When my wife and her three sisters get together it’s a safe bet that they will be drunk in a few hours. That’s why every time they get together they spend the night wherever they started. Tonight was no different. Except that it was my house. All three of them had decided they were going to start an exercise program together. Why they thought starting on a Saturday was such a good idea I don’t know. They all joined a gym that had locations across the city. That was so they could get drunk at each other’s house afterward.

I do have to say that all three of them look excellent in their tights and leotards. None of them are out of shape by any means. I really think they like to dress up in those and parade around so all the men can see them. Nobody ever wears shorts or any other kind of cover up over their tights. Which makes no difference to me especially when it’s our turn to host the before and after workout party. At least I can sit around and fantasize about all three of them. Moreover, none of the other husbands come over so it’s just them and me.

I’ve never touched my wife’s sisters in any way other than the normal hugging. Not that I haven’t wanted to. Whenever we’d go out on skiing or sitting around Jerri’s pool. They all look just as good in bathing suits as they do in leotards. By the way Jerri is my wife’s youngest sister and Laura is her older sister. Younger by five years and older by one year. That’s as much as I’ll tell you about their age.

They didn’t leave for the gym until late in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to sit there and stare. Jerri was dressed in all black tights and leotards, Laura was dressed in all light blue tights and leotards, and my wife had all red tights and leotards on. No thongs, though not today anyway. I guess I can’t have everything. None of them had anything to drink before they left, which was unusual. Basically they just sat around and made life miserable for me before they left.

I knew I had enough time to drink a few beers and watch some of the game on TV before they came back. I wasn’t going to have to be in any hurry. I finally took a shower and popped open another beer to wait for them. I didn’t have long to wait. I heard the car drive up in the garage. Before I knew it they were all walking into the living room. They all looked as fresh as they did when they left.

None of them said much as they sat down. Nevertheless, I was ready for a night of looking and longing so I just sat there. It was a little after nine and for some reason I was tired so I told them I was going to have to go to bed. As much as I hated to I said goodnight and went in the bedroom. I guess I fell asleep pretty fast because I don’t remember hardly getting into bed. I did hear the bedroom door open later on but that’s all I remember.

That is until I felt someone at my feet. I thought it was just my wife getting into bed but whatever it was lasting too long to be her. I was trying to wake up from a deep sleep so nothing would have made much sense to me at the time. I do remember my eye was itching so I tried to scratch it but couldn’t. That’s when I started waking up. My brain finally started working and I got my eyes to stay open. What I saw in front of me made me think I was still dreaming.

I saw all three of them standing at the end of the bed still dressed in their leotards and tights. They were all smiling at me. I tried to move my hands again but I couldn’t. I looked over at my hands and realized my arms were spread eagle on the bed and each wrist was tied to the bedpost. Then looking at my feet a saw they were tied together at my ankles. This was really beginning to be a good dream. A big erection and all. Then I remembered my eyes were still opened and I was awake.

I started to say something but before I could Jerri stuffed the panty part of a pair of pantyhose in my mouth and wrapped the legs around as a gag. That ended me trying to say anything. Of course the eyes were the next things to be covered. I hated that because I really liked seeing them dressed like they were. Well there I was all tied up and nothing to do. That didn’t last long, though. I heard Laura telling me to relax they weren’t going to hurt me. “But they were all tired of me staring at them when they were over at the house. Now it was their turn to stare at me while trying to teach me a lesson,” Jerri added as one of them began rubbing the area around the base of my penis.

The thought of them doing something to me and me being tied up was having its effect. I felt like I was still trying to grow. Then I felt like I was going to explode all over myself when one of them sat down on my face. I could feel the fabric of her tights and leotards rubbing against my lips and nose. The faint aroma of perfume filled my head. Whichever one was on my face was doing a pretty good job of trying to bring herself to an orgasm. Her breathing was getting more rapid as she buried her crotch on my face. I was trying to get my tongue out from behind the pantyhose in my mouth but I couldn’t quite make it.

I could feel her fingers move down to her crotch. She pulled the crotch of the leotard out of the way and was trying to get my nose wherever she wanted it to go. Finally after several more hard thrusts, which almost smothered me she came. It was, as if someone poured a small glass of water on her crotch she became so wet. I had never been with a woman that came so much. I just tried to get as much of her cum as I could on my lips. She finally slowed her movements across my face until I finally felt her let go of the crotch of the leotard, which snapped back on my nose like a rubber band being broken. She moved off of my face and everything was quiet except for her breathing which was still faster than normal.

Now I needed relief. Nevertheless, nobody was touching me. I wanted someone to grab my dick and start my juices flowing. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to orgasm. I guess that wasn’t part of their revenge, yet. It had gotten so quiet in the room that I thought everyone had left but then I felt the bed shaking. I wondered what and who was next. Whoever had gotten on the bed with me was completely naked. All I could feel against my skin was their skin. Someone needed to shave their legs their stubble was strong. She was rubbing her crotch against my penis, which was still sticking straight up waiting for one of them to relieve it of its load. Whichever one was on top of me certainly did have pussy lips that were hard as rocks.

It didn’t take long for that to happen. Whoever was on top of me sat tight down on my dick. I slid right on in her she was so wet. Even though it was a very tight fit. She sat there for a moment without moving. It didn’t make any difference to me what she did. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Moving slowly at first she started moving up and down on my penis. I wasn’t paying any attention to what else was going on except for the pleasure this woman was making me feel. I hadn’t had anything this tight in a long time. I tried to figure out which one it was.

I didn’t have much time to think about it because I could feel the sperm inside me moving fast up my penis and shooting off inside her. It kept coming for so long and it felt so good to be free of all that sperm at least for now. She tightened her muscles up and I could feel her trying to milk me dry. However, I didn’t have anything left to come out. She sat on top of me long enough for her juices and my sperm to come back out of her and leak all over my crotch. By now I was slipping out of her and she finally climbed off me.

The pantyhose they had tied me up with were beginning to hurt my wrists and ankles. My entire body was becoming sore from not being able to move. Nevertheless, there was nothing I could do. Struggling against the pantyhose must have excited me more than I thought. I could feel myself starting to grow again. Not as quickly as last time, though. Maybe they wouldn’t notice to quickly and untie me. One of them started wiping my dick off with a wet cloth. By the time she had finished I was back at attention again.

They pulled me down to the end of the bed and made me kneel on the floor. I was stilled tied up so that just put more pressure on the hose that were used for my bindings. They weren’t wasting any time again. As soon as they got me down on my knees someone grabbed my dick and guided it into one of their tight pussys. And I mean tight, it took a minute to get all the way in. Moreover, it felt like they had smeared something very slippery all over my dick.

My back was up against the bed so whomever I was inside was doing all the moving. I guessed she was on all fours and I was going in and out of her from the rear. Wherever it was it was great. I just knelt there she was doing all the work. One of the others was on the bed with her legs more or less over my shoulders holding me steady. I could feel feet rubbing my stomach as she was watching me have sex with her sister. She still had at least her tights on. I could feel the material on her feet as she was rubbing them against me.

The sister I was inside of was rocking back and forth on my penis faster now. She was so tight I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Especially with the other one rubbing my chest and face with her feet that were still wearing tights. I could tell the sister on the floor with me was coming she was bucking back and forth against my dick so hard. Then she stopped and just pushed her butt back against me as hard as she could. Then I shot my load inside her. This time I didn’t have as much stored up but it felt just as good as tight as she was. When she had finished she moved forward and my dick pulled out of her before I had gone soft. She was so tight that one last slide out felt so good it brought the last of my sperm out and onto the floor I guess.

Before I could completely recover from the last sex and while I was still on the floor I felt someone grab my dick and slide their lips around it. That decided that, I knew then I had at least one more orgasm in me. I knew it wasn’t me wife that had my dick in her mouth. I had never been able to get her to do that before. Whoever it was knew what they were doing. The bigger I got the more she put in her mouth. All I could here were the licking and sucking noises coming from her. My knees were so sore but I didn’t have time to think about it now. She was so good at giving blowjobs I came in her mouth in no time. In addition, she took all of it down her throat. I don’t know if that was the best one of all but it sure felt like it.

They lifted back up on the bed and at least I could stretch out. Where the pantyhose were rubbing against my skin felt like it was on fire. I guess it was rubbing the skin. After a few minutes of nothing but silence and my penis shrinking back to normal I felt someone pulling the hose from around my eyes. It took a few seconds but when I could finally see again I saw all three of them standing next to the bed. They all were dressed in their leotards and tights. However, they had changed with each other. They were in different colors than before. Same tights and leotards just different people in different colors.

I thought after the first sister sat on my face and had an orgasm I would be able to tell which one she was by the wet crotch. The light blue ones, I saw, had the wet crotch. However, my wives older sister had the light blue ones on before. Now my wife had the light blue ones on. So I don’t know who had done what. Laura told me that this had been their way of making me not stare at them anymore. There wasn’t anything to dream about because I had sex with all of them. I just didn’t know who did what. They pulled the hose out of my mouth so I could finally talk.

I was thinking to myself that if they thought that had been punishment I couldn’t wait until they really got mad. Nevertheless, I told them I was sorry for staring and that I’d try not to do it anymore. Please just untie me. I was starting to get that feeling again looking at those three in their tights and leotards and I didn’t want them to see me getting excited. They untied me and I put my shorts on and we all went out to the living room.

There were two guys sitting next to each other on the couch when I walked into the living room. When I looked closer I saw they were wearing a skin colored leotard with tights to match. My wife introduced him as two of their instructors at the gym. I guess that was why he was wearing tights and a leotard but I wasn’t sure. One of them had a throw pillow over his lap and when I passed by him, to sit down in the chair he moved the pillow and I could see a big wet spot on his tights and leotard right in the crotch. I tried not to take a second look but when I sat down in the chair both the guys stood up and turned their butt to me and had a bigger wet spot on each of their butts. The light color of their tights and leotards made it easy to see the wet spots.

They both got dressed. Just throwing pants and a shirt over their outfits. Everybody said good-bye and I heard my wife telling them both thank you and that they would talk to them later. Both of them said anytime they needed help again just give them a call. I looked at all three of them standing there posing for me and wondered what had really happened. I started to ask but my wife cut me off and told me to shut up and never ask any questions about what had happened. You might not want to know. On the other hand, if you do want to know later, we do have pictures.

The End