The most exciting thing that I could think of happening has occurred. My wife Tina and I have been together for twenty years, and our sex life has never really been bad. Lately, it’s been real good. Tina’s 38 years old, 5’2″ tall, 120lbs, with a 36 inch chest. She has red hair and green eyes, and is a real beauty.

Greg and I have been friends for about 15 years, he having gone through a divorce several years ago. We’ve all three been the very best of friends throughout all this time, and never had any problems with each other. Greg comes over two to three times per month and we all party our asses off. A few months ago, something happened that changed our lives around. We all were pretty well smashed and I told Tina that Greg wanted a blow job for his upcoming birthday.

She took me serious and knelt on the floor in front of the couch where he was sitting and unzipped his pants. My own dick began to harden watching her. I didn’t think she’d go through with it, but I was wrong . Greg began to protest, becoming very concerned. They both looked at me and I told them to go for it. Tina smiled, and reached in Greg’s pants and pulled his dick out. She began to stroke it, and I knew that Greg was in for a great time. Tina is the best cocksucker I’ve ever had. I watched transfixed as she lowered her head to his semi hard dick and licked the length of it up and then back down.

She looked directly into my eyes as she opened her mouth and took his cock slowly in. I watched as his dick became very hard, while she bobbed her head up and down. I told her to undress, and she began to unbutton her blouse. It was off in no time, her tits hanging freely with no bra. Then she hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties off. I could see her cunt glistening from the excitement she was feeling while sucking Greg’s lucky cock.

She finally took his entire 7 inches into her mouth and throat, and Greg began to moan out with the feeling of fucking her mouth. I watched as her puffy lips formed a perfect “O” sucking him in. My own dick was raging by this time, and I felt only lust, no jealousy.

Finally, Greg started to buck his hips up and down, and he grabbed her head and pulled it closely to his groin. He was cumming, and Tina was sucking out every drop of his cum. Finally, he softened a bit and a little bit of his sperm dribbled down her chin. She asked “How was that?!” and more cum was visible on her lips and tongue. Greg told her that she was the best he’d ever had, and I laughed, knowing full well how he felt. She told us that we now had to take care of her as she was super horny. I was amazed that she was fulfilling this secret fantasy of mine, that she would actually be willing to fuck another guy.

I laid on my back and told her to lay on top of me in a “69” position. She first kissed me, and I tasted Greg’s cum in her mouth. Then she climbed on, and began to suck my rock hard 7 inch cock. After about 5 minutes, she stopped momentarily and told Greg to get behind her and fuck her. As I was eating her out, I watched as Greg’s dick began to rub against her swollen cunt.

Finally, he began to enter her. What a sight to see a dick this close up about to fuck my lovely wife’s beautiful cunt. He got the head and a couple of inches in and then pulled back out, only to enter her again, this time much deeper than before, and finally he was in her all the way. I watched as his cock moved in and out of Tina’s cunt, each time slamming his dick into her even harder than before. I continued to lick and bite her clit, and she came very hard. She was screaming around my dick as Greg fucked her. My own cock was in her throat, fucking every last inch deeply in her mouth.

Finally, I could take no more of this, and I shot off with her mouth sucking hard. I stayed where I was and kept on watching Greg ram his cock into her well lubricated cunt. When she cried out for him to fuck her, he lost it and shot his sperm into her womb. She then begged me to eat her out again, so I did. Greg’s cum eventually ran out of her pussy and into my mouth. I cleaned her sloppy cunt up with my tongue until she began to cum again. My dick had gotten hard again, and I decided it was my turn to have some fun.

She had gotten on top of Greg and guided his cock up her pussy. I got in behind her and pushed the head of my cock up her asshole. She loves me to fuck her ass, hard and fast, and now was no exception. Tina was moaning and groaning out her passion as we both filled her pussy and ass with our cocks. The sensation to me was unbelievable, the way her ass gripped my cock, feeling Greg’s meat separated by only the lining of Tina’s pussy and ass. I pumped away, allowing my orgasm to build to such a height that I’ve never experienced before. Tina was gasping for breath, screaming out “Oh yes, God, fuck me! Oh it’s never felt so good, Oh yes, give it to me!! Harder!! Faster! Oh fuck me!!” And fuck her, we did.

I soon exploded up her ass, drenching the inside of her tight ass with my sperm. Greg shortly followed suit, blasting his cum into her cunt. We all settled down after that, and passed out for the night. I woke up the next morning with Tina’s mouth wrapped around my cock. I opened my eyes and saw that Greg was behind her, pumping away again. I reached down to rub her clit, and I then realized that Greg was plugging her asshole. I maneuvered around so that I was under her, and I began to eat her and enjoy the show I was getting. Her cunt was cum soaked still, but I ate her out nonetheless. Soon, I was pumping out a load in her mouth.

Then she urged us both on, saying “Oh yes, lick the cum out of my sloppy cunt. Oh God, that feels so good! Yes Greg, please, fuck my asshole harder, Tommy, bite my clit! Oh yes, make me cum PLEASE!!!!” With that, Greg grunted and began to empty his balls up Tina’s great ass. We spent the rest of the weekend fucking my more than willing wife, giving her all the cum she wanted.

Since then, Greg and I usually fuck Tina’s brains out almost every weekend. She has now gotten to the point of stripping on Friday night, and not getting dressed again ’til Monday morning. Last weekend, another friend came over, a black guy I met through work a few years ago.

Tina had no idea what I planned, and on Saturday night after she came out of the shower, she stood face to face with Robert. She was shocked, but when she saw him standing there naked with his huge dick dangling between his legs, and me standing behind him smiling, she knew what was going to happen, and she dropped to her knees and began to blow him. Robert’s cock grew to it’s full length, which is 14 inches long. Twice what I or Greg have, and as big around as Tina’s wrist. We moved to the bedroom and Robert took control.

He had her suck his cock and then deep throat him. She was able to take about ten inches down her throat, but her jaw wouldn’t open any further to allow more in. I got between her legs and began to eat her out. I inserted two, then three fingers in her cunt in order to open her up for Robert’s dick. Finally, he rolled her on to her back, and got between her legs. I watched, in awe as the dark intruder made it’s way past her cunt lips, and then into her deepest recesses. He squeezed her tits in his hands, then sucked and bit at her nipples.

She urged him on through all of this, begging him to fuck her hard. I watched as inch by inch, Robert sunk the entire length of black cock into my slut wife’s cunt. She acted like a real whore which made me so fucking hot. They fucked for almost two hours, Tina’s body wracked by multiple orgasms. Finally, Robert bellowed out that he was cumming. He flooded Tina’s pussy with his sperm, and she couldn’t contain it all. Much of his white spunk dribbled from her gaping cunt down over her ass hole, and down her ass crack.

He left shortly after, and Tina asked me to eat her out again. I was ready to dive right in, and was amazed to find how widely he had stretched her cunt out. She again got on top of me, and fucked my face, cum sliding out of her into my mouth. I ate her out ’til she screamed in ecstasy and finished cumming. What started out ended up with my wife turning into a real slut. God, I love her!