It wasn’t a scabby horse, it was actually an Asian meal of spinach and potatoes, cooked in spices of course, with minced lamb also cooked in a very spicy sauce, half of which I’d gleaned from a recipe book and the other half from my own love of spicy foods.

(Not recommended as a prelude to seduction)

I’d worked in the kitchen at the institute and found that I actually enjoyed cooking and I still do to this day!

Mum looked a new woman, wrapped in a bathrobe she’d bought as one of her purchases from across the road and her cropped blonde hair still glistening wet from her bath, she looked confident, ready to rejoin the world again.

A large bottle of red wine helped diminish the effect of the garlic somewhat, but the greatest pleasure I got was from watching her demolish the meal like the proverbial condemned man at his final breakfast!

She sat back and smiled at me,


“Do I take it that Madam enjoyed her repast?”

“Oh yes” she laughed and drained her glass, “I think it’s fair to say I enjoyed that”

“You look like you did too” I smiled and took her hand in mine,

“What do you want to do now?”

She thought about it for a moment,

“Honest answer?”

“Honest answer mum, the pressure’s off, I told you, you’re home”


“Go to bed then”

“I’ll sleep for hours, days even”

“So sleep for hours, days even, who’s counting?”

“We need to talk though don’t we?”

“Probably mum, yes, but it’s kept for four years, another day or so won’t hurt, go to bed”

I could see her eyelids drooping, she wasn’t just tired, she was exhausted, all the tensions, all the stress of being a convicted murderess had come out now that she was free, there was no parole to worry about, no licence, no probation officers entitled to knock on the door, her sentence had been four years and she’d served four years!


“Yes darling?”

“Go to bed”

She went and when I looked in ten minutes later, she was snoring like her life depended on it!

I dozed for a while myself, then went out the back and washed the old banger and when I got back upstairs I looked in again, the snoring had stopped but she still hadn’t moved, the bed sheet had though, it had slid down over her back and stopped just short of displaying the swellings of her buttocks.

Feeling slightly guilty, I pulled it back up over her shoulders and kissed her head tenderly before retreating back into the living room.



“Thank you” and the snores began again!

“Wow mum, you look great”

I kissed the top of her head as she stood at the cooker frying bacon.

She had on a tee shirt and jeans, but the jeans fitted her like a glove, accentuating perfectly the curves of what one of my school friends had once called an angels arse!

“Thank you kind sir” she laughed, “I feel great too this morning too” and she turned round to give me a squeeze.

The tee shirt fitted pretty snugly too, in fact it seemed to fit very snugly, I felt the softness of her breasts against my naked chest as she hugged me.

“They didn’t have a bra I liked” she said shyly, “So if you don’t mind, I’ll take you up on your offer of a trip into town today, is that all right?”

“Of course it’s all right mum, have you got any money left?”

“Three hundred pounds” she turned back to the bacon, “I still can’t believe you gave me all that money Tommy”

Her voice cracked and I slipped both arms around her waist from behind,

“Don’t start bubbling again mum, I told you, every time I put some money in that envelope, I thought of what it would be like when I gave it to you”

Suddenly she pushed the frying pan to the back of the cooker and turned round into my arms,

“It was brilliant Tommy, absolutely brilliant” then she giggled, “But do you know what I did this morning as soon as I woke up?”


“I checked to see if it was still there under my pillow”

“Aw mum”

“Silly isn’t it?”

“Habit mum, but you’ll get out of it ok, I’ll see to that”

“I know you will darling”

We sat opposite each other and ate our breakfasts in silence until I said,

“You’ve lost a lot of weight mum”

“Yes I know, the food was foul in there and the cook was a lesbian, if you didn’t share her bed, you got the slops”

“So you got the slops”

“Yes, God I’d have probably obliged her if she’d been pretty, but Jesus Tommy, it was the beard that put me off, she gave being ugly a bad name!”

When I’d finished laughing, I said,

“Well you can eat as much as you can manage here mum and you don’t have to sleep with the cook!”

“That wouldn’t be a hardship” she laughed, then added hurriedly, “Compared to her, you’re gorgeous”

“Thanks mum… I think”

“No, no, I meant well you’re not gorgeous at all, but compared to… I mean you are gorgeous darl…”

“Mum?” She was turning a lovely shade of red.


“Finish your breakfast”

“Yes sir” but it was difficult for both of us to eat, we were laughing so much!

“Hey you’ve got a garden!”

“Yeah, didn’t you notice it yesterday?”

“I didn’t notice much at all yesterday Tommy, I think I was in a bit of a daze, can I have a look round it?

I raised my eyebrows at her and she said,

“Sorry, I’m going to have a look round it”

“It’s not really mine mum, it belongs to Mr Patel in the shop, but he says I can use it and he even buys the vegetables off me, look”

I showed her the little beetroot patch, the onions and the mass of tomato plants held upright by thin canes embedded in their pots, beautiful red tomatoes hanging off every limb.

“Look down here mum” I took her hand and led her to the bottom of the garden,

“Potatoes, you ate some of those yesterday”

I heard her catch a breath and looked round at her, she was crying again!

“Mum what’s wrong?”

But she shook her head and wrapped her arms round me again until she’d stopped sobbing,

She lifted her head up as I gave her a handkerchief,

“I’m sorry darling, it’s just that it’s, it’s, well it’s just beautiful”

I grinned self consciously, “It’s just a garden mum” but secretly I was pleased at her reaction, I’d sometimes had to go into the garden at the institute for the vegetables and I’d marvelled at how they all grew from little tiny seeds and since getting Mr Patel’s permission to use this garden, I’d spent every spare minute in it, digging, weeding, hoeing and planting, I loved it!

“No Tommy it’s anything but, just a garden, it’s really beautiful”

Then she squealed with delight when she saw my little barbecue,

“Oh wow, a Barbie”

Trying not to swell up too much, I told her how I’d built it with bricks I’d “borrowed” from a building site down the road and a grill I’d taken out of an old cooker I’d found dumped by the roadside. Any one could tell it was a homemade affair, but nevertheless I was proud of it.

“This is my little kingdom mum” I said quietly, “I used to come down here at night with a few cans of beer and just think about you in there and wonder what it’d be like when you came home”


“Shall we have a Barbie tonight?”

Clapping her hands like a little kid, she laughed happily and damn near squeezed me to death

“I’d love that Tommy, I’d really love that”

“Look down here mum” I pointed to a row of eight trees laden with what looked like small dark plums,

“Damsons” she said knowledgeably,

“Yeah and a guy at the wholesale fruit market says he’ll give me thirty pence a pound for them”

“There are tons of them” she laughed, “Hey I’ve not climbed a tree in years”

“Well they’ll have to be picked very soon, fancy having a go tomorrow?”

“Try and stop me darling” she laughed and held my hand as we walked to the car.

Four years of frustrations, of fear and of regimentation left her that day as we went from shop to shop in search of God knows what, many times I felt myself reddening when she came out of a changing booth to ask my opinion on a dress, a blouse or a skirt and twirled around in front of me, giggling at my obvious discomfort.

“Oh look Tommy, that’s a lovely bra isn’t it?”

“Bloody hell mum, do you mind?”

“This isn’t too short is it Tommy?”

“Perfect mum” I muttered and pretended not to look at her lovely thighs as the skirt flared up almost indecently.

“Wow aren’t these knickers gorgeous Tommy?”

“Yes mum”

“Does my bum look big in this Tommy”

“No mum”

“Are you getting bored Tommy?”

“Yes mum” but in truth I was enjoying every minute of it as she posed and postured, twirled and giggled and generally drove a succession of shop girls slightly mad!

At last she announced that she’d finished and with a sigh of relief, (not to mention two feet that were moaning at me) we headed back to the car.

Suddenly she stopped outside a pub and she said,

“I’ve forgotten something darling, why don’t you nip in there while I go back, I won’t be long?”

“‘S ok, I’ll come with you mum”

“Ah well, women’s things you know”

“Oh right ok then, I’ll see you in a minute”

The dreaded women’s things!

She was about half an hour and I was on my second pint when she breezed in through the door looking like the cat who’d just caught and ate the canary

“What do you want to drink mum?”

“Half of lager, please”


“Do you mind if I get it darling? It’s just something I want to do”

I understood and said so,

“Here, this is for you” and she handed me a tiny package before practically running to the bar.

“Bloody hell!” I couldn’t help it as I unwrapped the heavy gold bracelet, I’m far from being an expert on anything, never mind gold, but this wasn’t the cheap nine carat stuff, this was the real thing!

I was still staring at it when she sat down with her drink and squeezed my hand,

“We get a small wage inside Tommy, not much, but I did a bit of wheeling and dealing with tobacco I bought with mine and I came out with a little bit, not a lot, but enough to be able to say thank you to you”

“It’s beautiful mum, I’ve never had anything like this before, I can’t…”

“Yes you can and you will, I’ve never had anything as beautiful as the welcome home you gave me yesterday and this is my little thank you”

I didn’t trust myself to speak,

“I’ve had it engraved on the back” she said softly and a limp appeared in my throat as I read it, only two little word, every day words that are often said without any real meaning, but to me they meant (and said) absolutely everything.

The words were “Thank you”

– To Be Continued… –