“Oh, Larry, what are you doing to me!” she moaned. Everything was a novel experience. She had entered a wonderland of amazing sensations. Her past thoughts of manly caresses, entertained when she had relieved her tensions in the past, had become the reality of a lover’s lips on her breasts and his fingers deep inside her. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned, pushing her cunt against Larry’s hand, “You make me feel so good.” 

“That’s great, baby. I want my sweetie to feel good,” he answered. His hands and mouth continued their busy work. 

The tingling coalesced very quickly, and Nancy felt her body wracked by a huge shudder and gasped as an unbelievable surge of pleasure overpowered her. Nancy held Lawrence tight against herself, allowing the wave of pleasure to consume her. He continued to rub her pussy relentlessly. In another minute another great surge of good feeling made her pussy throb again. Soon he slowed his hand, allowing Nancy to come back to the world. 

“Larry,” she gasped, panting, “I’ve never felt like that before. That was sensational!” She felt guilty in having ignored his need and put her hand in motion on his erection. She began to stroke him again. “Tell me what I should do for you, dear?” she urged. “I want to please you now.” 

“I want to fuck you, baby,” Larry replied. “I want my cock inside you.” 

“Larry dear, I’d like that,” she said, as tears began to flow, “But I’m still a virgin and not on the pill and… and… I’m so afraid.” She began to shudder in his arms. She did not want to refuse him, but feared granting his wish. Would she spoil all of this? 

“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t take your cherry until you want me to,” he whispered softly, “I don’t want to fuck your pussy, but I really would like to fuck your ass. When I put my dick in your ass, Nancy, you will feel so good, and you won’t get knocked up when I squirt my cum inside you.” 

“Fuck my ass? I… I don’t know. Would it hurt me, dear?” 

“We’ll take it nice and slow, baby. See how hard and long my cock is. It will feel so good in you, and it’s slim too, so it will slide right into your butt. Come on; we’ll take our time, but I know you’ll like it, baby.” Nancy was confused by her lover’s request. She had heard of anal intercourse, so it was probably OK. 

“Larry… Ummmm…” she mumbled. “Ok then, but don’t hurt me, dear.” 

“Don’t worry, Nancy. I’ll never hurt you. Do you have anything slippery like vaseline, baby? ” Nancy went into her bathroom and soon returned with a jar of the lubricant. They knelt on the floor together, and Larry began to massage it into her crack. As he rubbed her butt crack, he kept leaning down to kiss her fleshy haunches. Nancy saw that he was becoming very excited by this activity. Soon he was rubbing the lubricant right on her asshole, still kissing and fondling her big, round buttocks. 

“Oh god, baby, I love your big, smooth ass so much! It is so fine!” he said over and over. It was very clear to her how much Larry adored her enormous butt. “This is just so fine!” he cried out just as she felt him slide a finger inside her asshole. His penetration startled her, but she discovered she liked the feel of his finger within her. 

“Aaaahhhh, Larry, that feels wonderful, dear! Keep doing that!” He moved his finger around and pushed it deeper. She felt all the tensions depart from her anal muscles. Larry pulled his finger out, and Nancy felt increased pressure on her rosebud, followed by another thrilling penetration. 

“I’m putting two fingers in now, baby. Does that feel good?” She moaned, unable to speak for the moment. She experienced with delight an excellent, penetrating massage. Nancy loved what Larry was doing to her. Her entire ass was tingling because of his probing fingers. Finally she got her voice back. 

“Oh yes, Larry dear. It feels so good.” She could feel her anal muscles loosen and his fingers slip deep inside her with ease. Finally, he pulled his fingers free from her butt. 

“Ok, baby, that’s enough,” he said, pushing his hard cock against her big ass. “You’re ready now.” He shifted closer behind her and pushed his cock up and down the crack between her two huge cheeks. Nancy looked back over her shoulder and saw Larry’s eyes were closed and a faint smile was on his lips. As he moved his cock to her relaxed butt hole, he pressed the head more firmly, and it popped in rather easily, even if it did feel a bit uncomfortable for a moment. 

“Oh god, Larry!” she moaned, “Oh god!” Soon the discomfort faded and Nancy’s ass began to tingle again. “It feels Ok now, dear,” Nancy said a minute later. 

“Are you all right now, baby?” he asked. “See how I held it right there for a little while, and then you got used to it.” Very slowly Larry began to push deeper into Nancy. The sensation, she found, was quite enjoyable. 

“Oh, Larry, that feels good; do it more.” Larry began slipping his well-greased prick in and out of her ass. As the remaining tautness disappeared, Nancy felt nothing but a wonderful feeling from her first butt-fuck. She sensed that Larry was also having fun. He was gasping and pumping her ass faster. His hands gripped her fleshy, wide hips tightly, and his fingers dug into her soft flesh, exciting her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw his face grimacing with pleasure as he slammed against her buttocks. 

“God, baby, your big, fat ass is so great! This is such a good ass-fuck!” Larry moaned and groaned as he slammed his belly against Nancy’s fleshy rear. “Shit, baby, I knew when I first saw your great big ass, that fucking it would be so good. Oh fuck! That’s right… Push your big, fucking ass against my cock, baby!” Dear Lawrence’s cock was dipping deep into her rectum, and Nancy had never felt anything so good. 

“Fuck my ass, Larry. Fuck deep into my asshole, dear! Ohhh… shit… Don’t stop… Oh, Larry, this feels so good!” Nancy had heard Larry’s words about the size of her ass, but they did not offend her. She no longer cared. If her enormous ass had attracted him to her, and was providing him with pleasure, she could live with it. His anal penetration was definitely giving her a big thrill. Her ass seemed to be made for this kind of sex. Her big butt had turned Lawrence on so much, and he deserved to enjoy it. She shoved her ass back against his cock, matching his pounding rhythm.