When my husband and I had been married for thirteen years and had three children; ages 12, 11 and 9 years old; two girls and then a boy and then we quit! Our sex life has always been often (3-10 times/week) but slowing down. We thought it was our ages, I was 35 and my husband, Bob, was 37. One night we went to Wash. DC for dinner (we live in the suburbs, but rarely go into town) and on the way home we passed about fifteen “girls of the night” who were selling their wares at 14th and K Streets in a very brazen way. Some of them were quite good looking, most of them were black, and I got extremely turned on at seeing them. It was not that I wanted them, but the idea of whoring got me very excited. I told Bob how turned on I was and he pulled me over and kissed me and I took out his cock and gave him a blow job as he drove home. As he came in my mouth, I swallowed it all, so that I wouldn’t make a mess on his clothes or mine. I hadn’t done that to him in a long time and when I was done, I was so hot that I lay against my door and spread my legs and pulled my panties to the side and masturbated as Bob watched. He turned on the lights of the car and the thought that others could see me was very exciting. We were passing a truck and there were three black young men in the back of the truck and so they were up high. They could look into our car and see clearly what I was doing. Bob slowed down so that we stayed even with the truck and the three boys went crazy. I came about four times as they yelled obscenities at me and tried to get us to stop. At that moment, I would have gladly fucked the three boys and the two men in the truck. I told that to Bob and he got a devilish grin on his face and said he would figure something out.

I didn’t forget that evening but Bob didn’t say anything and I thought that maybe, with our drinking, he had forgotten, or figured this was just a momentary fancy. After that night, I had dreamt of it almost every night and finally admitted that to Bob. He works in international sales for a large company and is away three to four times a year for two or three weeks on business in some far-off place in the world. We had always dreamed that when the kids were grown, I would go with him on his trips.

After we talked about my dream, he said he had a surprise for me. I knew it had something to do with my dream and so I was very excited to get him to tell me what he had planned. He was very secretive about it until we were driving to the restaurant for my surprise. He told me that I was to pretend that he and I were just acquaintances and to follow my lead on the conversation. He told me we would be meeting a German man who was potentially a big customer of the company and he was setting this man up with a woman for the night. I was the woman! He had put a small bag in the back seat which had my toothbrush, towel, shampoo, wallet and soap that he would carry into the restaurant. The restaurant was in a very nice hotel where the German man was staying. By the time it sunk in as to what Bob had planned, I was so wet that I was afraid that I would be leaking through my slip and dress. I took Kleenex and put it between my legs to stop the flow.

We went into the restaurant and I met Karl. He was about fifty and very good-looking. After just a few minutes of telling Karl about me and the fact that I was his to do whatever he wanted for the night, Bob excused himself and, as he left, he said that my keys to my car were in the bag he was leaving and I could drive to my home when I was ready; the valet ticket for my car was in the bag. He gave me a light kiss, told me to have fun, and left. My story was that I was a divorcee and I got lonesome and liked an occasional man.

Karl and I had a wonderful dinner, although I was so excited I couldn’t eat much. He lightly fondled my breasts from the outside and ran his fingers up my leg to my panties and cupped my mound until I came for the first time that night. It certainly was not to be the last! When we got in the elevator to go to his room, I cuddled in his arms and as he rubbed my crotch, I ran my hand down between his legs and felt a nicely sized cock getting harder by the second. We were both quite aroused when we got to his floor. When we entered his suite, he grabbed me and started to remove my clothes as well as his own. I was completely naked and he had on his shorts and we were still in the foyer. I pulled his shorts down and his hard cock jumped out in my face and I gave him his first blow-job on my knees in the foyer and after he came, he pulled me up and said we should go to the bedroom for some serious sex. My kind of man!

He licked me for about forty-five minutes and I had so many orgasms that I lost count. As he finished with his licking he was very hard and entered me immediately and threw my legs up so my heels were near my ears and fucked me very hard. He turned me on my side and kept banging me, then on my knees and not missing a beat as he continued to fuck me. He fingered my ass and then put some oil on his fingers and it felt like he had his fist in my ass and then he put his cock there. Bob and I had only done this a few times, when I was pretty drunk, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. When he started hammering my ass while he rubbed my clit, I started cumming and almost never stopped for all the time he was buggering me. Just saying that I am getting buggered, gets me very hot now days. When he finally came, he collapsed on me and after a few words of loving, he fell asleep. I surprised myself by falling asleep with him. I though I would not be able to, but I did. He woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when he came back he gave me a long, slow fucking that was the best of the night and I had an earth-shattering orgasm as he came. I could easily fall in love with this man.

We both awoke about 8:30 am and he ordered breakfast and we had a quick fuck before it arrived and after a long breakfast, he fucked me long and hard one more time and he came in my mouth before I left his room. He gave me his special number to call and said that I could call him anytime and he hoped to see me regularly when he came to the states. He had called valet for my car and as I walked down to get in it, I felt as happy and relaxed as I had felt in a long time. I reached in my bag to get the valet ticket and there were twenty one-hundred dollar bills in the bag! I guess I was officially a whore, and had $2000 to prove it!

I called Bob at work and told him that when he came home I was going to give him the best sex he had had in months and he said that he was coming home right away. He wanted to know every move we made the night before and it got me very hot to tell him. When I told him I got $2000, he told me that he told Karl that I was a $1000 a night girl and he must have really like me to give me an extra $1000.

That was ten years ago and in that time I have been a whore, on average, about once a week. I still love the fact that I am a whore and even now, as I write this, I’m getting wet between my legs. Bob could not be more supportive. He prefers to watch me as I fuck, for safety reasons as well as getting a big charge watching me with other men. We were so successful we rented a nice apartment about ten miles from home and he set up four cameras and microphones around the bedroom so that he can watch, from the other bedroom, and have on VCR, all of my fucking. Almost all of the men are from other countries who are visiting our company to get training on our equipment before they take the equipment home. I have had a number of black men and the one characteristic they all seem to have, in my experience, is big, thick cocks. In fact, one man, about thirteen inches, was too much even for me and I ached as he fucked me. I loved sucking him because he had the sweetest tasting cum I have ever swallowed.

My German friend, who is special because he was my first “John” comes over two to three times a year and I usually spend a week with him as he travels to several cities for his business, and fucks the shit out of me. As he got a little older, he would have other German men come into our bedroom and fuck me which seemed to charge him up and made me very happy. They were always young studs who could fuck a long time.

One night I was out with a client having dinner, and at the end of dinner I saw my oldest daughter at another table and since the man had been playing with my tits almost all night, she could not help but see her mother playing with another man. My daughter was married but, thank God, her husband was not with her but another girl friend. When we talked the next day, I told her he was an old friend that I knew before I married daddy, etc. and she really surprised me by saying she knew of my whoring around all these years because daddy and I were not quiet about my actions and she knew that he not only condoned it but encouraged it. Because of my experience, she wanted to do the same thing and she was slowly bringing the subject up to her husband. She said her sister and brother did not know, or at least had never talked to her about my sex habits. I confessed to her, although she had obviously heard my enthusiasm before, how much I loved getting regularly fucked by other men and if she were to decide to try it, I would be glad to help her find men. We figured that I had been with over 400 different men and she said that she had a number to shoot for.

Bob started taking me with him all over the world and we fucked our way from country to country. When we were in Arab, Oriental or African countries, the men especially like to fuck a white woman and I made a fortune on his business trips and he got to see a lot of fucking.

Not for one minute have we ever regretted our decision. I love and respect him more now that when we got married. I know that when I go away for a fuck trip he is not particularly happy about it but he has never said a negative word. I have offered, several times, to have him fuck another woman but he says he gets all of his pleasure in watching me. One week, when I was gone for the whole week, he spent almost all of his waking minutes watching me get fucked by one man after another on the VCR. He likes for me to spread for him as he puts on a VCR of me getting my brains fucked out and swallowing big loads of cum. He tells me that I’m a good for nothing whore who has taken hundreds of cock up my ass and cunt and that I’m all worn out. I ask him to slide into my cunt and see if it’s worn out or not.

– The End –