Hi Everybody,

Well, it is Monday and I’ve had one hell of a weekend! If you have been following my posts, you will remember that I was supposed to meet Dan (the mountain biker I’d met before) and a group of his friends on Saturday for a little fun.

It was a beautiful day, Saturday, really warm and bright sunshine. I told my husband that I was going to drive out of town a ways and go for a long trail run. I told him not to expect me back for three hours, and I headed out the door. I was wearing my running outfit (you know, the shorts without a brief, and my white running top) with panties under my shorts. (For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts, I like to wear some pretty brief running shorts that I’ve cut the liner out of. They are so brief, that when the wind blows, they fly up like a short skirt and expose my naked ass. So, to keep the guys at work from seeing my ass, I wear panties until I’m out of their sight. Then I take them off and start flashing!) I certainly didn’t want Tom (my husband) to see my naked ass, and that’s why I had on panties. I didn’t keep them on for very long, though. As soon as I came to the first stop sign, I slid them off and tucked them in the glove compartment. Then I proceeded to drive on to the trails where I would meet the guys.

I arrived a little early, so I parked my car in the lot at work and started running towards the trail. I would have never done this on a weekday (remember, I wasn’t wearing any panties), but no one works at our company on the weekends, so no one would see me. As I ran down the road towards the trail, I could feel the wind blowing my shorts up and exposing my ass. I can’t adequately describe what a yummy feeling that is, but it really makes me hot! I reached the trail and turned off the road onto it. As I ran down the trail, I wondered where I would run into Dan and his friends. I also wondered if I should remove any more of my clothes yet. I finally decided to keep my clothes on until I hooked up with Dan.

It didn’t take long. I saw a group of bikers coming towards me on the trail and I started to get excited and nervous. I had already promised Dan a blow job, but I had yet to decide what to do for his friends. The original plan was for them to jerk off on me while I masturbated for them. Anyway, since we were heading towards each other, it didn’t take long to meet them. I greeted Dan with a smile, and he introduced me to his five friends. I really felt naughty! I mean, here were six guys who had come to watch me masturbate, and to cum on my face! Sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it?! Dan asked where I wanted to do it and I told he and his friends to follow me. Then I took off running down the trail. I guess we could have just done it right there, but I wanted them to watch me run, knowing that they would be able to see my bare ass. I ran for a little ways with them all behind me, watching my naked butt. Then I stopped and told them that it was just too hot for all of these clothes, and pulled my sport bra over my head. Then I pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. As they sat there on their bikes with their mouths hanging open, I hid my clothes in some bushes beside the trail.

As is my ritual, I told them I’d like to run a little further. You see, I like the feeling of knowing that I can’t just put my clothes back on. For that reason, I always leave them somewhere instead of carrying them with me. I guess I like the feeling of being vulnerable. Anyway, I ran off down the trail in just my socks and shoes with these six guys following me. I ran for about a mile and decided that that should be far enough. Then I stopped and asked Dan if he remembered what I had told him when he first proposed this meeting. He told me that he certainly did remember; that I had told him to bring a bigger pump next time (I had used his bike frame pump to masturbate with on our first meeting). I asked him this, because I noticed that he had the same pump on his bike as he’d had the first time we met. Then I asked him where the bigger pump was. He didn’t say anything to me, but instead turned to one of his friends and said something. His friend had a backpack on and now he took it off and handed it to Dan. Then Dan opened it and pulled out a blanket. He laid his bike down and then spread the blanket out on the trail. His friends also put down their bikes and stepped up beside him. Then Dan dumped out the contents of the backpack on the blanket. There was an assortment of objects, each brought for the specific purpose of probing my pussy! There weren’t any vibrators or dildos (I imagine Dan didn’t have access to any), but there were other objects that would fit up inside of me. There were a couple of long-necked bottles, a coke bottle, a flashlight, and several cucumbers.

Then Dan asked if I was ready to put on a show. I told him that I was ready, and asked him and his friends to gather around me as I got down on my knees on the blanket. Then I reached for Dan’s bike shorts and pulled them down just far enough to reveal his hard cock. I stroked it a few times, then turned to the guy standing next to him and did the same thing. In just a little while I had worked my way around the circle and had exposed all six of their cocks. Then I picked up one of the bottles and slipped the end up into my pussy. I told them to jack off on me as I fucked myself, and I proceeded to really work the bottle in and out of my pussy. This was great!! I had all of these hard cocks in front of my face, and I was really getting off on fucking myself for them. I ground down hard on the bottle forcing as much of it into my pussy as would go, and I reached my first orgasm.

Dan reminded me that I had promised him a blowjob and he moved his dick closer to my mouth. I really wanted his cock in my mouth, so I leaned forward and sucked him down my throat. I know how to deep throat, and I love the feeling as a cock slides down my throat and I start to gag. Anyway, he began to fuck my mouth with long slow strokes and I took him in up to his balls with each stroke. A couple of the guys had joined me on the blanket and were kissing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. Man was it intense!! I had worked as much of the bottle into me as would go, but it wasn’t very deep. The base of the bottle was just too big to fit in me. I needed something deeper so I groped for one of the cucumbers. I think I grabbed the biggest one, because it was hard to work it in very far. I positioned the cucumber under my pussy, and I started to do the splits. I was already on my knees, so it wasn’t long until the end of the huge vegetable was resting on the blanket with the other end in my pussy. I put more and more of my weight on the cucumber until it started to slide up inside of me. I think it was probably about nine inches long and pretty thick, and after only about two minutes I had the whole thing inside of me.

I started to bounce up and down on the blanket. As I came up off the blanket, the big thing started to slide out of me. Then as I came down, it was forced back in. I was getting thoroughly fucked by this big vegetable and it drove me wild. I put my hands on Dan’s ass and pulled him towards me as his cock slid deep down my throat. I loved the feeling of his cock sliding down my throat as he fucked my mouth! He started tensing up and I knew he was going to cum. I wanted it in my mouth so I held him tight as he began to pump his sperm into my throat. As he began to soften, he pulled his cock from between my lips. I felt hands grabbing and lifting me off the blanket, and the cucumber slid out of my pussy. I think I actually whined that I needed something in my pussy. I don’t know what came over me, I just felt so empty all of a sudden! Anyway, I meant that I wanted the bottle or the cucumber in my pussy, but that’s not what I got! One of the guys had moved behind me, and I felt his cock slide inside of me! I could see Dan standing in front of me, and I told him that I didn’t want anybody to fuck me; that he had promised. He said he didn’t believe me, and I guess I can understand why. I found that as the guy who was fucking me pushed forward, I was pushing back. It was totally involuntary, but my body knew what it liked. I half-heartedly protested again to Dan, but we both knew that I didn’t really mean it.

To make a long story short, I ended up fucking all six guys, plus one other guy who happened along and decided to take part! It was the best I had ever felt sexually. Amazingly, the whole thing only took about an hour and a half!

When Dan and his friends left me, I was a mess. I was covered with sweat and cum and I knew that I had better get cleaned up before I went home. I walked back to where I’d stashed my clothes, and got dressed. Then I walked back to work and cleaned myself up in the bathroom. I drove back home and told Tom that I thought I’d overdone it on my run, and I rested for the rest of the day. That night I lay awake for a long time thinking about what I had done. I had cheated on my husband, but I didn’t really feel all that guilty! I also knew that I would do it again. I mean, Saturday’s sex was the best I’d ever had, and I knew I’d have to do it again. I did decide that I would try to space out my encounters, though.

Anyway, that’s what happened. I sure have come a long way since my first post. I had no idea things would escalate this quickly, and I don’t know if I realize the full impact of what I’ve done. I do know this. I really loved the way it felt to take on all of those guys! I just came and came and came! I know it was wrong, but when something feels that good how am I supposed to be able to stop!

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll have more to post in the future, but for right now, I’m going to take it a little easy. Thanks for all of your supportive comments. I don’t think I would have gone this far without your encouragement, and despite felling a little guilty now, I’m really glad I did it. I love all of you.