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Crystal had just gotten a divorce. In fact she had only been to court about a week ago. Her and her husband had lived across the street from us for fifteen years. Moreover, that’s about as long as I had been in love with her. I took every opportunity to see her. I’ve seen her in a bathing suit, leotard and tights all the way to dressed up for church. It didn’t matter what she had on I was in love with her and I wanted her more than I loved her.

I have been divorced for four years now. I was so excited when she told me she was getting a divorce I was finally in heaven. No more fantasies no more self-bondage to get myself off. Well maybe I wouldn’t go that far. I had borrowed a pair of her tights and leotards in a weak moment and never given them back. I still sit around the house in that outfit and think about her. I usually end up shooting off inside the tights and leotards but that’s okay. I’m not bothering anyone.

Crystal had been leaning on me for help more and more since she filed for her divorce. Spending all that time with her is just what I wanted. Maybe I wouldn’t have to tie myself up all the time. She had told me her fantasy was to be tied up but her husband wasn’t into that. By the time we would finish telling each other our fantasies we’d both be ready for a cold shower.

Today was the day I was going to make my move. We both happened to have the same day off. I got out of bed and took a shower and put her tights and leotard on to get my blood going faster. Looking out the window at her house I saw her paper was still in the driveway, so I knew she wasn’t up yet. We always had coffee on the weekends. I was hoping she wouldn’t change her mind today. I sat down so I wouldn’t bring myself to an orgasm before I even made it to her house.

She called about fifteen minutes later and told me to come over and drink coffee. It didn’t take me long to throw a pair of jeans and a shirt on over the tights and leotards and slip my shoes on. It was cold that morning walking across the street. Nevertheless, the tights and leotard was keeping my body warm. My face was freezing by the time I walked the hundred feet or so. She opened the door before I could knock and hurried me in. I sat down at the table and she poured me a cup of coffee. I noticed she was wearing a robe but I could see her feet and she at least had a pair of pantyhose on. That was enough for me. I could feel that fire down below start burning stronger. I slipped my shoes off and pushed them out of the way. When I looked down I realized I had forgotten to put socks on over the tights. Geez, what a fool. I was going to blow my first real chance with Crystal. Even though she had showed me pictures, she had gotten off the Internet, of men in pantyhose and tights I still wasn’t sure how she felt about me. Well, I’d just have to hide my feet until the time was right.

She sat down next to me or around the corner of the table from me. Her robe fell open just enough so I could see her magnificent legs encased in those nude colored pantyhose. I could almost see her crotch but not quite. She saw me looking and didn’t fix her robe that was encouraging. We made small talk for awhile until her foot brushed against mine under the table. I’m not sure if it was an accident but she certainly didn’t move it. In fact she started a slow rubbing on the top of her feet. The feel of her hose against my tights was almost too much. I could feel myself trying to grow but luckily the leotard was tight enough to hold me down. I didn’t want to stand up and have a big bulge if she wasn’t interested.

She looked under the table at my feet and naturally she saw the red tights. “Put your feet up here for a minute,” she said patting her lap. God I was embarrassed. I shouldn’t have worried though. I put my feet in her lap and she began to rub them and slowly moved her hands up my legs under my jeans. It was so sexy. I quickly stood up and figure it was now or never and took my jeans off. My shirt wasn’t quite long enough to cover my crotch so she could see that I was getting very excited. The leotard was sticking out far enough for her to see it, anyway. While she was staring at my crotch she loosened the belt holding her robe together and pulled it apart. Instantly I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her pantyhose and her boobs were barely covered by a cut off T-shirt. Crystal stood up and pulled my shirt over my head and stood back for a minute and looked at me. She told me my face was turning as red as my outfit. I told her I didn’t know if she would like it or not. She dropped her robe to the ground and grabbed my hand and we walked to the bedroom. I had my eye on her butt the entire time. In addition, what a butt she had.

We hit the bed groping and grabbing each other. Then she took the leotard off me and pulled her little T-shirt off and I was sucking her breast and nipples. I realized I was acting as if this was my first time so I slowed it down a notch. I pulled her pantyhose down just enough so I could get my fingers on her mound and rubbed her clit until she was as wet as she could be. Then I put two fingers inside her and took her to her first orgasm of the night. Talk about a wild ride just with my fingers. I couldn’t wait until I put my dick inside her.

I turned her over on her stomach and kissed and sucked her butt. She had already pulled my tights down so I got on top of her and stuck my penis between her legs and started humping her. Finally she raised her butt up in the air and I guided my dick inside her. She was so slippery it just slipped right in. God she was tight. I pulled out and put my mouth on her pussy and screwed her with my tongue until it was sore then I put my dick back in her and we screwed until we both came. She tightened her vagina muscles and milked me dry. We both collapsed on the bed with me still inside her. I finally slipped out and rolled off her and lay next to her, slowly rubbing her back and butt with my hand, as she was lying there almost purring like a little kitten.

I don’t know how long we laid there but it felt so right. I reached down and pulled her pantyhose and my tights off and put them next to me on the bed. I put her pantyhose up to my nose and I could smell her fresh fragrance. I leaned back down and started kissing her feet and legs on the way back up to her butt. I made it back up to her butt and was licking her crack when she stopped me. I thought I had done something wrong but she reached under the bed and brought out some rope and old pantyhose. She rolled over on her back with the rope in her hand and I knew what she wanted. However, it would have to wait a minute her vagina was right under my mouth and I just had to stick my tongue inside her and taste both of us together. I was already getting hard again. Record time for me. I had only played around with self-bondage and didn’t know how to do both of us. However, she had her own ideas, anyway. She knelt over and tied my ankles together. Leaving a long piece of rope with a loop on the end of it. She stuck her butt right in my face as she was doing that so naturally I had to lick her crack again. She pushed her butt back in my face when I touched her butthole. However, she moved to quickly for me to start anything. Next she tied her ankles together and left another piece of looped rope. “Now for the good part, and I can see you’re already for it,” she said looking at my penis which was already hard.

She got on her hands and knees, almost the same position we had finished in the last time. I had to get in the same position straddling her. I quickly guided my penis inside her as I was instructed to do. Then I had to get the long piece of rope tied around my ankles and tie her wrist with that, behind her back. So her wrists were tied to my ankles and the rope was stretched so tight it disappeared in the crack of her ass. Then I had to put my wrist through the loop on the end of the rope tied to her ankles only my hands were in front of her. She had to guide me through that because I couldn’t see my hands anymore. She had put a role of electrical tape on the bed sometime. So I had to try to tear some tape of and wrap it around the loop on my wrists so I wouldn’t be able to get loose too easily. We were ready now. I couldn’t reach her breast but I could reach her crotch with my hands so while we were screwing I was giving her clit a good workout with my finger. Neither of us could move much. I could move a little more than she could but I couldn’t move enough to pull my penis out of her. Not that I wanted to. However, her head was buried down in the bed and I didn’t want to hurt her. She said she was okay, though so we kept on. I could feel the sperm starting to move up my penis and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Moreover, the way she was breathing she wouldn’t either.

Being tied up made both our orgasms more intense. I thought I would never stop shooting off inside her. Moreover, the way she was grinding back into me was almost becoming painful. Nevertheless, it was good. We were both so tired from being in that position, neither of us wanted to lie down. We didn’t know if we would be able to get back up. She told me to try to untie my hands. Great idea! However, the ropes had slipped down on my wrists and I couldn’t get my fingers to bend that far. Then she told me to try to put my wrists up close to her mouth; maybe she could bite the tape off. However, that couldn’t work because my hands were tied to her ankles, which were under my legs, which were tied to her wrists. In addition, all this time I was still inside her. Anytime one of us moved I would get a little bit harder. Every once in awhile she would push her butt back against my crotch. However, before I came again I wanted to get untied. Somehow we would have to get to the kitchen to get a big, sharp knife. To make a long story short we finally managed to get off the bed and stand up. However, with our wrists tied to our ankles we had to bend over. It was just enough though that I was staying inside her. That was one of the best and weirdest feelings in the world. With every step I was closer to an orgasm. Two more steps and I was there. I was going in and out of her shooting my sperm inside her and she wasn’t exactly enjoying it. I did though.

For those of you that have tried to walk with your ankles tied together know what little steps you have to take. Well, I figured to make it to her kitchen was going to be about two hundred more steps and as many orgasms as I could come up with. I never had a chance to go completely soft and slide out of her.

We finally made it to the kitchen and somehow we cut ourselves loose. Moreover, I didn’t have anymore orgasms. I know she had one but she wouldn’t admit it. We were both sweaty so it was shower time for both of us. We dried each other off and she decided that she wanted me to put my tights and leotards back on. “Only if she put her pantyhose back on,” I bargained with her. She gave in and put her pantyhose on and I put my tights and leotards back on and we sat on the couch and watched TV most of the day, trying to wait for the rope burns to heal. By the way she told me that someday she wanted her tights and leotard back. How did she know they were hers?

The End