Linda Davis was royally pissed. Her husband John and her had been having problems lately, and they agreed to try to work things out. But all he ever did was work, work, work. She felt betrayed by his job. John was at a conference in New York, and they agreed to meet in Chicago and spend a week there. Here it was Friday night, and she had just flown halfway arounf the damned country and there was a message at the front desk waiting for her.

“Sorry, I can’t get their approval til Tuesday, which will put me thee Wednesday. I’ll see you then.” read the note. She checked in and went to her room and cried. “This just isn’t fair! How can he does this to me?” she thought. It was 7:30 PM and she decided “The hell with him! I’m going out for dinner.” All the clothes she had brought were sexy ones which accentuated her firm full body, in anticipation of romantic evenings. So, she dressed in a green low cut dress that hugged her body and made her look even sexier than she was. She stood 5’9″ and weighed 110 lbs. At 36, that wasn’t easy, but she worked out and ate right, and she was rewarded with the body of a goddess. Her long red hair shined brightly, and her green eyes could hypnotize any man. The dress was made to be worn without the benefit of a bra, and her 36 D chest fit right into it. The dress came down to about four inches below her bright red pubic bush, and she wore only a garter belt and black stocking he exited the elevator and asked the concierge for a good close restaurant. He spoke of one around the corner, and she headed off.

She walked into the restaurant, and all heads turned towards her. She was used to this, and paid it little mind. She was seated and ordered a drink. Her meal was delicious, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself,. As she left, she had intended to go back to the hotel, but then figured, “Why bother? It’s an empty room and I may as well enjoy myself.” She heard music coming from down the street and walked into the club it was emanating from. She found a table and ordered another drink, enjoying the music.

As she drank though, her mood got darker as she brooded about John and his insensitivity towards her. She had two more drinks, and then someone said “My, with a pretty face like that, you shouldn’t be frowning!” “What!?” she fired back, looking up. There was a handsome man standing there smiling at her. Something in his smile made her mood go away, and she suddenly felt very light hearted. “I’m sorry!” she said “I’ve just been thinking.” He replied “Well, if it’s bad enough to cause you sadness, then it’s not worthy of you. Can I buy you the next one?” he pointed towards her glass. “I’d be honored” Linda answered.

They sat there talking til hte club closed down, and Linda felt very drunk. She also felt completely at ease with this man, who’s name was Louie. He asked if he could walk her back to her hotel, and she thought about it, and said “Sure, why not?” They strolled along and Louie took her hand in his. She felt an animal attraction towards him, and decided it must just be the booze. He walked her to her door, and said goodnight, and Linda took his arm and invited him in for another dink. He acceded and entered her room with her. She was about to pick up the phone for room service, when she noticed a bottle sitting in an ice bucket. A note read “Sorry again, have a good time!” She thought about it and decided that yes, she was going to have a good time. She poured them a drink and sat down next to Louie on the couch. They toasted each other and drank down the Champagne. Linda excused herself, and went in the bedroom. She opened the closet and pulled out a white, almost cle e through negligee’. It was cut deeply and made her already large tits look even larger, and it ended just below her now warm pussy. She decided not to wear the panties that came with it, and went back out to where Louie sat.

“My God, you’re absolutely stunning!” he said. God, why could John never treat her this way? She sat next to him and they drank another glass of bubbly. Her head was spinning and Louie took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She responded, feeling the heat grow inside. Her large dark nipples hardened and she found herself becoming wet between her legs. She hadn’t felt this horny since she was in high school, the night her boyfriend had taken her virginity. He didn’t go for her body right away. Louie knew how to play women to make them into hell cats. He so wanted Linda to become all fired up before he made his move. Just as things were going along, she suddenly broke into tears and got up and ran to the bedroom. He followe her and sat on the bed by her sobbing body.

“What’s the matter? Is it something I did wrong?” he asked. “No, you haven’t done anything wrong, but I haven’t been truthful with you. I was supposed to meet my husband here tonight and he won’ here ’til Tuesday or Wednesday. This was supposed to be for him”. She continued to sob, and Louie took her in his arms and held her tight. “It’s OK, everything is fine. I’m sorry I treated you the way I did.” She answered, still crying “Sorry? For what? You treated me better tonight than my husband has in quite a few years. You were making me feel like a woman again.” Even now, he held her tightly, and kissed her forehead. “You’re such an angel, so beautiful, how could he not treat you like a princess?” This lit Linda’s fire and hooked her. “We haven’t even made love in over a year.” she told him. “My dear, you deserve much more than ou’re getting. Is the man blind? Can’t he see what a beautiful women he has?” Louie stroked her hair and made no moves on her. If she was ready, she’d make the moves. He kissed her eyes, and then dried her tears. “You’re so beautiful, I wish you were mine. I’d make love to you every night and be your slave, just to be in your presence.” Her eyes met Louie’s and as she looked deeply into them, she asked “Would you? Would you make love to me every night? I’d love that Louie.” Then she raised her lips to his and kissed him. When he felt her tongue probe his mouth, he knew that soon he’d have this beauty. He returned her kiss and she snuggled more closely to him. She loved the way she felt in his muscualr arms, him holding her tightly. Soon, she had pressed herself against his groin, and began to grind herseld into him.

“But Linda, don’t you know where this is leading?” he asked. “Yes my darling, I want you to take me. Make me whole again”. With that, his hands began to move all over her body. Where ever he touched, she felt his heat. It encompassed her and her passion soared. His strong hands kneaded her tight ass cheeks, causing her to moan out her passion into his mouth. Then one of his hands made it’s way to her full tits, lightly stroking her nipple through the thin material of her negligee’. The nipple stiffened even harder, and she gasped for breath. Her body was now on fire and the most sexual thing he had done was to rub her niple. She pushed her tit into his hand and he squeezed it, gently, then more urgently. He kissed his way down her neck, making her feel like a sex goddess. He lingered only momentarily as he made his way down her neck, to her chest and finally to her nipple. “Oh yes! Please Louie, take me! Take me now!” she pleaded. “Not yet my love, let me take you w heights. I want you to feel complete.” he replied to her. He pulled the straps of her negligee’ over her shoulders, and bared her perfectly formed tits. His lips found her nipple and he gently sucked in one, then the other. A shudder ran through Linda’s body, one which Louie felt. He continued to kiss his way down her belly, to her long luscious legs. He avoided her pleasure spot for now.

That would come soon enough. He teasingly licked and sucked her upper thighs, making his way to the inside of them. She spread her legs, almost imperceptible at first, then farther until they were spread wide. His finer lightly traced her inner thigh from her knee upwards until he stopped just short of her glistening mound. She arched her back and thrust herself forward, and his mouth came in full contact with her pussy. He licked her from her asshole to the top of her clit. Her body convulsed and she came immedaitely. “Oh yes, please eat me!” she begged. He tasted her juices as they flowed from her cunt, and found her to taste as delicious as she was beautiful. His tongue began to move around the little knob, making it and her lips swell with excitement. Linda knew that her clit was becoming fully erect, something that had only happened a few times before. She didn’t know how erect it was, but Louie was amazed when it stuck out about an inch. He had never ignited a fire as large as in this girl, and he knew she was something very special. He began to suck her clit, as a woman would a man’s dick. In and out of his mouth, gently sucking and licking it. Linda felt an orgasm wrack her body, one which was larger than she had ever experienced. She felt totally drained and yet, he continued to keep giving her this pleasure.

Finally, she had enough. Sje was just too sensitive to allow him to continue. “Now it’s my turn.” she said. She undid Louie’s pants and pulled them off. He had removed his shirt earlier, so he was now naked. she pulled her negligee’ over her head and she too was completely naked. She started sucking his nipples, and worked her way more quickly than he did, down his body. When she reached out for his cock, she was amazed at his size. Louie packed a fourteen inch long dick that was fat. He was already mostly hard, from the excitement of working Linda’s body the way he had, and she licked it, starting at the base, and slowly working her way up the shaft. When she got to the tip, she licked at the hole in the end, and was rewarded with his thick pre-cum. She took the head in her mouth and began to suck it. Then, more and more of went into her mouth ’til he was at the back of her throat. He moaned out “God, you’re the best! I’ve never felt a mouth so sensuous as yours is e never had a cock this big before, but she knew what she needed to do, almost instinctively. She slowly let it begin to enter her throat. She expected to gag on it, but she went slowly and felt it enter her throat. She moved her head lower, still sucking as she went, with her tongue moving all around his shaft. Finally, she had taken at least half of it down her throat. She moved back up this huge cock, and took a breath. Then she went back down on him. She did finally take the entire length of his massive cock down her throat. “God Linda, baby! No one has ever been able to do that! You’ve got the whole thing in your throat!” Louie was indeed impressed. She continued to pick up the pace and soon Louie started to thrust up into her mouth. “Oh baby, you’re gonna make me cum!” He cried out. Sure enough, his cock began to shoot thick globs of his sperm down her throat. Linda necer slowed, or decreased her sucking on him. She took all he could pump into her, and kept on going. Louie didn’t even get soft again as John usually did when he was fucking her. She eventually let his cock pop out of her mouth, and she lay back. “Now I want to feel that magnificent cock in my cunt!” Linda demanded. Louie, of course, could not and would not deny this beauty anything she wanted. It was heaven just to be with her, let alone her allowing him to do anything to her, yet here she was, begging him to fuck her. He climbed between her legs and slowly lowered himself into her waiting cunt. She cried out as he entered her, never feeling so stretched out from a cock. When he finally entered her all the way, she felt like she would burst. No one had ever been as deep or stretched her so wide, and she loved it. She began to meet his thrusts, bucking her hips forward at the same time he did. This continued on for a good two hours, and Linda was brought to a more intense orgasm each time. She had never know this feeling before, but she knew that she would never not k now it again.

Of course, no one lasts forever, and Louie finally began to feel his orgasm approaching. He told Linda he was about to cum, and she begged “Oh Please Louie! Shoot your sperm deep inside of me! Come on baby, fuck me! Give me all you have! Flood my womb with your sperm!” At this, Louie could hold out no longer. He felt his nut sack tighten and the cum begin it’s journey to the end of his cock and into heaven. Linda clamped down with every muscle in her cunt and belly, making it almost impossible to move his cock in her. But, he did soon shoot his cum deeper than any man ever had before. Linda lay there purring and Louie held her tight. She found herself in love once again, only this time, it wasn’t her husband. It may not have even been Louie. What Linda loved was the feeling of being a woman once again. Of reaching a satisfaction that she had never experienced before. They slept holding on to each other all through the night. Whe Linda awoke, Louie was still there her, looking deeply in her eyes. “Good morning princess” he said. She felt herself begin to melt again, and she kissed him, stirring his passion once again. Soon, they were locked in a battle that only an orgasm would quell. Linda climbed up on top of Louie and took his cock in hand. She guided it into her still wet pussy, and lowered herself on it ’til it was buried to the hilt. She ground herself on it, rocking back and forth, and soon was enveloped in another orgasm. Louie soon came also, and the showered and went for breakfast. After breakfast, they returned to the hotel and continued to make mad passionate love to each other.

Louie left Sunday night, and Linda had gotten his number and given him hers. If they ever had the chance to meet again, they both were ready for it. Linda felt whole again, and decided she really didn’t care if or when John got there. He could never fill her the way Louie did, and she decided that she would find happiness where ever she could. That night, she found herself horny again, and went out for a walk. Waht she found was yet more cock that would fulfill her needs. She entered another club, and didn’t realize that she walked into a bar where there were no white men to be found. She thought about leaving when she realized it, but decided to stay and check out what was available. Soon, she was inundated with requests to dance or offers of drinks. She decided that this night, she would be a slut. She danced with one of the black men and soon found herself in a dark corner. He lowered her to a table and spread her legs, ripping off her panties. In no time, he was fucking her, fucking her hard. Another black came over and started rubbing his cock in her face. She opened up her mouth and took this invader in, submitting to him. “God” she thought, “how different this is to the love I felt the past two days”. Different indeed! For if she had put up any resistance, the result would still have been the same. The bartender locked the door to this back room, leaving Linda naked and alone with more black men than she could count. The cock in her mouth was soon entering her throat, and seemed to never stop. Her head hung over the edge of the table, and his big balls were slapping her nose and eyes as he fucked her mouth, stretching it wide. The cock buried in her cunt felt like a ball bat it was so large, and Linda began to react to this assault.

The black man held her ankles high and wide, over her head as he continued slamming his cock deply inside of her. Finally, the one fucking her throat began to cum, her feeling his dick spasm and fill her throat and mouth with his gooey sperm. As soon as he pulled out, another man took his place. They all seemed just to want to get their rocks off and let another one have her. The one fucking her now sore pussy shot his load deeply inside of her, and pulled out as his cock began to shrivel. Before his cum leaked out of her cunt, another man was thrusting inside of her. This continued well into the early morning hours before she was allowed to leave. When she left, three other blacks followed her to her hotel and into the elevator. As they rode to the 8th floor, one of them began to feel her up. She tried to pull away, but another of them grabbed her and held her tightly as the first one continued to shove his fingers into her cunt. The elevator stopped, and one of them reache d into her purse and pulled out her room key. They took her to her room, and unlocked the door.

“Now whore, strip!” said one of them. She didn’t work fast enough, and he slapped her across her face. “I said NOW!” he yelled. She untied the straps holding up her dress and let it drop to the floor. “What about my garter and stockings?” she asked. “Leave them on. Now, get your slut white ass on the bed and get ready for more cock!” he demanded. There was really nothing she could do but to comply. She resigned herself to her fate, knowing that what she was doing was wrong, but everything she had done all weekend was wrong. What would a few more times matter? It wasn’t as though she didn’t enjoy it, she loved the feeling of being a slut. So, she did everything they told her to. They had her climb on top of one of them, and slide down his rigid pole, filling her cunt with this large cock. Another got in front of her, and began to fuck her mouth. The last one knelt behind her and put his cock alongside the one in her cunt and pushed. She screamed out, feeling like her was being strectched so far that it would surely rip. It didn’t and she finally adjusted to these two humungous black cocks in her abused pussy. They fucked her hard and long, for over an hour. Then the one behind her pulled out and pressed his rigid cock to her asshole. The one fucking her mouth had her ahir in his hands, pulling her head to his groin as he thrust down her throat. She tried to scream, the pain was tremendous. All she could do was make gurgling sounds as this cock invaded her asshole. She had never allowed anyone to fuck her there, and now she had no choice but to let him ream her out. Tears were in her eyes as he thrust into the tender, sensitive asshole, as another one twisted her nipples. After about four hours of them taking turns fucking her various holes, they all began to cum. She took all three loads, one in her asshole, and the other two sending their sperm into her cunt. They then tied her to the bed and left, leaving the door unlocked and a “Do N ot Disturb” sign on the door.

This was the way John found her when he arrived Wednesday afternoon. She was bruised all over her body, and cum had dried all over her. John was shocked, and asked what had happened. “I couldn’t bear the thought of what you did to me John, so I went out and had some fun.. Then I was followed back here and raped for several hours.” she told him. “What kind of fun?” he asked. “I let a man pick me up and we came back here and spent the next two days fucking. Then I went out and was fucked in a bar, then three guys followed me here and took me again”. she confessed. With that, John found his cock hard, and he stripped and lay down beside her still tied up body. She told him to stop, but he decided to take full advantage of her in this position. He slid his cock into her and found her to still be wet from the cum deep inside of her. He fucked her, harder and harder, and then added his own load to what was already there. He still didn’t untie her and she told him he was a rd. Then he left the room. About an hour later, he came back, this time with company. “Fuck her” he told the guys, “She deserves it. She’s a slut who loves to fuck men, so give her all you want. Take her as often you like, she’s yours!” John told them. And, they did just that. Linda now felt like a whore being forced to be a sperm bank for all these men. No longer did she feel the way Louie made her feel, she went from feeling like someone special, to feeling like a degraded whore, which was John’s intent. When the men had to leave, John found more who would fuck her. Finally, they left for home.

Two days later, while John was working, she picked up the phone and called Louie……………….