Hi Everybody,

The following is a true story. It is not as wild as most of the stories I’ve read here, but then, most of those aren’t true. My name is Bobbi Sue, and just recently, I decided to spice up my sex life. But first, let me tell you about myself. I am pretty short, only 5’1″ tall, and I weigh about 105 pounds. My blond hair is shoulder length and my eyes are blue. I’ve been told that I’m cute, and without trying to sound conceited, I think it’s true. I exercise every day, either running, roller-blading, swimming, or cross-country skiing (in the winter, of course), and as a result, my body is in really good shape. My measurements are 34A-22-34, and while my boobs are kind-of small, I have very prominent nipples. I’ve also been told that my best feature is my nicely-shaped butt. I am happily married, but my husband doesn’t know about my latest exploits.

It all started when I discovered this newsgroup. Actually, my husband showed it to me as an example of how perverted some areas of the internet were. He is pretty prudish for a young guy (he’s 26 and I’m 30), and I guess he thinks I am too. I guess I never gave him any indication that I might like some things that might sound a little kinky. And I’m not likely to now, knowing how he feels about such things. I’m not complaining; we have great sex together, so it’s not like I NEED anything more.

Anyway, I started reading some of the stories in this newsgroup every once in a while. The ones that really get me wound up are the ones where husbands like to watch their wives with multiple partners. I personally can’t think of anything sexier than having several guys ravish me. I mean, seriously, what woman wouldn’t like that. The stories I read got me really hot! And usually, I’d wait for Tom (my husband) to get home, and seduce him. But sometimes I couldn’t wait. On those occasions, I would go up to the bedroom and masturbate. At first I felt kind-of guilty. I mean, I quit masturbating when I got married four years ago! But after a few times, I just felt good, not guilty.

The first time I did it, I used my fingers on my clit, and that was great! After the first few times, though, I started craving some penetration, so I started using my fingers inside my pussy. I would usually start out using just one finger, but would eventually end up with four fingers buried to the last knuckle in my slit. Well, that was good, but I found myself craving something bigger and deeper. That’s when I started using brush handles, candles, bottles, and eventually vegetables. Now when I go grocery shopping, I select the carrots and cucumbers based on how I think they would fill my pussy!

But that’s not what this story is about! Like I said, I really enjoyed the stories of women who had multiple partners. I also liked the ones about women who liked to show off their bodies. I started fantasizing about showing off my body, and I would think about that too when I masturbated. Then, about two weeks ago, I got a chance to actually do it!

Like I said, I exercise a lot. Now that Spring is here, I’ve been going for noon runs. I work at a small manufacturing firm that is located about 10 miles outside of town, and there are lots of trails and two-track roads to run on. Now, most of these two-tracks and trails are pretty deserted. Actually, the chances of meeting another person on any of them is pretty remote, so on hot days, I had been fantasizing about running naked! I figured that it would be really thrilling, and the chance of anyone actually seeing me would be about 1 in 100. So, two weeks ago on a particularly warm day, I decided to do it!

I left work on my noon run wearing my usual running shorts and top. I had to run a little way on the road to get to my favorite trail. After I’d turned onto the trail and run a little ways, I stopped and adjusted my shorts. The running shorts that I wear are pretty short and they have splits on both sides to allow for leg movement. They also have a sewn in nylon brief that takes the place of underwear. The brief also serves to add a degree of modesty in windy weather, because the split shorts have a tendency to blow up like a skirt in windy conditions. To make the picture even clearer, let’s just say that if there was no sewn-in brief, my ass would be clearly visible a lot of the time on windy days! And today was a windy day! Anyway, when I say that I adjusted my shorts, I mean to say that I pulled the sewn-in brief up between my cheeks, so that both of my cheeks would be in plain sight in even the lightest breeze. I also pulled my shorts up as high as they would go. This had the effect of baring the bottom part of my ass even without a breeze. Then I started running again. It felt yummy! I could feel the breeze on my exposed ass, and the brief that I’d pulled up between my cheeks was working it’s way between my quite-wet pussy lips.

I ran for about a mile like this, getting hornier by the minute. Then without stopping, I pulled my running top over my head! Now I was topless, too! God, what a feeling of freedom! I decide to hide my top by the side of the trail, so that if I did see someone, I wouldn’t be able to cover up (I knew myself, and I figured that I would chicken out if I had the chance). I rationalized that I would not see anyone anyway, in order to talk myself into leaving my top behind.

So, I did it! I dropped my top by the side of the trail and ran on. My usual turn-around spot was only about a mile further down the trail, so I would only be vulnerable for those two miles (one out and one back). Knowing that I couldn’t put my top on if I saw someone made me pretty nervous, but I ran on enjoying the feeling of the wind on my bare skin, the bounce of my unrestrained boobs, and the pleasurable feeling caused by the material wedged between my pussy lips. Then it happened!

I was about 1/2 mile from my turn-around point when I rounded a curve in the trail and practically ran into a guy on a mountain bike! We barely missed each other; he veered to my right and I veered left, and we didn’t collide. My heart skipped a beat, and I kept running right past him. Meanwhile, he had slammed on his brakes to avoid me, and he was at a standstill. I was afraid to look back to see if he was watching me, but I figured he probably was, because I hadn’t heard him move after our near collision. I continued to run away from him, knowing that he had gotten a good close look at my bare breasts, and that he was now being treated to a clear view of my ass. God, was I horny!! Just thinking about him watching me brought me close to an orgasm. There weren’t any more curves between me and the turn-around point, and I wondered if he would still be there watching when I reached it and turned to run back. I didn’t know what I would do if that were the case, so I just ran on and concentrated on the feeling of the material rubbing between my pussy lips.

I reached the turn-around and I turned to run back along the trail I had just run out on. The mountain biker was gone! What a relief. I don’t think I could have faced running toward him for a half mile as he watched me draw ever nearer. I continued to run on, thinking of how exciting it had been knowing that this strange guy was watching my bare ass as I ran away from him. I almost stopped to bring myself to an orgasm with my fingers, but I decided to postpone it as long as I could stand it. That way, my orgasm would be that much more intense when I finally did give in.

I rounded the corner where I’d had my encounter with the mountain biker, and there in the trail about a half mile away, I saw a guy sitting on a bike. It occurred to me that that was just about where I had discarded my sport top!

I ran towards him. As I drew nearer, I could see that he was facing me and appeared to be watching me intently. I tried to imagine what must be going through his head, what he must think of me. Here I was, nearly naked, running towards him, with my boobs bouncing. He must obviously think that I am a loose woman, I mean, who else would do what I was doing. As I drew nearer, I saw that he was holding my sport top! I knew that I would have to stop and ask him for it! I would have to talk to him! God was I nervous! And excited!! The closer I drew, the more I could see, and visa versa, I suppose.

He was sitting on his mountain bike, and it looked like he had his bike shorts pulled down! When I was about 100 yards away, I could see that he was using my sport top to massage his penis!

I came to a dead stop. Did I really want to get any closer? This guy could try to rape me! As wet as my pussy was, it surely wouldn’t hurt, but I really hadn’t bargained on being unfaithful to my husband. Well, I had to get that running top in order to go back to work, so I walked toward him. I don’t know why, but I didn’t try to cover myself; I guess I was kind of mesmerized. When I was within ten feet of him, I could clearly see his cock. He had my sport bra wrapped around his hand and he was rubbing it on his cock. It was a nice looking cock, kind of big, circumcised, and very hard. I walked a little closer and asked if I could please have my top back. He said that he wasn’t done with it yet, but that he would give it back pretty soon. Then he asked me to turn around. I asked him why he wanted me to turn around, and he told me that he wanted to see my beautiful ass again.

I couldn’t turn down a request like that, so I turned around and bent over, exposing my ass to his penetrating stare. Then he said he was going to fuck me! Well, that was not in the plan and I told him that I wouldn’t allow it! Well, thank God he was a decent guy! He said that he wouldn’t fuck me if I didn’t want to be fucked, but maybe I would consent to suck him off! Well, I told him that that was also beyond the limits. Meanwhile he was still stroking his cock on my sport bra. It was really erotic, watching him doing that, standing in front of him practically naked. Exasperated, he asked me what was within the limits.

Feeling very daring, I peeled down my running shorts, letting them drop to the ground. I stepped out of them and approached this guy. I just wanted to touch his cock. So, straddling the front wheel of his bike, I reached forward and stroked his dick! He reached forward with his hand and pinched my clit with his fingers. He talked dirty to me, saying all kinds of nasty things as he rubbed my clit! Then he leaned forward a little more and slid two fingers into my sopping pussy. God did that feel good. He asked me if he could cum on my face and I said that I thought that might be okay. I was so hot!! I needed something in my pussy, something that could go deeper than his fingers, but I didn’t want to be unfaithful to Tom! Then I spied his bike frame pump!

It was about as big around as a smallish cock, but way longer than his fingers! Then, with an evil look in my eye, I asked him if I could use his pump! He knew what I had in mind as he reached down to get the pump and handed it to me.

I stood up and backed away a little, then I turned around and bent over at the waist. I wanted to make sure he could see what I was doing as I slowly slid his bike pump between my legs and into my pussy. He stood up and his bike fell over. He moved closer to me and began really pumping his cock through his fist. I matched him stroke for stroke as I rammed his bike pump in and out of my pussy! My knees kind of buckled as I started cumming, and I fell to my knees on the ground. I had the presence of mind to keep the pump planted firmly in my pussy as I had one mind-bending orgasm after another. Then he told me he was going to cum, and he aimed his cock at my mouth. The first couple of jets of cum hit my face, and then I gave in to my lust and leaned forward engulfing his cock! I felt deliciously sinful as he erupted another two or three jets of cum into my mouth.

When it was all over, I let his cock drop from between my lips. He cleaned up my face with my sport top and pulled me to my feet. I didn’t want to get into any big discussions of why I was out there dressed like that, so I told him that I had to go and I asked him not to follow me. He said he wouldn’t follow me if I didn’t want him to. I picked up my shorts and he gave me my top. Then I turned and ran off down the trail towards work completely naked. He yelled to me that he hoped he’d see me again and I replied that maybe he would.

After I’d run a little ways, I rounded a corner and stopped to get dressed. As I put my sport top on, I felt the stickiness of the cum that he’d wiped from my face with my top. I could taste the cum he’d shot into my mouth, and I knew that I’d really shown my stuff today.

Well, work was interesting that afternoon. I had to go to the bathroom twice to masturbate. I held off on drinking or eating anything for a while so that I could savor the taste of his cum. Then, when I got home, I fucked my husband’s brains out. He wondered why I was so horny, and I just told him that it was just one of those days.

So, that’s my story. I swear that it is true. I’ve seen the same guy twice since then, but I haven’t done any repeat performances. The last time I saw him he did tell me that he would be biking with a group of friends next Saturday, and invited me to show my stuff to all of them. He rode his bike alongside me that day and told me how hot I looked when I was fucking myself with his pump. Then he asked if I’d like to do it again as he and his friends jacked off on me. He promised that no one would touch me if I didn’t want them too. I told him that I would think about it, but that he had better have a fatter pump next time!

So, who knows, maybe with a little encouragement from all of you, I’ll do it. Then I’ll write another story to tell you all how it went. So, what do you think? Should I meet them?