I was fucking Tina real hard, ready to cum. She had had four orgasms herself and was almost there again. I started out with the same I always do “Oh yeah baby! Your cunt feels so great! All you need is another cock now, and you’ll experience Heaven! Tell me baby, Tell me you want it!” She’d never tell me that, though it was a fantasy, probably for me more than her. I’ve always wanted to watch another man fuck Tina. She gets into it so much that she seems a different person when we fuck. At 32, she’s just reaching her peak, one which I hope will last a long time. It took years for her to let me fuck her ass, and she still doesn’t give me that pleasure frequently enough. Tina’s 110 lbs of pure sex when she’s ready for it, and her face is to die for. After ten years of marriage, she’s still as hot as the day we met.

I was almost shocked when she answered me “Oh yes, I’d love to be sucking another man’s cock while you fuck me Will! Or your cock while he fucks me! Yes baby, do it!” I wasn’t quite sure by what she meant by “do it”, whether she wanted me to set it up or if she wanted me to keep fucking her. “So, will you let another man fuck you now?” I asked, almost panting. “Yes! Yes! YES! I want another cock in me. A big one!” she answered. At seven inches, I never considered myself small, so I assumed she wanted something really big. The way she was acting drove me over the edge and I began to shoot my cum inside her twitching cunt. She came a split second after I emptied my load in her. I felt like I hadn’t cum in weeks, with the amount of sperm I pumped into her cunt. And I still wasn’t satisfied. Neither was Tina. “Oh Will, eat me baby!” she moaned. So I lowered my head to her cunt and proceeded to lick her still swollen clit. She was moaning out her pleasure and I watched as my sperm dripped from her wide open cunt. “Will, suck out your cum baby. Eat it all out” she begged, so I began to suck at the hole that stared at me. Meanwhile, my cock grew hard once again, and I moved upwards on her body. I entered her easily, and found out there was still much cum left in her cunt. I slid in and it felt like there was still gallons of sperm left in her.

We continued to fuck for another hour, Tina cumming almost every few minutes. Finally, I felt my cum ready to explode in Tina’s cunt, and I bit her shoulder and shot out another full load. After I rolled off of her, I asked her again “Are you sure you want to fuck another man?” She replied “Only if you’re there to make sure I’m OK. But, yes, I want to feel a new cock in me, but it has to be huge. At least twelve inches. I want to know I had a new cock!”

I thought about it for a week or so and one Friday night, I told her to dress as sluttily as possible and we’d go and fulfill our fantasy. She showered and put on her makeup, rather heavily, but I figured, let’s go for it! She had a leather skirt that barely covered her ass when she was standing, and showed all while she was sitting. She added a leather vest with nothing underneath it, and a grater belt and stockings, the tops of which showed plainly as her skirt was so short. Then we went out. I had picked a club across town that was frequented by blacks, as I figured that would be the best shot for finding a huge cock for my Tina. She seemed very attentive as we walked in, and looked at me with a strange expression. “Hmmm, I assume that you have a black man in mind?” she asked. “Well, I thought that since you wanted it really big, this would be the best choice.” I replied. A smile appeared on her face, and I knew things were going to work out tonight. We danced a few dances and drank several drinks, Tina getting “tipsy” pretty quickly. I guess she wanted to feel less inhibited about this whole thing, so I kept on feeding her liquor. We sat down for a while, and a young black man approached our table and asked if he could dance with Tina.

I told him to go for it, and he led her to the floor. After several slow dances, he began to get bolder and moved his hands to her ass, kneading and squeezing them. I noticed a hand slip under her skirt, and Tina left it there with no objection. Then they separated and she came back to the table. The young black, who’s name was John, went off to the men’s room. “Will, he’s huge! I think he’s the one!” she exclaimed. I asked her about it, and she told me that he had his fingers buried in her cunt and that he had invited her back to his place. “What did you say?” I asked. “I told him no, but he was welcome to come home with us. He agreed.” she told me. Soon,

John came out of the men’s room and moved back to o ur table. He looked at me with some apprehension, and I told him “It’s OK, Tina told me what she said to you. I have no problem with this, so let’s leave”. We made our way to the car and Tina and John sat in the back. On the way, I watched them in the mirror. They were locked in a very passionate kiss, and his hands were all over her. While they were dancing, he had undid two of the four buttons of her vest, allowing her tits to be seen openly. Now he finished unbuttoning her vest and her tits fell free. He lowered his head to her erect nipples, sucking at each of them ’til she moaned out for him to take it easy. His hand went to her thigh, and she spread her legs, revealing a very wet clean shaven cunt. He began to lightly rub her wet slit eliciting a very contented sigh from her. I pulled into the driveway and sat there watching the two of them as their passion built. He inserted three fingers into her pussy and she undid his pants, allowing his large cock to spring out. He was big, I would guess somewhere around fourteen inches long and as thick as Tina’s upper arm.

They momentarily composed themselves and we went inside and headed straight for our bed. John quickly undressed, and his massive cock stood out from his groin like a sabre. I wasn’t sure if Tina was going to be able to take the entirety of it, but I knew she sure was going to try! They lay down together and started kissing again. Tina had slipped her skirt and vest off and was naked except for the garter belt and stockings. She lay there with her legs spread wide, her cunt gaping. John started finger fucking her again, easily sliding three of his fingers into her. I looked at her soon to be fucked body and couldn’t help but notice how excited she was. Her nipples were huge, and she moved her hips up and down while her body heaved in anticipation. John’s cock lay over her leg, hard and ready. She told him “I want to suck that huge cock” and she moved down his body. I watched as she took this new cock into her hands and brought it to her mouth. She made eye contact with me as her tongue swirled around the head. It was as if she was asking permission to blow him, and I smiled and nodded at her to go ahead.

Her eyes closed as her mouth opened and she lowered her head over the bulbous cock head. She moved lower and lower until his cock hit the back of her throat. A long sigh escaped from John’s lips as she continued to suck this new cock down her throat. “Oh God, she’s really great!” John said. I replied “I know it!”. She was able to take about eight inches down her throat before she was forced to stop. No more would fit! She continued to blow him for about twenty minutes before he pulled her off. “I got to have your cunt!” he told her. “Oh yes, let me feel that big dick deep in my pussy!” she moaned. With that, John moved to between her legs. Here it was at last! Another man was going to fuck my wife and I was so turned on by it. I watched closely as he placed the gargantuan cock head at her cunt hole, ready to penetrate her. The stark differ ence in their skin color was a turn on by itself. John’s cock was as black as midnight, and her cunt so white. Then he began to move forward, his cock head entering her swollen cunt. “Oh God, it’s so big!” she moaned. “Yes, fill me up, fuck my slutty cunt with your huge cock!”

John worked his cock into her tight wet cunt, causing her to moan and beg him for more. Finally, he was at the back of her pussy, yet he still had about four inches to go until he was completely buried in her. His cock head was rubbing her G-spot, making her body spasm with uncontrollable lurches. “Oh yes John, fuck me! Hard! Yes, oh my God, it’s so big! Oh Will, it feels like he’s tearing me apart! Yes, I love it! Oh John, please, fuck me hard!” With that, John withdrew his cock, and then slammed it back in. Tina screamed out “Oh yeah baby! You’re all the way in now! Oh yes! Fuck my cunt, make me your whore! Oh yes, no man has ever been that deep in me John. Oh lover, yes! Fuck me! Make me yo ur slut! Yes, fuck my whore cunt!” John’s cock pistoned in and out of Tina’s pussy with ease. He had stretched my wife’s once tight cunt wide, making it so that no cock would ever have any trouble entering her again. She was panting and sweating, her makeup had run all over her face.

My cock had stood for as much as it could. Now I needed relief, so I knelt by her head and told her to suck me. I felt every thrust that John made as I fucked Tina’s mouth. She took me all the way down, even stuffing my balls in her mouth. As she sucked, I looked at her face. She looked like an angelic whore laying there being fucked at each end. No longer able to talk, she moaned around my cock as her passion continued to build. Very shortly, her body was racked with multiple orgasms and she continued to cum for about a half hour. Finally, I could take no more and began to shoot my cum down her throat. Within seconds, John followed suit and emptied his balls into the depths of her now huge cunt. He continued to cum for at least five or ten minutes, his sperm gushing out between her cunt and his cock. “My God!” Tina panted “That was fantastic! I’ve never felt like such a whore before.” John answered “It ain’t over yet! I got a lot more where that came from!” With that, he started fucking her again. I was amazed that his cock hadn’t shrunk at all, it was still as hard as a rock. He spun her around on his huge cock, so that she was now on her hands and knees, with him fucking her like a dog. I maneuvered underneath her so that my face was right at her cunt. I had a perfect view of his huge cock fucking her. “Yes Will, lick my clit!” I had a hard time finding it, then I noticed why. He was so big that when he thrust into her, her clit was drawn inside of her. Her pussy lips were the same way. I snaked my long tongue into her cunt, right alongside of John’s cock, and found her clit.

I licked it while John’s cock moved in and out of her whore like cunt. Their combined cum kept leaking out of her hole, and I lapped it up. John’s huge balls bounced on my nose and forehead as he fucked Tina. She was moaning and groaning, begging him for more. She then started to suck my balls, something which I love very much. My cock began to rise again, and she stroked it as she took my balls in her mouth sucking. Every time I got close to cumming, she’d stop, allowing me to settle down again. After about twenty minutes, I felt John’s cock begin to spasm, and knew that he’d be sending his sperm deep into my wife very shortly. Sure enough, he started groaning out that he was cumming. Tina urged him on saying “Yeah baby! Shoot your seed deep inside me! Give me your sperm baby! Fill my cunt, fuck me, HARD!” With that, John started cumming, sending another huge load into Tina’s cunt. This time, he shrunk and pulled out. His sperm flowed out of her cunt like a river, into my mouth as I continued to eat Tina out. John left, leaving his phone number with us. Tina then told me “Oh Will, I love you so much! Will you do something for me now?” I asked “What’s that baby?” “Fuck my asshole!” I couldn’t believe she was asking for that! But, I was only too willing to comply with her wishes. I got behind her and slid my cock all the way in h er cunt to lube it up. It was like fucking a cave she was so stretched out! Then I put my cock to her asshole and began to enter her. She fucked me back, hard and fast, and I soon shot a load up her ass.

As we lay there in each other’s arms, she looked at me and said “Was I a good whore? Did you enjoy what happened here tonight? I did, and I want to do it again and again!” “Baby, you were wonderful! And, you can do it as often as you like.” I answered. I felt her cunt and it was soaked with their orgasms. I put three, then four fingers into her slimy cunt, having no problem at all. Finally, I worked my whole hand up her dripping pussy and began to fist fuck her. I was able to enter her with about a foot of my hand and arm. Now I felt her cunt muscles contract, gripping me. I brought her to another climax and then we passed out.

The next week, Tina phoned me at work. “John called and asked if I could spend the night with him. I told him I’d have to ask you first”. I said “Do you want to? Are you comfortable with me not being there?” “I think so. I don’t think I’d come to any harm”. she replied. “OK, then go for it! But, you have tell me everything that happens.” “OK honey, I will. I called up Brenda and asked her if she’d come over tonight to keep you company, so when you arrive, I’ll be gone, and she should be here”. What a wife! Setting me up with her best friend while she was out whoring herself!

When I got home, Brenda’s car was in the driveway. I walked in and she had dinner on the table. After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, Brenda excused herself and went to the bathroom. I went to our bedroom and changed, and she walked in naked. Brenda is 5’7″ tall, red hair, green eyes, and weighs in at 115 lbs. She’s married, but her husband was out of town for two weeks and she was lonely. My eyes feasted upon her succulent body, and I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. Her tongue shot into my mouth, darting all around. I felt her nipples stiffen against my chest and I grabbed her asscheeks, pulling them apart. My fingers began to stroke her ass and pussy, and I felt it begin to get wet. She reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it. Soon, we were on the bed fucking. I came quickly, then ate her cunt out, sucking our cum out of her. I soon was hard again, and I told her to turn over. I prepared to enter her asshole, and she cried out “Oh no! Not there Wi ll, I’ve never had it there!” My reply was “Well, there’s a first time for everything!” and I proceeded to enter her virgin asshole. She thrashed around on the bed, telling me it hurt, but I was determined to shoot a load up her ass, so I held her down and continued to fuck her. She did settle down after a while and she got into it rather well. Finally, I was fucking her fast. “Yes Will! That feels so good! Fuck my virgin asshole Will! It’s all yours!” She was hooked now. I continued to fuck her asshole and she gripped it tightly. Before too much time had passed, I was shooting my load up her ass.

We continued fucking for most of the night before we passed out in each other’s arms. I hadn’t heard from Tina, and it was now Sunday morning. I was concerned and decided that I’d call John’s house if I didn’t hear from her by five PM. At 4:30, she came walking in looking like a whore who had been fucking all weekend. “That’s exactly what I was” she told me. “When I got to John’s Friday night, we went straight to his bedroom and began to fuck. After a couple of hours of his cock ramming me, he told me to get dressed. I did, and we went out to one of his friends. There were about twenty men there all watching an X-rated movie. John told me that I was going to fuck all these guys that night, and I got a little scared. He lay me down on the floor and told his friends to take me and use me like I was a whore.” I began to remove her tattered clothes as I wanted to fuck her. So, she had fucked all of the men that night, and all day Saturday. Saturday night, more men came over to take her, and then John took her back to his place where they fucked ’til they passe d out. Sunday afternoon she blew him and then left to come home. All in all, she had counted thirty eight men, though many of them had fucked her twice, and some three times. I felt her cunt, and it was like sticking my hand in a bag of air. She was so stretched out that when I began to fuck her, it was almost impossible to get any friction going. So, I pulled out, and held her ankles high and pushed into her asshole. This was also huge now, but not like her cunt. I fucked her asshole really hard, and finally shot off deep inside her.

Tina usually spends Friday nights with John and his friends, fucking them like a slut would and then comes home to me Saturday with a cunt full of black sperm. I always eat her out and leave her cunt almost empty of cum. I created a slut with my fantasy, and I love her for it!