My wife Julie and I just turned fifty. We are both into physical fitness and people say we look much younger then our age. I think we act it too. The sex has always been there, but has become a little stale lately. Julie never says no to me and I can’t complain about how much I get, but she is very conservative. While our love making can become loud and wild at times, she will only do it missionary style. She doesn’t want to experiment with other positions and will not even consider giving me head. I love her, so I make do.

Not too long ago my wife and I finally took a trip out to Vegas. We met this couple there, jim and donna who invited us to a Vegas Party being held in this huge penthouse. Jim said dress casual. People there want to be comfortable and just have fun. Donna said there is plenty of champagne and the best part is the entertainment.

It was almost time to leave. Julie slipped a cream colored cotton shift over her head. It had a few buttons on top holding her breasts in place and was short enough to make her look a little sexy. It went great with the heels she was wearing. I put on a pair of dockers and a nice pull over shirt and we were on our way. When we arrived at the party Jim and Donna were there to meet us. The place was spectacular. The suite had three huge living rooms and two bedrooms. There was a large screen tv, music and waiters walking around with champagne and food. Jim and Donna introduced us to a few people and went off to mingle. The crowd was younger than us, but there were a few older people too. We sat down on one of the couches to just watch the crowd. We had a few drinks and both of us were feeling pretty good. After a while we noticed some changes. There was a couple in the corner making out. He had his hand up her skirt. On the couch opposite us on the other side of the room a woman was stroking a mans dick while her tits hung from her blouse. We both looked at each other in shock. I’m not sure my wife has ever seen another mans dick before. Women started taking off their clothes and some men were walking around in there tight underware with their members bulging. I asked Julie if she wanted to leave, but she said it was just all the alcohol making some of the guests do crazy things. I must admit. I was getting turned on by the things taking place around us.

It got much crazier as time went on. We saw Donna, naked, getting fucked by someone other than Jim. I looked over at Julie and she was looking turned on also. I reached over and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her shift. Just to see what she would do. She had major cleavage showing now. One more button and her tits would flop out. It didn’t seem to bother her. In her lap her shift was hiked up her legs barely covering her. I put my hand between her thighs and she opened them slightly, inviting me. What a major turn on knowing your wife would let you finger fuck her and show her tits in front of all these people. Especially Julie. We saw a man approaching from across the room. I removed my hand and straightened up. He introduced himself as Tom. He was about six feet, early thirties and looked in good shape. After pleasantries were exchanged he explained that Jim told him Julie was a physical fitness buff. She said she was and that she always enjoyed a good workout. Tom held out his hand and asked her to come with him. He wanted her to meet some of his friends who also liked a good workout. She looked at me and I told her to go ahead. I wanted to stay [ and watch all the action around me ]. He helped her up and they headed off to the other living room. As they entered the archway, I heard tom yell, hey everyone, I want you to meet our new comer, Julie.

I was getting hotter by the minute watching everything going on around me. Finally a hot young lady about twenty five came and sat next to me. we introduced ourselves. She said her name was Carla. Two minutes later she has my dick out and is going down on me. I probably should have tried to stop her, but I couldn’t. The room was one big wild sex scene by now. Carla’s lips and tongue felt great on my shaft. After a while she pulled her mouth off me and started giving me a hand job. She kept stoking faster and faster with just the right pressure. I shot my wad straight up in the air only to come back down all over her hand and my balls. I was in a panic now. I wanted to get things back to normal before Julie came back and saw this. I told Carla I had to go and find my wife. She gave me a parting smile and left. The room had thinned out some. I headed for the other large living space were Julie and tom had disappeared.

It was crowded in there. People were all gathered around. Their attention focused on the middle of the room. I saw Jim and Donna right in the thick of it. I made my way in their direction to ask if they had seen my wife. When I reached them, I got the shock of my life. Julie was on her hands and knees on the edge of a coffee table. Her shift was pulled up over her full round ass. Her tits hanging down with erect nipples. Her panties were gone and her legs spread wide. Her back was arching so her pussy could meet Tom as he fucked the shit out of her from behind. There were three other guys standing naked around her, stroking their erections. And around them, was an audience watching the entertainment. Myself included. Tom had her by the hips pulling her toward him, enabling his big cock to drive deep with each stroke. Her ass would ripple each time he banged her. She was rocking back and forth to meet him, her tits bouncing wildly. She was moaning with pleasure. He picked up the pace and rammed harder. He was giving her his full length. He would pull out all the way to the head of his long cock and drive it hard till his balls slapped against her pussy. Now Julie’s moans turned to yelps each time he drove it home. I wanted to step in and stop this, but found myself being strangely turned on. The crowd of people watching Tom and Julie fuck were all excited. Somehow I knew the show was just beginning.

As Tom continued pounding her, another one of the naked studs positioned his erection inches from her face. He moved closer and started rubbing the head of his cock around her cheeks and chin. She reacted by opening her mouth and letting him slip it past her lips. He slowly started pumping in and out driving deeper with each stroke. Julie started bobbing her head up and down on him. At the other end, Tom was reaching a climax. With one final long stroke he shoved his cock deep in her pussy, held it there and shot his load. Julie moaned as she felt the warm cum shoot inside her. After the initial gush Tom started pumping again till he was totally drained. Immediately after Tom pulled from my wife’s pussy, another stud was there to take his place. As he was shoving his cock in her, I could see Tom’s cum running down the inside of her thighs. Now this new stud started fucking her at a furious rate. Really slamming her. Her shameless moaning indicating her ecstacy. Everything was moving so fast, I had a hard time keeping up with all the action. The guy with the cock in my wife’s mouth was starting to grunt. This seemed to spur her on as she worked on him faster. As he shot his wad in her mouth, she eagerly swallowed as much as she could. When he removed his dick, cum was dripping from her chin. Many of the people watching were playing with themselves or each other. Myself included.

The stud in her pussy, pulled out quickly and prompted her to flip over on the coffee table and lie flat on her back. She complied willingly with her legs spread wide. He looked down on her as he stood between her knees and jerked off. The last stud entered the picture now. He straddled the table facing the other man and squatted directly over Julie s face. While he was stroking himself, she was licking the underside of his balls. It only took this man a minute before he worked himself to an orgasm. He backed off a little, positioned his cock right over her and shot his load on her face. A few seconds later the man standing between her legs squirted his sperm through the air splattering it on her tits and stomach. It took a couple of minutes before the clapping and cheering died down from the excited crowd. I looked down at my wife. She was just lying there, resting, with cum all over her. They had fucked her real good. I think she enjoyed her workout.

– The End –