Hi Everybody,

It’s Bobbi. For those of you who don’t know me (I’ve been writing letters to this newsgroup for a couple months now), I’ll describe myself for you. I am pretty short, only 5’1″ tall, and I weigh about 105 pounds. My blond hair is shoulder length and my eyes are blue. I’ve been told that I’m cute, and without trying to sound conceited, I think it’s true. I exercise every day, either running, roller-blading, swimming, or cross-country skiing (in the winter, of course), and as a result, my body is in really good shape. My measurements are 34A-22-34, and while my boobs are kind-of small, I have very prominent nipples. I’ve also been told that my best feature is my nicely-shaped butt. I have always had a voracious appetite for sex, but for the last two months, I’ve been satisfying myself with men (and one woman) other than my husband. At first I kept it a secret from my husband (Tom), but have since found out that he enjoys having his wife fill herself with other men’s cocks.

This letter is to tell you all about what happened last Friday night. My girlfriend Mary’s husband had agreed (actually, he was the one who proposed it) to watch over me as I met with some strangers at a rustic rest area. Tom and I arrived at Mary and Marks’ house at 9:00 P.M. on Friday night, just as Mark had instructed. Mary met us at the door and ushered us into the living room. We said our hello’s to Mark, but the meeting was a little awkward. You see, Tom was there to take care of Mary while Mark looked after me at the rest area. Anyway, it was awkward at first until we’d had a couple of drinks and everyone started to relax a little. It was beginning to get dark outside and I was dying to know what Mark had in store for me, so I asked him. Mark said that he wanted to surprise me, and that we would be leaving shortly.

I asked Mary what she intended to do to my husband while Mark and I were gone, and she said that she planned to see how many times she could make him cum. Then she came over and sat between us and started running her hand up and down Tom’s thigh. Mark decided that it was time for us to leave, and as we walked to the door I saw Mary unzip Tom’s pants. As Mark opened the door, he told me to take off all of my clothes. I was getting pretty excited as I stripped, thinking about what must be in store for me. Mark opened the door, and we stepped out into the warn night, leaving my clothes behind. We walked to his car, got in, and pulled out of the driveway.

Once on the road, Mark started to tell me what was going to happen. The Rest Area he had selected was about twenty miles away. It was on a remote section of road, located about midway between two fairly small towns. He told me that he had gone there Tuesday after he, Mary and I had made love. He had written a note on the men’s bathroom wall telling anyone who read it, that Bobbi would be there from 11:00 P.M. till 3:00 A.M. on Friday, June 14 looking for cock! He had even written out a block schedule, so that men could reserve me for a half hour! The bathroom was a one stall outdoor toilet with no door, but a kind of entry way that screened the user from the outside. There was a roof about eight feet up, but the walls only stood six feet high. Mark told me that he had checked earlier today, and that all of the eight time blocks had check marks by them! I was really hot, listening to all that he had to say, and I began playing with my pussy. I wished that I could flash someone, but we were on a two lane highway and there wasn’t very much traffic. Mark continued to tell me what was going to happen. When he was at the rest area earlier in the week, he had observed that it was pretty dark inside the men’s bathroom. It was light enough to make out the toilet, but not light enough for anyone to make out who I was. He told me that I was not allowed to refuse anyone for any reason, and that I should do whatever the men asked of me, as long as it would not hurt me physically. He told me to scream if anyone tried to hurt me, and that he would be right outside to take care of me. It was right about then, that he pulled off the road into the Rest Area he’d described to me.

He drove over by the path to the men’s room and parked next to two cars that were already there. He pulled in on the left of the cars, so that I would be right next to the car on our right. I looked over to see a man looking back at me. I could also see that there was another man in the other car. Mark told me that it was only 10:30, but maybe I could get started early. Then he got out of the car and walked around to the man on my right. Mark asked if he was there to fuck Bobbi. They were only a few feet from me, so I heard every word. The guy said yes, and then asked him if I was Bobbi. Mark replied that I was, and then he told me to get out of the car. So, I got out and moved to Mark’s side. I made sure to spread my legs as I got out of the car, so the guy would have a clear view of my pussy. Mark asked if I was ready, and I said, “Oh yea, I’m extremely ready.” I looked at the guy in the car and asked, “Do you want me to suck your cock, mister?” He nodded, and Mark told him to follow us.

God, I felt wicked as I walked naked up the path to the men’s toilet. I knew that the guy in the other car had to be watching, and it made me even hotter. When we got to the stall, I walked in and sat down on the toilet. Mark handed the guy a condom and told him that if he didn’t wear it, he wouldn’t get anything from me. Then Mark walked out of sight and the guy approached me. I reached for his zipper, and pulled it down as he undid his belt. His pants dropped to the ground and I pulled down his boxer shorts to reveal a nice, hard cock. I told him to put the condom on so that I could get started. He excitedly rolled it onto his cock, and then I told him, “fuck my mouth, baby.” It felt wonderful to finally have his cock in my mouth! He held my head with his hands as his hips moved back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I heard a car door close and, shortly thereafter, I heard Mark asking someone if they were there for Bobbi. A voice replied that he was, and Mark told him that I was busy, but would take care of him in a minute.

It was wild, listening to Mark and this man talking just outside the stall, as I sucked some stranger’s hard cock into my mouth. I started talking to the guy who was feeding me his cock, telling him how good his cock felt in my mouth. I wanted Mark to hear me sucking this guys cock, so I started to make loud sucking and slurping sounds as his cock moved back and forth between my lips. Apparently, it was too much for the guy who was fucking my face. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in as far as he could, and started grunting. I wanted to feel him deep inside me, so I leaned forward and tilted my head back, to allow his cock to slide down my throat. I gagged a little as his hard dick started down my throat, but I reached forward and pulled his ass towards me anyway. I wanted him to bury his cock all the way down my throat as he came! Mark must have heard the gagging noises I made, because he was right there, checking to make sure that I was okay. I looked up at him, my lips formed around the base of the cock in my mouth. Then, still looking at Mark, I slowly moved back as the full length of that cock emerged from my throat. Then I leaned forward again and took it all the way back down my throat. I could feel his cock throb as he came down my throat, and God, did it feel good! When the first guy was done cumming , he pulled his dick out of my mouth and zipped up and left. Mark was just staring at me, not saying anything. And all I said was, “who’s next?”

The way Mark was looking at me made me feel extremely slutty (a feeling I’ve come to love). I really wanted to shock him, so I asked if there might not be a better place to do this. I told him that it would make me really hot if I knew that I was being watched as I fucked these guys. Mark agreed that that would indeed be hot, and he started to look around for a more open spot for my activities. He told me to follow him, and he headed to a picnic table near the bathroom. The light was a little brighter outside, but it was still pretty dark. He told me to lie down on my back on top of the table, then he said he had to get something out of the car. The way I was situated, I could lift up my head and see practically the whole parking lot. I noticed that there were only two cars there, Mark’s and one of the two that were there when we arrived. I was kind-of in the shadows, so I was pretty sure that people driving by couldn’t see me, but I was also pretty sure that if someone was sitting there, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to find me. I doubted if they would be able to make out many details, but still, they’d be able to tell what I was doing. I was getting really horny thinking of a line of guys, sitting in their cars, watching me get fucked repeatedly. I was glad when Mark started walking towards me.

As he approached, I saw that he had a length of rope in his hands, and I wondered what that was for. When he was standing next to me, I asked Mark what he had planned. He told me that he realized that I could handle well more than one guy every half hour, and that he wanted to go tell some more men about me. He said that the rope was to make sure I didn’t get cold feet and try to leave while he was gone. I assured him that I wouldn’t go anywhere, and that I wanted him to get more men for me, but he really was intent on tying me up. As I started to protest, he took my hands, pulled them over my head, and began to tie them to the table. As I thought about being tied to the table, unable to move, I got even hornier! I pictured myself lying there helpless, with one man after another climbing up between my legs to fill my pussy with his cock. So, I didn’t struggle, and I even suggested that he leave enough slack so that I could hang my head back off the table, in case anyone wanted to feed their cock down my throat.

Once I was tied securely, Mark started to walk away. He said that he’d be back as soon as he could, then he walked off and said something to the guy who had been waiting for his turn with me. As he got into his car and drove away, the other guy walked towards me. When he was standing beside me, he undid his pants and stroked his cock. I asked him if he was going to fuck me. He said that he was, and I asked him if he would please wear a rubber. Well, he did put one on, then he climbed on top of me and slid his cock into my pussy. It was wild!! I couldn’t wrap my legs around him, or even put my arms around him. I asked him what Mark had told him about me, as he moved his cock in and out. He said that Mark had told him that I was being punished for not doing as I was told as often as I should. Apparently, he’d told this guy that I was being taught a lesson. I decided to play along. I asked him to be gentle with me, and asked if he would untie me when he was done with me. He told me that he’d like to, but that then I wouldn’t learn my lesson. I really got into it! I played the role of the reluctant lover, but after a while it just felt to good to hold back. I pleaded with this guy to fuck me hard, to really slam his cock into me! I made a lot of noise, too. When he came, I begged him not to take is cock out, but he did anyway. As he climbed off of me, I noticed that there was another car in the parking lot. I begged my current lover not to tell anyone about my being there, but he told me that I had to learn my lesson. I watched another car pull in as he walked away, then I saw him go up to both cars and saw him point towards me. I knew I’d soon have at least one cock in me in a very short time, and I couldn’t wait.

I watched as the two guys walked up the path to where I was restrained. I asked them if they were there as part of my punishment, and they just kind-of looked at me. I told them that my boyfriend had tied me up and just left me there. I told them that he had said something about telling a lot of guys where they could find an easy lay, and I asked if they were there to fuck me. They still didn’t say anything, so I asked them if they’d each take a condom off of the table and put them on before they put their cocks in me. Still they didn’t move or say anything! I thought they were going to leave! To put them at ease, I told them that even if my boyfriend hadn’t tied me up there, I would have stayed anyway. Then I started telling them how much I loved being fucked by two guys at once. Then I begged them to fuck me! I can talk really dirty when I want to, and I did for them. I licked my lips and asked if someone would please fuck my mouth. As one guy finally took out his cock and put his condom on, I moved up so that my head hung over the edge of the table. He didn’t need any more coaxing as he stepped up and slid his dick down my throat. As he fucked my mouth, I felt the other guy crawl up on top of me. I almost came as I felt his rather big cock slide into my really wet pussy. I did cum after about 30 seconds of his big cock plunging in and out of me.

I was vaguely aware of hearing more cars pulling in to the Rest Area as those two guys fucked me, but I was just too busy to pay much attention to them. They fucked me for about fifteen minutes before the guy in my mouth came. When he pulled his cock out, I lifted my head to see how many cars had pulled in. I could see two cars, but the guy on top of me blocked a good portion of my view. He fucked me for about another five minutes, then he arched his back and came deep inside of me. As he climbed off of me and started to move away, I thanked him. With him out of the way, I could see that there were six cars in the lot. Two guys were walking toward us, the guy I’d just sucked off was getting into his car, which left two cars and probably two more guys (not counting the guy who had just pulled his cock from my pussy.

The two new guys must have been watching, because they knew exactly what to do. I did have to ask them to put on condoms, but they were quite cooperative. It had been less than a minute since the last guy had pulled out of me, and now I had another cock in my pussy. Then I motioned for the other guy to feed me his cock. I remember thinking what a great night it had turned out to be as he fed his erect cock down my throat. As these two guys fucked me, I was aware of someone standing nearby. When I was able to look, I discovered that it was Mark. He asked me how I was doing and I replied, between sucks, that I was doing great! He told me that he had driven to a truck stop, and had posted a note in the bathroom. I thanked him, and then I got back to taking care of the guys who were filling me with their cocks.

Well, things went pretty much like that until 3:00 A.M. I didn’t know how many guys I fucked and sucked, but it was a lot!! Nobody tried to hurt me, and everyone was really good about using a condom. I really would have rather been filled with their cum, but I guess it’s just not safe. Anyway, I had a wicked time! I felt like such a slut, for the whole night! I couldn’t wait to get back to Tom, and tell him all about it! On the way back to Mark’s house, I sucked his cock. He had to pull off the road when he came, but I was able to swallow all of it. While I was sucking him, he kept telling me how hot he’d gotten, watching me fuck one pair of guys after another. He said that he hoped that Mary would do the same thing someday.

Pretty wild, huh! It turns out that Tom and Mary had had a pretty fun night, too. When Mark and I arrived at their house, we all went to bed together. It was great fun! I got to watch Tom and Mark fuck Mary the way I’d taken all of those guys in the Rest Area. It was really hot and I managed to get in on it by licking Mary’s clit as Tom fucked her from behind. Tom and I ended up spending the rest of the night there, and everyone was pretty tired in the morning.

Oh yea, Mark counted the condoms he had left in the morning, and we figure I must have taken on twenty-three guys!!! I don’t know how I can ever top that, but I bet I will someday!

So, what do you think of me? I hope that you think that I’m sexy, because that gets me hot. I love to think of men everywhere, reading my letters and stroking their cocks. I hope that you picture my blond hair and blue eyes just inches from your cock as you get ready to shoot your sperm into my open, waiting mouth. Or maybe you picture me bent over the back of a kitchen chair, pulling my cheeks apart, offering you my tight asshole and licking my lips. Or do you picture me lying on a picnic table, my hands and feet tied to the corners, as I lift my pussy and beg for you to impale me on your big, hard cock?!