After our wedding, my wife and I drove to Colorado for our honeymoon. We were going to be gone for a month since I had time off between assignments. Karen was an exhibitionist, which is what made me go for her. Coal black hair and eyes, she packed a lot of beautiful body in her 5’4″ 110 lb. frame. As we drove down the Interstate, I reached across and began to rub her bra-less tits. Her nipples reacted by stiffening and a smile came across her face. I noticed her legs splaying open and closed, so I got a little bolder. I unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her tits. We passed a semi just fast enough to overtake him within about five minutes. During this time, he looked down at my wife’s bared tits and kept pace with us.

Karen shifted in her seat and her skirt hiked up farther on her leg. I told her to let it ride up so that her panties were showing. She said “OK, but I’m not wearing any!” I said all the better, and she raised herself up and instead of letting her skirt ride up high enough to show her cunt, she took it off. Then I suggested that she show him how wet she was, and she began to rub her inner thighs, spreading her legs wide. With one hand, she began to pinch her nipple, making it become fully erect. With her other hand, she reached down to her wet pussy and inserted a finger. She finger fucked herself until she came, then began to suck her cunt juice off of her fingers. The trucker honked his horn, showing his appreciation for her actions. We pulled into a rest area, and drove to where the trucks park. Our trucker friend pulled in alongside of us and got out. He introduced himself as Jack, and asked how far we were going. When I told him to Colorado, he told us he was heading to Boulder. That meant that Karen could play her little game for two more days with this man. We talked for a while, then got back in our vehicles and drove away.

“Bill, doing that made me feel so good!” Karen said. “I know he appreciated it, and he seems like a nice guy”. I agreed and told her to feel free to do what she wanted to do. She played this game all day long, with Jack, and with other’s as we drove down the road. At one point, she stripped completely nude and undid my pants. Pulling out my already rock hard dick, she proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I ever had. Jack was alongside of us as I shot my cum in her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled, letting my cum drip down her chin and onto her large tits. Jack pulled into the next rest area, and we pulled alongside of him. This rest stop was virtually abandoned, so Karen said that she’d like to show Jack the same attention she showed me. I smiled and said sure, what the hell?! She got out of the car and went to the passenger door of the big rig. This was a sleeper cab, and they both disappeared for a while. When she returned to the car, I looked at her and saw that she had cum dripping down her chin again. She leaned over and kissed me, as if to let me know what she had just done. She told me that while she was sucking his cock, he started to finger fuck her and this drove her to an orgasm. He wanted to fuck her, but she said she wouldn’t do that without express permission from me. I told her she could have if she wanted to, and she said she’d think about it.

She was impressed with his size though, and I could see that she’d now spread her legs readily since she had my “permission”. Night time was beginning to approach and we pulled off at the next rest stop. Jack said we should all stop for the night, and I agreed. I was tired, and I was still horny. I could see that Karen would probably be ready to accede to his wishes, and it was confirmed when she said “Let’s all get a room together.” We stopped at a nice looking motel, and went next door for dinner. There was so much sexual tension in the air, that none of us could wait ’til we finished dinner and retired to our room. When we got in the room, Jack kissed Karen. This was such a turn on for me, that I sat back and watched them. Karen couldn’t wait, and began to strip off Jack’s clothes, exposing his swollen cock. I too was impressed with it’s size. He was at least twelve inches long, and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. He was thick too, about as thick as Karen’s upper arm. She almost ripped off her clothes, then sank to her knees and engulfed this huge dick almost to it’s entirety.

Karen is always vocal when we fuck, but tonight she was screaming! She got up on the bed and demanded to be fucked. As she lay there, she took her ankles in hand and held them high and wide, giving us a magnificent view of her sopping cunt. “Please! Fuck me! Now!” she cried out. Jack got between her legs, and kissed her. As their tongues battled, he lowered himself so that his mighty cock was poised at the entrance to her soft wet cunt. He worked in the head and a low growl escaped from Karen’s throat. Her nipples were fully erect and Jack took them in his hands and began to pinch them. She was bucking up against him, with her heels on his ass, pulling him in deeper and deeper. She cried out begging him to fucked her hard and fast. I’d never seen her so turned on before. Before long, he had his huge dick buried to the hilt and she was making unintelligible moaning sounds as he reached where no man had ever gone before. I knew that because she was telling him that. Soon,

Karen started cumming, and went on for at least fifteen minutes. Jack kept thrusting into her, harder with each thrust, until his ass looked like a jackhammer moving back and forth. Karen began to cum again, sending her tight body into a spasming movement. She cried, tears streaming down her face, begging him to fill her cunt with his sperm. I had all I could do to keep from jerking off and shooting cum across her face. But I had other plans. Suddenly, Jack’s body went rigid and he came deeply in Karen’s now well fucked cunt. She came just from feeling his sperm shoot into her. Jack rolled off, and Karen immediately tried to suck his cock back to it’s hardness.

He told her to let him rest a while, and to take care of me now. She smiled seductively as I approached the bed, and I made her get on her hands and knees. As much of a slut as she was, I wanted her asshole. I slid into the pussy which was once tight, but now stretched wide, lubricating my cock, then pulled out and dove straight into her asshole. She yelped with the first thrust, but I think that was due more to surprise than pain. She began to push back against my rampaging cock, meeting my every thrust. It didn’t last long though. The tightness of her ass was just too great, and I fired off jolt after jolt of cum up her asshole. She again began to suck on Jack’s cock, then took his balls in her mouth and began sucking on them. His cock grew to an incredible hardness, and Karen moved up his body and lowered herself on his dick. I watched as she impaled her cunt on his fully erect cock. Karen started looking like a slut who just couldn’t get enough cock in her at once. I moved in behind her, and pushed her down on top of Jack’s chest. I placed my own cock alongside of his and pushed it into her cunt. She screamed out in agonizing pleasure at this new experience, begging us to fuck her. Jack took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to gnaw at it, eliciting even more screams from my beautiful wife. All of this was too great for me, and I soon shot another load into her cunt.

Then there was a knock at the door. I answered it and two black men stood there. They asked if everything was OK in there, and I invited them in to check it out for themselves. They came in, and I invited them to use Karen’s body also. They stripped down just as Jack came deeply in her well worn cunt. She looked around and smiled as she saw the two naked black men standing there. She rolled off of Jack, and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide. The cum was dripping out of her cunt, and she looked at them and said “Well, are you going to stand there with those big cocks sticking out or are you going to fuck me with them? Come on, I need more cock!” With that, they climbed into bed with her. One of them knelt between her legs and fed her his fifteen inch cock, sliding right in with no resistance. The other knelt by her head and she hungrily sucked his equally large cock in. She was like a whore in heat. Anything went that night with her. The black in her cunt didn’t last too long before he began moaning and groaning. I watched his nuts harden signaling the beginning of his orgasm. The contrast between her skin and the black men fucking her was phenomenal. As soon as the black man shot off in Karen’s sloppy cunt, the other took his place. Again, her legs came up and her head went back as he entered her. He also came quickly, filling her cunt to overflowing. The bed was soaked from all the cum that night, and Karen was fulfilled beyond her wildest dreams.

They left and Jack and I got back to her. She told me “Bill, you know what I want now!” She sat on top of my face and we started sixty-nining. While I lapped up her sloppy cum filled cunt, Jack got behind her and slid his dick into her ass. I could feel her breathing increase and her moans around my cock as she took it into her throat. Jack’s big balls were bouncing off of her cunt and my head as he drove his cock deeply into her asshole. Karen was on fire. It was hard to believe that this was the same “innocent” girl who I married just a day before. Finally, we all came again, and passed out on the bed.

The next day, we got up and Karen asked if she could ride with Jack for the morning. I said sure, if he didn’t mind, and he said he’d have to be nuts to say no. We all pulled out and headed down the road. Karen spent the morning sucking Jack’s cock. Not even letting up after he came down her throat. She told me that she sucked him non stop for four hours, bringing him to orgasm about half a dozen times. We pulled into another rest area, and Karen jumped back in our car. She kissed me, and I tasted Jack’s sperm in her mouth. Next, it was my turn. As we drove down the road, she stripped naked, just as she had in Jack’s rig, and began to suck my cock. She gave me the same attention she gave Jack all morning long. We stopped again for the night and got a motel. Jack and I continued to fuck her ’til about 3 AM when we all passed out again. This went on for the next couple of days. She’d spend equal time blowing us both as we moved on down the road. Finally, we got to Boulder and Jack went to drop off his truck. We picked him up and took him to the resort with us. There, we continued to fuck Karen, filling her with our cocks. Jack had to leave after a few days, and we gave him our number and told him to call when he would be in our town.

After he left, Karen was so horny that I couldn’t keep her satisfied. I fucked her almost all the time, and she still wanted more. One night she asked me if I’d mind if she went to a club alone. I told her to go for it, but to remember to come back within a couple of days. She blew me one last time, and then walked to a club a few blocks away. The following is her tale of what transpired told by her.

I had dressed in a see through blouse with no bra, and a miniskirt that showed my garter belt and pussy if I sat down. The fishnet stockings were, along with my four inch heels, the finishing touches on my outfit. I got to the club and ordered a drink and waited to see what would happen. After about fifteen minutes, a young black man came up and asked if he could buy me a drink. I agreed and soon we were talking and laughing. Then he asked me if I wanted to dance and I said OK. A real fast song was playing, and I moved my ass all around, gyrating to the music. The next song was a slow one and he took me in his arms and held me close as we danced. One hand dropped to my ass and he began to squeeze it, causing me to feel a shiver of excitement run up my spine. He pulled me tightly against him, and I felt his cock harden and push into my lower belly. God, he felt huge! After a few more drinks we went back out on the floor and danced. This time, his hand went under my skirt, pulli ng it up enough to feel my cunt and to expose it to other’s there in the bar.

My nipples hardened and he unbuttoned the top three buttons of my blouse, which caused my tits to become exposed to all. I loved the excitement I felt and couldn’t wait to have this cock probe my pussy. I asked “Do you have somewhere we can go? I need to fuck, and I want your cock in me soon!” He took me by the hand and we left the club. We went to his apartment where there were two other black men watching XXX videos. These men already had their cocks out and were stroking them. They were huge! My mouth watered my date told me to unbutton my shirt all the way. I took over as the main attraction and soon they were all standing close to me, kissing me, sucking my tits, and feeling me up. I looked at them and said “Oh God, please! I need to be filled with your cocks. Please fuck me!” They took me to a bed and climbed in with me. I started sucking one of their cocks, then another, and on ’til they were all rock hard. One of them lay on his back and told me to get on top and fuck him. I lowered my cunt to his thick long shaft and slowly took him in. One of the other’s got behind me and I felt his cock pressing at my asshole. He pushed it in, and I felt like between the two of them, they’d split me open. The third knelt in front of my mouth and I sucked it in, deep throating him. They all kept on fucking me, switching from hole to hole. Finally, one of them began to shoot his cum deep inside of my cunt. Then another shot his load up my ass. Finally, the last one came in my mouth. I still needed more though, and they were more than willing to give it to me. One of them grabbed the phone and dialed a number. He spoke into the phone, “Hey, yeah, bring the boys over here, we’ve got a hot white slut that needs cock”. I was a little scared of what I would have to do, but the excitement was great, and I needed more cock.

They came in the apartment and the first three finished up with me, and then more took their place on the bed. All in all, I fucked 18 men that night, most of them fucking me two and three times. The night turned into day, and still more came. Finally, about 10 PM, the had finished with me. By this time, I lost count of how many men had me, but I suspect it was about fifty all together. My cunt was sore, as was my asshole from the hard cocks fucking away at me.

But, I was still ready for more. I made my way back to the hotel and Bill. I told him everything that happened the past day and night, and set to sucking his cock dry. He soon sent a load down my throat, and still remained hard. I asked him “What do you want to do with your whore wife?” He turned me over and I felt his cock, still hard, begin to enter my asshole. He continued to fuck it, harder and harder, but all I felt was pleasure. Soon, he started to send his sperm into my asshole, deep inside. Then he flipped me over and started eating me out. The cum of at least fifty men was in my cunt, and Bill ate me like he always does. We then ordered room service and when it got there, I answered the door naked. The waiter brought the food in and I asked him if I could give him a tip. He said the view was enough of a tip, but I sunk to my knees and undid his pants. I started to suck on his cock, which was probably average size. It was small in comparison to what I had been getting the past week, but I pleasured him just the same. I pulled his cock out of my mouth as he was about to cum, and jerked him off ’til he came all over my face. I invited him back after he got off from work, and he agreed. At midnight, he knocked at our door and I answered it, still naked. His cum had dried on my face and hair, and I know I looked like a street slut. But, I didn’t care. I wanted cock, and lot’s of it. He slid his cock into the tunnel that had become big enough to drive a truck through, and started to pound into me. Bill had me get on top of the waiter and he got behind, again sliding his cock in beside the other one. I loved this sensation and was soon cumming. Bill came soon after me, flooding my sloppy cunt with his sperm.

Then Jerry, the waiter, slapped me on my ass. This sent a shock wave of pleasure through my body. Then he did it again. I told him to do it harder, and faster. Soon, I was starting to cum again, and he exploded at the same time I did. He left soon after, and I found myself thinking how good it felt to have my ass slapped real hard.

Bill asked me how much I liked it and I turned to him and smiled, telling him “A lot!”. The next day, we drove off into the mountains and off road a while until we came to a lake. It looked abandoned, and I decided to catch some sun. I stripped and lay beside the car and fell asleep soon after. I awoke to hearing Bill yell. I stood up and saw three men with rifles had Bill with his hands handcuffed to a tree. They turned to me and advanced. I stood there, rigid with fear. I was afraid they were going to rape me and then kill us. I begged them “Please don’t hurt us, I’ll do whatever you want.” One of them said “You’re damned right you’ll do what we want, now get over there by your old man. He’s going to have the pleasure of watching us fuck his wife.” I almost ran to Bill and then when I was about six feet away, one of them said “Lay down right there Missy!”. I did what they told me and lay down on the grass. One of them knelt over my head and pulled out his dick. “Suck it!” he commanded. I opened my mouth and began to blow him. “Shit, this little slut love s to suck cock boys!” he said to the others. Then another one stripped and knelt between my legs.

“Spread ’em wide slut, I’m gonna fuck you, hard!” he told me. I obeyed, still fearful for what they might do to us. I felt his cock thrust into my pussy, and it hurt. I was dry and it felt lie he was scraping the inside of my cunt. After a few minutes, I became wet and he fucked me more easily. “This cunt is mighty big! See how big that boy is.” They undid Bill’s pants and saw that his dick was of average size. “Man, this little slut must fuck other men besides him! No way he could fill this cave with that cock!” said the one pumping into me. They took turns sending loads of sperm into me, in all three holes. They finally had enough and took the cuffs off of Bill. They turned and went into the woods, and we got out of there real quick.

I asked Karen if she was OK, and she said “Yes, it was nothing more than anything else I’ve done on this vacation. It was just a fuck”. “Yeah, but they raped you” I replied. “Bill honey, don’t worry. They didn’t hurt me, and even though they raped me, it’s all over now. Let’s just head back to our room.” she answered. So, we drove back and Karen showered to get their cum off of her. It didn’t really seem to be bothering her too much, so I let it go.

While I was in the shower, the phone rang and Karen answered it. After a few minutes, she came in and told me that it was Jack, and he wanted to know if we wanted to get together. I asked her what she thought about it, and she replied “I’d love to have him love me again”. I said OK, if she wanted to fuck him, then it was fine with me. She came back a few minutes later and said “Jack is in the lobby heading up”. I dried and put on a pair of shorts. Soon, the door opened and there was Jack with a present in his hands. He also had a bottle of wine. He handed Karen the small box and she opened it, squealing with delight when she saw a nice diamond broach in it. “Oh Jack, it’s beautiful, but it was entirely uncalled for!” Jack replied “Nothing is too good to show you how you made me feel last week.” He turned to me and said “Not that I’m trying to horn in on your wife, but with what we all did, I felt compelled to do something nice.” I explained that it didn’t make me jealous at all. That I thought it was very nice of him to do something like that.

She went to him and kissed him passionately. It wasn’t long before they lay down on the bed and began to make their moves. Karen was already naked, and she unzipped Jack’s pants and let his huge cock spring out. She started licking it up and down, and soon had taken it down her throat to the hilt. Jack lay there moaning and soon came in her mouth. She sucked out every drop of cum and his cock never went soft. He then lay her on her back, and gave her the same treatment. Soon, she was writhing all over the bed, moaning about how good it felt. She came, hard, and then begged “Please Jack, fuck me. Take my cunt, please!” He moved between her legs and she spread wide for him. He entered her quickly and thrust his big cock deeply into her. I sat and watched, becoming very aroused by their show. Finally, I got on the bed and told Karen to suck my cum out, which she was more than happy to do. Before too much time passed, we all came our brains out and then lay back.

Jack told us he would be heading out Friday. We were going to leave on Saturday, but Karen asked if we could go along together. I said OK, and we called it a night. I awoke several times that night to find Jack plugging away at Karen’s cunt and ass. She was becoming insatiable. We left Friday morning and followed Jack’s rig out onto the Interstate. Sure as before, he pulled into the first rest area we came upon, and Karen asked if she could ride with him. I had no objections and sent her on her way. The truck stayed where it was, and I noticed through a small window in the sleeper part, the red shirt Karen had on. I waited thirty minutes and then saw them appear in the cab of the truck. We started off, and drove for home. Karen rode with Jack almost all the time we were on the road, coming back to me to give him a rest and me some head. Then she told me there was a truck stop up ahead and said she wanted to get something to eat. I agreed and we all pulled in. Karen slipped on her real short miniskirt and a gauzy top that tied at the sides only. We entered the truck stop and sat down. Karen sat facing the door, and I realized that her legs were spread wide, giving everyone who entered a fine look at her pussy. The top was tied loosely and she turned just right and her tit was visible. Boy, was she acting like a whore! My cock got hard just watching her let other men see her beautiful body. She excused herself saying she had to use the restroom. After forty minutes she still wasn’t back. Then I saw her, her hair messed up and her clothes wrinkled. She went into the men’s room, and ended up getting laid by four guys, and blowing six others. One of them had even fucked her asshole. Cum dribbled down her inner thighs and dried on her face. When we left, she again rode with Jack.

They took their time getting started again, and I knew what was going on. I figured what the hell, soon, we’d be back to normal.

Was I wrong! Not that I minded the way she was acting, hell, I encouraged her, and even joined in the fun. That was never a problem. I did think that we would eventually settle down to a regular married life, but that wasn’t the case. We finally got home, and she had invited Jack to stay with us on his return trip, and he agreed. I like Jack and he treated Karen like a lady, not like the slut she had become. And I’m not saying that in a bad way! I knew that she loved me, and that beyond anything else, I was her husband. She wouldn’t leave me even if she did have many other lovers. And I was OK with that. She didn’t sneak around on me and always told me what had transpired if I wasn’t there. So, all in all, I had the best possible situation. I had a wife who was a slut and gave me a lot of pleasure in that.

One night, after we’d been home a week, Karen was blowing me. She stopped and asked “Honey, um, would you, uhh, you know, spank me?” “How hard?” I asked. “VERY!” she replied. So, I reached down and slapped her ass hard. She jumped, and swallowed my cock. I did it again, and found that this was turning her on. The harder and faster I spanked her, the harder and faster she blew me. My hand soon became a blur, as did her head. She was moaning around my cock and soon began to suck the cum right out of my balls. I have to admit, it turned me on too. As I came, I stopped spanking her, and she begged “No! Not yet! I’m almost there! PLEASE!” I reached over and grabbed my belt. I doubled it and brought it down across her ass. WHAP! it sounded. She started to arch up and meet every blow with her ass and upper thighs. God, I couldn’t believe that my beating her was making her cum. Finally, she burst into a large ongoing orgasm. Her ass was bright red from the belt and she contin ued to urge me on. After it was over, she told me how good it felt, and said that she’d maybe like to explore that kind of sex as well. God! She was willing let me do anything to her sexually.

I stopped off at a sex store downtown and picked up several things that I thought she might like. When I got home that night, I brought the box into the house after dinner. She was almost squealing with anticipation as we looked over what I got. I put on a leather head mask with a zipper across the mouth, and a leather vest. I had purchased items like nipple clamps, huge dildos, etc. I tied her to the bed, belly down, and brought out a riding crop. I stung her ass with it, and she shuddered. I whipped her ass, upper legs and also her cunt with it. Then I inserted the handle into her steamy cunt. She screamed, cumming on the spot. Then I turned her over and attached the nipple clamps, turning them very tightly. Her nipples hardened immediately and I gave them a tug to make sure they wouldn’t come off. I also attached one to her clit as well. Then I pulled out a spiked dildo and began to rub her pussy lips with it. She cried out that it hurt, and in the same breath told me to fuck her with it. This dildo was huge, so I put some cream on her cunt and began to slowly insert it. She thrust her hips forward to engulf it faster, and screamed out from the pain. But, again, she told me to keep going. I felt strange hurting her, and her begging for me to do it, but my own lust took over soon. We took it pretty easy that first time, and later came up with a code word that would signal excessive pain and to stop immediately.

Then, as quick as it began, she told me she had enough of that type of sex. We could do it occasionally but she didn’t want it to be the norm. I agreed, almost relieved. We settled down to straight sex, and she would only fuck other men on occasion. Except for Jack. Jack could do anything to her that I did, and she had no objections. I also liked Jack, as I would a brother. We grew very close the three of us and I never had any objections to him taking my wife. Occasionally, she would go on a short haul with him, for a week or so. Jack treated her like a lady, with respect and love. There were times when she needed to fuck like a whore, and she did, whenever the feeling arose.

God, it’s been twenty two years now, and she still hasn’t slowed down. Jack has moved in with us, and not a night goes by when either one of us, or both of us don’t fuck her. Jack has also brought home other women and we use them, but none have ever approached the level of our sweet Karen. The truth is, she’s everything a man could ever hope for. The most sensual experience a man can ever experience is to see another man fuck his wife. To have his wife be a slut. Not the kind of slut that hides, sneaking around, and trying to fuck over her husband, but the kind of slut that brings the most pleasure to her husband, and gains her own pleasure as a result. That’s my Karen!