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It turned out to be a XXX film, and it showed three black men fucking a blonde. Both Sherry and me are blondes, and the girl on the tape looked like she could be our sister. On the screen, the girl was sucking one of the blacks cocks and another was entering her cunt. I watched as Sherry twitched around on the floor, the film having an effect on her. To tell the truth, it was turning me on also. One of the guys kissed her, and began to feel her ample tits. Soon, he had her top off and was sucking a nipple. One of the other ones, sitting next to me on the couch, turned and kissed me. I was somewhat shocked by this, and broke it, telling him “No, I couldn’t fuck around on my husband.” He said “What do you think about this?” and undid his pants, allowing his massive dark chocolate dick to spring free. “God, that thing is huge, but you better put it away. Really, I don’t want to cheat on my husband.” I answered.

He left it out and I saw Sherry go down on the biggest cock I had ever seen. She sucked it all the way into her throat, and massaged his balls as she sucked. I kept stealing glances at the man’s cock next to me, and he noticed and put his hand on my thigh. I didn’t stop him, and he began to lightly rub me, causing goose bumps to break out all over my body. Soon, he had my shorts pulled down and was rubbing my cunt through my panties. I couldn’t stop him, hell, I didn’t want to stop him. He took my hand and placed it on his rigid pole. I felt it spasm as I touched it, and I grabbed it and began to stroke it. I heard Sherry cry out, and looked at her lying on the floor with the big cock buried in her cunt. The man giving me all his attention then slid his fingers under my panties and began to enter my steamy cunt with his big fingers. I leaned over, lowering my head to his lap, and stuck out my tongue, licking his shaft from his balls to the tip. Pre-cum oozed out of the hole at the end of his cock, and I licked it off. then I took the head into my mouth and lightly began to suck on it, swirling my tongue all around it as I did. The other black man knelt in front of Sherry’s face, dangling another huge cock over her lips. She sucked him in and swallowed most of his cock in one motion.

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I was taken immediately by one of them who had me lean against the couch while he entered me from behind. Another one sat in front of me and pulled out his long hard cock, and began to rub it all over my face. This continued all night long. My cunt and belly were full of sperm from sucking and fucking all night. Before they all left, each one fucked each of us up our asses. I thought I’d die, it was that intense. Sherry and I slept together that night, and we’ve been eating each other ever since.

My husband came home and asked me how I was. I said fine, and he asked if I was sure, since I had fucked so many black cocks. I then knew he set the whole thing up, and I hugged him, thanking him for my present. He goes out of town quite frequently now, and has set up a camcorder in the closet to make videos of me sucking and fucking all these black men. When he gets home, we watch them and he remarks how slutty I act. Yes, I’m a slut, and I love it!