Pete had been reading through several newsgroups on the Internet when he came across an ad that read “My wife has been very naughty and she needs to have her ass spanked ’til it’s red. We will be in Florida in two months, to spend some time at the beach and to teach this bitch some manners – All responses reply to:*****@****.***”.

Attached was a file with a picture in it. Pete opened the file and expected to find some sweat hog, but was amazed to see a voluptuous redhead with green eyes, a large, firm set of tits, and an otherwise thin figure with long beautiful legs. Her pussy was shaven naked and she had her legs spread revealing her moist pink pussy. Pete thought it for a while, then replied to the e-mail address, giving his phone number. Later that week, Pete received a call from a man whose name was Sam, confirming that they would be there in October.

Pete gave them directions to his house, and asked Sam what his wife, Jenny, had done to warrant a spanking. It seems as though Jenny was a real slut and was “caught” many times fucking their black neighbor. Sam said he would send pictures showing her in various poses with her black lover, to Pete’s e-mail address. They hung up and later, Pete checked his mail. Sure enough, there were about two dozen pictures of Jenny being fucked by an extremely large cocked black man. One of them was particularly slutty in which the man was in the process of shooting large gobs of cum all over her face. The cum dripped from her chin, causing her to look just like a real slut.

Sam called several weeks later, and confirmed the date and time they would arrive at Pete’s house. Pete told him there was no need for a hotel, that they were welcome to stay there.

Finally, the day arrived and Pete kept viewing the pictures that Sam had sent to him. At 4 PM there was a knock at the door, and Pete opened it up to find Jenny there all by herself. Sam had dropped her off and then had the cabby take him to a car rental agency. Jenny entered and Pete told her to tell him all about her black lover. She had explained that it was initially rape, but that she had gotten into it, and had invited him back whenever he felt the need to fill her cunt with his sperm. The first time, she was doing the laundry in her apartment complex, and Buck, the black man was there also. She was wearing short cutoffs and a tube top, and Buck kept watching her. She was uneasy about this and went back to her apartment. Buck had followed and forced his way into her apartment right behind her. He told her that he had to have her, and she pleaded with him to leave her. He wasn’t about to go without having her though, and told her so. He advanced on her and soon had his ar ms around her. She continued to struggle, but to no avail. Before long, he had ripped her clothes off of her, and had dropped his pants revealing the biggest cock she had ever seen. He forced her to the floor and grabbed her ankles, spreading them high and wide.

She cried out as he began to enter her, begging him to stop and leave her alone, but his strength was too overpowering for her to resist. Before much time had passed, he had entered her fully, stopping to allow her pussy to stretch enough to handle his big dick. He then began to assault her young pussy, picking up the pace as he fucked her. Soon, he was slamming into her, his balls bouncing off of her ass. Something inside her changed, and she began to react to his assault by urging him on. She began to cum, with him not slowing a bit. All in all, he caused her to cum about a dozen times, coating his thick cock with her cunt juices. After about an hour of this, he finally started to empty his balls into her now stretched cunt. He continued to cum for what seemed about five minutes to Jenny. Then he pulled out and asked her if she was glad he had raped her. She replied that he was the best she ever had, but that she felt guilty about allowing another man to send his sperm into her cunt.

He left, and she sat there all day, feeling bad about what she did. When Sam came home, she told him all about it. Instead of being pissed off at her, she found him to be really turned on, to the point where he finally sunk his cock into the huge gaping hole that was formerly his wife’s tight little cunt. He told her later that any time that Buck wanted her, that she was to let him do whatever he wanted to her, and that she had to tell him all the details when he got home.

Her meetings with Buck turned into a daily thing, and he fucked her constantly. As she continued to become a slut, her cunt kept stretching so that it became difficult for Sam to fuck her. One night, after he fucked her for an hour and a half without cumming, he turned her over and took her asshole. It turned out that her cunt belonged to Buck and her asshole to Sam.

Pete’s cock was raging now, and he took Jenny into the bedroom. He made her strip and then ordered her to suck his cock. Soon, Pete’s cock grew to it’s normal twelve inch length, becoming very thick. He then made Jenny lie across his lap, and he spanked her hard. He continued to smack her ass ’til it turned red. Then he made her get on her hands and knees and he took her from behind. When he sunk his meat into her cunt, his pubic hair irritated the tender skin of her freshly beaten ass, and she squirmed around, making this fuck much more enjoyable for Pete. Soon, he was pumping a load of cum deep inside her well used pussy.

Shortly after that, Sam had returned and entered the bedroom to find Jenny sucking Pete’s big dick making it hard again. Her ass was still red, and Sam began to spank her now. With his other hand, he began to enter her with several fingers, pumping in and out of her. Then Sam invited Pete to fuck her asshole, which he was very happy to comply with. Again, with Jenny on her hands and knees, Pete began to insert his cock up Jenny’s ass. She cried out in pain, and Pete slapped her hard on her ass, causing her to shiver with excitement. Sam got in front of her, and she sucked his seven inch dick into her mouth. He continued to fuck her face ’til he started to cum. Then he pulled out and shot his sperm across her face. Meanwhile, Pete was continuing to fuck Jenny’s tight little asshole, and he finally erupted, spilling his cum deeply in her bowels. They all went out to the pool deck to relax in the water for a while and Pete called me up and invited me over.

I arrived about two hours later and went to the deck where we wee all introduced. Jenny came over and started to blow me as I sat on the edge of the pool. Sam commented that Jenny was a real slut, and I had to agree with him. Any woman who will fuck and suck another man while her husband watches is a real slut. And, I love slutty women! Jenny turned out to be an accomplished cock sucker, and soon had my cum spurting into her ready mouth. She had my twelve inch dick buried in her throat, and the sensation of her tongue and mouth made me cum so quickly. We went back inside to the bedroom and we all began to molest Jenny. Finally, Sam turned her over and we all took turns at spanking her hot little ass. Then I pulled her over onto her back and spread her legs, entering her heavenly cunt. Yes, she was stretched out quite a bit, but my large cock had no problems fucking her. This continued on into the early morning hours, and I had to leave to get some sleep to get up the next day.

They stayed for two weeks, and I had Jenny quite often. Pete, of course, had her more often, as he fucked her daily. She let on that she wanted us all to torture her and we were all very willing to comply. Nothing dangerous, stuff like tying her down and holding ice to her nipples, or slapping her hard enough to sting, but not to cause her any serious pain. Of course, her ass was beaten for prolonged periods, causing her a lot of discomfort, and making her cunt flow with her juices. Sam asked if we could arrange a gang bang before they left, and we got almost three dozen friends together two nights before they were due to leave. She was fucked in every orifice, repeatedly. She screamed out her orgasms, and begged for more cock. She’d have two cocks in her cunt, or one in her ass and one in her love box, but she got all the dick she wanted, and a lot more. Sam offered her to me for the last night, and I took her home, fucking her all night long. She told me how wonderful this vacation was for her, and thanked me for making it so enjoyable. I fucked her asshole for the last time the next morning, cumming in it just before Sam picked her up for the ride to the airport. Both Pete and I have been invited to visit them in Boston, and we’re looking forward to blistering her hot little ass once again!