Let me start by saying I have always been straight and never have I even imagined being with a guy. With that said let me tell you a story that has forever changed my life. It started one day when my wife and kids were going to the Cape with my mother-in-law, like they have for the past 5 years. I always stay home and have the weekend to myself to do whatever I want.

It was Friday and I was in a hurry to get out of work so I could get a five mile run in and then head down to the pub and play some pool with the guys. When I got home from my run the first thing I wanted to do was jump in the shower before I headed out. I got out of the shower and dried myself off wrapped the towel around me and headed into the bedroom to get dressed.

As I walked through the door, I was all of a sudden grabbed and a cloth was put over my mouth and nose, which within seconds knocked me out. Some time later when I awoke, I found myself on my bed, hands bound to the bed rail above my head and my legs tied apart to each leg of the bed. I realized that I was still naked when I heard someone come into the bedroom.

As I looked up there was a man coming in the door. He was a very athletic looking man with blond hair and clean shaven. I proceeded to ask what the fuck was going on here, now let me go. He just looked at me and smiled as he started to take his clothes off. Then I said who the fuck do you think you are now let me go. That’s when he said you make too much noise and proceeded to stick a piece of duct tape over my mouth. He continued to take his clothes off as I tried to free myself but the restraints were just too strong and eventually I conceded that I couldn’t get away.

He then stood before me completely naked with a cock as stiff as could be. His chest was hairless and you could tell that he worked out. He then climbed up on to the bottom of the bed and started massaging my inner thighs. Again I tried to resist but I was just bound too tight. He then started rubbing his hands through my pubic hair and eventually he started stroking my cock.

He said at that point that I was going to enjoy this but I shook my head no and again tried to free myself. Then I felt his warm lips around my cock as they slid up and down my shaft. I was trying not to give in and made a sound through the tape saying no. Then I heard him say to me, your mind keeps saying no but your body is saying yes. That’s when i looked down and realized that my cock was rock hard.

I finally had given in. All I could do is just lay here and let him do what he wants. As I lay there I realized that I was starting to enjoy what was happening. As a matter of fact I was getting the best blow job that I have ever had but i didn’t want to admit it. As I lay there I could feel his wet lips working the head of my cock as he rolled his tongue just under the head of my cock, his hand slowly working the bottom of my cock while his other hand massaged my balls.

I then found myself moaning as the pleasure was just becoming too much to hold in. The sounds of my moans were in turn making this intruder in my bed moan also. Then all of a sudden the door opened and in came a tall man, well built and looking at me like he was concerned. Then he said to the other man how about letting me have some of that cock, he sounds like he’s enjoying it.

I felt embarrassed at this moment with the fact that someone else heard me enjoying it so much. He then proceeded to remove his clothes also. This guys cock was massive. He wasted no time crawling onto the bed and taking over my cock. The other man then climbed up and straddled my chest. His cock was within inches of my face. He removed the duct tape and started to stroke his cock. He started hitting me in the face with it. He then started telling me how he was going to make me suck him until he shot his load down my throat. He grabbed my head and tried pushing his cock into my mouth, but there was no way I was going to let this happen to me.

Again he grabbed my head and tried forcing his cock in. The pre-cum on the head of his cock was now coating my lips but again I would not let him enter my mouth. He then gazed down at me with a grin and said you’re going to get it sooner or later now open up and take it. I continued to fight to prevent this guy from sticking his cock in to my mouth. Then he looked down at me and said ok enough playing around. He then yelled Tony he’s giving me a problem. At that moment I felt Tony start squeezing my balls,

He squeezed until it hurt so much that I gave in and opened my mouth. With that I now had a six inch cock in my mouth. As he slid the head of his cock in and out of my mouth he slowly stroked the base of his cock. I could hear him moan with every stroke. At the same time Tony was continuing to suck my cock, making sure to pleasure me as the other guy started to pick up the pace. He was now driving his cock into my mouth with full strokes.

I found myself enjoying the feel and taste of this mans cock pounding into my mouth, to the point where I started to work the head of his cock with my tongue. This action started him moaning more and then he leaned down on to the bed above my head putting his cock right above my mouth, at the same time I found myself nearing orgasm. Then out of nowhere he blew his load, his warm cum started running down my throat as i tried swallowing to keep up with it but it was just too much. The excess started running down the side of my mouth. At this time I went wild and blew my load into Tony’s mouth. He just kept sucking for what seemed like ten minutes and then he stopped and said was that the best orgasm you ever had or what. I just shook my head in agreement as there was no denying what had just happened.

These guys weren’t done yet. They turned me over and then I sucked Tony’s monster cock while the other guy pounded me in the ass. Eventually I was filled again with warm sweet tasting cum. and then the let me go. Come to find out a guy that I worked with, that we all picked on because he was gay, hired these guys to teach me a lesson. Now I still have sex with my wife but the three months since this happened I’ve sucked four different cocks and three of them I had in my ass including the gay guy I work with.

You never know until you try it.

– The End –