Hi Everybody,

It’s Bobbi. Sorry I haven’t written for so long, but I’ve been quite busy at work. For those of you who don’t know me, I am 5’1″ tall and weigh 105 lbs. I have shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, and I like to stay in shape. I run and roller-blade in the summer, and I cross country ski in the winter. All of this activity serves to keep my 34A-22-34 body nice and tight. Guys really seem to love my ass, and I enjoy bending over to show it to them. I have become a real exhibitionist over the last few months, but I’m not a tease. I usually end up having sex with the guys that I flash, and sometimes it gets really wild. I have taken on a couple groups of guys, which was really hot! I love the feeling of having one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy, and could have sex like that all night!

I especially love to show off my body outside. One of my favorite ways of doing this is by running with very little on. There are some trails near where I work, and I often go for a run at noon. Once on the trail, I strip off as much of my outfit as I feel like. I always stash my clothes, because it makes me hot knowing that I can’t cover up if I see someone. And I do see people. I remember the first time I ran topless. I ran into a guy on a mountain bike (almost literally). I ended up masturbating for him as he jacked off on me! God, was that hot!!

I did have some fun earlier this week, and I thought I’d share it with you. I don’t mean to disappoint anyone, but my experience this week wasn’t as wild as my last outing (the one in the rest area). Still, I really enjoyed it! I had to travel to Detroit, MI for business on Monday, and I flew back home yesterday. I wrapped up my work a little ahead of schedule on Tuesday, but I was unable to get a seat on a flight home Tuesday night. My meetings went really well, so I decided to enjoy myself, and relax a little.

The hotel I was staying at had an outdoor pool and hot tub, and I decided to lounge by the pool for a while before getting something to eat for supper. It was a nice warm day, just perfect for lounging by the pool, so I put on my bikini and left my room. I have to describe the layout of the hotel to you; It was L-shaped, and the pool and hot tub were nestled in the corner on the inside of the L. There were three stories, and most of the rooms on the pool side of the hotel had a view of the pool. As I walked down the stairs towards the pool, I started wondering who else might be around. It was only about 4:00 P.M., a little early for most business travelers to be back at their rooms. I picked a chaise lounge and arranged it so that I would be facing the hotel. Then I lay back in the lounge chair to enjoy the warm rays of the afternoon sun. I was wearing sunglasses, so I was able to glance around without anyone knowing where I was looking.

As I checked out the windows in the rooms, I started thinking about who might be watching me. It made me hot to think someone might be watching. I imagined that there could be several guys, standing back from their windows stroking their hard cocks, as they gazed at my firm, tan body. I was wearing a white bikini, one of two that I own, and it is the sexier of the two. The top was fairly small, but covered my small breasts completely (although you could see the impression my erect nipples made in the material). The bottoms were also fairly brief (but by no means a thong), and I had them pulled up high in order to draw the material tight against my pussy. As I relaxed and watched for movement in the windows, I spread my legs apart a little, just in case someone were looking. As I lay there, I couldn’t help wishing that my suit were more revealing; and then I got an idea! I have a favorite pair of running shorts. They’re my favorite pair because I’ve cut the liner out of them to make them very revealing. So I thought, “Why don’t I do the same for my bikini?”

I grabbed my things and headed for my room. I always carry a small pair of nail scissors with me on my trips, and I knew that I could use them to make my white suit much more revealing. Once in my room, I took my suit off and got to work. My pussy was getting wet as I sat there naked on the bed, cutting the liner from my bikini bottoms. When I was finished with the bottoms, I went to work on the top. When I was done, I put my suit back on and looked at myself in the mirror. I could easily see my nipples protruding through the now flimsy fabric. I pulled my bottoms up until I could see the outline of my pussy lips (I keep my pussy shaved), then I picked up my bottle of pop and a towel, and headed back to the pool.

This time when I settled into my chaise lounge, I felt really indecent. My long nipples were standing at attention, and as I lay on the chair with my legs spread, I knew that anyone who looked my way would be able to make out the impression of my pussy through my thin suit. Once again, I looked from room to room, trying to make out who was inside them. After I lay there for about fifteen minutes, I was really getting warm. I decided to dive into the pool to cool off, knowing that the water would act to make my suit even more transparent. I dove in and the cool water was very refreshing. I floated on my back for a bit and as I looked down at my nipples, I could see them pretty clearly. I was hoping that men all over the hotel were looking at them, too.

When I was cooled off, I climbed from the pool and walked sexily to my lounge chair. I lay on my back with my legs spread and waited for somebody to come out of their room. I was sure that the show I was putting on would attract somebody, but I was mistaken. Maybe there wasn’t anyone watching. Or maybe I needed to do something a little more outrageous! So, I started to suck on my pop bottle when ever I took a drink. Surely someone would get the idea! Still no one came to see me. It was sooo frustrating! Here I was giving what I thought was this great show, and it appeared that no one even noticed!

I was really getting excited and frustrated, and I wished that I could masturbate. But that would be going too far. Or would it? I decided to take my pop bottle with me into the pool. I walked around to the side of the pool nearest the hotel and set my pop on the edge, and then I dove in. After I swam a little, I moved up close to the side of the pool. I stood up and the water came up to my navel. I thought about going in deeper, but I wanted to keep my breasts above the side of the pool. If anyone was watching, I wanted them to be able to see them. I nonchalantly drained the last of my pop, and then I slipped the bottle under water. It was one of those little six ounce coke bottles, just the right size for what I had planned. I knew exactly what I was going to do. My pussy was so hot and wet, I didn’t doubt that I’d be able to slide the bottle inside of me. As I stood facing the hotel, I pulled down my bikini bottoms with one hand, and with the other hand I slid the neck of my pop bottle inside my aching pussy. I was a little nervous as I gently worked the neck of the bottle further into my pussy. I knew that if I got it in past the first bulge it would stay in place by itself. Because of my position by the side of the pool, I knew that no one in the rooms in front of me could see what I was doing, although they might be able to guess from my actions. However, there were rooms on the other wing where someone might be able to see exactly what I was doing, but they were further away and my actions were probably hidden by the water. But it made me hot to think they might be watching me fuck myself with a pop bottle!

After the neck of the bottle was in my pussy I only needed one hand, so I rested my other arm on the side of the pool. I made sure to stand up straight so that my breasts were still visible to anyone watching. Then as I was working more and more of the bottle inside of me, three guys walked out of the lobby door and headed for the pool. They all had on swim suits and I knew I was about to have company. I was really torn about what to do! I almost had the bottle in past the first bulge, and it felt really good. I knew that I should pull it out and let it sink to the bottom, but it just felt too good. The guys were still about 30 feet away as I made one last hard push. The bottle slid in and my pussy closed around it below that first bulge. As I lifted my arm and rested it on the side of the pool, the bottle stayed firmly in place, with my pussy lips pulled tight around it.

The guys walked right up to me and asked how the water was. I told them that it felt good, and they put down their towels and jumped in right next to me. They introduced themselves, and then the most talkative guy, Ron, asked what had happened to my pop. I asked him what he was talking about and he said that they had been watching me, and that just before they came down, they saw me submerge my pop bottle. Just then, one of the other two, Jim, reached down and twisted the bottle in my pussy! I guess I let out a moan as Jim said, “I think I’ve solved the mystery!” God, was I hot!! There I was with a pop bottle buried in my pussy, in a public pool with three guys! I wished that I could fuck them all right there, all at the same time, but I thought that that might get us all arrested.

I told Jim to keep up what he was doing cause it felt really good. Then I told them that it certainly took them a long time to come down to the pool, but I was really glad that they had! I went on about how horny I was, and asked if they were horny, too. Well, it turned out that everyone was very horny, and I told them, “Good, because I’m going to need you to fuck me.” Ron said that he’d be happy to, and as he moved behind me, I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my ass; and it felt BIG! I knew I should tell him not to do anything yet, I mean we were in a pool at a motel! But, it felt really good! The next thing I knew, he had the head of his cock pressed against my asshole! I wanted it bad, but I wasn’t ready! Luckily (I guess), just then a group of people came from the lobby and headed for the pool. Ron moved away, and Jim said we should go to their room. I said that I’d go with them, but I asked if we could go to my room instead. I started to reach for the bottle, to pull it out, but Ron grabbed my arm. He said to leave it in, then he had the other guy, Phil, go get my towel. Phil handed me the towel and Ron told me to wrap it around my waist. Well, I did it as Ron took my hand and we walked toward the shallow end of the pool. It was hard to walk with the bottle in me, but I managed. The group who had just come down to the pool looked at me funny as I walked up the steps in the shallow end. Either they knew I had something in my pussy, or they thought I was handicapped, because I sure was walking funny. The guys in the group stared at my tits which were easy to see through my wet, thin top, and I smiled back at them as I walked by.

Aside from my funny walk, the bottle was having another effect on me. With every step I took, the coke bottle moved to one side or the other, kind of stirring around in my pussy. It felt so good that it made me weak. I couldn’t wait to get to the room. It was a ways away, and on the second floor, but eventually we got there. As soon as we entered the room, I took off my towel and peeled off my bikini bottoms. I had to bend over to get them off, and I made sure to give the guys a real good view of the coke bottle crammed in my pussy. Ron took my arm and led me to the bed, and told me to get on my hands and knees. He said that he knew I wanted it in my ass, and that he was going to give it to me. I wanted it bad, but I wanted to be able to watch, too. I told Ron that it would be better if he would fuck me on the desk. He said okay, and cleared everything off the desk. Then he laid a towel down. I climbed on and lay on my back and pulled my knees up and out to give him easy access to my ass. After I’d positioned myself on the desk, he got between my legs and began to lick my asshole. He twisted the coke bottle as he drove his tongue up my ass, and I came. It was wild! Jim came up and stood beside my head with his cock jutting out towards my face. I swallowed his cock just as I felt the head of Ron’s cock pressing against my tight asshole.

I love getting fucked in my ass, and usually it isn’t a problem, but with the coke bottle in my pussy, my asshole was really tight. Ron kept applying pressure, but nothing was happening! Ron’s cock was just too big!! I told Ron to get the K-Y jelly out of my bag in the bathroom. He did, and soon he was pressing the slippery head of his gigantic cock against my asshole again. Only this time, he had better luck. The head of his cock slowly slid forward.

It stretched my asshole to the limit as it moved slowly forward. He kept up the constant, gentle pressure as he inched forward. I have honestly never been stretched so tight! the head of his cock must have been the size of a coke can. It hurt, but I knew I wanted him in me. If I hadn’t had the bottle in my pussy, I know I could have taken him more easily, but I was determined to accommodate both the bottle in my pussy and his huge cock in my ass! I cried out for him to push harder, and then I felt him move forward as the head popped in, and he drove forward as my asshole clamped tightly around the shaft. Then Ron started to fuck my ass! I can’t begin to describe how it felt. My skin hurt from being stretched so tight, but I felt this deep satisfaction from being stuffed so full. Each time Ron drove forward, he would hit the bottom of the coke bottle, pushing it deeper into my pussy as the base rubbed against my clit. I was in heaven!!! I hungrily sucked Jim’s cock down my throat as Ron kept up his assault on my asshole. He fucked me like this for what seemed like forever! I lost track of how many times I came, but I know it was a lot!

Finally, Ron had his enormous tool all the way in. With each stroke he would pull it almost all the way out, before shoving it back in to the hilt. The coke bottle never went all of the way in, but I know it must have come close. Jim was the first to cum, and he filled my mouth with his cum, and I tried to swallow it all. After he withdrew his cock from my mouth, Ron really began to fuck me hard! He kept it up for another minute, then he shouted that he was cumming. He held my waist tightly as he buried his huge cock in my ass and let loose. He held me still while he came deep in my ass; I could feel his cock throb as he pumped his cum inside of me, and God, did I feel nasty!!! When Ron pulled his cock out of me I felt so empty. Thankfully, at my pleading, Phil was ready to fill me right back up with his cock. It wasn’t as big as Ron’s, but it felt good as he pushed it into my waiting asshole.

I ended up being fucked by all three guys in my ass. I’ll never forget how incredibly good it felt as they slammed forward, driving the coke bottle deeper into my pussy every time their cocks plunged into my ass!! I really enjoyed having them, and I know that they enjoyed having me. Before they left, Jim invited me to dinner. I was pretty hungry, and it isn’t any fun to eat by yourself, so I said I’d love to go with them. We agreed to meet back at my room in half an hour.

After they left, I showered and got dressed for dinner. I put on a short summer dress, but purposely left my underwear in the drawer. It felt really good to stand there in just my dress, and I knew that it would feel even better once we were out in public.

The guys came by to get me as we’d arranged, and I gave everyone a big kiss as I pressed my body against them. As we rode to the restaurant, I sat in the back with Phil, and I treated him to a show of my pussy. I even pulled my dress off for a couple of minutes while I leaned over and took Phil’s cock in my mouth. I sucked his hard cock until he spurted his cum into my mouth, and then I put my dress back on. Ron told me that several people in passing cars had gotten a glimpse of what I’d just done, and I told him that I hoped they would jack off later thinking about it. Just about then we arrived at the restaurant.

It was one of the local strip clubs, and I got my share of looks as we walked in and the hostess showed us to our table. As we drank and ate, we watched as different girls performed on the stage. Then after they did their routine, they would come into the audience and give private dances (called table dances) to anyone who paid them. I asked the guys who their favorites were, and if they were going to have them do table dances for them. Jim said that he would like to see one particular brunette a little closer, and that as soon as he finished his dinner, he was going to call her over. He did, too.

Her name was Jody, and she was really gorgeous. She had the darkest all-over tan I’d ever seen, and her figure was perfect. She had large firm breasts and a tiny waist, and a beautiful behind, and she moved so sensuously. Watching her dance just inches from Jim (whom I was sitting next to), I couldn’t understand how he could keep from reaching out and caressing her beautiful body. I’m afraid I was staring at her as she danced for Jim. She looked over at me and winked, and I asked if she’d give me a table dance. Ron gave me the $10, and at the start of the next song, Jody moved over in front of me. She told me to spread my legs and then she moved up between them and started to do her sensuous dance. She held her lovely breast just in front of my mouth and I asked her if I could just lick one. She said that she was sorry, but that was against the rules. God it was hot, watching her play with her breasts, almost touching me with her perfect body as she danced for me!! Then she put her hands on my knees and kneeled between my legs. She moved sexily as she came so close to rubbing her breasts against my pussy. I couldn’t help myself as I inched the hem of my dress up my legs. She sat back on her heels and put her hands on the inside of my thighs, and then she saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties. She gave me a mischievous smile as she moved her nipple towards my pussy. Then just as I thought she might touch me, the song ended and she stood up.

I thanked her and told her that she was an excellent dancer. Jody had to go, but I made her promise to come back for another dance. God, was I hot!!! I hadn’t noticed during Jody’s dance, but we were the center of attention. As I looked around, I noticed that just about every guy in the place was looking at me! I smiled and apologized to my three escorts for ignoring them. They all told me that they hadn’t minded, and had really enjoyed watching Jody dance for me. I told them that I’d really enjoyed it, too!

Just then there was a little commotion, and a guy was being pulled by his arms to the stage by two of the dancers. The announcer told us that it was his Birthday, and that he was getting the traditional club Birthday celebration. And instead of having everybody sing Happy Birthday to him, all of the dancers gathered around him. They undressed him, down to his pants, and tied him to a chair on stage, and then they gave him one big table dance with all of the girls. It lasted for two songs, and then they let the guy go. It was pretty wild, and I mentioned to Ron that I wished it were my Birthday. He said that maybe it could be, and then he left to talk to one of the girls. While he was talking to her, Jody came and joined them. I saw her look my way, and then she turned and walked away. I was distracted by a really pretty girl on the stage, and when I looked back towards Ron, he was walking back to the table. When he got there he told me he had something for me. Then he sat down and handed me a tiny silver G-string. He told me that for the rest of the night it was my Birthday, but that in order to go up on stage, I had to put the g-string on. Well, I excused myself and walked to the bathroom. Once inside, I put on the g-string, and then I hurried back to our table. I saw Ron nod to the announcer, and as the song that was playing ended, he announced that there was another birthday.

I saw Jody and one other girl walking towards me, and I hoped they were coming for me. I offered no resistance as they each took a hand and led me to the stage. All of the guys in the club were whistling and cheering as we walked onto the stage and were joined by the other dancers. My mouth was dry, and my pussy was wet, as they sat me down in the chair and tied my hands behind me. The girls were undulating their beautiful naked bodies (except for g-strings) all around me! I could hardly stand it! Then Jody stepped forward and took the hem of my dress and moved it up. She enlisted the other girls to help her as they raised my ass of my chair and pulled my dress up higher and higher. They pulled it up past my navel and then over my breasts, and finally over my head. They couldn’t get it all the way off because of my tied hands, but they had managed to bare my entire body to the audience of horny men. Jody pushed my legs apart and got down on her knees in front of my pussy. She looked up at me as she pulled the g-string until the material was wedged between my pussy lips. Then she moved away, so that the audience could see my naked body. God, I was hot!!!!!!!! I wished those guys had lined up and fucked my mouth, but that couldn’t happen there. I did enjoy all of the attention though, and was sad when the song ended and the girls untied me. I got an incredible amount of applause, especially when I turned my back on the audience and bent froward to pick up my dress. I also got a lot of applause after I’d put my dress on and then peeled off the g-string and handed it to Jody. Then I went back to join my escorts.

Ron had already paid our tab, and the guys led me out of the club. I protested that I didn’t want to go yet; I guess I wanted to see if I could get some of those guys inside (or girls) to join us at the hotel. Anyway, I left with Jim, Phil and Ron. I sucked Jim off on the way back to the hotel, letting his cum drip out of my mouth and spill over onto my face. Once back at the hotel, Jim, Ron and Phil fucked me repeatedly. I got to take Ron’s huge cock in my pussy once, and once in my ass. We fucked all night long, and I was still ready for more in the morning. I was still horny, but tired as I boarded the plane for the flight back home. I slept a little on the plane, and went directly home from the airport. I should have gone to work, but I just couldn’t face it.

As I pulled in my driveway, I noticed that my neighbor was home. I have sucked him off before, and I thought that he might be able to help me right now. I walked over and knocked on his door. When he opened it, I asked if I could come in. As I stepped inside, I saw that he had a friend over, and that they were watching tennis on TV. I told them that they were pretty pathetic, watching TV when there was so much else to do. When they asked what there was to do, I stood in front of them and stripped off my clothes. Then I said, “you could fuck me.” They each fucked me twice, one after the other, and it was pretty good. After they were finished with me, I put my clothes on and went home to wait for Tom (my husband) to tell him what a naughty girl I’d been.

So you see, I’ve been busy. I really enjoyed fucking my neighbor and his friend. I love all of the sex that I have, but there is just something so nasty about having the guy who’s just filled you full of cum, move aside for the next guy. That’s what it was like Tuesday night with Jim, Ron and Phil, too. Oh yea, I took Tom in my ass as I told him about Ron’s big dick stretching me to the limit. He loved it! I’m so lucky to have such an understanding husband.

I don’t have any plans for this weekend, but I imagine I’ll do something nasty. And you can be sure that I’ll tell you about it. Until then.