When I was in high school, I was a cheerleader, which was synonymous with the word slut. I was 15 when the below episode happened, and had already lost my cherry and had numerous lovers. I lost my virginity when I was 13 to a man who’s kids I used to baby-sit for. He and his wife had divorced after he caught her gang banging three black men. One night he came home and talked me into fucking him. After that, I found I loved fucking and would let anyone into my pants. But, I had never had the opportunity to make it with a black guy. I was curious, but I thought it wouldn’t be right to have sex with someone of a different race. I did have a friend, Keith, who was black, though he never made any attempt to have sex with me. That is, ’til one summer day.

He invited me over to listen to albums and I accepted. After I got there, he asked me if I wanted a drink and I said yes. He came back with a strong rum and coke, and not having really ever drank alcohol, I got feeling pretty woozy real quick. We sat on his bed and soon he put his arm around me. I felt funny about it, but let him keep it there. The next thing I knew, he was kissing me. I felt very horny real quick and I kissed him back. His hands went to my tit and his thumb ran across my nipple, causing it to harden and make me even more horny. This continued for about fifteen minutes and I was like putty in his hands. When I felt his hand at the crotch of my cutoffs, I jumped and moved it away. “No Keith, we can’t do that!” “Why not?” he asked. “Because I’m going steady with Jimmy, and what we’ve already done has gone too far, and also because of our differences. It’s not right to do this with someone who’s not the same race!” Then he kissed me again, and I made a very feeble attempt at breaking it. His hand went right back to rubbing my pussy through my shorts, and it felt so good, I couldn’t make him stop. Before long, he undid my shorts and began to pull them down. I whimpered “Please, no Keith. Please stop!” But he just kept on going. I felt my pussy get wet and I went with the flow. Soon, he had my clothes completely off of me and I lay there naked in his arms. He pushed me back on the bed and I felt my legs begin to spread to allow him access to my cunt. I felt his fingers enter me and go in deep. As they moved around, I got even hotter. He kissed me again, his tongue probing sliding into my mouth. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. I was amazed! He was huge! He undid his pants and I got my first view of it. It had to be a foot long!

He began to move between my legs and I felt his cock bump against my swollen mushy cunt. I said sharply “No! We can’t do this! Please, Stop!” “He said “Baby, I got to cum! If I can’t fuck you, will you suck my cock?” Well, I’ve done that numerous times with guys who I didn’t want to fuck, and figured it would be OK to do it. So I told him yes and he lay back. I lowered my head to his massive cock, then opened my mouth and sucked him in. My lips were stretched wide due to his size, but I took in all I could. He only lasted about ten minutes before he shot off in my mouth. Most guys usually spurt three or four times, and fill my mouth. I swallow the cum, then we’re done. Keith spurted about a dozen times, and each one was more than I ever had at once! I tried to swallow it all, but some of it dripped out onto my chin. He then lowered his head to my pussy and began to eat me out. Soon, I felt his cock harden again. I was so hot that I just had to cum. When he moved betwe en my legs again, I didn’t put up a fight about it. My body needed his cock, and needed it right away! I felt his cock split open my cunt and enter me. As he slid into me, I came, and came. I couldn’t very well ask him to stop that he had a “taste” of my cunt, so I let him continue. He slid in to the back of my tiny cunt, and stopped while I got used to his size. He was so fucking big that it almost hurt, but the ecstasy that I felt overrode any feeling of pain. As my cunt stretched, he went in farther. The biggest cock I had ever felt in me prior to Keith was about six inches in length. He doubled any other cock I had ever had, and the thickness was indescribable. Finally, I felt his balls resting against my ass and I knew that he had fully entered me. Then he began to fuck me. I cried out and came repeatedly as he thrust in and out of me. I had never had it this good before. His size was not only satisfying me, but driving me further towards the most powerful orgasm I ever had.

He fucked me for about forty minutes, then he groaned out “Oh fuck yes! Oh God, I’m gonna cummmmm!” I quickly told him “Then pull out! You’re not wearing a rubber!” But, it was too late! He came inside of me and didn’t stop cumming for quite a while. I felt his sperm blast into my cunt, and I came again so hard that little flashes of light went off in my head. I screamed out begging him to ram his big black cock harder into me. When it was over, he rolled off of me and I began to cry. “What’s wrong Diane” he asked. “What’s wrong? You just came inside of me! I told you I was going steady and didn’t want to cheat on Jimmy. God, I feel like a whore! (I had to have been anyway, after all the guys I’ve had!)” He took me in his arms and held me tightly. My body betrayed me again, and I felt real horny. When he began to finger fuck me, I didn’t complain. After a while, I begged him “Please Keith, do it again! God I feel so fucking horny!”. He pushed my head to his cock whi ch had gone limp and was only just beginning to become semi hard again. I eagerly took it in my mouth and began to suck and lick it. He soon grew to his fullest and I then experienced something new. I felt him put pressure on the back of my head. When his cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged. He told me to take it easy, and begin to swallow his cock. I relaxed myself as best I could and found he was right! His cock slid into my throat. At several times, I thought I would gag, but I held there, and waited for that feeling to pass.

Then I went farther down his thick black shaft. Finally, there was nothing that separated my lips from his pubic bone. I had taken him entirely down my throat and I shuddered in orgasm as I did. He pulled my head off of his cock, and lay me back on the bed. This time, I grabbed my ankles and pulled them high and wide over my head, exposing my cunt fully to him. I begged him “Please Keith, fuck me! I need it again now!” He climbed between m y legs and repeated his earlier performance. This time, when he shouted out that he was going to cum, I cried “Yes baby!! Fuck my cunt!! Fill me with your sperm baby!! Oh God! Yes!” As he came, I felt his sperm shooting into me once again, and I came so hard this time, that I actually passed out. When I awoke, he was laying next to me and I felt his cum leaking out of my cunt.

He said “Diane, I know you’re going steady with Jimmy, but I want you to think of this as fun. Our fun. I know I can’t date you, your parents would go ballistic, but can we enjoy each other like this again?” I thought for a second and told him “As long as you either wear a rubber or don’t cum inside of me, no matter how much I beg. At least until I go and get on the pill. I don’t want to get pregnant, but I guess we’ll find out next week. If I don’t get my period, we have to do something about it. But, yes, I do want to feel you inside of me a lot more.”

Well, I didn’t get pregnant, and I did go on the pill. Then I really turned into a slut. Keith was my first black man, and I’ll always remember him because of it. The years have gone by and we lost contact with each other. I went to college and had no hesitation about fucking any guy who asked. Even the black men. My roommate and I would plan gang bangs with many, many men, and just the two of us taking on them all. We had a little competition one night to see how many guys we could fuck, and she won. By two guys.

She had fucked 36 different guys that night, and I two less. I could have kept on going, but we ran out of guys, so she won. One of the guys started dating me and things began to go very well between us. He knew I couldn’t stay faithful to just him, and he handled it so well, I began to fall in love with him and soon stopped whoring around. There were about six guys, including him that I fucked. All but him were strictly for the sex. Two of them were black. Then I moved in with him and stopped seeing all but the two blacks I was fucking. Most of the time, they’d come over and the three of them would have me anyway they wanted, and as often as they wanted. Paul was a saint! When he asked me to marry him, I said yes with no hesitation, nor did he say a word about my trysts. I was ready to stop and be faithful to him only, but he wouldn’t hear of it! He wanted me to continue to fuck other guys, especially blacks, even after we were married. I was amazed that a man could put that much faith in his soon to be wife, would allow other men to touch what would soon be only his to have.

Our wedding day was approaching and my ex roommate planned a party for me. I wasn’t aware until it was over that Paul had a lot of input on what would happen. First off, a video was made without my knowledge before. All the guys that were there were black, and there were at least 20 of them. I wouldn’t do anything until Cindy showed me a letter from Paul. It read “Di my love, this party is for you! The men that are here all have huge cocks and they can’t wait to use you like a whore. Go for it my love, I want it and I want you to tell me everything that happens to you tonight! Enjoy them all and have as many orgasms as you can!” Again, I was taken aback! We were only a few days from our wedding, and still he had no problems with me fucking other men! So, I gave in to my feelings after reading the letter and I allowed them to take me wholly. At one point, I had two of their cocks in my mouth, one in my ass, and one in my cunt. They fucked me like was no more than a whore , and I guess I was. The next morning, I went home to Paul with their cum dried all over my body and in my hair. I was a mess. When he saw me, he smiled and told me “I love you Di!” We fucked the rest of the day even before I cleaned up. He ate me and did everything as he had always done, the dried cum not bothering him at all.

Three days later, we stood at the altar and were married. After out reception, we headed off to the hotel we were staying at that night. When he opened the door and had me go in first, I turned on the lights and was surprised to see the two black guys I was still fucking. I turned to Paul and said “On our wedding night Paul? Why would you want this on our wedding night?” He kissed me and said “Because baby, I know how much you love to fuck these two black studs. I know how it turns you on!! It’s all for you my dearest!” One of them pulled my dress up and my panties down. The other slid the top of my dress over my shoulders exposing my now perky nipples. I was used to their size, yet I felt like it was the first time all over again. As they went on, I felt so hot I thought I’d pass out. They stripped and one of them lay on his back. I climbed on top of him, and the other knelt behind me. Both of them entered me, causing me to cum right then and there. I told Paul to come over and let me blow him. Soon, I had all three holes filled with cock and was very satisfied. The next morning, Paul and I left for Barbados. We checked into the resort and began to plan our days. Our nights were to be filled with lust. He wanted me to wear the sluttiest outfit I owned so that other guys would know I was there for sex. That night, I had three new lovers, and the total grew as each night progressed. Some of those nights, I would end up in the rooms of other people and wouldn’t drag my cum filled body back to our room ’til mid morning. That’s the way our two week honeymoon went. I was fucking everyone I could. One night, a guy came up to me and started talking to me. I mentioned I was married, and here on our honeymoon. He seemed to lose interest after that, and I began to come on to him. He couldn’t believe that I was behaving the way I was so son after being married, and I assured him that I had Paul’s blessings.

When we finally got home, who did I find living in our house? It was Keith, who I had lost track of over the years. Paul had gone a long way to setting this up, and I loved him all the more for it. We all three settled into the roles of married life, but with a strange twist. I’d alternate sleeping with them nightly, and Saturday night was orgy night. It could be just the two of us, or it could be a major gangbang.

That was twelve years ago, and our arrangement still stands. I still don’t want kids, for if I was to have them, I’d have to be faithful to only Paul. I wouldn’t want to bring multicolored babies into this world. So, we all go along enjoying everything the world has to offer to us. I don’t think I’d trade this arrangement for the world!