Monday morning came early. Jerome and his father, “Daddy” had left around two in the morning. Each had shared my husband’s bed with me and each had deposited a volumous load of black sperm deep in my womb before they showered and left. Naturally, neither had used a condom and kept referring to the black baby that they had lodged deep in my belly.

As I showered and dressed I kept remembering my “orders” on how Jerome expected me to look at school. I was no longer permitted to wear low shoes; nor long skirts. Jerome told me that unless he could place his huge hand between the hem of my skirt and the top of my knee he would be forced to give me another caning at school. I could not tell if he was serious but I did not take any chances. Although I had very little sleep from my first black breeding on Friday night through Sunday night I managed to pull my tired body and sore pussy up an hour earlier then normal so that I could adjust the hem on my skirt. As I raised the hem on the skirt I made extra sure that I had complied with his measurement standard.

As I pulled the long black hose over my firm tanned legs I made a mental note of his dictate on my lingerie; or really the lack of the items that I would need to put on. I was not permitted to wear panties or bra (because my breasts were too small to require one). I clasped the top of the shimmering black hose to the garter clasp and sighed. I did not look forward to facing either Jerome; the other students or especially the assistant principal. I remember the look on the assistant principal’s face as he unlocked the door to my classroom immediately after I surrendered my panties to Jerome. He looked at my cum stained skirt and blouse and I am sure that he comprehended what had happened.

My husband Jim was still asleep on the sofa as I exited the front door. Although I had been sexually used nearly a dozen times over the week-end it was my husband Jim that was the spouse suffering from abuse. Both Jerome and his father had ridiculed and shamed my husband throughout the week- end. They repeatedly asked how a man could allow two black studs; one a “mere” boy of fourteen to fill his wife’s body with black seed; never asking (begging) that they use condoms. My husband was then forced (?); to tongue suck my swollen and battered love hole until the jism was completely removed. Although this further humiliation should have shamed him even more I watched as his small cock was always dripping his cum as he serviced my sore body.

As I timidly walked down the long hallway the sound of my three inch spiked heels snapped on the hard tile flooring. I was conscious of the male heads whipping to catch a glimpse of me as I swiftly walked down the hall. I felt my small breasts sway with each step and I am sure the sight of my firm legs now on display in my short black skirt caught their attention. When I finally arrived at my room I closed the door and stood nearly out of breath. The show that I had performed had caused my sore little pussy to become sloppy with my creme. I had never before felt such exhilaration from teasing the students and staff of this upper middle class Junior High School. Although most of the students (with the exception of Jerome) were merely boys their hormones were now running at full speed.

Fortunately, the first four classes went by without any difficulty. Although most of my students were behaved and did not cause me any distractions. I could tell from the looks on their rosy cheeks (and bulging crotches) that they liked the “New Mrs. Jones” Jr. High Math Teacher.

During the last class of the day I kept noticing that Sasha Cantral was smiling at me. The smile and the implications made me very uneasy. Sasha was the fifteen year old girl friend of Jerome. Although she should have been in high school her parents had taken her out of school the previous year to travel with them around the world. In addition to being obscenely wealthy Sasha should have been a model for the top agency in New York. She had a long lean lithe body; perfect 34B breasts; tight waist and long, long legs. She was a black girl; or should I say partially black girl. Her biological father was obviously Black but her mother was another beautiful long legged blonde knockout. Her white parents, both extremely wealthy, had many rumors circulated about their open and unabetted swinging lifestyle. Her mother, only thirty eight years old is seen constantly in the prescence of muscular black body builders.

Sasha, was her usual fashion show piece, this Monday afternoon. She had a long sleeved silk blouse; black leather vest and mini skirt and knee high black leather boots covering her firm calves. Although I hoped it was only my imagination Sasha seemed to enjoy slowly spreading her long booted legs and “flashing” me during the long, rather boring class period.. Although I always immediately looked away she continued to show her devious smile whenever I glanced her way. By the end of the class period I was noticeably shaken by her continued wantonness.

To my great relief the last bell of the day screamed throughout the school halls and the vast majority of the students bolted for the door ignoring my shouted homework assignments for the following day. One of my smartest students; a near genius; stopped by my desk. His name was Rupert and he was small, wore thick glasses and was considered a “geek” by his classmates.

Rupert started to ask me about one of the problems that he was having trouble with when the large metal door to my class slammed shut with a crash. The sudden crash caused both of us to look towards the door. Standing with her long legs wide apart was Sasha with an evil grin on her face.

“Did you notice what I was showing you during class Mrs. Jones ?” she sneered angrily.

Caught by surprise I merely shook my head puzzled by the question. Poor Rupert stood my side even more lost than was I. He seemed frightened by the forceful mannerisms of the black beauty.

“Maybe then I should show you again…..It may refresh your memory, Mrs. Jones ?” Sasha continued.

I stood silently in a trance at the question and also at the tone coming from Sasha. My eyes quickly focused on the black leather hem of her mini skirt as she slowly pulled the skirt to her waist. My nipples hardened against the fabric of my blouse as I watched the sexy young girl expose herself to me and to my poor student. I am confident that Rupert was never privileged to such a display in his young sheltered life; or at least by such a vixen as Sasha Cantral.

As the leather skirt was pulled up further I finally seen the object of her mockery. As her young tight thighs crept into view the bottom of her panties…… lace panties became visible. The crotch of the panties were pulled tight separating Sasha’s budding pussy mound. At the moment that the top of the panties and Sasha’s tight rippled lower stomach came into view poor Rupert dropped his books to the floor temporarily distracting me from the self styled strip show being put on by the half black beauty standing by the door.

Sasha laughed at the bug eyed; drooling little boy. His pants showed his pleasure but even his manhood was something that he would be ridiculed in his later years.

“Do you recognize anything now TEACH,” she arrogantly asked.

Embarrassed, my eyes downcast I meekly responded, “Yes…..I…” my voice faded.

“I normally don’t wear panties Mrs. Jones….But today after lunch Jerome fucked me in the back seat of your car. He deposited such a load of spunk that I needed something to keep if from leaking from my little pussy. You know how Jerome stretches pussy don’t you Mary ?” Sasha continued her questioning.

I started to answer but my attention was focused on poor little Rupert. This confrontation was going to be at my expense and I didn’t want one of my prize students witnessing my humiliation. “May Rupert please leave. Then you and I can have a more rationale conversation,” I meekly begged.

Sasha’s harsh laugh ended my dream of this horrible situation continuing in a rationale dialog. “Does the little man want to go,” Sasha smiled at poor Rupert.

Although the boy was fourteen he had no intention of leaving the room that he could only dream about. He couldn’t speak so he merely shook his head.

“Well TEACH !!! It doesn’t look as if Rupert wants to leave us. I think the little geek likes looking at my …..oh excuse me; at YOUR black panties. I bet he would even enjoy looking at what the little panties are covering….Don’t you Mrs. Jones ?” Sasha continued her ridiculing domination.

My nipples ached because of their hardness. My sore and swollen pussy lips were starting to moisten at the domination of the beautiful Sasha. I wanted to run out the door….the door that she had slammed and was guarding albeit with her leather skirt pulled to her waist. The last four days were more than I could endure…….The sexual submissiveness that I had bowed down to was totally consuming my ability to reason.

I could not understand why such a wanton display by the beautiful black girl covered in black leather had so excited me. My eyes fell to the floor and then traveled along her long legs, over the knee high leather boots to the vortex of her sex. Her perfect body was summoning me to worship her perfect body. I did not get long to explore the few possibilities that I could extract myself from this sexually charged classroom. The only hope (?) was that the janitor would be making his rounds. However that hope was soon swept from my mind………. I could not afford another adult to find me alone in the classroom with two students…One displaying her beautiful body and the other drooling from the undescrible pleasure that he was experiencing. I glanced down his short squat body and seen his little penis bouncing uncontrollably up and down; without him even touching it.

“I’m done with your panties Mary…… All you have to do is come and get them…..”Sasha smiled.

I hesitated…. Maybe….Somehow I could extract myself from the coming nightmare…Somehow; Someway ?

I didn’t get the time necessary to allow this possibility to bear fruit.

“Come and get your panties, Mrs. Jones. You come now and I won’t have to spank your little pussy. Jerome told me that he had to spank your white ass to get you to suck him last Friday…I won’t have to spank you will I Mrs. Jones ?” Sasha asked.

I should have been strong. I should have acted like the thirty five year old teacher that I was. But……the only words softly spoken were, “You won’t have to spank me…..”

I took the first step when the harsh stare cut through my bewildered body. “You Crawl to me…..I want you to crawl….and then you can have your little black panties Teacher…” Sasha’s dominating voice commanded.

For some reason I looked back to Rupert whose tongue was now hanging out. He was panting and his little manhood continued to bounce up and down in his loose fitting dockers.

I dropped to my knees on the dirty wooden floor. I realized that the ten feet to the door would shred the shimmering black hose that I so carefully smoothed over my tight firm legs this morning. This morning seemed so long ago. I slowly but deliberately crawled on my hands and knees to the mocking black beauty so close….but so far.

The time stood still but I finally reached the point where the pointed boot toes were directly in front of my downcast face. I slightly raised on my knees and started to reach the waist of the panties when I felt my hand harshly slapped. “Use your mouth and teeth to pull them down….” Sasha commanded.

The further indignation caused my already sloppy pussy chamber to become even wetter. I could hardly comprehend my arousal, but one thing was cocksure, my pussy was full of my woman creme and my nipples were rigid against my blouse.

Closing my eyes I moved my face towards the point where I estimated the waist band of the black panties were. I felt Sasha’s warm skin on my lips as I explored for the elastic strip. I felt Sasha shiver as I extended my tongue in order to allow my lips to gain leverage on the tight panties. It took several attempts to secure a firm grip on the panties…….and it was awkward trying to dislodge the panties. I struggled and finally drug the soaked black lace panties down several inches but they were binding on her firm ass cheeks. Loosing ground when I allowed my lips to surrender the waist band I crawled behind the gently laughing young girl. Sasha held the hem of the leather mini skirt while I engineered three or four inches downward pull on her hot ass cheeks. I had to maneuver four times in order to drag the panties to her upper thighs. I was thankful that when I had achieved that small victory I was able to pull the black panties over the tops of her knee high boots and down to her ankles. She graciously raised her feet to allow me to pull the panties off the black leather boots.

After finally completing the arduous task I was kneeling on my shredded hose with the panties in my mouth looking up at her smiling face.

“Very good….. I like a teacher that follows instructions,” she mocked.

“Even better I like a teacher that will kiss my ass…….And you are the teacher that I’ve selected. I want you to crawl around behind me and I want to feel your dainty little tongue deep in my little wrinkled hole….Make it feel good……” Sasha purred.

I let the black panties fall from my lips.. Looking up into her dark eyes I slowly shook my head. I was not expecting the sharp slap to the side of my face. It felt as if my face was on fire….when I recovered from the first slap the left side of my face was rewarded with the same harsh and cruel therapy.

“YOU….DO NOT TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO……YOU WILL KISS MY ASS OR YOU WILL BE GOING DIRECTLY TO COUNTY LOCK UP YOU PERVERTED SLUT!” screamed the black teenage domintrix standing over my now trembling frame.

My mind raced…….but there were no answers only further humiliation. I crawled on my shredded stockings behind the screaming bitch. She parted her legs and allowed me greater access to her tight black ass. I leaned forward and pushed my tongue through my lips. My face still burned horribly but I found Sasha’s hot center. It had a dew like moisture that I quickly sucked into my mouth. I gently probed at first and then forcefully tried to stick my tongue deep into her inner being. She stepped forward and I had to grip her lithe young thighs as I continued my work on her now spread anus. I felt her tense as my tongue burrowed it’s way deep into her bowels. I pleasured the black leather coated domintrix as she ground her ass against my face.

The beautiful black teen age girl continued shuddering as I slaved at providing her pleasure…..deep in her asshole. I felt the leather mini skirt fall around my face and then I felt her delicate hands reach behind her and grab my ears as she bent her knees and pulled my face forward. I could not catch my breath as my entire face was buried between her twitching twin moons. I felt her tense as her orgasm exploded. I felt moisture in my mouth but I could not determine where it came from. She held my face captive for several minutes before she collapsed to her knees in front of me. I fell back on my buttocks and grasped for air. Neither of us spoke for nearly five minutes and I finally looked up and seen her smiling face….her beautiful smiling face.

I then looked beyond her seated frame to the front of my desk. Poor Rupert was slumped down in the front with his eyes bugged out; a shocked look on his face and a dark wet spot on the front of his dockers. He was nearly prone…only his head held him against the desk.

All sound had been erased during my forced anal tonguing of my dominating black vixen. My ears now focused on the clinking of wheels down the hall way. The janitor was finally making his rounds….he would be here in another ten minutes of so…

When I again looked at Sasha she had her right index finger motioning me forward. “Jerome left his load in my pussy….I want you to clean it out……”

My eyes dropped to her tight pussy chamber. The outsides of her lips were a light colored brown but she had spread the lips so that the bright pink core was now winking at me. The chamber where Jerome had left his seed was now dripping down to coat her asshole……where my tongue had been only minutes ago.

Nervously I twisted back to the unlocked door….”The janitor will be here shortly. We don’t have time…Please…..Oh God..Please….Not Again….” I pleaded.

“You suck Jerome’s Black Seed from my pussy or I’ll make you suck off the Janitor when he comes in. He’s Black too you know,” Sasha continued mocking my untenable situation.

I had no time to waste……Sasha raised herself to a wooden chair and I crawled to her feet once again. She gracefully pulled her leather skirt up once again to allow me access to her leaking pussy hole. My tongue dove for the moist center and was rewarded by an ample supply of my black lover’s runny white sperm. I lapped at Sasha’s hole trying to suck the precious fluid deep into my stomach……

“Finger yourself while you suck me. Rupert wants to see what a pussy looks like on an older woman,” Sasha ordered.

With my face buried in Sasha’s wet hole I nearly forgot about Rupert sprawled in his dazed position by my desk a dozen yards away. I hurriedly pulled my own skirt up to the point where I could rub my throbbing lower lips. The pleasure felt good and my fingers were quickly lubricated. As I tasted my lover’s spunk coat my throat my fingers quickly found my slit…….The little orb that was becoming hard at my pussy’s opening twitched violently every time my finger grazed it’s little hood.

“Suck me you demented slut,” screamed my tormentor……my mistress…….my black bitch…..

Sasha did not need to command what my tongue was willingly accomplishing. My tongue paid homage to her tight little slit…the slit containing my black lover’s five hour old sperm. The salty taste of his sperm and the generous discharge from the writhing black bitch in the chair over me ignited my own delayed arousal. With each mouthful of slimy sex fluid my own clit begged for release.

Sasha’s powerful little hands again gripped my painfully twisted ears and pulled my deep into her chamber. I felt her leather boots encircle my shoulders and pull me forward even deeper into her steaming lurching cunt. With each tongue stroke I felt her strong boot covered legs pull me forward another fraction of an inch until I could be pulled no further. My frantic hand was becoming nearly numb as I frantically stroked my own chute…hoping…begging for release.

My tired and aroused body was the first to explode. As my orgasm enveloped me I screamed into the pussy that I had been commanded to suck clean. I felt my teeth grip her little throbbing clit and her powerful legs pounded my shoulders and hips as they attempted to draw me closer to her climax. My teeth bit into her super sensitive tissue as her legs continued to batter my bruised body.

As my climax continued I felt another sensation….Another body next to mine. Rupert, with his pants around his ankles had crawled over and was hunching my thighs like a little puppy dog…… His virgin little penis emptied it’s white syrup on my leg after the third or fourth stroke and he shyly crawled off to sit by the door. His watery spunk slid down the outside of my shimmering black hose. The warm wetness felt good and I coated my fingers with the slimy virgin cum.

Sasha had opened her eyes long enough to observe the little eunuch blow his pitiful little load. The site of pure innocence plunged Sasha over the threshold. Her body shuddered and I refused to release my hold on her tender and now abused little clitoris. As her body jerked from side to side I reattached my teeth to the tender little nubbin and held on for dear life. She begged me to release her clit……Tears streamed from her eyes as she continued to climax continuously. As each volcano exploded in her tight leather covered body I twisted the little orb and another climax emerged. I was getting my revenge for her domination but my revenge was giving her a greater reward than she had ever experienced.

At long last, totally exhausted, Sasha collapsed and fell from the hard wooden chair. As she fell I showed mercy and released my teeth from her now swollen and distended little clit. She sprawled on the hard wooden floor on her back with her legs obscenely spread and her breath coming with enormous exertions.

Sound again returned to my brain and I could tell that the janitor was merely one door down. Hurriedly I crawled to the door and turned the metal lock the instant before he bumped into the metal structure. From my sitting position directly in front of the door I could see his angry black face through the oblique rippled glass. He lunged against the door and when it failed to open cursed and went down the hall slamming his cart against the already abused walls.

As I regained my breath I looked over and watched Sasha breathing heavily……trying to allow her sleek body the joy of regaining equilibrium. The beautiful body captured my full attention…the knee high boots covering the widely spread perfect legs…the black leather mini skirt twisted above her waist…. the black leather vest nearly ripped open..showing her heaving pointed breasts…

Her curly black pussy hair was coated with her creme…..Sasha moved her hands to her ravished little clit and gasped aloud as she gently caressed the abused woman organ.

With my senses returning I slowly stood up and looked out the opaque window in my door. I twisted the lock again and started to open the door when Sasha again spoke, “Before you leave…..Put your panties on. Jerome will ask you about them when he breeds you tonight…”

I avoided eye contact as I reached down and picked up the damp panties. As I separated the legs my eyes locked on to the large stain in the crotch. “Was the stain mine or ………was the stain Sasha’s noon time reward from my Black Lover.?”

I pulled the panties tightly against my fragile womanhood. The creme that was still embedded in the crotch of the panties coated my outer lips.

As I departed I noticed poor Rupert. This late afternoon question to his Math Teacher would provide him wet dreams for the rest of his life. He looked distraught….no doubt at his little puppy dog performance. Looking down I tried to soothe the boy genius… “Your time will come Rupert…Don’t rush…..”

As I started to close the door on Sasha and Rupert Sasha had one last parting comment, “Jerome and Daddy plan to visit you tonight. Make sure that you clean yourself…………”

I slowly walked down the long hallway. Looking down to my black hose I smiled at the runs in the delicate lingerie. “Poor Jim,” I thought. “I know he would not believe who took my body this afternoon……”

As I drove home I was tense…….If Jerome and “Daddy” bred me again tonight would I be able to escape this never ending cycle of Black Lust ? Or would I want to?