She was going to seduce John. Doris hoped John would fuck the shit out of her with his black dick. Her daddy could fuck Nadine and she would watch.

Her daddy cleaned the house. He had a refrigerator of cold beer.

The door bell rang and Doris opened the door. She greeted the twins and invited them in.

Nadine had on an almost transparent red dress and Doris saw that she didn’t have on a bra. Her nipples were clearly visible. She was gorgeous!

Fred did not expect to see black people. He eyed Nadine. She looked like a black Nubian goddess. They sat in the living room drinking beer until they were drunk. Nadine broke out the marijuana and packed it in a bong. She lit it and passed it to Doris. She inhaled and coughed but was determined to get high.

Fred had never smoked marijuana before but liked the smell. It reminded him of burning rags or leaves.

Doris stood up and shed her clothes in front of her father. Her daddy pushed three fingers up his little girls cunt. Doris pushed her pussy forward and his daughters pussy swallowed his fingers.

“Wow, this is my kind of party.” giggled Nadine.

John pulled his hard dick out of his pants and started jacking off.

“Daddy, suck Johns dick until it goes off.” she pleaded.

Fred did not hesitate and swallowed the peter all the way up to Johns balls.

John was turned on to see this older white man sucking him off while his daughter watched.

Nadine shed her dress and was completely nude. First she kissed her brother and then she kissed Doris. Nadine shoved a big black tit in her mouth and Doris sucked it and softly felt Nadines cunny hole. They were all nude now and a drunken dope induced orgy ensued.

Doris lay on the floor and spread her legs. John mounted the lovely white bitch and shoved his dick in her hole and savagely fucked her. Doris writhed around on the floor moaning obscenities. She wrapped her white legs around the black man kissing him and squirting female juice on his pecker. Fred grabbed Nadine and buried his face in her sweet black pussy. He ate her until she climaxed.


“MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FACE! she screamed.

This lasted until night time and Doris slept with her daddy and John with his sister. They all fucked each other until the late morning hours. They awoke with the sun shining threw the window. Nadine kissed Doris and squatted over her face and took her morning pee. Doris greedily drank it all.

Fred raised his naked ass in the air and John rammed his prick in Freds asshole and fucked him. He shot his load deep into Fred as the girls watched.

They started the next day with breakfast. They didn’t get dressed. Doris went to the refrigerator and got a long green cucumber. She spit on it and pushed it up Nadines slippery cunt hole until it almost disappeared. The men watched the show with interest. They kissed one another and sucked each others dicks until they were drained.

.John walked up to his sister and pissed on her.

“Everyone feel free to piss on my black ass.”She giggled.

Doris and her daddy peed on Nadine. She opened her mouth and drink some of the warm piss raining down on her. It was fun being pissed on by her two white lovers! They all ended up in an orgy that lasted until Doris had to go home. Nadine and John thanked Doris for a wonderful time and left.

Doris told her mother that she had a good time at her party. Her mother smiled and was happy for her daughter.

“Mom I have to go back to daddies.” Doris said.

“What for?” ask her mother.

“I forgot your bible and I will bring it back tommorow.”

“That is so sweet of you dear.” her mom said.

Doris smiled an evil smile to herself and made her plans.

Doris went her daddies the nex day. They fucked for awhile and Doris told him of her plans.

He went to the bank and withdrew all his money. He had a lot of it and he was proud of that fact. Doris wrapped the stinky bible in a pretty package. Then her daddy drove her to her mothers. Doris and Fred walked into the house. Doris handed her mother the package.

“For me?” she said sweetly.

She then opened it and screamed.



Doris hit her mother in the face so hard she made her nose bleed. Doris tore her mothers clothes off with a furry.

She threw her to the floor and pushed her arm up her hairy pussy so hard and so deep that her hand entered her cervix. She fucked her mother for a full fifteen minutes with her arm until she got tired. Her mother screamed that she was killing her. Doris slapped her and told her to shut up or she would kill her.

Then she pulled her arm out of her cunt and motioned to her father. Fred was already undressed and he raped his ex wife violently, biting her breasts until they bleed. Doris seeing this grabbed both of her mothers nipples and pulled them as hard as she could. Her mother screamed again and Doris hit her in the stomach and she puked blood on Fred. Fred bit off her nipple and watched the blood flow.

Doris smiled at her father and kissed him. They spit the nipple back and forth in each others mouth as if it were a game. Doris bit off her mothers other nipple. Her mother passed out from the pain and horror of it all.

They both stood up smiling. Doris got an evil gleam in her eye. She went to the kitchen and got a sharp knife. She slit each side of her mothers mouth. She cut her clitoris off and ate it.

Then with a grin she sliced off her mothers breasts. Fred stuck his dick in one of the breasts and fucked it until he went off. Doris whispered in her daddies ear that she loved him and they each shared a bloody kiss. Doris took the knife and slit her mothers neck.

She slit her belly cutting a cross and pulled the bloody flaps apart so that she could look at her mothers cervix. Doris got the bible that she had pissed on, and with some difficulty she placed in her mothers cervix. Then they both stepped back and looked at their handiwork.

They took a shower and Fred fucked his little girl. Fred brought the can of gasoline from the car. They poured over the bloody dead body and Doris gave her mother a last well aimed kick. She giggled when her shoe got stuck in her mothers cunt.

Doris tossed a lit pack of matches on her mothers gasoline soaked corps. Fred and his daughter ran from the house and no one saw them leave. Fred and Doris drove to California where he started a used car lot. He and his daughter lived as man and wife. After all, they had the same last name.