Well, I decided to meet with the group of mountain bikers. It was easy for me to arrange to get away last Saturday for a couple of hours. Tom (my husband) knows that I am pretty fanatical about my workouts, and he never questions me about them. I guess he likes what they do for my body. Anyway, it would have been easy to get away, and I had decided to do it. Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy all weekend! So, I didn’t go.

I was really disappointed. I mean, I had worked up the courage to meet a group of strange men and let them jack off on me as I masturbated. I had really been looking forward to it, and I had a lot of pent-up sexual energy.

Well, to relieve some of my frustration on Saturday morning, I attacked Tom and fucked him senseless. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to completely satisfy me, but it was good. I decided that I still needed to get a workout in, so I made plans to go to the gym. We live fairly close to a health club, and I often go there to lift weights or use the stairmaster or treadmill. So, I packed my gym bag and headed out for my workout.

If I expected to work off my sexual energy at the gym, I picked the wrong day to do it! You would not believe how many good looking guys were there. Anyway, I started with some stretches, and I noticed that I was getting a lot of looks from the guys. This is pretty usual, and I always like the attention. Anyway, I got an idea. When I am at the gym, I always wear a thin T-shirt and shorts, and of course, underwear. My workout shorts are the athletic type; you know, with the fleece kind of material they use in sweat pants. Anyway, my idea was to go to the lockeroom and remove my underwear. So, I got up and went to the lockeroom and did just that! Then I checked myself out in the mirror. The only noticeable change was that you could see the imprint of my rather-prominent nipples in my T-shirt.

When I got back to the mat where I had started my stretches, I sat down and resumed stretching out my muscles. As I leaned forward in my sitting position to stretch my hamstrings, I noticed that my t-shirt kind-of gapped around my neck. I knew that if someone stood in just the right place in front of me, they would be able to look down my shirt and see my breasts. I figured that would be pretty cool, and quite possible because there were several guys walking back and forth in front of me. So, I waited for one of them to move into position, then I leaned forward and looked up to make sure my head wouldn’t obstruct his view. It worked! This guy looked right down my shirt, then looked up at my face and caught me smiling at him. He gave me a guilty smile back and then quickly walked away, obviously embarrassed at getting caught.

After my stretches, I moved to the treadmill and ran for 20 minutes. My little boobs were bouncing the whole time, which made my nipples stand out. Like I said before, I have very prominent nipples; when they’re fully erect, they stick out almost three quarters of an inch! Just let me say that I got more than my share of looks from the guys that day. After my run (which had gotten my shirt a little wet causing my nipples to be even more visible), I moved to the weight machines.

Several of the machines require you to sit with your legs spread a little, and I think I successfully flashed my pussy at a few of the guys. Of course it wasn’t a clear shot, because I was wearing shorts, not a skirt, but I think they were able to see up the baggy legs of my shorts. Then I moved to the bench press machine and did a few reps. This was the best yet for flashing my pussy, because I was lying on my back with my legs straddling the bench, and I’m sure a couple of guys got an eyeful. But I wasn’t satisfied! I wanted to show my pussy up close and personal.

Then I got a great idea! On the lower level of the health club, there were free weights. When you do the bench press with free weights, you have to have someone to “spot” you. The spotter stands at the end of the weight bench by your head, ready to catch the weights if you should falter. Basically, they are there to keep the weights from falling down and pinning your chest to the bench. In order to get in a position to be able to do this, the spotter basically straddles the bench just above the lifters head. I knew that if I were to spot someone, they would have a clear view of my pussy only a foot above there face! So, I walked down the stairs to the lower level, looking for someone to spot! It was pretty disappointing. There were only a couple of fat guys down there, and I had someone better-looking in mind to show my pussy to. So, I got another idea.

I went back upstairs and approached a group of three guys who were working out together. I had already flashed these guys, so they were eager to actually talk to me. I told them that my training program called for me to use free weights for my bench press, but that I didn’t have anyone to spot me. Well, they all volunteered before I could ask them, and we headed downstairs. I went first (after all I had asked them to spot me) while one of the guys spotted me and the other two stood down by my feet and tried to look up my baggy shorts. Of course, I made it easy for them. As I pumped my weights, I couldn’t help but notice that my spotter had an erection, and it looked yummy!

When I finished my first set, I asked who was next, and my spotter said that he would give it a try. We put on more weight and I moved up by his head to spot him. I straddled his head a little to one side to insure he could see my pussy! It was great! I could tell he was focused on my wet slit as he did his ten reps. Then when he was done, I stood my ground and asked who was next. Well, we did three sets each, and I spotted all three guys for all three sets. The amazing part was that no one commented on my lack of underwear or wet pussy!

I kept thinking how nice it would be to get all three of these guys alone somewhere and fuck the shit out of them, but I knew that would be crossing the line. So, I thanked them for their help and they said it was their pleasure, and that they’d be happy to spot me any time I needed one. I asked them when they usually worked out and said that I’d look for them. They also asked me to a party at their fraternity house that night, but I told them I’d have to take a rain check for now. At least that left the door open for what I’m sure could be a really wild time. Then I said goodby and went to the lockeroom to change back into my street clothes. When I got home, I attacked Tom again. He said that he didn’t know what had come over me, but that he certainly liked it. I told him that I didn’t know either, but that I liked it, too.

So, I was able to perform in front of a group of guys after all this weekend. My performance wasn’t as bold as I had planned, but flashing my pussy to a bunch of guys in a public place was a real thrill. I don’t know how long I’m going to be satisfied with just performing, though. All the while I was with those handsome guys, I really wanted to feel their cocks in me. Maybe, if I only did it once in a great while, for a special treat, it wouldn’t be so terrible. Anyway, I can’t wait to meet my mountain biker next week. The forecast is for nice weather later this week, so I bet I’ll see him. I hope his friends are still game for a little fun!

I would appreciate hearing from you guys! I don’t think I don’t think I can make the jump to the next level if you guys don’t encourage me. Be sure to post your words of encouragement to the newsgroup, okay? I’d like to know if you think I should go further with the guys I meet. Should I fuck them? Let me know what you think.