A couple of weeks had passed since her “sticky” night out without incident. Everything seemed normal, but I couldn’t get that night off of my mind. It tears me apart inside to think of her with other men, but when she dresses in leather, It turns me on way too much to try to stop her. The really dangerous thing is: now SHE KNOWS it. I’m trapped between my jealousy and my uncontrollable leather fetish, and I know she’ll use that to the fullest.

Last week, she called me at work to tell me that she was going out to do some shopping, and that she probably would still be out when I got home. I usually get home by 7 or 8 pm, so I didn’t think anything of it.

When I got home, there was a video tape on the coffee table, and a note from Lisa that just said “PLAY ME”. I put the tape in the VCR, and then appeared our bathroom, with the camera facing the mirror, on a slight angle. The bathroom was well lit, with all of my wife’s make up spread out on the shelf beneath the mirror like utensils waiting ready for a surgeon.

I then heard Lisa’s voice, even though she was not yet in the picture, saying “I’ll bet your wondering what this is all about.” She then stepped into view, but only her reflection in the big bathroom mirror. She was naked, but her long shiny black hair was done, and she had her usual make up on. She always surrounded her eyes with dark eye liner, drawn to a point on the outsides to give her a sexy “cat” effect, and coated her full sexy lips with deep dark color.

Her 36c breasts were perfect and round, and were in no need of a bra. They didn’t droop at all. Her shapely hips that led to her heart shaped ass, long sexy legs, and her pussy was shaved clean. What a sight!

She then said, looking into the camera through the mirror, “Yes baby, I went shopping today, but only for a new leather outfit to wear tonight. I hope you didn’t mind” she said with a sexy, condescending smirk. “I thought you could watch me as I prepare for a really hot night.”

My heart was breaking, but my rod was getting as hard as ever. Lisa then said. “First, I need to touch up my make up. I really want to stand out tonight.” She applied a much heavier, darker eye liner, and drew the lines out side to a dramatic “cat” like I never saw her do before.

She then applied dark eye shadow to give her sexy eyes a real smokey deep look. I was in awe. then she applied deep blush to her cheekbones to accentuate her already beautiful facial lines. The final piece was another coat of the deepest red lipstick I ever saw. It was a DEEP dark blood red. She then covered her blood red lips with super shiny clear gloss. Her lips looked like they were dripping with a honey glaze. I was in a frenzy.

She then pouted her lips in the mirror, oh so sexily, then looked in the camera through the mirror and said, ” I guess I should start getting dressed in my new black leather.”

The scene switched to our bedroom, which was also well lit. Across the bed was every piece of her new outfit laid our perfectly. Lisa said with an evil bitchy smile, “I hope you don’t mind how much I spent today. I had to go down town to this special boutique that specializes in fetish leather. I really did spend an awful lot of your money on this outfit, that someone else will be enjoying. How much will they enjoy? I’ll just have to wait to see.”

My heart was about to pound through my chest.

She then went on to describe each item as she put them on.

“I’m gonna start with these leather g string panties. I love the rhinestones in the back. These alone were 110 dollars.” She slid them on and they fit PERFECT. So tight and snug. The three spaghetti leather stings came together in the back onto a cluster of shiny silver rhinestones.

“I love the way my shaved pussy feels against the snug leather. I could have an orgasm just walking around in these. This will really help me warm up for tonight.” I was on shock.

She then held up a black leather halter dress. “I bought this number because of how thin and soft the leather is. It fits me so tight, that you might think it was painted on.” She wasn’t kidding. It followed every curve leaving nothing to the imagination. The front has two straps that came across the front inside of her shoulders, across her collar bones, and around the back of her neck. It covered her breasts so tightly, that the thin soft leather clearly showed her nipples and even the outline of her teats. The leather was so shiny, it could have been mistaken for latex. The dress hugged her perfect ass so tight, it clearly showed the outline of her panties’ strings, and rhinestone cluster. It JUST covered the bottom of her ass. “Wasn’t this worth 375 dollars?” she said right before licking her glossy lips. “I can’t wait to dance and grind in this.”

She then held up a new pair of black kidskin, thigh high boots, with 5″ silver stiletto heels. As she slid them on, she said “These will certainly create some anxiety. perhaps someones anxiety will squirt and cover them. I’m sure I’ll be thanked afterwards, just like I’m thanking you for the 250 dollar price tag.” I was crawling in my pants.

“Now the part that will be the main attraction.”

She held up a pair of the softest,long black opera gloves made of shiny, thin black leather. She would moan lightly as she slid them on. They fit like a second skin. It took her almost 10 minutes each to slide on and smooth out the leather on each arm perfectly. They were the tightest leather gloves I ever saw. Through the TV screen I could see every line of her hands, fingers, and finger nails as if she dipped her arms into black paint up to almost her armpits. She then put on her 2″ wide silver bracelets that really made her gloved arms stand out. “These 225 dollar beauties will probably be very sticky at some point tonight. Perhaps you can have whatever’s left if I have the energy. I plan on being “very busy” tonight.”

She then stood in front of the camera and followed her gloved hands all over her leather body. After licking her glossy lips, Lisa said. “I know if I dress like this, I have total control of you. I’m planning on getting this outfit very sticky. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you see just how much your leather wife was appreciated by many hungry men. You may even taste their cum when I kiss you. You certainly will see the white stains on my tight shiny black leather body. Remember, this is what YOU wanted.”

The camera was then shut off.

My rod was hard and dripping and my head was spinning.

What should I do?

– The End –