyhose and you just can’t pull them apart when they’re wrapped around several times. “This is to make sure I get to have my fun,” she said. “Just to make sure, there’s one more thing,” she said as she put a pair of pantyhose over my head and wrapped the extra leg around my eyes and secured with some duct tape. “No talking or this will be over your mouth, too.”

She put her hand between my legs and tried to push my penis as far to the front of the leotard as she could. As soon as she touched me I could feel that electricity running up my spine. I didn’t know how long I could stand there and take it. I heard her knees popping as she knelt down. At least that’s what my knees sound like when I try to kneel down. I found out, for sure, as she put her mouth over the tip of my penis and started sucking through the fabric of the pantyhose and leotard. After about a minute of that I couldn’t stop myself. I could feel the sperm moving up my penis and shooting out the end. I could feel my tights getting wet as she tried to suck it all as it came out. Nevertheless, there was no way she could get it all. I could feel the wet spot growing larger and sticky. However, it was actually a very erotic feeling. “Not much of a man if you can’t last longer than that.

She pulled me backward by my arms. As my legs rubbed together I felt more sperm drip out of my penis. She pushed me down on the bed and rolled me over on my side. I felt her lie down behind me and tell me it was her turn and she bet she could go longer than I did. Even with my hands tied behind my back I could still feel the wet spot on her leotard where she had seemed to gotten pretty excited already. What she didn’t know was that even though I didn’t last long the first time I was already starting to get another rise in my leotard. I started rubbing her clit through her pantyhose and leotard. The wet spot got larger. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm, either. She was rubbing against my hand as fast as she could. Her pantyhose and leotard were so wet I could push my finger into her vagina far enough to really get her off.

She finally started cuming and before she finished she rolled me over on my back and sat her crotch right down on my mouth. I returned the favor by trying to suck all her love juices through her pantyhose. By the time I finished we were both so wet it felt like we had used the bathroom in our outfits. I didn’t know what she wanted to do next so we lay there for several minutes before she sat up and reached down and unsnapped the crotch of my leotard. “Now,” she said, “practice makes perfect. By the time I started to ask her how, she was already putting a piece of duct tape over my mouth as she had promised she’d do if I said anything. Then starting to tie my ankles together with a pair of pantyhose. She told me to roll over on my stomach and sit up on my knees. I did, with her help, and by then my erection was about to poke through the material of the pantyhose without the added support of the leotard. I was still so wet in my crotch it felt like it was just dripping off me.

I felt her mouth go over the end of my penis and hoped she wouldn’t stop, even though it was through the pantyhose. However, that didn’t last long. She stopped and quickly pulled the pantyhose down to my knees. Then she took me back in her mouth. This time it took longer for me to orgasm. However, that was only because she finished me off with a hand job instead of using her mouth. I felt her moving, quickly, behind me. I had no idea what she was going to do. She whispered in my ear to put my head down on the bed but to stay on my knees. After I managed to do that she moved off the bed saying that she had to make sure the camera was getting all this. However, she was gone too long to just be adjusting the camera.

Lisa got back on the bed and I felt her behind me again. She reached down and started playing with my butt hole. I really hadn’t had anyone else touch me there so I was getting pretty nervous. None the less it was erotic at the same time. Suddenly instead of feeling good it really hurt. I flinched and tried to move forward but my head was up against the headboard so I was stuck. Really stuck, no pun intended. I had an idea what she had just done, but at the moment I didn’t have much time to think about it. The pain shot from my butt to my brain faster than I would think possible. It hurt so much I had trouble breathing, especially with the duct tape over my mouth.

The sharp pain gradually eased but never went completely away. She was moving in and out of my butt hole slowly at first then faster as she neared her orgasm. I knew the way her breathing was that she was going to have another orgasm. However, I wasn’t. I couldn’t get into what was happening to me. She finally let out a sigh and started slowing her thrust down. When Lisa finally pulled out of me I thought the pain would go away. It didn’t. I could feel my butt hole was sticky and wet. She rolled me over so I was on my side but that did nothing for the pain.

Now I was really confused. What had I done wrong? I waited for her to say something but there was just silence. I could hear her moving around the bedroom but that was all. I struggled against the pantyhose around my wrists and ankles but it was no use she had me tied tight. To make matters worse my penis was down between my legs so far that every time I moved I felt like I was masturbating. I don’t know how long I laid there until I felt the bed move. Maybe she had changed her mind. She rolled me over and I felt her hand go between my legs. I still had an erection and the head of my penis was sticking out, slightly, between the cheeks of my butt. Every time I moved it was like I was having sex with myself.

Lisa pulled the pantyhose back up to my waist, which wasn’t easy with me lying down. Then she pulled the leotard back in place and snapped the crotch back together. I could tell my pantyhose and leotard hadn’t dried out any. Lisa pinched the tip of my penis between her fingers and held on. God that hurt. That took away any thoughts about having a good time. I have no idea how long she was going to keep me like this. I loved the pantyhose and leotard but I was tired of the rest of it.

I had strained so much against my bindings that my ankles and wrists were getting sore. Maybe she had enough by now. I felt her moving on the bed, again. This time when she rolled me back over on my back she pulled the tape from my mouth. Before I could say anything, though, she practically jumped on my face. I could smell her sweet scent and could feel her wetness on my mouth. She must have taken off her pantyhose and leotard and sat her mound right on my mouth, again. The only thing I could hear was her saying “tongue, tongue.” I didn’t want to do anything else to her. All my desire had gone out when I had whatever it was up my butt. However, the way she was sitting on my face I couldn’t breathe, so maybe she’d move if I did what she wanted.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and probed her vagina. I have to admit it did taste good. Even though all I tasted was her last orgasm. Well it didn’t take me long to get back with the program. Before I knew it she was riding my tongue for all it was worth. I could feel her body moving faster and faster and as she did she became so wet I thought she might just slide off my face. After what seemed like forever she had another orgasm. This time my mouth was so full of her juices I knew I had to swallow sooner or later. She finally slid off my face but just as quickly she put another piece of tape over my mouth. So I still couldn’t say anything and I still had her taste in my mouth. I felt her get off the bed after that and that was all I knew for I don’t know how long. I just lay there all tied up not moving. I didn’t know how close to the edge of the bed I was and I didn’t want to roll off on the floor.

Somehow I must have fallen asleep. I woke up with a start when I felt her get back on the bed. I really had to pee, by now. Being wet didn’t make that feeling any better, either. I knew I had another erection but I hoped she wouldn’t notice and think I was ready for her again. She surprised me though, she asked me if I had to go to the bathroom and I nodded yes. I felt her hands untie my ankles. Yes, I thought, this was going to be over, finally. But no. She just loosened the hose that tied my ankle together and made me stand up. I tried to walk by myself but I couldn’t. It was like being on a chain gang, I could only move about a foot at a time. Maybe she’d untie me the rest of the way when we got in the bathroom. It took a while but we finally made it. My crotch was so wet and sticky I couldn’t wait to dry myself.

We made it to the bathroom and I stood there waiting for her to untie me more. She told me to sit down. I didn’t know how far down I had to sit so I moved slowly. With my hands still tied behind my back I didn’t have much balance. Finally my butt hit solid ground so I shifted all my weight to my butt. I could tell I was sitting on the commode. I was still waiting for her to untie my hands. I still couldn’t see anything with the pantyhose taped over my eyes. I just sat there waiting. Finally I heard her say “go, pee.” Evidently she wasn’t going to untie me anymore and I was supposed to pee in my pantyhose and leotard.

I had to go so bad then that it wasn’t hard to pee. I could hear my pee hitting the water as it dripped through the fabric. Finally I had finished but it was still dripping from the material. I just sat there until it quit dripping. Now it felt like my entire body was wet. I stood up thinking maybe that she would give me a towel but she told me to stand still, instead. She didn’t even try to dry my crotch off. I guess I had to stand there and drip dry.

I’ll have to admit standing there with wet pantyhose and a leotard on felt kind of good. I really dried off pretty fast. By the time she put me back down on the bed I was just a little damp. I was lying on my back and she pulled the tape of my eyes. Even with the pantyhose over my face it felt like every hair in my eyebrows were pulled out. It took a minute for my eyes to focus. I could see that she had put her hose and leotard back on. She still looked good as hell even though she hadn’t been too nice lately.

Lisa picked the remote control off the nightstand and turned the television on. The first thing I saw when the television came on was me standing in front of the mirrors. She had done a good job of taping everything she had done to me. Seeing myself tied up and dressed in the pantyhose and leotard started to make me excited again. I hoped she couldn’t see that I was getting another erection. We must have watched the tape for two more hours. Everything was on it, even her having sex with my butthole and the dildo she had used looked huge on TV. Finally it was over. She told me to roll over on my stomach. I didn’t know what was coming next. However, she surprised me and untied my hands and feet. Then she pulled the pantyhose off my head.

I rolled back over on my back and looked at her. She looked right at me and told me to get out of her house. My clothes were on the floor, next to the bed, so I leaned over and picked them up. I started to pull the leotard off and she grabbed my hand and said no. She didn’t want me to waste time by taking the tights and leotards off. I was told to put my clothes on over my outfit and get out. I didn’t waste any time putting my clothes on. I just hoped no one would see me crossing the street. I hadn’t worn any shoes or socks and I was afraid someone would notice that I had pantyhose on.

I finished dressing and turned to walk out of the bedroom and she followed. When I reached the front door she reached for my hand and actually smiled. As I opened the front door and peaked around it to see if anyone was outside she told me that I could have a copy of the tape the next day. Just come back over and get it. “And, uh, be sure to wear your pantyhose and leotard whenever you come over, or else.” I didn’t want to find out what the or else was so, why not? No one saw me going home. I was really tired when I walked in my front door. All I could do was take my clothes off and crawl into bed. Well not all my clothes. I was starting to become very attached to my new pantyhose and leotard. They also make excellent pajamas. At least my butt hole was starting to feel better. Lisa never explained that day to me but she was always the boss from then on. I never dreamed she could be so dominant.

The End