I had been waking up now and then but this time there were men’s voices outside the darkened bathroom I was tied up in. The thick chain locked tight to my neck was wrapped around the base of the toilet and my mouth, arms and legs, were taped. There was a cold smooth concrete floor under me and I was able to prop myself up in the corner wedged between commode and wall. Someone came in the room and turned the light on which blinded me for a few seconds. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see at least seven people staring at me there on the floor, two of them women! I recognized some of the men and some were new faces. There were a couple home video cameras and some snapshot cameras in view when Kick pulled my legs up and took the tape off then pulled me over the commode belly down where my arms and mouth were untaped too. I was pushed back to the floor and he told them that I like to be a “Dogslut.” They all laughed at that and harder when I asked what they were going to do with me. With a nice big smile Kick looked into my eyes and said that I was going to put on a show for everyone then they could all fuck me if they so desired. He showed me a three foot strip of leather and said I would be whipped if I didn’t obey every command, then told me to spread my legs, which I did! Another voice from the group told me to open my mouth and two other voices (one was a woman) wanted me to “finger fuck” myself. I complied to each command quickly, mouth open, legs spread working at first one then two and three fingers into myself as the crowd demanded! I was ordered to put a finger in my ass and whipped until I did. I orgasmed for their entertainment as I wriggled around shamefully on the filthy restroom floor.

The toilet end of the chain was unlocked but the part around my neck stayed tight. I had also been wearing a collar but it was removed in favor of keeping the chain on my neck. Kick grabbed the chain and lifted me to my feet. When he let go of the thick chain it slapped against me, dragged across my nipple then draped from my neck almost to the floor. When I stood up I’d removed my hands from between my legs which was protested. I was told to stuff one thumb up my ass and one up in my pussy while I awkwardly walked (as if the heels weren’t enough! ) out into the garage where everyone could see me. They were all wearing clothes, I was wearing only the high heels, some tattered stockings, a torn garter belt and the chain around my neck. I was told to lay on my back and with my hands, I had to pull my labia as far apart as I could. Legs in the air, I reached around and got each “lip” between a thumb and forefinger, then pulled and pulled until it felt like I would tear apart! They all enjoyed that but one of the guys from before wanted me to get up on the tire machine again and impale myself for their amusement. I got up, climbed on top of the machine and with my fingers pulling my labia apart, lowered myself over the steel shaft. It was not enough for them and I was ordered to hump it! A few more men came in as I performed my show. I counted twelve people in all as they cheered me on. Judging by the crude comments that echoed in the garage it seemed that the jiggling and flopping of my tits as I rode the cold shaft was the best part of the show. In fact I was told to get down from the machine and ordered to jiggle, bounce and shake my breasts as violently as possible. Every time I began to slow down, I was whipped back into motion until they’d had enough of a laugh.

The first person to undress was a redheaded woman in her thirties who had BIG fake breasts. She was rubbing one mans pants and wanted him to order me to lick her pussy. Of course he did and I immediately went to all fours to lick her while she bent to expose as much as possible. She really needed to wash herself but I was afraid to hesitate so I got my tongue and nose as far in there as I could. Only moments passed before I felt fingers then someone’s dick in my own pussy. The first man was relatively quick and came inside of me then two more men took their turn. The fourth complained that my pussy was full of cum and rubbed some of it into my butt before plunging a sizable member deep into my unprepared ass! I cried out and Harmon came over pulled my head back by the hair and slapped my face fairly hard while the other man continued to ruin my bowels! I was ordered to thank him for giving me so much pleasure and to keep my mouth open which brought a flood of sperm to my lips and face during the evening. I was tossed around, reamed and forced to pleasure every person in the place at least once in every way a girl could, sometimes getting beaten as I did. The two women got the idea to take the men’s cum in their ass or pussy or even mouth and then spit or squeeze it out into my mouth as one of the men held my head back. At one point the chain around my neck was attached to the lift and my hands tied behind me while they took turns strapping me with a leather strip obviously brought for just that purpose! Someone operated the motors on the lift, up and down. I was on the tips of those shoes and sometimes literally hanging with my feet off the floor as I was whipped! My breasts and belly seemed the favorite target and some managed a few good strokes in my crotch when I was ordered to spread my legs. I passed out and they lowered the lift a few feet. When I regained consciousness I was dangling by the neck and someone was pumping my rear with a huge hunk of male meat! Dizzy and cumming, I begged him to “Rip me open!” and thanked him profusely when my ass started to bleed. That scared some of them but the hearty ones just kept reaming me there and up my vagina until they could not get it up. Limp cocks were pushed into my face and I was ordered to get them hard, I licked and sucked with all my might but to no avail so I was beaten.
The sex part seemed to end and it became just a beating. The men had all put most of their clothes on but the women had been told to stay naked and I guess they didn’t want to incur the wrath of this now violent group of men. I was raised back up on my tiptoes and became a human punching bag. I took so many hits to my face, breasts and stomach that I threw up and was swimming in a sea of nausea. The redhead struck my tits several times with a two foot wooden handle of a squeegee then hit me with her fist right in my pussy, which lead to a painful fisting binge by nearly everyone. There was NO muscle tone left in my vagina and their hands would glide right in. One of the men got excited again and was fucking the dark haired woman while she crammed her arm in me, she got rougher as he did. That ended with him cumming in her butt so they let me down and ordered her to squeeze it out on me as I lay wrecked on the floor. She did but also started to pee on me which she was encouraged to finish. I was made to go out in the alley and squat on my heels as everyone that could emptied their bladder on my breasts and face. Once finished each person or small group of people would get into their cars and leave until there were three men left. The chain was left on me and I was physically tossed into the back of a pickup truck. I heard Kick just inside the door of the garage saying to someone on the phone they could come over now. I waited in the back of the truck thinking how there was no reason for me to even fight it, I was going to be killed for sure and I felt ready to die.

Just a few minutes after the call there she was, Amy! Looking at me in amazement. My legs were pulled wide apart for her to see and she commented on how big and open my vagina was and the blood around my butt. Kick asked her if she could “Do this” then stuffed every inch of his lower arm in my vagina! I felt his fist curl up and hook up behind my pelvis before he raised his arm with me on it and lifted my back off the truck bed! He grabbed one of my breasts and held me up over the alley pavement like that while Amy squealed with delight! My head, arms and legs just dangled while she begged him to lift her like that! I had no idea what was going on with that little girl but I knew we had something very sick inside each of us.

I was put back in the truck and Amy said how lucky I was and she was told to go. The men got in the truck and drove me to some park, threw me on the ground, locked the chain to a park bench then left. I was found there by some not so nice Drunks and then by some concerned people who called the police and an ambulance. The cops kept asking me questions, “Can you identify the person that did this” and such but I was just smiling on the inside, they had NO idea about the sweet, hurt, girl on the stretcher. I said that I hadn’t seen any faces and kept my secret of the number of people that had done me like this, and how I got there. They would not understand, hell I don’t even understand, and they would put me in an asylum or something if I told!

The Hospital sent me a bill for nineteen hundred and seventy some dollars, which was paid mostly by my insurance but I had to answer so many questions for them and at work and everyone knew that I’d been chained, anally raped, fisted and urinated upon. At the time, I had a lot of stomach pain and mistakenly told the cops that I’d been drugged so they would quit asking me “Who done it” so the doctors pumped my stomach and found a lot of sperm in there. That was also revealed in the medical report. I even made the evening news and was pitied by all. No one wanted to talk to me anymore. Now Taylor, Kick, Harmon, Jake and the other men were my only friends. Candi and Amy too! That was it, I want to have Taylor or someone own me! I have gone to the edge and found who I am or what I am anyway.

I am a stray dog in need of a Master.

I have seen Harmon and Kick since then, at the garage! No, I wasn’t naked, but I did shock the two of them when I walked in! I greeted both of them with a hug and a kiss because they seemed a bit worried that I had gone there. We talked a bit and I found out that Harmon runs the garage and I think Kick is the property owner. I asked them how they felt about me and they said I was a strange girl but they like me. I’m sure it is only because they got their rocks off while kicking my ass! I showed them the medical pictures of my butt stitches and sure enough they had some pic’s of me taken during that “weekend.” I asked for copies of any pictures they would let me have. Two of the young men that scrubbed me down in the alley were there and I asked to meet them. Tim and Randy were the names. They were staring at my breasts, no doubt having flashbacks.

The guys wanted to know if we could “get together” again and I said maybe and told them that I had cum a lot during all of that but it was worth noting that the one I remembered most was while I was hanging by my neck with cum all over me, being whipped and anally ruined!

The End