After years of almost begging, my wife Gina finally agreed to have sex with another man and I. She agreed, though was apprehensive. Our friend, nicknamed Bull, was the one we agreed on. Bull had been flirting with Gina for years, though it seemed innocent enough. I approached him about it and his first question was “Why? Why would you want to let another man touch her? She’s so beautiful and sexy.” “That’s exactly why.” I replied. “I can think of nothing more exciting than to see her getting laid by another man. You’re the one we think would do her justice.” He finally agreed and we set the day.

When I got home from work that Friday night, Gina had gone through the house making it spotless. She also had a great dinner in the oven cooking. But the most exciting thing about her was the way she looked. Her makeup was applied perfectly and she was dressed in a low cut dress which was very short. Her ample tits bulged out of her dress which was barely able to contain them. The hem came about three quarters of the way up from her knees to her pussy, and her black stockings completed the sexy look.

Bull arrived at seven and we had dinner. There was a feeling of electric in the air, and we were soon finished eating. We moved to the living room, and Bull and Gina sat on the couch together. He leaned over to kiss her, and she opened her mouth wide, inviting his tongue in, sucking on it. I saw a bulge develop in his pants as he placed his hand on her stockinged thigh, lightly rubbing it. I also noticed Gina’s nipples begin to stiffen, signaling her excitement. After about ten minutes, Gina excused herself, which confused both of us. She came back a few minutes later, dressed in only a pair of thong underwear. Her large tits and dark nipples where naked before us, and she went back and sat on Bull’s lap. She kissed him again, but broke it shortly after, then pulled his head to one of her nipples. His tongue darted around it, causing it and her aureole to stiffen. He continued to suck the now firm nipple and he elicited an urgent sigh from Gina’s throat. His hand wa her inner thigh, stroking it, and causing her to shiver with excitement.

My own cock was hard by now, and I watched them as Gina started grinding her cunt against Bull’s cock, still enclosed in his pants. She slid off his lap and onto the floor in front of him. She reached up and began to slowly pull his zipper down, then reached inside his underwear, pulling out his cock. “Oh, that’s so nice” she murmured as it sprang into view. He was rock hard and it looked as though he was about a foot in length and very thick. I knew that Gina was in for a treat soon. My own cock is average, about seven inches in length, and it always satisfied Gina’s needs.

Now it looked as though she was going to be taken to a new height of pleasure. She wrapped both hands around this big cock, and pulled it towards her lips. Her tongue darted out and began to lick the underside of his cock head, making his cock jump. Then she opened her mouth wide and began to suck the head in, slowly, but firmly. Her cheeks hollowed as she applied the suction which brought him deepe o her mouth. Gina is a fantastic cocksucker, and very skilled in deep throating, but I wasn’t too sure she’d be able to handle this cock the same as she did mine. She continued to suck his cock, and began to swallow as he reached the back of her throat. Bull lay back moaning and saying “Oh God baby, you’re so good! You have to be the best cocksucker I ever had!” With that, she gulped down a couple of more inches of his meat, and only about three inches remained out of her mouth. Soon, she had her lips firmly against his pubic bones, his hair tickling her nose. She had done it! She had swallowed the entire length of Bull’s cock, and he began to hump into her mouth. She blew him like this for about twenty minutes, and he began to breath heavily, panting “Oh God Gina, If you keep this up, I’m gonna blast my cum down your throat!” She only quickened her pace, her head bobbing up and down this new cock. He started groaning, and yelled out “Oh God, I’m gonna cum! Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna shoot my cum right down your throat!” With that, he humped upwards into her mouth and began to shoot his sperm into her throat. After he finished, he pulled her head off his cock and kissed her deeply.

I suggested we move to the bed and we all went to our bedroom. Gina still had her thong panties on, and they were soaked from her juices. She had also cum, just from the excitement of it all. She was on fire as Bull spread her thighs gently apart, and began to kiss her inner thigh, only inches from her now soaked pussy. He teased her with these light licks, bringing out moans of pleasure from deep inside her. The thong was buried between her cunt lips, which were now swollen with her lust. He moved the material aside, and his tongue made contact with her sensitive clit, causing her to buck her hips forward. Her clit was swollen larger than I had ever seen it, almost like a small cock, which Bull took between his lips and sucked. Gina was fucking his face and her breat hing came fast. As her head went back and her eyes closed, I knew she was close. Just before she came, Bull stopped and hurriedly moved up between her wide spread legs. He quickly pushed his massive cock into her steamy cunt bringing her to the edge of her orgasm. As he thrust all the way in, she came, screaming “Oh God yes! Bull, fuck me! Oh yes, give me all you got! Fuck my cunt Bull, that’s it! Fuck me hard, faster! Oh yes, I’m cummmmmiiinnnnngggggggg!!” Her face was flushed with red, and her tits heaved as she met his every thrust with her excited cunt. She bucked all over the bed, thrashing about as he dove deeply into her cunt, sending her into the most intense orgasm I ever saw.

He slowed as she came back down, but he continued to fuck her. She urged him on saying “Oh yes Bull, you’re the best! I never had a cock so deep in my cunt. I love you! Yes, my cunt belongs to you! Fuck me baby, use me like a whore! Fuck me! Oh God, I love it!” I have to admit, I was jealous somewhat when she told him she loved him, but I knew she loved me also. He continued to fuck her, sending her off into multiple orgasms almost the whole time. I never saw her so turned on before, and I knew that I was never so turned on in my whole life. Here was one of my best friends fucking the most beautiful girl in the world, turning her into a cock slut, and I loved it! He kept on going, rubbing his cock head against her G-spot as he went deep. Suddenly, I saw his ass clench tight, and he began to groan out that he was cumming. Gina yelled out “Yes baby, fill my cunt with your sperm! Yes! Fuck me hard baby, take your slut! Oh yes, shoot your sperm deep inside of me!”. panted out “Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna shoot my sperm up your cunt! I’m gonna make you pregnant!” This wasn’t possible as she had her tubes tied a few years before, but it sounded so hot to hear him yell it. Gina urged him on saying “Yes! Make me pregnant! Shoot that load of sperm in me and fill my cunt. Treat me like your slut!! Please! Yes! Fill Meeeee!” With that, he came, shooting his cum deep inside of her well used cunt. She was a completely different person, a slut at the best.

After he finished cumming, he slid off of her and said “Oh baby, you’re the best! I never had a piece of ass like that before. What a wildcat!” Gina told him “I never had a man go that deep in me before. You made me feel so slutty, and I loved it!” Then she looked at me and said “Oh Tom, thank you so much for that! You made me very happy, I just wish we had done this sooner! Now it’s your turn to fuck me, anywhere you want, but first you have to eat me out.” Her words stunned me momentarily. She wanted me to lick Bull’s sperm out of her gaping cunt. It was already oozing slowly out of it, and I figured, what the hell? and went for it. I got between her splayed legs and slowly put my mouth to her cunt. His sperm was in plain view, leaking out and down her ass crack. I stuck out my tongue and tasted the cum that filled her pussy. It was only slightly salty, and I began to clean her out. I increased my pace and she started wailing “Yes Tom! Suck Bull’s sperm out of my whore cunt! Yes, eat me my darling! Oh yes, that! Oh, don’t stop baby, keep going, I’m gonna cum!” With that, her orgasm burst out of her cunt, something I had never seen before.

I continued until she calmed down, then told her to get on her hands and knees. She had never let me fuck her asshole before, but she did say I could fuck her anywhere I wanted now. She got into the position, then grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them open. she knew what I wanted, and she was giving it to me. “Yes Tom, stick that cock up my ass! Then after you cum in me, I want Bull to fill my asshole also!”. She really had turned into a fuck slut, and I loved it! I pressed into her ass, and the head of my cock popped in. I was so excited that I came immediately, but I remained hard. My sperm helped to lube her up, and I pushed in easily after that. Soon, my balls were slapping frantically against her cunt as I fucked her ass. Her muscles grabbed my cock as I fucked her, bringing me closer to my second orgasm. Her hand went to her cunt, and she inserted a few fingers in her pussy while her other hand rubbed her clit. Bull knelt in front of her face and she began to suck him. My second orgasm began to well up in my balls, then it began to shoot out of my cock, filling her asshole with my cum. She was screaming, muffled by Bull’s cock in her throat, but I knew she was cumming hard. After I finished, I rolled off and watched as Bull began to mount her from behind. Then he said I should get under her and eat her while watching his cock slid in and out of her tight little asshole.

I started eating her again, and watched as Bull started his journey up her ass. I saw the cum oozing from the tip of his dick, and he rubbed it against her little brown bud. His cock opened her up so wide that her cunt also was wide open. I sucked her cunt as he entered her asshole, going all the way in, slowly, but firmly. Gina took my soft cock into her mouth and began to bring it to life. Bull was increasing the speed which he fucked her asshole with, and I felt her moan from around my cock. We all continued for about a hour, and Gina urged us on all the way. Finally, Bull’s balls began to tighten and I knew he was about to cum deeply in my wife’s now well used asshole. Or at least I thought so. She knew he was about to cum and she told us “Bull, pull out of my ass and Tom, suck his cock and let him cum in your mouth!” Bull pulled out, and his cock dangled there in front of me. I was turned on just enough to open my mouth as his cock approached. He entered my mouth I sucked him, tasting my wife’s asshole on his cock. Then he was shooting his sperm in my mouth. I reached up and took his cock in my hand, stroking and squeezing it. He filled my mouth and Gina yelled “Yes Tom! Swallow his cum! Suck him dry!” As she was sucking my cock, I could only comply, and I started to swallow his sperm. He came so much, so fast that I couldn’t take it all and some of it drooled out of the corner of my mouth. I started cumming myself, Gina swallowing my cum as I erupted.

We all passed out from exhaustion at our evening activities, and I awoke to Bull fucking Gina the next morning. Later, Bull left and Gina and I talked about what had transpired. “I know I’m a slut, but I loved it so much! I’m glad I finally let you talk me into it Tom. This doesn’t change things with us, does it?” she asked. I replied “As a matter of fact, it does Baby, I love you more than ever. You made me extremely happy!” Then she queried “Tom, was that just a one time thing, or are we going to do it some more?” My answer was “Whatever you want Gina, it was the most exciting evening I ever had, and I want it to continue, but if you don’t want to, then it’s OK with me also.” She beamed “No! I want it to continue also! I feel like a whore, but I’m getting turned on just by talking about it. I do want it to go on, and on , and on…..” I had to admit, I was getting turned on again also, and I climbed on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance to her cum drenched pussy. We fucked for about a half hour and I shot off inside of her well used cunt.

That night, Bull called and asked me what I thought about Gina going out with him. I said sure if she wanted, and she was really turned on by it. He told me that she wouldn’t be back home ’til Sunday afternoon or evening, and I still agreed. Before Bull was due, I made her give me a blowjob, then she showered and got ready. When she came downstairs, she looked like another woman. She was dressed in a sheer blouse with no bra, and a miniskirt that showed her pussy freely as she descended the stairs. Bull picked her up and they left. Gina’s tale follows:

Bull arrived at eight and we left, headed for a club downtown. Before we were out of the driveway, I had his pants open and was sucking his huge cock. his hand went down my ass and his fingers found my already wet cunt and journeyed inside of me. I swallowed his entire length as I did the night before and it didn’t take long before he shot a load of sperm down my throat. He had three fingers inside of me, and I was rubbing my clit. I came about the same time he did, and sat back up just as wen entered the parking lot to the club.

We went in and found a table and had several drinks. Later, when the band started, we danced to a few songs. One of Bull’s friends, Jeremy, came up to our table and Bull invited him to join us. I thought that this would put a damper on my thoughts of lust with Bull, but decided to let it go. After a while, Jeremy asked me to dance when a slow song began, and I looked at Bull to see his reaction. “Go for it baby!” he replied, and we went out to the dance floor. Jeremy was extremely handsome and a magnificent dancer. Soon, in his arms, I felt like putty. My pussy oozed my juices and I felt them running down my legs as he held me close. I also felt the bulge that was beginning to grow in his pants. My nipples poked through my see through blouse and his hands went to my ass, cupping my cheeks. This man was turning me on, and I knew that I was a slut as I thought what he’d be like to fuck. Turns out, I didn’t have long to wait. About eleven or so, the three of us left the and headed to Bull’s place. As we entered, Bull turned and kissed me, and Jeremy took me in his arms from behind. I felt his cock press against my ass and I pushed back, grinding my ass into his pants. We went directly to the bedroom, knowing full well that fucking would be the result. My pussy was soaking wet as these two men took me into their arms and began to explore my body. They pulled off my blouse and each of them took one of my nipples in their mouth and began to suck at them. Then both of them inserted a couple of fingers in my pussy, really getting my juices flowing. I felt like whore as they continued, making me hotter by the minute.

Bull told Jeremy “Let her suck your cock, she’s a pro at it!” So, Jeremy stripped and straddled my head. His cock was every bit as big as Bull’s, and maybe bigger. His balls were as big as eggs, filled with sperm ready to explode out of them. I opened my mouth, and let this new cock slide in between my soft lips. I love to suck cock, it makes me so horn d big cocks make me almost cum. Bull got between my legs and moved my miniskirt up around my hips. His tongue began a journey that would end in my orgasm. He was so good at eating pussy, and I felt my clit begin to lengthen. He sucked at it, like I was sucking the cock in my throat. Jeremy started to gently fuck my mouth, sending his large piece of meat slowly down my throat. I sucked it down, engulfing the whole of it as he entered me. Soon, Bull had me cumming. After I calmed, he moved up my body and I felt his cock begin to enter me, spreading my cunt lips wide. I was in Heaven as these two well hung studs used me as they wanted. Jeremy’s breath came faster as he said “Oh yes baby, you ARE the greatest cocksucker in the world! Keep going slut! Suck the cum right out of me!” He increased his speed and was all the way in my throat, fucking it like he would my cunt a little later. Meanwhile, Bull’s massive tool had reached the depths of my pussy, sending me off into another orgasm. I kept on cumming as he fucked me, unable to stop it. I came for about a half hour, which totally exhausted me. Finally, Bull began to bellow out “God Gina, I’m cumming! Yeah, shake that fucking ass! Fuck me you little slut! Squeeze the cum right out of my balls!” I felt his sperm splatter against the back of my cunt, hot fire, which sent me off again into a lust filled hazy orgasm. Jeremy also began to shoot his cum down my throat, and I swallowed as fast as I could, taking it all down. My throat contractions made his orgasm even more powerful and he fucked my mouth very hard, his balls slapping my chin.

We rested, but not for long. Jeremy was soon hard again, and he lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. I sat on his huge cock, sliding down this magnificent pole. Bull got in behind me and I felt his cock begin to enter my pussy as well. “Oh God no! It will never fit!” I screamed. But, I was wrong. Soon, both of these giants had their cocks fully planted in my cunt. As they moved, my body rippled with my orgasms. Jeremy has my nipples between his fingers, pinching them bringing me to a new height. I could only lay there allowing them to fuck me as they wanted. My body was on fire and I needed cock so badly. My only thoughts were of cumming. Multiple orgasms racked my body, sending me off into a haze of lust. They continued fucking me for what felt like hours. Finally, they both began to cum at almost the same time. I couldn’t believe how much sperm they were pumping into me, filling me to overflowing.

This continued all night. They each had me about a half dozen times, and I took it all like the slut I had become. I finally returned home at ten PM Sunday night and told Tom all about what had happened. His cock was huge before I finished, and he mounted me, sliding in with no problem. As a matter of fact, I barely felt his dick, so stretched was my well worn cunt. I told him to fuck my asshole instead, and I got on my hands and knees, ready to accept his shaft up my ass. We fucked for over an hour before Tom finally blasted his load up my ass.

I love Tom even more than ever for finally talking me into becoming a slut. I only fuck the men he approves of, unless I’m out alone and let myself get picked up. Sometimes he’s there watching, or joining in, other times, I go alone. One thing is for sure, my libido has increased dramatically and at times, I’m almost insatiable. Being a slut for big cocks is the best! Try it girls, you’ll love it!