Opening the lid, he then lifted Jennifer into it. She tried to kick but her legs were like lead. The crate was about 5 foot long and she had to bend her legs to lay in it. Also it was only just over a foot wide so she had to lay on her side knees and tits pressed against the front wall; her ass, bound wrists and heeled feet against the rear.

The box had padding and she could rest her cheek on a firm pillow type material. There was a small slit allowing the anal tube to protrude from the box when the lid was closed.

After he’d refastened the lid Jennifer was once again in darkness. He’d resealed her eye flap and her mouth was still filled with o ring gag her dry tongue darting through.

The doc looked along the front face of the box. He unclipped a panel at her chest height. The wood came away and Jennifer’s magnificent breasts could be seen squashed together thrusting forward.

“Push your tits through the hole.” He ordered. She ignored him. “Do it!” He snarled menacingly.

Her soft melons appeared like two tentative moles from their den. She could feel his hands grasp them pulling under each tugging the tits as far out as possible. Jennifer pressed against the wood wall her arms and hands now having slightly more room behind her. She felt a strong cord been coiled around each tit, and pulled tight. The Doc made her young tits bulge as he bound them together then looped the coil around the box.

Now she couldn’t pull her tits back inside if she tried.

Finally he’d finished. Jenny felt trussed and imprisoned worse than before. Her tits were exposed and she couldn’t see what he was doing to them. He carefully greased her nipples then attached two metal tubes ends over them. She could hear the clatter and felt the cold touch of metal, and then finally he explained.

“I’m leaving you for the time being to make some notes. I’ve attached your magnificent tit ends to two adapted milking tubes. Like what a cow might experience. You’re my little cow now. I know I won’t get any milk but the sensation of the mechanical sucking for hours will be an experience I’m sure. You’d be surprised how aroused your breasts can get with constant unyielding attention.”

Jennifer struggled in the box but she was so tightly packed in with her tits now bound to the outside of the box she could hardly move.

The Doc continued. The anal balloon is now on a new setting. The cylinder will inflate and deflate it every 30 seconds. “This will give you a nice fisting action in your ass.”

The Doc stood up.

“Be good,” he said tuning to the door, flicking a switch the cylinder and tubes bursting into life.

He heard the suction cups begin to take long drawn out gulps on each nipple. The gas cylinder hissed as it deflated; then moments later re-inflated rapidly, a gagged groan coming from Jennifer. He looked back and could see her nipples already half an inch inside the suction tubes the machine eager to draw milk from where there wasn’t any.

He could hear her groan again as the balloon expanded then collapsed like a fist opening and closing in her ass. His cock was twisting erect in his pants his desire almost overcoming him. He slammed the door behind himself pressing his back against it, body rigid as if he was holding his breath.

“No!” He said, in angry frustration. “Control yourself!”

Upstairs he knew it was waiting. Laid in his desk draw, the one he kept locked. It was taunting him, he heard a gargle through the door as Jennifer was sucked and pumped over and over.

“Oh God he’d have to put it on soon. Why did it always get in the way of his experiments?”

He took a deep breath and headed to his study.

The suction cups just wouldn’t stop. Over and over the greased rimmed airtight seals made her hard nipples stretch deep into the airless tubes. Jennifer groaned in her head the sensation so humiliating. She was been milked on her side in a fucking box! She tried to move hearing the tubes rattle a little as her entwined tits bounced. She didn’t know what was the worst the evil sucking, the constant ass attention or the tightness of her cord bound boobs. She felt like they were inflated like balloons, squeezed out of shape the milking attachments making her desperate nipples scream with sensation.

“Oh heavens how long, how long can I take this?” Were her thoughts as she sobbed to herself.


Jennifer had only wanted to have a great night out. The party had been such a distance into the countryside. Too far for an evenings travel maybe; but she’d so wanted to go. She loved the attention she got from her male college friends on nights like that. She knew she was sexy; with looks like that movie star with the double barreled name; or so she’d been told. Hell, she even had the same first name as her. But now she felt foolish beyond measure.

Her tight short summer dress and fuck me pink high heel shoes had made her so confident; a sexual predator even. And all though she’d been soaked by the rain she knew how steamy she must have looked in her clinging dress.

She remembered how she had wiggled her ass and bent down to adjust her heel straps. She just couldn’t help herself. Maybe he would have helped her without encouragement but when men were involved and with her looks why not make doubly sure. Had it been her actions that had tipped him over the edge? Was he a crazed sad loner jerking off deep in the woods; or had she unwittingly discovered more; a resident evil, waiting for its next victim?

She once again tried to adjust her body with no success. The gimp box felt like a furnace, her leather second skin glistening. The black material hugging her thighs creaked as she tried to move. The milking machine continued in a never ending chug the two tubes springing to attention at each suck. The rubber mouths on the tubes smeared with gel drew her nipples out, over and over; the skin on her wonderful domes firming till she had two hard melons. Her groin was also hardening the tight bundle of nerve ending inside her pussy wall feeling the inflation then rapid deflation of the anal fisting balloon.

Hours passed.

She was half conscious when the Doc began to un-wind her tits from the wire cord which had been binding her to the box. In her delirious state she’d not even heard him come in the room. The tit sucking was all she now concentrated on, at least her ass was numb. But not unfortunately were her tits. No; the nipples continued to feel like rocks, the teats swollen the tips screaming for attention. Her breasts became looser as the binds were unraveled and she tried to pull her bosom back inside the box, Jenny becoming more animated with the lessening restriction.

The Doc tugged on the tubes making her bite on the gag, thrashing.

“They’re really stuck tight don’t you think my dear?” He quipped, pulling again without effect on the gripping monsters.

Jennifer kicked her high heeled boots on the box wall in protest. The box lid opened with a slamming of wood and she felt him lifting her out. He had very strong arms and easily picked the wriggling bound beauty up, allowing her to stand on her quaking heels. She still couldn’t see or speak the gag now almost part of her body. Her legs gave way and she stumbled to her knees.

The Doc helped her like the concerned physician, stroking the side of her rubber clad cheek caressing her long pony tail mane.

“That’s right kneel up. Put your shoulders back.”

Jennifer didn’t want to respond but a firm hand in the small of the back and another gripping her shoulder made her spring into a more erect posture. Her hard swollen tits thrust straight out the tubes now slightly vertical like two spikes on some bizarre Amazon woman’s bra.

Jenny coughed as something was clamped around her neck. It felt like a wood plank and she realized her long neck was now in some type of stock.

The Doc had indeed done that. Jennifer, arms bound behind her back was now knelt on the floor between two wooden towers. These upright struts were connected by a flat wooden stock that clamped just over her shoulders around her young neck. She could not move up to stand or down to pull away, forced to remain in her correct knelt position.

The man finally and with some disappointment turned off the milking machine. Jenny gave a thankful groan still in total visual deprivation. Also, the anal balloon had stopped inflating and deflating and remained passive, still in her ass, but now limp.

He then knelt next to her ear.

“I’m going to remove your gag. But you must be good. Do you understand?”

Jennifer nodded.

“There’s no one to hear you scream, so don’t waste your breath. You mustn’t scream is that clear?”

Jennifer nodded again. “Just get this fucking gag out for God’s sake” She thought to herself. She been gagged for almost 24 hours, she wouldn’t do anything to risk him leaving it in any longer.

She felt the bind been unbuckled and her jaw opened ever so painfully to allow the ring to pass her pearl teeth. She didn’t speak but closed her mouth her muscles aching the feeling of freedom exquisite after a full night and part of the day in oral bondage.

She spluttered and coughed. Then suddenly gave her first unrestricted groan in days. The groan raised in pitch as her tit end protested.

The Doc was twisting the suction tubes the greased seals popping from her abused sucked flesh.


The second came away, her fine hard tits looking misshapen; the few inched around the teats raised like the bell tower tips of some cathedral dome.

He slid a finger across the raised end of one.

She groaned, still afraid to speak. Her eyes still covered with the sealed gimp mask.

“Hmmmmmmm yes, very tender and responsive.” He announced pleased with his experiment so far.

“Please,” she said nervously and very, very quietly. “My ass, its ugggggg!” She didn’t know how to describe it. It felt swollen and tender but at the same time disgustingly sensual.

The doc told her to “sssssssh.”

“Never mind about your ass it’s your tits that are getting the attention.”

Jennifer opened her mouth in a silent gasp as his finger caressed a tip. Then she felt the Doc reached around her neck. She gave a shriek fearing the worse, but then panted in relief. He was unzipping her head mask. The tight rubber peeled away from her skin, the mask sliding of her head with a little difficulty until it slowly released her hair into a bedraggled tumbling brunette mane; framing her pale stunning face.

She clenched her eyes shut the light too bright to bear, and only after a few moments could she begin to make out images and shapes.

She looked at the passive tall man his face blank and professional. Then she tried to look down but her chin rested on the wooden stock.

“Awww God please, I don’t wan…” The Doc wagged a finger.

“Now be a good assistant and stop arguing.” He said impatiently.” You know how important this work is.”

Jenny then saw them!

Knelt near the door were two straight jacketed figures. They were bloated faced men. She couldn’t tell their age but their fat lipped mouths were ball gagged, arms bound inside the jackets, their eyes wild.

“Over here!” He snapped to them.

The two men stumbled and crawled on their knees, obedient, grunting and snorting like animals.

They’d watched the slim rubber clad woman been stretched and bent into position. She had a slim tight waist; that amazingly rubber clad rear with the pipe tail and those voluptuous milked tits. Now they could finally see her beautiful face. She had high sucking cheekbones, her lips full and pert with the constriction. Her eyes were scared; fear and arousal in one and now they could hear her cute come hither moans and whimpers. The men were half crazed with desire their own bodies bound and restricted throats full of spittle as they drooled onto their ball gags.

Each man was tugged into position by the Doc; both knelt in front of her inviting firm body.

The Doc undid their gags one by one the drool running from their fat pink lips.

“A woman doesn’t need clitoral stimulation to experience ultimate pleasure.” He explained pushing the bound men’s heads towards her sore abused nipples.” These poor wretches will suckle from you like they were your young. The pain will turn to pleasure, trust me.”

The men’s hungry lips enveloped her nipples and Jennifer screamed with sensation.

“Aw no, no, noooooooo!”

The Doc smiled, the men’s mouths fast and hungry, slavering and sucking, oh the sucking!

“Its revolting isn’t it?” He said in delight. “These two dirty men. Both of them old enough to be your father by the looks of it.” He stroked a gobbling mans head like a proud parent.

“Just vacant minds, sucking on your tits with such childish enthusiasm.” He continued. “They don’t care what you say, filled with only one desire: to suck until you scream! Please beg away.”

The men were gulping and tugging her tender ends the spittle smearing her boobs, the flesh glistening. The young woman was feeling like a farmyard animal feeding its young.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh please.” She moaned, biting her lips snarling. “Stop it no, stop it’s too… ugggh!”

She arched her back more as their heads battled to swallow as much flesh as possible.

Jenny’s tits were swollen melons now the sensations on the nipple unbearable. She screamed and yelped her body surging with heat.

The doc was behind her, his hands on her trembling rubber ass. She sensed the balloon deflate completely as he withdrew it out through the centre of her ass plug. She felt her bowels twitch about to shit, but then felt another tube slide in, rubbing against her hot internal flesh.

Jennifer concentrated on her tits, as the two patients devoured and tugged harder and harder. Her flesh was electric the heaving bosom screaming for relief. In her groin her pussy muscles began to clench, her head was swimming with discomfort and revulsion.

Then she felt a new sensation.

The Doc was passing a warm watery solution down the rear tube using a large comic looking syringe. Her ass was bloating with warm liquid.

“No, no, noooooooooo!” Jennifer screamed in abject humiliation and perverse arousal. He was giving her a fucking enema while two old men gobbled her hard, wanton tits.

“No, nooooo you filthy fucking oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh!” She couldn’t continue, the pleasure washing over her suddenly like a dam had collapsed.

She roared with tummy turning arousal.

She felt her pussy moist, the desire to rub herself unbearable. She thrust her melons harder into the men’s mouths shaking her head in embarrassment

“Ah, ah, ah, you fucking…ah, ah, ahhhhhh” She was coming; screaming in disgust.

“Ahhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fukkkkkkkkkkk!”

As her pussy tightened the Doc released the tube valve and Jennifer came; pumping dirty bowel water out of her ass tube onto the shiny cold floor. The feeling of orgasm and long over due bowel relief a horrifying but explosive combination. She gave a pig like grunt of satisfaction.

The Doc was sweating from the excitement. He’d had to pull the two men from the woman before they sucked her tits off. They’d needed to be slapped and punched into cowering submission.

Jennifer was slumped in the stock and it looked like she might choke. He unlatched the wooden neck plank the woman falling onto her side, her ass still coughing slime her tits bright red, her face flush from a tit induced orgasm.

“Please no more, let me go.” She moaned looking up at the Doc. He was making notes in a book and spoke without looking at her.

“I never asked you’re name,” he said, his natural manner shocking her.

“It’s Jennifer! Jennifer! And I really want to go.” She replied in frustration but thankful he seemed to be in conversation with her.

The tall man put his pen away. “I wish I could, but he won’t let me!”

“Who?” She coughed not expecting that reply. “Who fucking won’t?”

He stopped his scribbling his face showing frustration at her question.

“The man in my top desk drawer.”

There was a silent frozen pause from Jenny.

“Oh God!” She wailed realizing this man was as crazy as his patients. She shook her head as he continued to explain.

“The other doctor, he’s not like me. He’s only interested in one thing, his own pleasure. Achieving the ultimate sexual height for himself.” He looked into her wide dismayed eyes. “It’s sent him quite mad you know.” He added.

The man then gripped Jenny’s arms lifting her. “But don’t worry; he doesn’t come down here much. I keep him locked away.”

Jennifer now noticed the steel door in one corner of the room. Her own padded cell! She continued to beg as the Doc marched her into it, arms still tied behind her back.

She screamed as he closed the sound proof door plunging her into darkness. In the pitch black she slumped to her knees. He wasn’t going to let her go. He was going to make her come over and over. She knew it now. He was totally insane. Also she knew deep in her gut she’d meet this other doctor very soon.

Outside her door the two crazed men were still moaning in unrelieved sexual desire. The Doc could see their tight groin pads bulging. Suddenly he heard a voice from the room above. It was shouting, swearing, demanding to be released.

It was Dr Nooo!

Jennifer decided to sleep the best she could. While stumbling around in the dark, arms trussed behind her back, she’d fallen over a metal framed bed. And after more searching in one corner she had also found a toilet. This cell was turning out to be a real home from home! The cell was so silent and she wondered if it was day or night? As she drifted off she imagined a search party above her head combing the forest.

She didn’t know how many hours later it was when her eyes opened to a tapping noise. In the pitch black she struggled to face the noise.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

It appeared to come from the cell door.

She heard a slow grinding noise and saw a dull glow of light from the other room. Someone had slid back a view hole in the strong steel door.


A deep husky voice called her name almost in a whisper.

Jenny sat up and then slowly edged closer.

“Jennifer let me in.” It continued almost as if in nursery rhyme.

The bound stunner moved gingerly closer to the door.

“I can’t.” She whispered feeling a surge of relief. Someone was trying to get her out!

The voice replied. “Yes, yes you can, look the keys on the floor in front of you.”

Jennifer, arms still tied behind her back stopped moving, she was confused.


She looked onto the floor and saw something. Kneeling down she could see a key glimmering in the minimal light.

“But?” She said in confusion, looking back up at the glowing door slit.

“Just pick it up with your pretty mouth,” the voice explained,” and pass it to me.”

– To Be Continued… –