“This is really scary,” she said in an obvious nervous tone, but her husband reassured her with, “We’ll just see what happens and we don’t have to do anything, but you know it’s going to be exciting as hell.” This was their first time playing outside their 18 year marriage and she was a virgin when they met. Over the years he’d told her how he wanted her to have sex with another man, a black man. Not just a black man, but a big, hung, muscular, sexually aggressive, dominant black man. They’d been wondering, fantasizing and chatting about the slut wife, cuckold husband, interracial sex experience for years. Now they were driving to the upscale hotel to get a room where their dark dream already has a room. They found him through the local swing club and from hot emails, instant messaging and web cam meetings they believe he’s the dominant black bull of their dreams. The last e-mail he sent to them included specific instructions on everything he wanted, in fact, demanded of them leading up to their meeting.

They got to the room and shortly after arriving, while they were putting their cloths away for the weekend, there was a knock on the door. She looked at her husband with wide eyes and ran into the bathroom. He answered the door and it was the bellboy, who had delivered a picture cell phone with a note that read, “Turn me on sluts.” He went to the door and told her it was safe to come out. “It was the bellboy.” She came out and they both started to laugh. He handed her the note and phone and she obediently turned it on. It was the first major step she’d ever taken and her heart raced when she heard the beep of the power button. Her husband poured two drinks and they began to relax, she ran around the room like a teenager collecting the shampoos and soaps, like she always did, but her husband’s mind was racing and heart pounding, as he thought to himself, “I can’t believe this is finally happening. Fuck, I hope it happens.” He got horny thinking about it, walked up behind her and unhooked her bra, as she sipped her wine. “Ohhhhhh, I thought you weren’t supposed to do this,” referencing the black bull’s final instruction. “I can do this,” as he felt her tits from behind and rolled her hardening nipples between her fingers, “I just can’t make you cum or fuck you.” She moaned in a pleasing way as he turned her around, roughly pulled her top up and started squeezing her tits together, sucking them and saying, “Is this what your bull’s gonna do?” She was getting noticeably hot and softly, coyly said, “MMMMMMMMmmmmmm I don’t know. Do you want to find out?”

She was testing him, again, like always. Stepping back from it all, basically making it all his idea, so she could remain the pure little wife. “Feel my cock and tell me if I want to find out.” She reached down and felt his extremely hard cock, “MMMmmmmmmm I guess you do.” He had her unzipped and stepping out of her jeans and with pulses racing. He pushed her back on the bed and started to lick her very well shaved, wet pussy, “This is what your bull is gonna do to this pussy.” “MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm you think so ” RING! The sound almost seemed defining, she tried to get up, but her husband held her down, continued to lick her soaking wet pussy and whispered, “Answer it.” She pushed “talk” and said, “Hello.”

“Is this my white slut?” “Yes.” “I’m sitting here with a hard fucking cock thinking about you. Where’s Cuckold Bitch.” “He’s here.” “Are you going to wear what I told you in the email?” She responded trying not to let on that she was grinding her pussy into Cuckold Bitch’s face, “Yes if you want that.” He said, “Oh fuck yeah I want that. Listen, you have a massage appointment downstairs in a half hour. Don’t worry about showering or anything, a friend of mine is going to take total care of you down stairs and you’ll love her. Just do not forget this phone and when you go, send Cuckold Bitch to my room down the hall #218. OK slut.” “OK.”

Cuckold Bitch had been expertly licking her pussy. He had no intention of letting her cum, but was bringing her to the edge, while she was talking to her bull. She pushed end and Cuckold Bitch slowed his oral to a crawl, “What did he say?” “I have a message in half an hour and you are going to his room in #218.” “Did he say why?” “No.”

A half hour later Cuckold Bitch was watching the elevator door close, as she stood there wearing the long, white hotel robe, flip flops and a 2-piece bathing suit underneath. The door closed and he walked hearing his heart pounding in his ears just a few more steps to room 218. He knocked and a big, tall, black guy answered the door wearing the same white robe, but the robe hit him at mid-thigh – not the ankles like it did on Marie. “Hello, I’m Tom.” “I’m Darnell.” They shook hands and two of Tom’s hands could have fit inside of Darnell’s. “Is she downstairs?” “Yes.” “Good. Then we have some time.” He was saying this while he was opening that short white robe. “I thought you’d want to see what your wife’s gonna get this weekend.” He let the robe hit the floor and Tom was amazed at just how tall and muscular this guy was. He knew from pictures, but this was something different. “What do you think?” Darnell asked as he stood, only a few feet from this intimidated, anxious husband. “Uhhhhh you’re buffed.” “She’s gonna like this black, muscular body isn’t she.” “Yes.” Darnell started toying with him now, as he fondled his big, growing bulge in his white briefs, he said, “Are you gonna be a good cuckold for us ..do everything I say .everything she says ..everything you’re told this weekend .hmmmmmm?” Tom was mesmerized by that big, growing bulge and said, as he stared at it, “Yes I promise.” “Good boy. You’re not Tom now. You’re Cuckold Bitch Got it?” “Yes.”

“Take out that lil white dick of yours, so I can see what my slut’s been getting all these years.” Tom was mortified in a way, but unzipped and pulled his very hard cock out. “That’s all you got huh. No wonder the slut needs a big black cock.” Darnell, pulled his camera phone out and said, “Pull on that lil white dick so my slut can see how ready you are to help us Cuckold Bitch.” Tom stepped out of his pants and started feverishly wanking his hard dick, as Darnell snapped a few pics. “I’m sending this one to her, he said, with a smirk on his face.”

Sandra was sensually messaging Marie’s back, who’s straps to her top were laying down and her French cut bathing suite pulled up very tight, so her pussy lips were split in two. Sandra was a 5′-1″ petite blonde, but with very big tits, blue eyes and a pierced naval. More wine and Marie was already swooning, as Sandra told her all about her experiences with her own cuckold husband and Darnell. “I don’t want to tell you two much, but it is sooooooooooo sexy and you’ll love it soooooooooooo much and he is sooooooooooooo big and he,” RING! “You’d better answer it Marie. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting,” she said with a wink. “Hello.” “Look at the pic I just sent you .our Cuckold Bitch is ready. Is my sexy soccer mom getting ready?” Sandra was now expertly, pulling her suite to the side and fingering Marie’s verrrrrrrrry wet pussy. “Oh yeah I’m getting ready for your cock.” She then looked at the pic of Cuckold Bitch wanking off and she responded, “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm you must be being very nasty over there.” “Not yet. I’ll call back in a while.” Click.

She hung up and Sandra was turning her over to apply shaving cream to her legs, pussy and under her arms. She began to shave her underarms clean and then rinse with warm water. She expertly shaved her legs and then sat her back up on towels, so she Marie could watch a woman not only touch, but shave her pussy for the first time. She was transfixed watching as her long, painted nails glided over and around her pussy like a pro. Pulling skin her, stretching there, reaching way underneath between her legs and shaving her better than she’d ever been shaved. “This is all for your black buck. He loves shaved white pussy. You’re a virgin, so he wants you soooooooooooooooo fucking bad. He’s going to claim your pussy for his own. You know that don’t you.” Marie’s eyes were almost glazed over as she responded, “MMMMMMmmmmm that’s what he told me.”

Sandra led her the few steps to the big lavish tub, where she stepped into very warm water with extremely hard nipples and a pussy that wanted nothing but to cum. Sandra poured the warm water over her sexy white body, soaped her body completely, including her ass and pussy and rinsed her with sensual energy Marie had never experienced before. Marie actually wanted to stay right here in the spa and have sex with Sandra all night, but Sandra was doing as Darnell had instructed her. She dried her off completely, painted her toes and fingernails with a bright red polish, put her in her long white robe and they rode the elevator to Marie and Cuckold Bitch’s room to get her dressed for her black, dominant, muscular, extremely well hung bull.

“Come here slut.” Darnell said in a demanding voice. Cuckold bitch was standing with his pants off and dick in his hand. He walked two feet and Darnell said, “Strip completely bitch.” He took his shirt off, and pulled his socks and then underwear off, standing in front of this incredible physical specimen he felt pretty damn cuckolded already. “Now bitch. Take my briefs off and see the bull cock that’s gonna own your wife’s pussy.” His heart raced as his fingers caught the edges of the briefs and he pulled them down slowly. They kept coming, coming, coming and he was half way down his thighs when the head of that not big, but massive black cock finally popped free. It was a fucking tree trunk, not a cock. “That’s a fucking bull cock isn’t it,” he said with his hand on top of Cuckold Bitch’s head with obvious pressure downward, forcing him to kneel in front of that tree trunk. He picked up his bull cock with his right hand and squeezed his huge black nut sack, so they popped toward Cuckold Bitch’s face like two dark eggs, “See these nuts bitch. These are big fuckin nuts. Do you got nuts this fuckin big slut?” “Noooooooooo.” “Tell me how big they are slut,” as he began to hold the back of his head and slap his face with the huge cock. “You’ve got huge nuts.” His cock was really growing now and he said, “Cum on. You got some prep work to do bitch.” He obediently followed him into the bathroom.

“Oh Marie, this is so sexy.” Sandra whispered in her ear as she zipped her little black dress up in the back. It had a very low back and deep plunging neckline. Sandra kissed and licked her shoulder as she stood in the dress. Marie got chills running up her spine and down her arms. “MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm I like that.” Marie almost whispered. “Now for your wedding ring. He’s going to demand this wedding ring.” Sandra helped her with her ankle bracelet, two tow rings and dark make-up, just as he’d instructed. Then she said, “Marie, here is the tattoo he sent with me. You decide where you want it. Lower back or breast?” Marie looked at the small, black and white zebra tattoo and said, “Right on this breast.” Sandra applied the tattoo with warm water and pressure and said, “One more thing. He loves this a LOT!” Sandra pulled her top over her tits and showed Marie her pierced left nipple. “If you let me do this to you and it only goes really fast and only hurts for a minute, he said I could lick your pussy and get you off before we go to his room.” “How much does it hurt?” “Come here you.” With that Sandra led Marie into the bathroom, where she had alchohal, and a piercing gun. POP! “Ouch!” and it was done. That quick and simple.

“Now cummmmmmmmmmmmmm here you.” Sandra led Marie to the bed, pushed her dress up over her sexy, freshly shaved pussy, laid between her sexy long legs and became the first woman or anyone other than Cuckold Bitch to lick her pussy. It was incredible because Sandra licked and sucked and finger fucked her sooooooooooo well, but made her wait and wait to cum. The phone let out a disturbing ring and Marie pushed “talk” and heard, “Look at this slut.” She looked at the screen on her picture phone and a series of pictures showed Cuckold Bitch kneeling, shaving those huge balls, shaving the pubic area, moving the tree trunk aside for access to the nuts, rinsing and finally, licking those big, black eggs with the bull cock, Marie’s bull cock, rapping him on his cuckold face between licks. That was all she could take. Marie came so hard in Sandra’s face and moaned so loud that Sandra looked like a glazed statue lying between those sexy long legs.

“Come on my lover. Let’s go get some dinner downstairs.” They got up, pulled themselves together, Marie slipped on her strap-heeled sandals with jewels on them and the two women walked to the elevator. Down stairs Darnell and Cuckold Bitch were in a booth, waiting for the women to arrive. They walked to the table and he looked at his sexy hot wife and said, “Skedaddle Bitch. Your wife needs to sit here. Sandra take him to that table over there for dinner, ok.” Cuckold Bitch looked a bit disappointed, but slid out of the booth and Marie slid next to her new bull. The waiter came and immediately turned around and looked at Cuckold Bitch across the room and turned back and immediately understood the situation. With a look on his face and wry smile that said, “You da man!” he said, “What can I get for you and your lady?” Drinks came quickly and with his arm around Marie he said, “Man, I saw you on cam, but that is nothing compared to this. You even smell great.” “Thanks to Sandra.,” Marie responded. He sat with his muscular arm around her and they drank, snacked and laughed occasionally. Cuckold Bitch was more than anxious to know what was being said, but he could see everything from his position in the room. His wife would laugh and squeeze his arm, digging with her long red nails and finally he moved her hand to his thigh. He watched as her hand was made to look very small on that big thigh, as she felt the inside and finally found that massive member. Oh Cuckold Bitch knew exactly when her hand found it because he saw Darnell lewdly open his legs more to face Cuckold Bitch, leaned over and whispered something in her ear, as he licked her neck a little. Plus Sandra was giving a not so welcome play-by-play, “Uh oh Cucky. She just found her bull cock. You’re done now. Hee-hee-hee ” Marie’s hand never left the bull cock again. For the next five minutes she rubbed and slid up and down that thigh like she’d found a treasure and Cuckold Bitch agonizingly watched the whole thing unfold.

Then when the smart ass waiter returned, Darnell said to him, “Look at her hubby over there. Now look at this.” He pulled Marie’s dress up, pulled her G-string to the side and showed him his new slut wife’s freshly shaved pussy. “Oh fuck!” He let out a gasp and said, “You’re going to own that aren’t you.” “You damn right. Starting right now.” and Darnell sank two thick black fingers into her soaking wet cunt. He took his fingers out, licked them clean and called Sandra on the cell across the room. “Take Cuckold Bitch up to my room and have him get dressed for us.” They stood up and almost ran to the elevator in anticipation.

Up in the room Sandra pulled out a ladies red G-string and heels. “He said to put these on for him.” “What? No way.” “He won’t let you be present if you don’t wear these. Just ask my husband. He knows.” She turned the lights down and Cuckold Bitch stripped and slid into the red G-string and heels and she sat a chair in the corner of the room for him. A moment later the door opened and in walked Darnell and Marie. Her hair was already messy like they’d been making out in the elevator. “Cuckold Bitch .stand up and show us your pretty things.” He stood up and Marie saw her husband standing in ladies panties and heels, while her black bull started to finger fuck her from behind. Darnell said, “Come here and strip your wife for me slut.” Cuckold came over, stood behind her and unzipped her dress, pulled it down over her breasts while she faced the black bull, exposed her soft, white tits and then it fell to the floor. Her bull said, “Oh fuck yessssssssssssssssssssssss .I love that.” He was staring at her new piercing. He pulled her g-string down and off and she was naked in front of the bull.

“Strip me now bitch.” Cuckold Bitch took off his shirt first and Marie was fucking shocked. This guy was buffed. Really buffed. Huge. Hubby knelt down to pull the bull’s pants off and the bull cock popped out and slapped him in the face because he was getting hard looking at Marie with her shaved pussy and pierced nipple. “Now,” he said pulling the back of his head, “get me ready for my white pussy, Bitch.” Marie stood in awe watching this big, muscular black man holding her husbands head, muscles bulging and hearing him almost hiss, “Good bitch boy. Good boy. Suck your wife’s big nigger cock .do it slut .mmmmmmmmmm good bitch .” Then he looked at her and said, “You two bitch’s share your new bull cock.” Marie knelt and began to suck the bull cock while Cuckold Bitch claimed the big eggs. “MMMMmmmmmmm you two are good cocksuckers ..oh fuck ..I need my pussy now.”

With that he put Marie back on the bed and licked her pussy .not licked it .ate her cunt like a wild beast. He was finally getting what he’d been waiting for .he was gonna get it all .he licked, rubbed, fingered, almost fisted her white cunt until she was on the verge of a strong orgasm. The he stood over her and said, “Play with your cunt slut and you get over here and put me inside my pussy.” Cuckold Bitch slid close by and as Marie rubbed her clit, Cucky slid that massive cockhead into her pussy ..then pushed on the bull’s ass to help him slide into his wife. “MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm you fucking slut ..take my big nigger cock you slut .take this big nigger cock oh fuck yesssssssssssssss ” He started fucking and then pounding her so hard her tits bounced with every stroke in and out. He was plowing his new pussy and she was not moaning, but squealing so loud Sandra was afraid the other rooms would hear her. Sandra played with her own pussy and watched the fucking. “After I cum inside this cunt Sandra’s gonna clean your pussy up for me while Cuckold Bitch cleans my cock .then we’ll fuck again you nigger loving bitch .” He demanded, “Tell me what you are slut.” Marie started rattling off the longest string of obscenities she’d ever uttered. “I’m your nigger loving slut I’m your black cock loving slut wife ..Oh I love your big black cock ..make me a nigger cock loving married white slut .oh fuck oh fuck .ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck ” He shot cum deeper than she’d ever been penetrated and collapsed in exhaustion. But Sandra crawled over to that sexy, swollen pussy and began to expertly lick, suck, clean and relax Marie’s sexy pussy, while Cuckold Bitch knelt next to the black bull in his heels and g-string with his cock sticking out of it and licked every drop of his wife’s pussy off of the now hardening bull cock. It was time to fuck again. This was going to be a sexual weekend.

– The End –