Doris went to he fathers house after school. Her mother had divorced her father because she did not like sex. Doris was not like her mother.

When she was a little girl she would pull up her dress for boys after church. Sometimes she would take off her panties and let them feel her little hairless cunny. It was an exciting thing for her to do until her mother caught her and spanked her little bare bottom in front of her daddy until she could not sit down. Her daddy tried to stop his little girls punishment but to no avail.

Her mother was a prim religious fanatic whose only lover was Jesus. She hated her mother and loved her daddy.

Her mother would not let her go out on dates, or wear make up. She had lipstick hidden in her purse and would put it on after she left the house. Doris was horrified when the divorce court said she had to live with her mother.

Doris had a key to her daddies house and unlocked the door. She walked in quietly and heard noises from the bed room. Doris was curious. She snuck tippy toed to her dads bed to sunrise him.

He had his dick in a large rubber blow up doll! He must have got it at one of those sex shops she had heard about.

Her daddy grunted and shot his sperm in the dolls lubricated cunny hole. His dick went limp and he sighed. Doris looked at her dads shrinking dick. His spunk oozed out of the artificial cunt.

Her daddy sensing that there was someone there looked around and saw his teen age daughter.

“OH MY GOD.” he cried and sobbed.

Doris ran to the kitchen and came back with a steak knife. She stabbed the knife into the sex dolls belly.

“Now she won’t have rubber babies.” she giggled.

Doris kicked the deflating doll in the cunt and sent her daddies cum flying.

“TAKE THAT BITCH! she screamed.

Her father looked at his daughter agast.

Doris felt so sorry for her lonely father she told him.

“Don’t worry daddy.”

“I won’t tell anybody.” she reassured him.

Her daddy covered himself and rushed over to her.

“Please don’t.” he said.

Doris kissed her father pushing her tongue into his mouth. Her father gasp and looked at his little girl with wide eyes.

“I want to take my clothes off for you and show you how sexy I am.” she said.

“I’m better than a rubber girl.”

NO her father said.

“That would be incest!”

Doris stomped her little foot.

“To hell with religious uptight people.” she said.

“You sound like mother.”

“It will be our secret.” she reassured him.

Doris did not wait for her daddies answer. She shed her clothes and stood nude showing her little breasts and almost hairless pussy to her daddy. He stared at her with wide eyes. He was evidentially excited because his prick was getting hard.

“Your thing is so cute when it is hard.” she giggled.

She kissed him tenderly and pressed her naked little body against him. He kissed her back because he was a lost lonely man. He felt his daughter naked body all over lingering on her wet pussy. He pushed a trembling finger in her waiting hole. She moaned with pleasure.

“I want to suck your dick daddy.” she said.

She knelt down and sucked him until he blew his nuts. Sperm filled her mouth and spattered on her face.

“Oh neat!” she giggled with glee.

She then kissed her daddy and shared the precious sperm with him.

Doris was not stupid and she told her father to take her to get birth control pills. Her mother would not let her have them. She told her daddy that after the pills took effect she would fuck him every week end.

They both got dressed and went to a clinic and the doctor indeed prescribed the pills after her daddy signed a piece of paper. She hid the pills in a secret compartment in her purse where she kept the lipstick.

Her daddy drove her home and her mother was waiting. Later her mother ask her how she liked her court ordered visit with her ex husbnd.

“Daddy and I read the bible.”

“He wants me to give him religious instructions every week end.” she lied.


“He has seen the light.” said her mother.

Doris thought to herself that religious people were so gullible. Doris was a secret atheist. She only had contempt for religion.

It was Saturday morning and time for Doris to visit her father. She wore no panties. Her daddy did not live far from her mothers house and she was going to walk there.

“I’m going to see daddy now.” she announced to her mother.

“Take my big bible and read it to Fred.” said her mother very pleased with her daughter sudden religious fervor.

“Thank you mom, I will.”

Doris got her mothers bible and had an wicked thought. She knew what she was going to do with that worthless book. She opened the door to her daddies house. Fred had been waiting for her and could barely contain his excitement.

Doris closed the door behind her and put the bible on the floor. She pulled her dress up around her hips revealing her nude pussy and squatted over the book and pissed. Her pee soaked the book and puddled on the rug. Her father was shocked at the evil depravity of it. She had a satisfied look on her face and said.

“There, I have wanted to do that for a long time.”

She undressed and lay her ass on the pee soaked bible and spread her legs wide Her little cunny wet with pee and she said.

“Come break my cherry daddy.” she said smiling up at him.

Fred tore his clothes off and mounted his beautiful little girl. He rammed his dick in her cunt breaking her cherry. He grunted like an animal and shot his sperm immediately into her bleeding hole. It did not hurt Doris and she thought those tails of it hurting were overblown.

Doris quivered and had her first climax. This was what she had alway wasted and the feeling was delicious! She was glad her mother was sexually frigid.

This might have never happened but for that. Her daddy got off of her and Fred saw his daughters pussy dripping cum. Blood and piss soaked bible. She was so beautiful.

He wanted to eat his little girls pussy. Something that his ex wife never let him do to her. He stuck his tongue in her slimy pussy and sucked it.

“OH GOD.” she shouted.


Doris trembled with a huge orgasm spraying girl juice on her fathers face.

Fred drank the juice and shot sperm on the rug. The rug now smelled like a whore house. His daughter was his little whore and he loved it.

Doris picked up the pee and blood soaked bible and put it in a box. She had plans for that smelly book later.

They both stood and kissed each other. they left the living room and went to the bed room. They made love all day and into the night. They were exhausted and Doris slept with her daddy for the fist time in her life. I was wonderful, erotic and beautiful.

They fucked all day Sunday until it was time for her to walk home.

“Daddy, can I have my eighteenth birthday party here?”

“Fred said yes and wondered what kind of birthday party that would be. Doris told her daddy that she was going to invite some friends.

“Of course dear.” he said thinking of all the happy birthday parties she had when she was a little girl.

When Doris got to her mothers house she told her that she was going to have her eighteenth birthday with her father. Her mother said it was alright and when she got home from her week end with her dad she had a present to give her.

Doris had no friends so she made a bold move. There was a black brother and sister in her class. They were twins. She was going to ask them because she had heard that they smoked marijuana. The boys name was John and the girl was named Nadine. They were very close. Too close Doris thought. She had seen Nadine kissing her brother and it did not look like a sisterly kiss. Doris found them together at lunch time.

“Would you both like to come to my party next week end?” she ask.

They were surprised. No white person had ask them to a party before. They looked at each other and said.

“Ok, we will be there.”

“Bring some marijuana.”

“I have never tried it.” said Doris in a low voice.

They said yes. They would be happy to turn this white girl on to smoking dope. Doris gave them her fathers address.

It was time for the birthday party. Doris got dressed and put on black lace panties and a pretty black lace bra. She donned a white dress.