She looked gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

The figure hugging wedding gown clung seductively to her body almost like a second skin, just two barely noticeable swellings around the top of her thighs that marked the top of her hold up stockings, marred the otherwise perfect lines of the expensive silk dress.

She smiled at me and held my gaze, her eyes full of promise as I looked at the swellings of her firm, creamy breasts bulging out from the tight clinging bodice,

“I’ll see you in the morning darling” she breathed and squeezed my hand tenderly.

“‘Night mum” I said softly and watched as she took her new husband’s arm and helped the frail old man up to their suite.

At the top of the stairs they paused whilst he took a breath and she turned to look at me, I had a lump in my throat and turned away, heading for the bar.

Two drinks were enough, I couldn’t bear to be with people, happy, laughing people while she was up there with him, undressing for him, letting him see her glorious body, her still firm breasts with their rose tipped nipples, her beautiful, hairless mound above the soft delicate lips of her cunt.

I imagined him slobbering as he watched her sliding the sexy little panties down over her thighs, reaching for her with his claw like hands, slobbering over her as she offered a nipple to his thin, dry lips.

A picture of her squatting over his shrivelled up little penis, lubricating it with her juices flashed into my brain and I shuddered, revulsion rose inside me as I thought of his watery seed trickling weakly into her body and I retched as I had a picture of her shuddering into an orgasm!

I spent what seemed like the longest night of my life in a bed huge enough for four people and lay awake for most of it remembering the things we’d done together since we became lovers, just over a year ago.

She’d been thin, painfully thin as she walked out through the Judas door set into the huge oak doors of the prison and she’d have walked straight past me if I hadn’t stepped out of the car and blocked her way

“Mum” I said softly, but she looked at me as if I was a stranger,

“Mum” I repeated, it’s me Tommy, “I’ve come to take you home with me.”

“Hello Tommy” she said and walked round the car to the passenger side.

“You didn’t come to see me” were the only words she spoke during the hour long drive to my flat.

“They wouldn’t let you have visitors mum” I said, but her eyes didn’t even flicker, “Every time I came here, they said you’d been fighting again and your visits were stopped as a punishment.”

She nodded as if in agreement, but remained silent.

“This is nice” she stood in the doorway of the flat and looked round, it wasn’t nice at all, it was cramped and grubby, but it was all I could afford out of my wages as a warehouse man.

“No it’s not mum” I said and reached to take the shabby coat off her shoulders

“That’s mine” she said and gripped it tightly.

“I know it’s yours mum, it’ll always be yours, I’m going to hang it up on the peg, look.”

She watched where I’d put it, just like I’d watched where my possessions were, during the two years I’d spent in the young offender’s institute. An apple had been fought over once and a youth stabbed to death for stealing it.

Tobacco was more precious than gold in there, you could spend tobacco.

“Do you want a cigarette mum? I’ve bought some of your brand.”

“Thank you.”

She lit the filter tipped cigarette, (probably the first custom made cigarette she’d had in four years) took two long pulls on it, then pinched it out expertly and handed it back to me.

“It’s yours mum, so are these look, I’ve bought you two hundred, they’re all for you.”

She looked at me in amazement and her lip began to tremble,

“Don’t cry mum” I said quietly, “You’re free now, you’ve done your time, it’s over darling, you’re home.”

But she cried, she sat in the big overstuffed armchair and sobbed like a baby, her shoulders shook and the tears ran freely down over her protruding cheekbones.

All I could do was to sit with her and put an arm round her shoulders, while great racking sobs tore through her. It took about half an hour before she stopped, but it was a different woman who looked at me and smiled sheepishly,

“I’m sorry Tommy” she said, “But…”

“But nothing mum, I expected it, do you think I didn’t cry when I got out?

I squatted down in front of her and took her face between my hands,

“Until you can get on your feet mum, this is home, it’s not much, but it’s ours, it’s clean and the rent’s up to date, welcome home mum!”

She hugged me tightly and cried again, but thankfully only for a few moments,

“Not much? Tommy it’s a palace, thank you darling.”

I showed her the bedroom and apologised for having to share a room,

“But at least there’s twin beds” I laughed and squeezed her hand, I thought she was going to cry when I showed her the bathroom, she stood and stared at the gleaming tiles, the whole bar of scented soap, the toothpaste, the bubble bath, the fluffy big towels on the heated rail.

“Can I have a bath Tommy?”

“Shall we try that again mum please?” I laughed and could have cried for her when she said with bowed head,

“Can I have a bath PLEASE?”

“Oh God mum, I’m sorry” I hugged her again, “You were supposed to say, “I’m having a bath,” not ask me if you can have one!”

To my great relief she managed a smile and said,

“Tommy, I’m having a bath.”

“Say it again mum, firmer, tell me.”

In the haughtiest voice she could muster, she drew herself up to her full height of just over five feet and announced grandly,

“Thomas, I intend to bathe now” and this time our tears were of happiness.

“Ah, before you do mum, I’ve got something for you and you’re not allowed to say no, promise me you won’t refuse.”

“What is it first, you’ll have to tell me.”

“No mum, just say yes.”

“All right then yes.”

Right then come here,

I took her by the hand and led her to the window, see those shops there across the road?”


“See the ladies outfitters next to the off licence?”


“Well it’s not haute couture but it’s not too bad either, take this and use it.”

I handed her a bulky envelope and got exactly the reaction I knew I would.


“You promised mum.”

“No Tommy, I’m not taking it.”

“Listen mum, the week after I got out, I landed a job in a warehouse, it’s not rocket science but it pays a decent wage, it’s paid for this flat and everything in it, it’s all mine, ours sorry, it’s paid for that old heap out the back, that I picked you up in this morning and every week I’ve put a little bit in the bank and a little bit in that envelope, for no other reason than to give it to you on the day you came out, don’t spoil it for me mum, it’s a big day for me too you know!”

For a full minute she stood and counted the money,

“Tommy there’s five hundred ponds in here!”

“Five hundred and five mum” I corrected her and I saw the tears in her eyes again,

“There’s a thousand and ninety five in the bank too mum, I’m taking two weeks paid holiday from yesterday so I can get to know my mother again.”

“Oh Tommy” she said simply, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Thanks will do just fine mum” I laughed and kissed her cheek, “Now go and spend.”

Her face lit up like a kid’s in a sweet shop, then she said seriously,

“I won’t spend all of it though.”

“No probs mum, we’ll just go into town tomorrow and stay there until you’ve got all the clothes you need.”

I watched from the window as she scurried across the road, clutching the envelope tightly in her hand and I thought of the old saying that went something like, “It’s better to give than to receive.”

I don’t know who said it, but they were bloody right, I felt like a king!

An hour later she knocked on the door of the flat and again I cursed myself,

“I forgot to give you, your key mum.”

But she brushed it off with a grin and proceeded to show me every single item she’d bought, even down to lacy bits of nothing that are so important to women everywhere.

“Tommy I never had these many clothes when your father…”

A silence followed for a moment, which I broke by saying with a laugh,

“Your bath awaits you ma’am.”

“This is what I’ve been looking forward to for four years” she said softly,

“This and a bloody good drink.”

“Well I hope you’re hungry because lunch will be ready in an hour, will that be long enough for you to soak?”

“It’ll have to be, because I could eat a scabby horse” she laughed.

“It’s funny you should say that mum!” and we laughed together, for the first time in over four long years!

– To Be Continued… –