It all started back in high school, or maybe before that. Too much sitting around reading and watching TV and not enough exercise led to Nancy’s being overweight. By the time she arrived in college, she had resolved to shed some of those extra pounds. She went on a diet, then another; soon most of the pounds dropped away. But, no matter how much flab vanished from her body, her rear remained large, round, and soft. She was reasonably happy with the rest of her new body: big boobs, shapely legs, soft and smooth skin. But her huge ass caused happiness to elude her. 

Buying new clothing was a chore, finding the right clothes that minimized her enormous buttocks. She became depressed one time, reached for the chocolate bars with almonds, and binged out a couple of days, before realizing that she just had to work with the assets she had. She had to try to stop worrying about her enormous ass. At least her ass, for its size, was soft and silky, a creamy cushion of flesh. She accepted that whatever outfit she wore would do little to de-emphasize the magnitude of her problem. She was not about to give up improving her appearance. She worked out at the gym, trying different programs, but her ass remained the same humongous size, perhaps a bit tighter. 

She remained deeply ashamed of her posterior, but hoped that the balance of her curvy body would accomplish her goal, to meet a nice guy. Being self-conscious, whenever she went out in public, Nancy believed all eyes were on her disproportionate ass. She felt shame again and again, but no exercise corrected her problem and only increased her gluteal firmness. Daily ass checks affirmed that her buttoccal problem remained undiminished. 

Nancy spent her saturdays in the college library, keeping ahead of her courses. A fellow student from her Sociology class passed her several times. He paused at last at her table and exchanged a few pleasant, banal remarks about the course, the college, and the weather. Lawrence — he reminded her that was his name — seemed friendly enough. She was surprised when he invited her out that evening to a film in the town. Nancy had never been on a date, a situation she attributed to her humongous ass. 

Lawrence picked her up later, and they went to see a movie that she had wanted to see. He told her during the movie that he was enjoying her company and the film. He put his arm around her while they watched, causing her to relax and forget about her ass. After the movie ended, Lawrence drove her to a restaurant, where they enjoyed a few drinks. This was an entirely new experience for Nancy, and she was both excited and pleased by her date. She was very happy that Larry had asked her to go out, and he seemed to like her a lot. Afterwards he took her back to her off-campus apartment. Nancy, a bit giddy from the drinks, did not want the date end so soon, so she invited Larry inside. 

She had a cold, opened, bottle of wine in her fridge. She poured out two glasses, thinking this was the first time she had done so. Soon with glasses empty, the couple sat on the couch as Larry kissed her face. It did not take long for his hands to move across her body, feeling her gently through her clothing. It felt nice to have someone touch her breasts and stomach that she did not want Lawrence to stop. Nancy did nothing to discourage him. Soon her blouse was completely unbuttoned, and her large breasts fell free from her unclasped bra. 

Lawrence stroked and kissed her large breasts, whispering lovingly how wonderful they were. Nancy still did not want Lawrence to stop and permitted him to do as he pleased. She let Lawrence go on kissing and touching her naked flesh. She was becoming so aroused with his lips tugging on her big nipples that thrills rushed across her body. 

Soon Nancy felt a hand moving up her leg under her skirt. She believed the hand would lead her to further pleasures. She was so aroused that she wanted him to do anything he could to excite her, and was not the least bit disturbed as she felt his fingers pressing against her cunt, first through her damp panties and then under the elastic of her panties and touching her bare, wet cunt lips. Feeling his finger go inside her, Nancy was thrilled that a lover was touching her so intimately. It felt so good that she didn’t wanted it to stop. His finger in her, stirred her wet cunt, making her hot for more. 

Lawrence whispered into her ear, “Pull out my penis, Nancy.” She reached over and tugged his fly open, feeling a strong pressure against the front of his trousers. As his probing finger continued to stir the elixirs of love now flowing in her drenched pussy, Nancy gradually, being unfamiliar with her task, opened the way for her companion’s erection to spring forth. “Take it in your hand,” Larry whispered. She gripped the firm, meaty pole and fondled it. 

“I’ve never felt like this, dear, she sighed. “I don’t want to stop even though I know that I should.” There was danger here, but she really did not care. 

“We don’t need to stop, baby,” he replied. “Everything will work out just fine. Come on. Let’s get these clothes off and really have a good time.” He got up and pulled her to her feet. “Take my clothes off,” he ordered, and she obeyed willingly as he quickly removed the remainder of her attire. Soon they were seated again. Everything seemed to be moving so fast, kissing and touching, now nakedness and… and what? 

Nancy felt Larry’s hand stroking her wide, fleshy hips. Touching her there was a bit upsetting, but Larry kissed her and put her hand back on his hard prick, now standing upright above his muscular thighs. “Pull on my cock, baby,” he said. This date was turning out to be one amazing thrill after another. Holding his manhood in her hand was stimulating her even more.

Larry’s hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her wet cunt again. It felt so good that she parted her thighs to enjoy what he was doing. She wanted him to touch her smooth, soft body, to rub his hands gently over her skin. She stroked Lawrence’s erect prick, hoping she was pleasing him as much as he was satisfying her. Lawrence was sucking on her nipples and working his fingers inside her pussy. She sensed that she was becoming extremely wet. Lawrence did not seem to care that she was so caught up in his caresses that her hand was doing very little to his penis.