Mr Patel was only too pleased to accept mum’s promise that Jill would make a good and trustworthy tenant and he surprised us further.

“We will see what the lady is like first, but if my son say she good lady and no trouble, he will probably ask her to work in his shop, as he needs an assistant full time!”

That was brilliant news, I felt mum’s hand squeezing mine as I asked for a bottle of vodka, a large bottle of coke and six cans of lager.

“I am think that you drink such a lot since your beautiful lady mother come home, no?”

“No, er I mean yes, well I’m on holiday Mr Patel, so I don’t have to get up in the morning”

“Ah well that is were you’re being wrong” he smiled and breathed yesterday’s garlic all over me,

“My son wants to open a fresh vegetable section in his shop after I am showing him your wonderful produce”

“Oh great” I said and wondered if perhaps I’d got a tiger by the tail,

“Starting when?”

“Well he is wanting to begin selling tomorrow of course and I said he can pick these up tomorrow when he passes by on his way to London”

He passed me a list, nearly as long as my arm.

Dreading the answer, I said gingerly,

“Ok, that’ll be fine, what time will that be Mr Patel?”

“Oh it will be exactly half past thirty minutes after six of the clock” he beamed at me, showing half the gold in England in his smile.

Behind me mum giggled as I fought against the tears rising,

“Half past six?”


“In the morning?”

“Yes” he said and looked at me in pity, “He sells newspapers too and has to be there early isn’t it?”

“Is it? I mean does he?”

“Oh dear, oh dear Tommy, I am thinking that you are tired, perhaps your beautiful lady mother should make sure you have an early night tonight to make sure you are getting up early tomorrow”

“I will Mr Patel” She smiled sweetly at him,

“I’ll get him into bed all right, you can rely on me!”

She was standing beside me and my left hand was hanging loose by her right leg, as Mr Patel turned to reach for the vodka behind him, I slipped my hand under the hem of her skirt and cupped her pussy.

The intention was to put her off and make her laugh as I fingered her cunt while she was talking to him, but I underestimated her badly.

As he turned round to enquire if we wanted anything else, without even so much as a blink in her eye, she said sweetly,

“No thank you Mr Patel, I think that’s all for now” and she peed over my hand!

We were still laughing as we ran upstairs to the flat,

“Bloody hell mum” I said, “That was outrageous!”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” she said in the worst Mae West impression I’d ever heard,

“Is there a flash on that camera?”

I was getting to be quite an expert at lighting the Barbie, it actually caught first time and I only used two packets of fire lighters!

She appeared in a plain white tee shirt and white panties, the sort of thing that women wear all the time around the house when alone or with someone close, but I found it startlingly arousing, at odds somehow with the white trainers on her feet.

“Vulnerable mum” I said softly,


“That’s how you look mum, vulnerable”

She smiled as I wrapped an arm around her waist and casually rested a hand on her bottom,

“That’s an odd thing to say!”

“I know, but when I saw you coming downstairs dressed like that, that’s the image that flashed into my mind, that you look vulnerable”

“Does that mean you’re going to take advantage of me?” she giggled and wiggled her bottom sexily.

“Definitely” I laughed and cracked open two cans.

I didn’t add that when I thought of the word vulnerable, a vision of her ancient prison visitor flashed into my mind at the same time.

She’d probably have laughed and said I was being paranoid, or worse, we might have argued again and I’d had the only argument with her that I ever wanted that very morning!

“You’re very thoughtful Tommy, a penny for them darling”

“Mum, when you went to see Jill, I nipped into town and bought your birthday present, obviously I was going to give it to you in the morning, but somehow I don’t think it’ll be the same at five o clock, do you?”

“Probably not” she laughed, “Am I getting it now?”

I could see the excitement in her eyes as I growled,

“You sure are baby” and leered at her,

“Well go on then, I’ve not had a birthday present for years!”

“Aw mum”

But thankfully she wasn’t being maudlin, it had been an innocent remark, made unthinkingly, in fact far from being maudlin, she was bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Go on then” she urged me, “Go and get it”

She was still jumping and clapping her hands when I returned and sat down to roll a joint.

“I’m going to kick you in a minute” she laughed, but I finished rolling it, lit it, took a long, long pull and handed it to her,


“What mum, is there a problem?” I laughed and she clenched her fists, posing like a boxer with a fist under my chin,

“I’m not very big” she smiled, “But I swear, if you don’t give me my pressie by the time I’ve had a toke, I’ll thump you!”

She took a long pull and sat down quickly as the new and much stronger weed played angelic harps inside her brain.

“Oh” she smiled, “OH shit!” she shivered and grinned at me,

“You know Tommy” she took another pull and held it in her lungs while considering her next words carefully,

“If sad man Hussein and all those other bloody mad men”

Yet another long pull and pulled both her feet up onto the seat,

“Were to smoke some of this, instead of plotting the end of the world”

Another long, long pull and she parted her knee,

“They’d be more interested in fucking, than killing each other”

Leisurely, she caressed the rapidly dampening crotch of her panties, then she took another drag and suddenly her teeth drew back over her teeth and she hissed,

“But if you don’t give me my pressie now, I’ll smash your face in with a brick!”

“We haven’t got any bricks mum”


Nervously, because I really didn’t know how she’d react, I passed her over the packet of grass,

“Just roll another joint mum please” and I cracked open two more cans,

With a look fit to kill, she took out a cigarette paper, dropped some tobacco onto it and dipped into the packet,

She found it immediately and drew it out slowly, not once did she look at me, nor did she speak. Putting down the makings, she held the ring up and looked at it carefully, even though the sun was beginning to sink, it flashed, no matter which way she turned it, it still flashed, as a diamond should.

Still without looking at me she tried it on the fourth finger of her right hand, it fitted perfectly.

“No mum” I hardly heard myself say it as I knelt in front of her and took the ring off her finger,

It also fitted perfectly on the ring finger of her left hand,

“That’s wear I wanted you to wear it”

Something wet dropped onto the back of my hand as she gripped it, another tear drop joined it, then another and another.

Hooking a finger under her chin, I lifted her head, but still she kept her eyes tightly closed and her lips clamped together as the tears literally streamed from her eyes


Still no answer, this wasn’t the reaction I’d expected, I thought she might have got a little bit emotional, but bloody hell!


“Tommy just listen for a minute”

Bodily, I lifted her up and sat down again with her on my lap,

“He bought me a wedding ring and put it on my finger in the registry office”

“Don’t mum”

“But I think she needed to say it,

“At the reception he asked if he could borrow it, at the reception Tommy!”


“He pawned it Tommy, he actually pawned my wedding ring half way through the bloody reception, he took it and went down the road to a pawn brokers, but do you know what’s funny about it?”

I really was beginning to wish that I’d bought her something else instead of the ring,

“They only gave him two pounds, fifty for it, because he’d paid fifteen pounds for it in the first place, it didn’t even buy a round of drinks, I’d had a wedding ring on my finger for less than an hour”

She took a deep breath,

“And as for an engagement ring, well, one of those was just what I used to read about it magazines!”

Almost as quickly as they’d started, the tears stopped and she sniffed noisily,

“In a minute, I’m going to wake up and I’ll still be in the cell, this isn’t happening, I know it’s not”

“It’s happening all right mum”

She lifted her head up from my chest and touched her lips lightly to mine,

“Can I wear it in public?”

“I want you to wear it in public mum, it’s too nice to sit in a drawer”

“Tommy, my emotions are in a bloody turmoil, on one hand I’m as horny as a nun in a cucumber patch and on the other hand, I want to cry, I know you won’t get mad sweetheart, so I’m going to ask you how much it cost you”

I couldn’t help laughing, I’d been expecting it,

“Four hundred and ninety five pounds, but I’d have paid ten times that to see your face when you put it on mum”

She took hold of my hand and guided it between her legs,

” I can’t compete with that Tommy”

Using her own fingers, she pulled her panties aside,

“But I can give you something that I’ve never given to anyone else,”

Even as she spoke, I felt my hand being pulled lower, the tiny puckered hole of her anus opened as she prodded my forefinger against it.

“I’m a virgin there Tommy!”

– To Be Continued… –