Hi Everybody,

It’s Bobbi. Sorry I haven’t written for so long, but I’ve been really busy at work again. For those of you who don’t know me, I am 5’1″ tall and weigh 105 lbs. I have shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, and I like to stay in shape. I run and roller-blade in the summer, and I cross country ski in the winter. All of this activity serves to keep my 34A-22-34 body nice and tight.

Guys really seem to love my ass, and I enjoy bending over to show it to them. I have become a real exhibitionist over the last few months, but I’m not a tease. I usually end up having sex with the guys that I flash, and sometimes it gets really wild. I have taken on a couple groups of guys, which was really hot! I love the feeling of having one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy, and could have sex like that all night!

Just because I haven’t written since June, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy. Let’s see, since my last letter I’ve fucked my coworker Bob twice (the second time we were joined by another guy. We were fucking outside on a trail I run on, and this guy came walking by while Bob had me on my hands and knees with his cock buried in my pussy. It would have been rude not to ask him to feed me his cock!). I’ve dropped in on my neighbor a couple of times, and I went back to the Frat house. I met Gary (one of the guys from the fraternity house) at the health club where we both work out. He offered to take me home with him and I took him up on it. While I was there, I fucked Gary and two of his friends, and it was great! I was hoping the guy with the ten-inch cock was going to be there, but he wasn’t. I did make Gary promise to arrange another party for me when school started in the fall. The last party I went to there, I ended up fucking sixteen guys! And that was during the summer! I get wet just thinking about how many college guys I’ll get to fuck at this upcoming party; I wish it was sooner! I also made Gary promise to call me when his big-dicked friend could fuck me. I still remember how good that fat ten-inch cock felt in my ass!

What I really wanted to tell you about was the camping trip that Tom and I went on over the Fourth of July. We travelled south to a state park that has this really great sandy beach. It is also the closest place that allows thong swimsuits! We left town after work on July 3rd and drove half way there that evening. We stayed in a motel overnight and left early in the morning for our destination. It was still a four hour drive, and we wanted to get there early enough to get checked in and set up, and still have most of the day to play in the sun.

Well, we got everything taken care of. We found a great campsite, with lots of shade trees around, and we set up our tent. Then we went inside the tent to change into our swimsuit. I had ordered a white thong bikini from a mail order shop and I was dying to try it out on the beach. Of course I’d already tried it on, but I had never worn it in public! It was hot already at 11:00 am, and I talked Tom into leaving the tent flap open while we changed. I made sure to stand right by the door as I undressed. All that stood between the outside and me was the bug screen, and I hoped that someone would walk by and look in. When we put up our tent, I made sure that it would be visible from the road! Well, no one walked by as I changed into my suit, but I was sure that I’d have plenty of other opportunities to show off on this vacation.

When we had our suits on, we packed a small bag with lotion, towels, books and snacks. Then we picked up our cooler and the bag and headed for the beach. I loved being able to show off my ass as we walked through the campground! I got lots of looks from everybody! All of the men (and most of the boys) stared at me, and most of the women gave me dirty looks. I did notice that the attractive women didn’t seem to care, and none of them gave me dirty looks. There were even two other women in the campground wearing tiny bikinis as they moved around their campsites, and they smiled at me. It was like we were part of some secret society or something. Anyway, it was pretty neat.

It wasn’t a long walk to the beach, only about five minutes. You should have seen all of the people! Even at 11:00 am it was pretty crowded. Well, it was the Fourth of July, so I guess I should have expected it. We found a spot by one of the many volleyball nets, and we laid out our blanket and got comfortable. I purposely picked a spot that had a large concentration of guys around, so that I could show off a little. I made sure to bend over a lot as we arranged our stuff, and when I laid down on my stomach on the blanket, I made sure to spread my legs a little. I wanted to make sure that the guys walking by would be able to see the outline of my pussy in my tiny white suit. My tiny top was fastened in the back with only one strap (kind of a bandeau top with a catch), and I undid it and let it fall to my sides. Then I got up on my elbows to read my book. My arms hid my small breast from the sides, but I was sure that my nipples were visible from the front.

It was impossible for me to read my book. Guys kept walking by in front of me, gazing at my breasts, and Tom told me that I was attracting a lot of attention from guys looking at my ass and pussy, too. I was just getting so horny, and it wasn’t even noon yet! Tom suggested that we go for a swim to cool me off, so I fastened my top and we got up to go down to the water. I left my sunglasses on the blanket, and I was getting off on smiling at all of the guys who were checking me out.

The water felt great, and it made my nipples more visible. When we left the water, I got even more looks as we walked back to our blanket. I couldn’t stand it! My nipples were hard (and they are quite long, 3/4″), my pussy ached, and I had to get some relief! I saw all kinds of attractive guys that I would have loved to have, right there, right then, but I restrained myself. I told Tom that I needed to go back to the tent to get a different book. He said that he’d go with me, but I told him it would be better if he would stay and save our place on the beach. Actually, I wanted to fuck one of those good-looking guys. I left Tom on the beach and I threaded my way toward the road to the campground.

When I got close to the road, the people were spread out a little more on the beach. Then I saw what I was looking for. There were two handsome guys in beach chairs, watching me as I made my way up to them. I walked up to them, kneeled at their feet, and said, “Could you guys do something for me? I’ve got a tent about five minutes from here, and I’d really love it if you’d follow me there and fuck me. How about it?” Then I stood up and motioned for them to follow me. Well, after they got over their shock, they both jumped up and joined me as I walked off towards our tent.

We didn’t talk much, just introduced ourselves. I guess we were all in a hurry to get to the tent, and I wasn’t really interested in conversation. When we got there, I told them both to follow me as I unzipped the door and stepped inside. After we were all inside, I zipped up the bug screen and undid my top. The tent wasn’t big enough to stand up in, so we all sat down. I told them to strip, and they took their shorts off. I took turns sucking on them until both of their cocks were hard, then I took off my thong and offered my pussy to the guy with the smaller cock, and continued to suck on his friends dick. I almost came as the guy slid his cock into my hot pussy! It felt sooooooooo good to finally have a cock inside me!!! I did cum after he fucked me for a couple of minutes.

I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but really, I wanted his friend to fuck me! They traded places and I gobbled up the cock in front of me as I waited for his friend to fuck me. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt his thick meat slide between my pussy lips. I guess he was about eight inches and kind-of fat, and it felt heavenly as he pushed into me. He was good, too. He moved in and out, and kind-of swirled his cock around inside me as he did it. I would have been screaming if I hadn’t had his friend’s cock in my mouth. I slammed back into him as he fucked me, so that I could get every bit of his cock inside me. The guy in my mouth started moaning and then he started shooting his cum down my throat. I looked him in the eyes as I swallowed it all. Then his friend said he was going to cum, too. I told him that I wanted to taste it, and as he pulled out, I scrambled around and took him in my mouth. As I moaned and looked up at him, he filled my waiting mouth with his hot cream. While he was filling me up, I furiously rubbed my clit bringing myself to another orgasm.

We rested for a couple of minutes, and then we got dressed and I grabbed a book to take back to the beach. The whole thing had only taken about ten minutes, which was cool because I didn’t want to tell Tom. I mean, how do you tell your husband that you wanted to fuck, but you didn’t want to fuck him? Anyway, when the three of us left the tent, the couple camped next to us really looked us over. I suppose they knew what we’d done, I mean, tents aren’t exactly sound proof, and they were only about 30 feet away. I just smiled and waved, like a good neighbor. They both waved back, but I knew they were really shocked by what we’d done. Oh well, wait till they see me come back with Tom!

When we got back to the beach, I left my new friends and went on to where Tom was. He asked me if everything was okay, and I told him that I’d been so horny I’d taken a couple of minutes to masturbate back at the tent, but that I was okay now. I told him how hot my new swimsuit was making me, and how much I enjoyed showing off for all of the guys on the beach. Tom suggested that if I wanted to show off for all of the guys, we should go for a walk down the beach. Well, that sounded pretty good to me, and we got up and headed down the beach.

I decided not to wear my sunglasses. I wanted the guys to know that I knew they were looking at me, and that I liked it. I smiled at every guy that I caught staring at me so they would be sure to know that I enjoyed their attention. The further we walked down the beach, the fewer people there were.

I was just about to ask Tom if we should head back, when I heard someone whistle. I looked around and saw a group of guys walking along behind us, and I was sure the whistle came from them. There were four of them and I decided to confront them. As they caught up with us, I asked who had whistled.

One of the guys stepped forward and admitted that he had been the one. I asked him if he liked my swimsuit, and he replied that it was very sexy. I introduced Tom to them, and then I told them that he liked to watch me with other guys. Tom started to say something, but I told him to be quiet. Then I asked the whistler if he and his friends would like me to do anything for them. “I’ll do anything you want, all you have to do is name it,” I said. Then, the guy who was doing the talking told me to take my top off. The beach was pretty deserted, but there were still a few people scattered around, but I reached up anyway and undid my top and let it fall to the sand. “If you want me to do anything else, we need to move off the beach a little,” I told him.

I told Tom to pick up my top and I walked up the beach towards the woods. Like I said, there were a few people around, three couples actually, and they watched as I led my little band of five guys into the woods. I stopped after we’d entered the woods a little ways. I could still see the couples on the beach, but no one could see me from down the beach. I thought it would be hot to do it with these guys right there where we could be seen. I guess I figured if it bothered anyone, they could move away, but I hoped they wouldn’t. I’ve always wanted to fuck someone in public, with a lot of people watching. Well, there weren’t a lot of people on the beach who could see me, but it made me hot to think they’d be watching.

“Well, what would you like me to do,” I asked? One of the other guys asked if I’d take of my thong, and I gladly obliged him. “Do you want me to suck your cock,” I asked him. I didn’t really give him a chance to answer as I got down on my knees and pulled out his cock. It was good and hard and I looked into his eyes as I moved forward and took all of his cock down my throat. I made sure that we were turned so that the people on the beach could see what I was doing. I guess I figured that the women would drag their mates away, but not one of the three couples left! I was hot now!! I sucked this guy for all I was worth! I did stop long enough to ask one of the other guys to get behind me and fuck me! It was fantastic! Tom just stood there as I serviced these two guys right in front of him. Every once in a while I’d pull the cock out of my mouth long enough to ask him, “Do I look good with a cock in my mouth, baby? How do you like being married to such a slut?” Tom just nodded his head and stroked his cock.

The guy in front of me grabbed the back of my head, and I knew he was going to cum. I made sure to look at Tom as this guy pumped his load down my throat. I swallowed most of it, but I let a little run out of the corner of my mouth, so he could see that I was being pumped full of cum. As soon as he was done, I asked one of the others to take his place. God I love being fucked from both ends!! The guy who was fucking my pussy was really doing it right! He never missed a stroke as I started sucking the new guy. He kept fucking me for about another five minutes until the new guy erupted in my mouth. This time I let his cum run out of my mouth and down my face. I guess watching that was enough to bring off the guy in my pussy, and he grunted as he slammed his cock deep and came. He was really grateful, and thanked me over and over.

“The pleasure was all mine, baby,” I said.

That left Tom and the last guy from the group. I told the stranger to fill my pussy, and he kneeled behind me and drove a pretty big cock into my waiting pussy. I told Tom to jack off on my face, and he moved in front of me. All the while the guy fucked me from behind, I told Tom how good it felt. “Oh Tom, his cock is so big! God I love fucking big cocks!! I wish I had a dozen guys with HUGE cocks to fuck me. Promise me you’ll find me some big cocks to fuck! Oh baby, it feels so good!! God I love to fuck!!!” I went on like that until the guy in my pussy started to cum. “Oh god Tom!! He’s filling me full of cum! Cum on my face, baby!! Oh god Tom!! Cum on me, baby!!!” I drove Tom over the edge and he started shooting streams of sticky cum all over my face!

I looked towards the couples on the beach and two of them had left. I guess it was just too much for them to see me fuck five guys! But one couple remained, and they were both watching intently. God it was hot!! there I was, on my hands and knees, one guy pulling his fat cock out of my pussy, with cum dripping down my face, and I was looking right at this couple on the beach. They were both looking at me, so I sat back on my heels and gave them a little wave. And they waved back!!! I knew I had to talk to them! I got up and picked up my suit and put it on as I thanked the four guys for the great time. Then I grabbed Tom’s hand and led him towards the couple on the beach.

I walked right up to them and said “Hi.” It turned out that they liked to watch porno movies, and so when they saw me getting ready to fuck five guys, they decided to stick around and watch. Tom was real uncomfortable as I talked to them, explaining how I loved fucking groups of guys, and how I hoped they’d enjoyed my performance. Their names were Sally and Frank, and I could see that Frank had an erection. I asked Sally if she’d like me to take care of Frank, too, but she said that she’d do that herself. Then I asked Sally if I could take care of her! Sally didn’t reply right away, but she did eventually decline my offer. I told them where we were staying and asked if they’d visit us. They said they’d see, and then I took Tom’s hand and we walked back towards our blanket.

I asked Tom if he was mad at me for fucking those guys, and he said that he wasn’t. I told him that I was sorry that I was such a slut, but that I loved cock so much, I had to have it all the time. Then I told him that I expected him to find me someone with a really big cock to fuck that night. “I don’t care how you do it, but I want a big cock in our bed tonight.”