Gardening had never been such a pleasant chore, to please me she’d put on a tiny denim micro skirt over a little yellow thong and an almost sheer yellow vest top that did hardly anything at all to cover her generous breasts, whilst I wore black cycling shorts that accentuated the outline of my semi erect penis!

We spent a very enjoyable couple of hours weeding and hoeing the flower beds and dad’s vegetable patch, the occasional grope and slobbery wet kiss heightened our enjoyment not to mention our libido, until finally she announced that it was time for a shower and a trip to the pub,

“We should let Fred know the worst Dave”

“Yeah you’re right, but let’s have the shower when we come back, I could murder a beer or three”

I changed into jeans and tee shirt and struggled like hell to fit my erection into the tight jeans while watching Angie changing into a slightly longer skirt (only slightly longer though!) and an almost respectable quarter cup bra and blouse, she was certainly a stunningly beautiful young woman and I wondered briefly if I was falling in love with her!

“Oh no” was Fred’s reaction, “My poor little girl, she’s going through the mill at the moment David isn’t she?”

“Yeah but she’s going to get better Fred, I’ll make sure of that mate”

“And me too” piped up Angie, “We want to get her home as soon as we can and surround her with love”

Fred looked at her, his eyes all misted over,

“I believe you girl” he said softly, “I just hope and pray that she comes through it ok”

We ate a small meal and then strolled slowly back to the cottage where we phoned the hospital to see if there’d been any changes,

“Please wait a moment” said the voice and only seconds later Dr Phillips came on the line, David we’ve been trying to reach you, good news at last”

I grinned at Angie and pulled her onto my lap as he continued,

“Dr Singh studied all the x-rays we took of Michelle’s injuries and eventually he called for one to be blown up as he thought he could see something, but it wasn’t clear enough to be seen properly with the naked eye”

Angie kissed me as we listened with a rising sense of excitement,

“There was a minuscule piece of glass from the windscreen, only a millimetre from her brain David, we operated straight away to remove it and at present it’s looking very good for her”

“Can we come and see her now?”

“There’s no point David, she’ll be out all night, but it might be a good idea if you came early tomorrow, I’ve got a feeling she might like to see you when she wakes up”

“God yes, we’ll be there first thing, about eight”

“But David, we only think it’s what caused her problem, I can’t stress that enough to you, we think and hope, but no more than that”

“It’s more than we had this morning doc”

“Yes it is” he agreed, “It’s a lot more”

Angie got off my lap to pour us out a drink and when she passed me a lit cigarette, I saw the tears in her eyes,

“C’m here” I said and pulled her down again onto my lap,

“She’s going to be fine, I just bloody know she is”

She couldn’t speak, she just buried her head in my neck and let it all flow out!

“Oh God Dave” she sobbed, “If I was a believer I’d pray for her”

I held onto her, deep in my own thoughts, my hopes and even my fears!

“Come on Angie” I finally said, “Look at me”

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes of hers,


“She’ll be fine Angie, I just feel it, there was always something wrong, something not quite right, but I could never put my finger on it, she wasn’t the same, it wasn’t just the accident, losing our parents or her eyes even, it was intangible, but it was there and she had headaches too, something she never had before”

I’d never realised before how blue her eyes were or how white her teeth, she smiled and kissed me tenderly at first, but with increasing ferocity, her tongue snaked into my mouth and I sucked her saliva from it, breaking apart only to pull the blouse off over her head, her nipples stood proudly erect, peeking out over the deliberately inadequate cups, I took each nipple into my mouth and sucked one tenderly, almost like a baby suckling at it’s mother’s breast.

She moaned and threw her head back as I kissed her neck,

“Dave I’m wet, I’m soaking”

I lifted her arms up above her head whilst I licked at the sweaty flesh of her armpits and she gasped, her hands scrabbling at my belt buckle, I hadn’t put any pants on beneath my jeans and my cock sprang out as she unzipped me.

Her hot mouth engulfed me and she made me lift up so she could pull my jeans right off me without losing her prize, she licked the sweat off each testicle in turn and then ran her tongue down between the cheeks of my arse.

“I need a shower Angie” I moaned but kept my hands on her head, the feeling of her tongue was too exquisite, I squirmed as she licked around my anus until at last I summoned enough self control to drag her upstairs to the bathroom.

While we ran the shower, she leaned back against the bathroom wall and let me pull her panties down over her golden thighs, I inhaled her aroma and savoured it before clamping my mouth onto her cunt.

Somehow we managed to pull apart and get under the stinging spray of the shower, she got down on her knees again and took my painfully erect penis into her mouth, I filled my hands with shower gel and soap and massaged it into her hair, she giggled and went back to her task until I’d had enough, I needed to cum!

“Get on your knees Angie” I ordered and she obeyed instantly, still the water cascaded over us as I slid easily into her tight little bottom,

“Oh yes” she breathed and bucked back against me, “Oh fucking yes, that’s it Dave shag my bum, ram it right up me, oh fucking hell yes, this is what I fucking like!”

I lunged forward hard and grabbed her swaying breasts, her nipples were like marbles and she squealed as I squeezed them,

“Fuck me Dave, fuck me, hurt me please Dave fucking hurt me”

Savagely I lunged in and out of her anus as she started to come, she was out of control now, convulsing on the end of my penis, her breathing was ragged and I wondered briefly if she was hyperventilating, but then I felt a hand on my balls, squeezing them gently and I came with her, shooting what seemed like a never ending stream of cum into her bowels!

She was up before me, the smell of frying bacon woke me at about half past six and I went down stairs to find her in the kitchen wearing just an apron to protect herself from the spitting bacon in the pan!

She giggled when I cupped a lush little buttock and kissed her neck, flicking my tongue into her ear,

“Turn the pan off and come back to bed”

She giggled again and swatted my butt with quite a nifty little side shift,

“Put that lovely big cock of yours away for just a minute and go for a shower, we have to get going in half an hour”

“So why the apron over nothing?” I sounded like a child deprived of it’s toy.

She looked at me as if I was stupid,

“Because we’re bringing Mickey home today and I’ve just ironed all my clothes”

“All of them?”

“I don’t have many”


“Really, I have four pairs of panties, five skirts, two blouses and about eight tee shirts”

“Shit, I thought you’d got loads”

“No, now piss off and get a shower, you need to look your best for her”



“You’re a very special lady, thank you”

“Bugger off NOW, we’re going to get a very special lady from the hospital and bring her home and we’re going to look good for her”

“Yes Ma’am” I mimicked but I was filling up with admiration for her as I strode back upstairs to the shower.

Dr Phillips was waiting for us at the hospital and he looked like he’d just won the lottery,

“Good news David” he beamed, “The operation was a complete success and she’s looking good”

Angie clapped her hands together and grinned, I just felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders,

“I don’t know how to thank you Doc” I said, “Thank you hardly seems adequate”

“Thank you will do just fine David, let’s go and see what you think”

She was sitting up in bed, completely bald from the operation, but a beautiful big smile on her face,


Thank God for that, at least she knew us!

Our tears flowed freely as she hugged us both, grimacing with the effort until Dr Phillips made us sit down and leave her alone,

“You must rest Michelle” he said sternly, “I don’t want you getting over tired”

“Ok” she grinned, “But I feel fine honestly”

“Do as you’re told” I laughed and squeezed her hand, “Don’t take any chances Mickey please”

She returned the squeeze and looked up as Angie said quietly,

“I’ll leave you alone for a few minutes”

“Angie” we said in unison and then laughed happily,

“For God’s sake woman, stop being such an old tart, how many more times have you got to be told, you’re part of this family now, sit down and hold my other hand?”

Angie found it hard to hide her feelings and fumbled for a tissue as she sat on the other side of the bed, I told Mickey what Jeff had said, but she remembered it ok and then I told her about the settlement figure I’d worked out with the debt collectors.

She listened and nodded her agreement,

“Yes Dave, it’ll probably be the best way, it’s done then and we’ll never have to see him again”

“That might be difficult anyway Mickey, even if you wanted to see him”

She looked puzzled until I explained that after yesterday, he was probably in custody awaiting trial on a variety of charges.

“Wow” she smiled, “The day just got better”

Dr Phillips came back then and asked us to leave, none of us protested, we’d nearly lost her once and we weren’t going to let it happen again!

“I’ll buy you a wig Mickey” Angie said, “If Dave will lend me the money”

“Ok” she smiled and kissed us both goodbye,


“Try to stop us Mickey” I said simply.

I gave Angie the money for the syrup and phoned the debt collection agency to check that we hadn’t missed them, I could do without any further aggravation on that score!

They were outside the house when I pulled up, two very unsavoury looking individuals who I wouldn’t like to meet on a dark night.

“Here’s your cheque, I want a receipt and then you can fuck off”

They looked as if they’d like to have tore me apart, but the money was more important to them, one wrote out a receipt whilst the other one stared at me unblinkingly the whole time,

“Nice bit of cunt you got there mate” he said finally,

I stepped forward ready to slap him but Angie gripped my arm,

“Leave him Dave, looking like he does I bet he gets his kicks by looking at things he can never have”

I took the receipt from the other lout and said simply,

“Now fuck off and take that putrid piece of crap with you”

“I’ll see you again mate” said the piece of crap and there was no mistaking the threat!

“Yeah well use some mouth wash before you come, your breath’s rotten”

Angie giggled and turning round, lifted her skirt to show them her delicious little bottom clad in tight black panties,

“Dream on” she laughed and they sped away in a cloud of dust.

-To be continued…-