My name is Allan and this true story actually happened quite a few years ago.

During summer, I like to drive out to my local countryside park for a long walk through the woods to get back to nature, well away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These excursions started out by being just an occasional days exercise, but quickly progressed from that into something entirely different. I soon realised that walking was quite warm work and as I went out more and more I would wear lighter and thinner garments, sometimes wearing only shorts and tee shirt. All this walking enabled me to get to know all the paths in these woods quite well and it wasn’t too long before I was way off the normal tracks and into less well used areas, sometimes quite remote. I felt so exhilarated by this new found experience of being alone and at peace with nature that it soon felt entirely natural for me to remove my clothes and walk around these areas completely naked. The joys of walking naked through these woods would excite me so much that I’d sometimes walk around with an erection, all the time expecting at any moment to be discovered. This would excite me enormously and I would masturbate before going home, wishing it could be by someone else’s hand. I next discovered that if I shaved off all my body hair completely and allowed the combination of sun, wind and occasional rain to caress my hairless body, it intensified my sexual arousal even further.

I remember that while on one of these naked walks, I unexpectedly come upon a young naked couple enjoying full sexual intercourse. They were far too engrossed with shagging each other to notice or even hear my approach.

I decided to back away slowly and quietly, then settled down behind some bushes not too far away to watch. My cock was now fully erect and I masturbated myself in time to their rhythmic lovemaking, all the time imagining I was doing the fucking. I quickly reached a shuddering climax and squirted my come all over the greenery around me, and then I crept away as quietly as possible to retrieve my clothing.

All this enjoyment of walking naked through these woods had reached a new level now and I had tried various other ways to intensify this arousal even more, including self-bondage. I would tie my hands behind me and then walk entirely naked and bound along secluded paths, hoping that some sexy female would accidentally discover me and perhaps play along with my fantasy, but unfortunately it never ever happened that way.

I’d been divorced a few years before, but because my ex wife Grace and I still got along okay, she would often visit me to chat about family matters and the like. I suspect we had divorced mainly because of our age difference, as she is 12 years younger than myself, but we had too many arguments to stay married. Strangely though, we do seem to get along much better these days.

It seemed inevitable that during one of these visits we had both somehow started talking about sex and our various sexual fantasies. We both fondly remembered that once on a caravan holiday together when the children were young, we had managed to sneak outside when they were asleep and had a great fucking session out on the grass a little way off from the caravan.

Grace is still slim and good looking and so I decided it was the right time to ask her if she had ever fancied trying something along those lines again. Surprisingly and after a little persuasion, I eventually managed to talk her into going along with me on a picnic to the local woods the following week to act out my particular fantasy. Weather permitting of course.

The agreed day dawned sunny and dry and after phoning Grace to see if she was ready and still willing, I washed and shaved. I had removed all my pubic and body hair the night before and my skin felt smooth to the touch. I stretched a black rubber ring over my cock and around and under my balls to greatly improve and enhance any erection I’d get and then lightly oiled my legs, chest and stomach and especially around my cock and balls. I next pulled on a small white satin g-string pouch, which seemed to wrap itself around me like a small hand and completed my dressing by wearing only thin running shorts, a short-sleeved shirt and training shoes. After splashing on some after-shave I picked up the small rucksack I’d packed earlier with some picnic things and left in my car to drive across town to pick Grace up from her home not too far away.

She was clearly excited as she jumped into the seat alongside me. She had tied her dark hair back into a pony tail and was wearing a thin white cotton blouse through which her nipples could clearly be seen, a short black skirt that only just covered her thighs and a pair of shiny black ankle boots. She looked very sexy and full of self-confidence as she slid in alongside me. Her smooth legs flashed invitingly in the early morning sunshine and her well-rounded breasts jiggled as she sat down and fastened her seat belt. Then we were off.

When we reached our destination only a few miles away, I already had a raging hard on, this mainly due to Grace lightly stroking along the inside of my bare thigh as I drove. Little by little her fingers stroked higher and higher until finally they slid under the hem of my shorts and reached the scrap of cloth covering my cock and balls. There they gently teased and squeezed, until I was squirming with pleasure. I found great difficulty in concentrating on my driving while this was going on, but at last we arrived safely at the country car park to find it quite deserted at this time of the morning. We got out and I picked up the small blanket and rucksack I’d brought along, then we hurried off hand in hand into the tree line not too far away. There I found the small path that I knew would take us deeper into the woods.

We soon reached a small clearing, which was further up and off the track and I spread the blanket on the coarse grass and opened the picnic rucksack. We then enjoyed a pleasant hour in that leafy grove consuming the small picnic lunch I’d packed, along with a bottle of beer each.

Grace meanwhile, had rummaged around in the rucksack and discovered the various other items I’d brought along. She examined each item closely and asked from time to time what they were for and how she should use them. She appeared to be getting quite excited by all this and my cock hardened again as I explained each item and their uses to her. We both stood up and then without a word she quickly removed my shirt and pulled off my shorts. My wrists were tied firmly behind my back and a rubber ball gag was thrust into my mouth and buckled behind my head. I was now quite helpless and feeling very horny by this time as my hard cock was threatening to burst out of the pouch of my g-string. Finally, a studded black leather collar was buckled around my neck. Briefly feeling at my hardened cock, she then let her hands slide around to cup my buttocks and drag me inwards to bump against her groin, my erection squashing painfully against the material of her short skirt. She really was acting her part well, I thought.

To one side of this small clearing was an isolated tree. I was marched over to it and pushed backwards until I bumped up against the rough bark. More rope was then tied around my arms and chest and around the tree trunk to hold me tightly in place. The area around this tree was bathed in sunshine and could easily be seen from a rarely used track I knew ran along the other side of a small stream about 20 yards away. Although it was unlikely at this time of the morning that anyone would use the track, it was obvious they would be able to easily see me if they did. This fact made me get even more excited and my already erect cock was getting harder by the second.

Grace now removed her blouse and skirt and both were tossed casually aside. She stood back, clad only in thin white lacy bra and panties with hands on hips to admire her handiwork. I was given a wet kiss on the ball gag and then she gently pulled my g-string out and over my straining erection to release my hard shaft which sprang upwards into the brilliant sunshine. After removing these completely, she finally tied my upper thighs and ankles to the tree trunk. My naked and bound body was now completely exposed to anyone who happened to walk along that small track and glance over in this direction. My heart started pounding at the thought of being displayed like this and the rubber ring was now cutting tightly into the skin around my hairless cock and balls as my erection intensified.

Satisfied then that everything was correct, she gave my stiff cock a reassuring squeeze and a frenzied suck to ensure maximum hardness, then went back over to the blanket, removed her bra and panties and lay back, feet towards me. Propping her head against my rucksack so she could observe my reactions, she looked up and then with a smile, produced a long slim vibrator from her purse. Keeping her booted feet firmly on the ground she brought her knees up and opened them wide. I gasped as I saw that her open and very wet pussy was completely hairless and smooth.

My heart was now beating wildly and my cock was feeling as if it were about to burst as I watched this erotic display with growing excitement. Apart from the slight rustling noises from the leaves and some distant bird song it was very quiet. I was aware I was breathing very heavily in anticipation of what was about to happen next.

Suddenly, the loud buzzing noise from the vibrator drowned out these and other noises as it was suddenly switched on. Grace’s fingers started stroking at her breasts with one hand, whilst slowly rubbing the buzzing vibrator along the insides of her opened thighs with the other. She started moaning quietly at this erotic thrill from the vibrator. I watched quite fascinated by all this, as she moved the humming vibrator slowly upwards and towards her open and very wet slit. Pausing only for a moment to slowly circle and brush against the wet nub of her exposed clitoris, it slid easily into her soaking wet pussy as she lifted her hips up from the blanket and tilted her head backwards. She moaned loudly as the vibrator speared into her and the buzzing noise suddenly became muffled. It seemed as though that joyful cry echoed far too loudly for comfort around the small clearing. My cock twitched and strained even harder as she slowly started masturbating herself, sliding the buzzing plastic in and out of her body. Her hips were now rising and falling rapidly in time with her steady thrusting and these movements were increasing with each new inward stroke. I strained against the ropes holding me, but could only stare in wonder at this naked spectacle of my ex-wife thrashing about in front of me, her eyes now tightly closed, her mouth open in ecstasy as her oncoming orgasm neared.

Sudden movement from out of the corner of my eye made me tear my eyes away from the bouncing, moaning figure in front of me. An attractive young woman who had been walking her dog appeared on the path opposite, probably trying to see where the noises were coming from. She stopped now and was staring towards the bushes that shielded Grace from her view, when suddenly she spotted me tied to the tree and gasped. I made some muffled noises through my gag to shout a warning, but Grace couldn’t hear or see any of my agitated movements.

The woman who seemed alone was probably around twenty. She looked quite attractive and was dressed in a pale blue shell suit, which couldn’t quite conceal what seemed to be a slim but well-proportioned figure. She was staring at me with obvious disbelief and wonder. She didn’t scream or run away though but only stood rooted to the spot. I felt as if her staring eyes were touching my naked body everywhere as she struggled to take it all in.

I struggled a bit more to try to free myself but now realised that this was exactly what I’d always wanted. An attractive young woman had discovered me tied up and totally naked. Imagine my amazement then, when she suddenly smiled and gave me a quick, nervous wave.

My cock was now harder than I’d ever experienced before. My huge erection strained upwards and hardened even more and I felt a drop of pre-come trickle down my hard shaft and onto my tight balls. My head was swimming and my legs were shaking with my desire to ejaculate. I realised that Grace had at last orgasmed and was now walking unsteadily towards me.

Her tits bobbed up and down with each step and her bald pubis glistened with moisture in the morning sunlight. The elegant nudity of her arrival on the scene made the woman gasp again as Grace stepped out into full view.

When Grace became aware of the watching woman I fully expected her to panic and run back to into cover. However, ignoring this spectator’s presence she calmly bent down to lightly grip my hard shaft with her cool fingers. Kneeling down beside me but making sure the woman could see, she gently but firmly lifted my shaft upwards between fingers and thumb and started to lick slowly along the underside of my balls and along the length of my shaft until I felt her lips slide over and engulf the swollen head of my aching cock.

The woman let out another astonished cry as my engorged cock disappeared into Grace’s mouth. Sucking gently at first, she then started to wank me off into her hot mouth, sucking harder as her tempo increased, while her other hand came up to cup and tenderly support my aching balls.

I couldn’t stand this any longer as first my body started to shake and then my knees started trembling and I would have collapsed but for the ropes holding me upright. Grace intensified her hand actions and started wanking me even more urgently, her head bobbing rapidly as she sucked even harder on my cock. A hot stream of come squirted into Grace’s sucking mouth and I let out a muffled gurgle as I at last came. Grace quickly pulled her mouth away as more milky come erupted from my aching cock and arced high into the air. My body trembled at this release and I grunted loudly again and again.

The woman across the stream was clutching her own breasts now and one hand had slipped down inside the waistband of her thin trousers to delve down between her legs. She had been obviously enjoying herself too as she watched me spray my come everywhere.

Grace was still holding my wet cock and pointing first at me, beckoned to the woman and to come over and join in, but the spell had been broken. The reality of what she was seeing and what she had been doing suddenly occurred to her as she stopped playing with herself and quickly removed her hand from inside her waistband. Then, with a nervous shake of the head and a quick wave to us both, she hurried back along the track and disappeared, dragging her dog along behind.

We were unsure of what to do next when the woman suddenly ran off, so just to be on the safe side I was quickly untied and we hurried to get dressed, all the time laughing and giggling at what had just happened.

We didn’t see the woman again on our way back to the car however hard we looked. She’d just vanished.

Grace said then that she’d been a bit disappointed when the woman ran off, as she had badly wanted to remove her shell suit and see what she had looked like without any clothes on. I had to agree with that statement.

She did promise me later though, that perhaps someday she would bring along an old school pal to join us. She’d told me that they’d been very close friends at school and in the past and amongst other things, they’d had a few lesbian experiences together.

I would really like her Grace said, as this particular girl would do almost anything and would probably be a willing participant. She also mentioned that she was still quite slim and very good-looking.

I thought then that things were looking very promising, except this time there would be two naked girls in the woods with me. Alas though, up to this moment in time it hasn’t happened, even although I have reminded Grace about her promise many times.

Still, perhaps one day it might happen. Maybe this summer? Who knows!

If it does, then that will be my next story.

– The End –