The carriage was almost empty when the woman came through the connecting door. In retrospect I know she would have walked on through had it had been more crowded. I was sitting towards the back on the left side, facing forward. An old guy in a suit was several seats in front of me to the right. There was a married looking couple in their late twenties right at the front, also to the right. All were facing forward, nicely spaced. Keeping their distance, just as people usually do if they have a choice. This woman sat down with only one seat between us, on my side, facing me. Embarrassing? It’s not like she was reading a paper or something. She was barely five feet from me looking straight at my face as easily as if she had been examining the back of my head.

The worst thing about it was that there wasn’t anything wrong with what she was doing, so there was no right way of dealing with it. Oh I know there are ways. Someone else might have ignored her altogether or stared back without blinking. But they’re not me. All I could do was fidget with my skirt and pretend to see something interesting beyond her while sneaking the occasional glance at her. From these brief observations she seemed to me a very big woman, perhaps in her mid-thirties. I realised later that her true stature was merely a little larger than average. It was the imposing way in which she carried herself that gave the illusion of great size. Of course most women are large compared to my short thin body.

We came into a station and the old guy ambled off. No one else entered our carriage and as the train departed I thought the woman’s hitherto impassive face displayed the hint of a smile. I started to resent the awkward situation and looked steadily at the woman for a few seconds. Everything about her emphasized confidence. Her face had strong lines, but was still very feminine. Her hair dark reddish brown, worn long and flowing. Her posture was upright yet relaxed. Her clothing not fashionable, but of obvious quality. She wore a cream cotton blouse covered by an open tan full-length jacket. I couldn’t see her skirt because of the seat back between us, but remembered it to be dark green. I was humiliated by her superiority to me. She was obviously getting a kick out of making me feel uncomfortable. The anger I was experiencing was finally enough to give me the courage to stare at her as rudely as she stared at me. Some moments passed and then I grew puzzled. There was a tension about her that I had not noticed before. Her full lightly made up lips had parted and she seemed to be breathing rather quickly. There was a look in her eyes of almost hunger. I detected a small rhythmic movement in her left shoulder. My eyes tracked down her left arm, slanting down out of sight. She was masturbating! She was looking at me and masturbating!

Damp trembling heat flooded up from my breast to my face, but now I couldn’t look away. The audacity of what she was doing stunned me helpless. A part smile part leer spread across her face as she saw that I had realised what she was doing. She passed her tongue across her top lip and increased the energy she was directing downwards. The train rushed on through the night. After a glance over her shoulder at the couple up front her movements became more pronounced; arching her back, pushing her breasts and hips towards me. She was panting, staring, devouring me with her eyes as she masturbated furiously. Just as the train entered a section of the underground her intensity seemed close to peaking.

Another quick check of the still unaware passengers and she stood up and stepped into the aisle. I drew back, fearing she was going to touch me, but she came no closer. Instead she placed her red leather calf length boots wide apart, pressing her knees on the sides of the seats to hold herself open whilst steadying herself against the movement of the carriage. One hand gripped the hem of her wool skirt, pulling it up to give access, while the other worked frantically between her legs. I could see the bare flesh of the top of her thighs, pale in contrast to her black stocking clad legs. Most women wear pantyhose, so I particularly noticed her stockings. Unlike myself she wore the sort that don’t require a garter belt. She seemed to be glaring at me with her lips pulled back from her teeth. Then she groaned and dragged the front of her skirt up high. She was wearing no panties and I could now see her mound; a triangle of thick dark hair, surrounding but not quite covering her open, pink and very wet vagina. Her fingers stroked fiercely over her large erect clitoris and suddenly her hips gave a jerk as a powerful stream of golden fluid spurted past my shoulder. She was pissing on the floor! Pissing wildly as she climaxed! She pissed on and on, her body shaking with her orgasm. The entire time she pissed, splashing the floor behind me, her eyes where locked on me. When she had finally finished she lowered her skirt, flashed me a broad smile and walked on down the aisle, through the spreading puddle of her urine.

By the time I arrived at my small dingy flat the crotch of my panties was more than damp. I had never experienced such intense sexual arousal before. I was also rather dazed and very confused. Was I in fact, a lesbian? I had always been rather a shy, reticent woman. Even my public social life was very limited at that time. My private life, as relating to a sexual partner, was non-existent; and except for one brief and rather unsatisfying encounter had always been so. Why would a complete stranger select me as the focus for her lust? Was I really attractive? Attractive enough to take the risk of frigging over me on a train? I had trouble believing it and I checked myself in my bathroom mirror to see if it could possibly be true. A short pale thin unsophisticated woman stared back at me. Perhaps a little younger than her actual twenty two years. Blonde hair in a shortish unimaginative style. A round face contrasting a little strangely with the slender body. Pale blue eyes. A small snub nose. Not an image that attracted me, but who could tell what attracted another?

I turned from the mirror, wiping my image from mind and filling it instead with that of the masturbating woman. Her passionate face… the swell of her breasts… her hairy, pissing cunt! With shaking clumsy hands I freed my panties from the constraints of my garter belt. I pulled them down while lowering myself to the floor. After kicking one leg free of my panties I lay on my back on the cold vinyl; my skirt hitched up, my legs spread wide, my fingers frantically rubbing my wet little cunt. My orgasm was sudden, long and very powerful.

Two weeks passed, but although I used the train twice a day on every day except Sunday, I had almost given up hope of ever seeing the woman again. Though I still checked whenever someone got on or came through the interconnecting doors. It was on a Thursday when I finally spotted her standing in the doorway at the end of the carriage. My heart skipped a beat. She was looking around, but despite giving me a smile of recognition when she saw me, she went back away she had come; closing the door behind her.

I was so disappointed. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen between us, but it certainly wasn’t rejection. Was it because the carriage was so full? I could hardly expect her to repeat her performance with so many people about. Maybe ten minutes passed and I was just telling myself not to be so stupid as to think I could possibly mean anything to her, when she came back. My heart thumped wildly and I could feel my face go red as she walked towards me. She took a plastic shopping bag from out of the shoulder bag she was carrying and proffered it to me. I received it from her dumbly. Then she just walked away.

I didn’t dare even look inside the bag until I got home. Sitting down at the table in my small kitchen/lounge I nervously reached into the bag. Two boxes. Both oblong and around a foot long. One was thinner than the other and made of plain brown cardboard. The thicker one had a picture of a steel thermos flask on each side. Whatever was inside of them wasn’t light. I opened the smaller one. It contained a massive white vibrator! I shouldn’t have been surprised I suppose. I held it gingerly in my hand; heavy, shiny, hard and very thick. I put it down carefully, as if it might explode. I did know of such things, but felt ashamed just to touch it. I worried that someone might discover that I had it. Quite illogically of course as no one ever calls on me, but I felt as if it might somehow be illegal to have such a rude instrument. I certainly felt rude… down between my legs.

The large box contained what it advertised, a steel thermos flask. Why would she give me a…? ‘Oh my God!’ I exclaimed, as I suddenly realised what must be in the flask. I removed the cup and carefully unscrewed the cap. It was full to the brim with her warm golden piss! I quickly closed the flask, not wishing to lose its heat. I had to be naked! I almost ripped my blouse in my haste to get undressed. Only a brief examination of the vibrator was required for me to turn it on. I gasped in pleasure at the electrifying feeling on my firm little breasts. Sighing at the gentle vibrations, I ran the big electric dildo over my rapidly hardening nipples. It felt deliciously wicked! I moved the vibrator slowly down, over my tummy and round to the inside of my thigh. I was shaking with anticipation as I moved it towards to my cunt.

‘Oh fuck!’ I whispered harshly as I felt the big hard rod buzzing on my sensitive vagina. I splayed my legs wide apart and leaned back on the shabby kitchen chair. Taking the vibrator in both hands, I drew it back and forth over my open slit. It felt so good to masturbate this way. I did it like this for several minutes, my eyes closed in ecstasy. Then I remembered; the thermos flask. I reached for it. And although I was shaking in a state of nervous shock, I managed to open it with one hand. I felt as if I were hypnotized. Like I was watching myself take actions without consulting my own will. I brought the flask to my lips. I opened my mouth. I hesitated; did I really want to do this? ‘Oh yes!’ I cried to myself and poured her piss into my mouth. I was unsure of what I thought of the taste; not quite as bad as I thought it might be, but after swirling it around in my mouth for a few seconds I swallowed it anyway.

I felt so depraved. I had actually swallowed a complete stranger’s piss! The thought made my cunt so hot and I rubbed myself harder. A clear image of the woman squatting over the flask in the cramped train toilet flashed into my mind. Her pissing in it for me. I didn’t care what it tasted like; it was her piss and she had done it for me! I tipped back the flask and drank deeply, masturbating wildly as I did so. After three long swallows I paused briefly to turn the speed of the vibrator up. I sipped a little and savoured the taste in my mouth. Slightly salty with a bitter under taste that I was unfamiliar with. I guessed it was the unique taste of urine. I had to have more! I turned the vibrator up full; and drank, and drank, and came, and drank, and came, and came! My orgasm lasted until the flask was empty and my belly was full.

After each day that passed without seeing the strange woman I was disappointed, but quietly hopeful that I would see her again. I became very well acquainted with the lovely vibrator. Masturbation was fantastic with it. I even tried to penetrate myself, but it was much too large for me; or so I thought at the time. I wore out the batteries in only three days! The day finally arrived. She simply walked up and sat down beside me. A few minutes passed and I sat there dying of embarrassment, but so full of need. ‘What is your name?’ she asked me in a rich melodious voice. ‘Althea,’ I answered quietly. There was no one within twenty feet of us on the far from quiet train, but I felt as if the whole carriage were listening. ‘Althea; that is a very pretty name. And very suitable to you.’ I experienced a rush of joy at her complement. ‘My name is Melanie. Did you enjoy my urine?’ Her question made me almost choke, and I went into a short coughing fit. She had asked the question in the same casual manner as if inquiring as to whether I liked the decor on the train! ‘Well?’ Melanie asked when I had recovered somewhat. ‘Y-yes!’ I finally managed to blurt out. ‘Err… Thank you,’ I belatedly murmured. ‘You’re very welcome,’ she replied cheerfully. ‘If you would like some more, you had better follow me.’ And as the train pulled into a station she got out of her seat. I didn’t know what stop it was, or where she was going, but I didn’t even consider not following, even though I was very scared.

The ladies restroom was not entirely deserted, but after checking that we were unobserved Melanie drew me into the cubicle farthest from the entrance. I was stricken motionless by the bizarre situation. After locking the door she took my bag from my shaking hands and hung it on the door peg along with her own. Wrapping her arms around me, she pulled me tightly against her body. The sensation of her strong warm hands on my back, one running down to firmly caress my bum made me dizzy. She pushed me back against the tile wall of the toilet, pulling me up as she bent over me to make up for our unequal heights. I felt the heat of her body; her very large breasts pressing against, enveloping my small bumps.

‘Mmmmm… you are a pretty little girl!’ she whispered into my ear. ‘You can touch me too you know.’ I had been still, not daring to move. I nervously put my arms around her waist and returned her embrace. ‘That’s right,’ she murmured and encircling my slender neck with one hand she pulled my head back and kissed me passionately. Melanie’s tongue forcefully invaded my mouth, but I was soon returning her kiss with almost equal ardour. All worries about the other occupants of the toilets left my head. Hitching up both our skirts she thrust her thigh against my crotch, pulling my thigh up against her own. She rode me, kissing me hard. I could feel her moistness through her panties. I loved her tongue; breathing her hot breath desperately as she squeezed my own breath from me. As she rubbed against me she put her hand under my skirt and unfastened my garter belt. Then she roughly pulled my panties down to my knees and did the same with her own. I gasped at the pleasure of her thigh against my cunt and the feel of her hairy wetness.

After some minutes of writhing against one another Melanie broke our kiss. ‘Oh Althea you lovely bitch!’ she panted. ‘Feel how my cunt needs you!’ She took hold of my hand and pressed it to her vagina. ‘Rub me you bitch!’ I complied earnestly, amazed at the size of her clitoris and the wet heat of her slit. ‘Put your fingers into my hole and fuck me!’ she ordered. She moaned softly as I carefully inserted two fingers into her vagina. ‘More! Put more fingers in and push up hard.’ I slid in all of my fingers sans my thumb, which I used to rub her clitoris. The walls of her vagina gripped my hand as I fucked her. ‘Oh yes!’ she sighed, as she tugged at the buttons of my blouse. She unhooked my bra and feverishly cupped my right breast.

‘Owww! You’re hurting…’ She snaked an arm around my head and clamped her hand over my mouth and nose. ‘Shhhh!’ she hissed into my ear. She was digging her nails into the tender flesh of my breast. She eased the pressure a bit and whispered, ‘You wouldn’t want anyone to hear you, would you?’ She lifted her hand a little so that I could breathe and answer. ‘No,’ I whispered back. ‘Why are you hurting me?!’ I complained. Melanie’s nails were bringing tears to my eyes. ‘Because…’ she answered as she withdrew her nails, ‘I really…’ and gently stroked my injured flesh, ‘enjoy it!’ She dug her nails viciously into my left breast, clawing at my nipple with her thumb. My cry was stifled as it began and despite struggling desperately I could hardly move her grip, let alone escape.

‘You’ve stopped frigging me! Keep doing it bitch or I’ll tear your tits off!’ The threat in her quiet menacing voice terrified me even more than the pain she was inflicting. I had no idea how far she might go. I forced myself to ignore the pain and the fact that I was nearly suffocating. I began to pleasure her again. ‘Yes, that’s better.’ She moved her hips to meet my hand, her nails clawing deeper into my skin in rhythm with my hand up her cunt. She began swapping from one breast to another, and with each torture she tightened her control of my airway so that I could scream unheard. The pain was unbearable, but I couldn’t do anything but bear it.

The only other thing I was conscious of besides my pain, was Melanie’s enjoyment of what she was doing to me. She was adoring the whole experience! I could literally feel her excitement every time she hurt me. And the more she hurt me, the more she enjoyed it. Pulling cruelly at my nipples; squeezing them and twisting hard. She even began telling me, whispering into my ear how much fun it was! ‘Oh Althea, this is so wonderful! Your little tits are so beautiful. So perfectly firm and high and cone shaped. You can’t imagine how good it feels to hurt them!’ The pain went on and on. I don’t know how long she abused me for, but subjectively it lasted for hours.

Finally she whispered urgently, ‘are you ready Althea? I’m nearly… nearly there!’ Suddenly she transferred her grip to my shoulders and pushed me down. I stumbled and one of my knees collided sharply with the unyielding floor. ‘Lick me! Lick me!’ she commanded, dashing my hand aside as she grabbed hold of my hair and pulled my face against her sex. The pain in my knee was agony, but at least my poor breasts were free from torment at last. The way Melanie screwed my hair against my scull with her powerful fingers was almost gentle in comparison. I opened my mouth and tasted her cunt! Her powerful feminine odour filled my nostrils as I sucked on her womanhood. She ground her vagina against my mouth; fucking my face with her cunt. I ran my tongue over her engorged labia, around the entrance of her cunt hole, and up over her fat clitoris. The wiry hair of her thick bush tickled my nose as I licked her.

The rough concrete scraped my knees as she moved against me. Only a few moments passed and then she jammed her cunt hard into my face and I felt a hot jet of liquid hit the back of my throat. She was pissing into my mouth! My mouth was full very quickly and I swallowed most of it. She was pissing very hard and in an instant my mouth was full again. I swallowed as fast and as much as I could, trying desperately to breathe through my nose. I was almost choking in an effort to keep up. Much of her urine streamed down my chin and neck. I could feel the shudder of her orgasm as she used my mouth as her toilet. It went on and on. I could hardly believe that a woman could urinate so long, or that I could drink so much. Eventually Melanie did finish and I swallowed the last drops of her piss.

I burst into tears, sobbing my eyes out. I wasn’t sure what I thought was going to happen when I followed Melanie, but I didn’t think I would end up bruised, bleeding and raped in a public toilet. ‘There, there. It’s all over Althea.’ Melanie stroked my hair gently and made soothing noises. After pulling up her panties she assisted me to my feet and sat me down on the toilet seat. ‘I’ll be so nice to you, now that I’ve had my fun,’ she crooned. She kissed my forehead and each cheek, then my lips. Softly, lightly, gently she kissed me. Her tongue slipped slowly into my mouth. Not battering down the doors this time, but seducing her way past my lips. She didn’t seem to mind the taste of her own piss. She crouched down and held me closely, to protect me, not prevent me from escaping.

I gradually began to respond to her ministrations. She licked down my chin and neck, cleaning her remaining piss as she went. Throughout her abuse of me, my sexual feelings had not entirely disappeared. Now my desire resurged tenfold and I hung on to her. Then ever so tenderly she kissed my tormented breasts. Even the gentlest brush of her lips on my bruised and lacerated flesh was painful, but the loving care Melanie demonstrated was more than worth it. Inch by inch she cleaned the blood and piss from my tits. ‘Is that a little better?’ she asked when she had finished. ‘Yes Melanie,’ I answered shyly. ‘Good.’ Smiling she pulled my panties down past my ankles and off. She placed them in a side pocket of her jacket. Then she got down on her knees and lowered her face to my vagina. I leaned back against the cistern and parted my legs to receive her.

‘Aaaaaah!’ I moaned as I felt her tongue lick between my cunt lips. ‘Althea, I’d like to taste your urine. If you can, please piss in my mouth!’ Until then I had only been vaguely conscious of a pressure in my bladder. Bringing my attention to it seemed to immediately increase that pressure. Her words made me wild with lust and desire to urinate. She was sucking my little clitoris and running the tip of her tongue over my tiny pee hole. The idea that this gorgeous amazon goddess should want to drink my piss was astounding. I couldn’t believe that I was worthy of that honor. I panicked, suddenly wondering whether I would be able to bring myself to release. Wanting to piss so badly, but not daring to desecrate Melanie’s beautiful mouth.

All of a sudden it was beyond my control. I was pissing! I was pissing and orgasming down Melanie’s throat! And she was obviously loving it, gulping my piss down mouth full after mouth full. The sensation of pissing and coming at the same time was almost unbearably exquisite. It was as if I was ejaculating, only urine, not semen like a man. When my bladder was finally empty, Melanie quickly got up and pulled me to my feet. Hugging me tightly she sealed her lips against mine and emptied the last of my piss into my mouth. We stood there in each other’s arms, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues and sloshing my piss back and forth between us. My urine tasted milder. Less bitter and perhaps a little less salty. When she eventually refused to take it back into her mouth I swallowed it, feeling deliciously naughty to drink my own piss.

I felt something against my neck. Something hard, cold and very sharp! I had thought I was scared before. When you are sweating and it isn’t hot; when your heart is beating so fast that you think it may rip itself apart; when you can feel your carotid artery pulsing against a steel blade and you think that the mere trembling of your body may be enough to slice it open; then, you are terrified! ‘I wouldn’t want you to misinterpret what just happened. I wouldn’t want you to think that we are in any way… equal.’ ‘Please! Please!’ was all I could whisper. ‘Good… I think you understand who is above, and who is below here.’ She held the blade against my neck for a few more seconds. I shuddered and felt weak with relief when she took it away. My relief was tempered by horror as I watched Melanie deftly fold an antique straight razor and put it in her jacket pocket.

‘Now, we had better make you a little more presentable.’ When she had dressed me and dabbed away my tears with her handkerchief, she stood back at arm’s length and examined me, as if checking the turnout of a habitually untidy daughter or niece. She nodded approvingly. Picking up her handbag, she removed an envelope and handed it to me. Then she unlocked the toilet door, and left.

Some minutes later, sitting on a platform seat, I opened the plain white envelope. It contained a short message, a business card and a fifty dollar note. “Dear Althea, thank you for a most enjoyable encounter. As you may be feeling fatigued, I have provided money for a taxi. Thank you also for your panties.” I was almost as astounded as when I saw Melanie piss on the train. Her self-confidence was somewhere beyond the point of arrogance! Also… she had known my name, before she had asked me! For an instant this last was somewhat frightening, but when I examined her business card the fear passed. I now knew who she was too. “Ms M. L. Wakefield, chartered accountant. Brownburry, Wakefield & Horton Ltd.” Surely she couldn’t mean me any real harm, despite the way she had abused me. As I rode up the escalator, feeling very conscious of the breezes wafting up under my skirt and the pain in my breasts, I caught sight of my reflection in a passing advert frame. I was grinning, like an idiot in love!

-To be continued…-