When I was 27 years old, I met and married Harry, a wonderful man who had lost his wife the year before and had a 13 year old son who was off at some boarding school. We got married in Paris, which is where we met and I was working, as a writer for the Herald Tribune. Harry was in Paris getting over the loss of his wife. I am from California and Harry lives in New York when he is home. I had never married, although I almost married on two previous occasions. I don’t think it is immodest to say that I am an attractive, tall, busty well-educated woman who considers herself “modern.” I had many experiences with men because I really liked sex and they were always coming on to me. When I first met Harry at a party given by mutual friends, I was very attracted to him because he was tall (6′ 4″), 30ish looking 20ish, beautifully dressed, single and quite rich according to our hostess, who was an old college roommate of mine.

He spent most of the evening with other beautiful women and most of the men at the party and only talked to me for the first time that evening shortly before he left. I was disappointed in not being with him more but I figured that my friend could hook me up with him later.

The next morning there was delivered to my desk at the Trib, four dozen long-stemmed pale, pale pink, large budded roses with a note from Harry asking me to dinner that evening. He really knew the way to this girls heart (or pants).

A cab picked me up at my apartment as planned and when I got to the restaurant he had chosen, there was a dry, straight-up martini waiting for me with a note that said he would be about fifteen minutes late. (I found out later that he called my girlfriend and host of the previous evening to find out what I liked to drink). This guy was going to get the best fuck he ever had – if he ever showed up!

At the end of the evening he came up to my flat and we fucked like rabbits and I was so in lust that I was crazy. I couldn’t get enough of him and he seemed to feel the same way about me. We mostly screwed for two weeks until he had to go home for some business reasons. When he left, I felt a void (no pun intended) like I had never felt before, and I wondered if this is what was meant by real love.

When he sent me a ticket to New York for the next day, I told my boss I was having an emergency and I had to go home. I got on the plane and when I got off in NY, he was there and I never was happier to see anyone in my life. I knew I was head-over-heels in love with this man and never wanted to leave him.

He took me to his beautiful home in Greenwich Connecticut and I had never been happier in my life. I wrote for and got a “leave of absence” from my job and settled in with Harry. The only down side was that he didn’t like sex as often as I did but that was a problem I could live with because he was so wonderful.

After a month of living together, his son, Dirk, got kicked out of his school. Since this was the fourth school that had kicked him out, I was very worried that we had a real problem on our hands. This soon to be fourteen year old boy was the image of his father and was already almost as tall as Harry. He was very bright and I thought I could see what was wrong. He was a very, very high energy young man who was constantly on the move. A regimented life was not for this kid because he was too antsy to take orders. He was very polite and so like Harry in his mannerisms that he made me laugh. I thought he was putting me on but that was really the way he was. But the bottom line was that he was a good kid with lots of energy.

At that point, Harry had to travel a lot for his business interests and we put Dirk in the local school and he lived at home. Since I was there all the time, I cleaned the house and when I was in Dirk’s bedroom cleaning, I found some video tapes that Dirk had that were unmarked. I was curious as to what he would look at in what seemed to be a secret stash and when I put in the first tape I almost fell down. He had been taping his father and I having sex in our bedroom. He obviously taped them from a window on the side of our bedroom which was outside with a tree along side. He climbed up the tree and could hide between the leaves and film away. Most of what he filmed was during the day and so it was quite clear in the bedroom. With Harry’s low libido, we usually had sex on Saturday mornings and that seems to be what was on film. You couldn’t hear what was going on but you sure could see it!

On the next tape, there was full sound and the camera was in our bedroom! He had ingeniously hidden two microphones on the side of the bed, and the camera was hidden in a piece of furniture that was in the bedroom for some time. The camera, I found out later, had a zoom lens that could catch me spread wide with my heels up high, and then zoom until my pussy was all that was on the screen with Harry’s cum oozing out. Very sexy!

Harry and I frequently ask each other about our fantasies and as we get worked up, we fuck like crazy and act out the fantasy. Watching the action and hearing the words got me good and hot. I can imagine how a charged up young man would react to the films.

One night while Harry was away, Dirk and I had dinner and then watched TV until it was time for bed. I had started drinking wine at dinner and continued while we watched TV. I was wearing a robe and had panties on, but no bra and as I was getting comfortable on the couch, my leg was exposed and Dirk said something about exposing myself. I told him that he had certainly seen a lot more of me than I was showing then and he turned bright red. I told him I had seen the tapes but had not told his dad. He was very grateful and quite ashamed of what he had done but admitted that he got so excited watching the film that he couldn’t help but film more. I told him that it got me excited too. After some more talk about the movies I told him that the least he could do was show me what he had. After a few more jabs at him for doing what he did, he opened his pajamas and out poked the biggest cock I had ever seen. His father had a seven inch by one inch diameter and that was wonderful. Dirk’s cock was ten inches but was two to two and a half inches in diameter. I’m not much of a suck artist but when I saw that monster, I had to have it in my mouth. He came in less than a minute but stayed hard as he entered my sopping pussy. He put my heels near my ears and rammed his huge cock for about ten minutes and squirted in me what felt like a big load. He was still hard! This time I moved around as he drilled me so that I was on my back, on both sides and on my hands and knees as he sawed away. I had never been fucked that long and so I found that after my first orgasm the next one was in less time that the first, and the second less time than the third, etc. until I was cumming continually. He really liked fucking doggy-style because he liked to fondle my titties while he poked me and that was sure all right with me! I finally sat on him facing him and lowering my nipples into his mouth. After about forty minutes of wonderful fucking he came again and finally got soft.

We talked about what we had done and agreed that we wanted to do it regularly but we would never hurt his dad and we would have to be careful. That talk lasted about 30 minutes and he was hard again. I was sore in my pussy and so I took him in my mouth and he squirted a huge load in my mouth in about 4 or 5 minutes. All this had gotten me excited and so I sat on his still-hard cock and let him bang me again while sucking my nipples. Now my nipples and cunt were very sore and in about another 30 minutes he wanted more sex. I had never been fucked anally by a man that big but it was the only hole I had left that was not sore. We experimented and took a while for him to finally get up my ass but with a lot of scented oil up my hole, he started to give me a good fucking and I was surprised at how much I liked him buggering me. I came about three times as he continued to squirt load after load in me and never getting soft!

At last we stopped for the night and I could barely walk to my bedroom and my jaws ached. Talk about a well-fucked girl – I was dripping from every hole and very satisfied. I almost invited him to join me in my bed but I thought that in about an hour he would wake up and want another fuck. I needed to sleep. Anyway, about four am he came in my bed, cuddled up behind me and slowly push his huge cock into my still sore (and very wet) pussy until he came and fell asleep with his cock still in me. At six I awoke because he was slowly fucking me in the same position as when we fell asleep only now I was very turned on by my big-dicked lover and came about four times until he shot another big load up my pussy.

When Harry came home from his business trip, he told me he knew about my fucking with Dirk. He knew how horny his son was and he knew Dirk would put moves on me as soon as he could. Harry said he didn’t mind my fucking Dirk since he knew my high libido level and his was low. In a way this was better than my getting involved with a lover outside the home and if I would respect his wishes and not fool around with anyone while he was home, he would see that Dirk and I had enough times during the day to fuck without rubbing his nose in it. When he was leaving where ever he was to return home, he would call. Under no circumstances did he want his son to know of the arrangement. Because he is such a wonderful and considerate man, when he wants to fuck, which is usually on Saturday mornings, I give him the best fuck, suck and buggering that I am capable of, knowing his love for me. He is giving me the best of two worlds and by doing so, his son is doing very well in school and I am a very happy woman.

– The End –