Roger loved for me to dress like a slut, especially when there were a lot of men to cast those lustful looks in my direction. I had gotten used to it though, and it wasn’t as if there were no reason for those looks. At 33, I weigh 110 lbs, just 2 lbs heavier than when we were married 12 years ago. My figure measures 38 – 28 – 34 and I wear a C cup bra. I have long red hair and green eyes that Roger says you can fall into. So, over the course of a few years, I had assembled a wardrobe of slinky clothes. After having men look at me like they do, I have developed some fantasies of my own. Fantasies that entail me being the object of other men’s lust. Sometimes, when we’re fucking, I imagine that I’m with someone other than Roger, and the sex is very powerful.

We had gone to a party for some friends who had just gotten back from Europe after a six month stay. I chose a dress that was low cut in the front, almost exposing my nipples, with a short hem line that, if I sat just right, you could see my red bush. Roger whistled and said he hoped I wasn’t wearing panties with this outfit and I asked him why. “Simple my beauty” he replied “If you wore panties, then no one could see that magnificent cunt of yours.” “You want me to expose myself to other men?” I asked, taken aback. “Certainly! Why not just let loose? I know what you want” he said. “And what’s that?” I asked. “When we fuck, I know you’re fantasizing about other men fucking you. You’ve uttered names that weren’t mine, and since I know you’re not fucking around on me, the only other explanation is that it’s your fantasy. And I want you to fulfill that fantasy babe.” I was stunned at his words. “You mean you want me to fuck other men?” I had to make sure of this. “Yes dear, as long as I can hide out and watch you. Amy, I have my own fantasies you see.”

I went to the party, sans panties, still not believing what Roger had told me. I was thinking a lot about it, and before long, I felt wetness between my legs. As we mixed with the crowd, our hosts, Janie and Ted, came over to us. We talked about their trip, though I barely heard a word about it. Ted asked “Amy, would you like to some of the souvenirs we brought back?” I replied “What? Oh, sure!” He took my hand and led me upstairs to their bedroom. “Uh, won’t Janie get a little upset about you bringing me here?” I asked. Ted replied “Amy, while we were gone, we fell into a new lifestyle. Both Janie and I have had many lovers while we were gone. We were hoping that you and Roger might like to experiment with the same. Right now, Janie and Roger are walking out back away from the crowd. Soon, she’ll be on her knees with his cock in her mouth if I’m guessing right.” I was really stunned by this. I didn’t answer, my mind a blur from my own thoughts of lust, and the alcohol I had consumed that night. Ted read this as me saying yes, and he took me in his arms and began to kiss me. I tried to pull away at first, but I had to admit that I was becoming very turned on. “Ted, let’s go slower. I’m not so sure about this.” “Anything you say my love, I promise you an abundant amount of pleasure though, if you’ll just let me show you.” He kissed me again, less urgent this time, and I opened my mouth when his tongue started to probe.

I had to admit, I was getting hotter by the second. While he kissed me, Ted started stroking my face with his hand, slowly moving to my neck, then my back and finally down to my firm asscheeks. “So soft” he mumbled as he kissed my neck. I knew that there was no way I was not going to fuck Ted tonight, and I responded with my own kiss on his lips. His hands felt red hot as they moved over my ass, squeezing and massaging me. He reached up to the top of my dress and unzipped it. Slowly, oh so slowly, he slid it forward over my tits. It was bunched up around my waist now, my tits fully exposed to Ted as he took one in his hands and began to rub it. I felt my juice dripping out of my cunt, and down the inside of my thigh. I felt an urgency overcome me, one of much needed fucking. We sat on the edge of the bed and he bent his head to my tit, licking the nipple before taking it into his mouth, softly sucking at it. When he had the first one fully erect, he moved to the second one, making it hard as well. He pushed me softly onto my back, then I raised my hips as he pulled my dress completely off. “I love it, no panties!” I replied “Roger had me come this way. He wanted me to show off in front of other men. Oh God Ted, I want you! So bad!”

With that, he kissed his way down my belly and to my cunt. He licked it from my asshole to my clit. Every now and then, he’d slide his tongue either in my pussy, or my asshole. The first time he tongued my ass, I felt strange, but allowed him to continue. The feeling was exquisite as his tongue made it’s way into me. Then he’d move to my clit, sucking and nibbling at it, making me thrash around the bed. Then he inserted two, then three fingers up my cunt as he sucked at my clit. I couldn’t hold back, and I came, coating his hand with my cum. He didn’t stop at that point though, he continued to finger fuck me and suck my clit until I came again! “Oh God yes Ted, oh eat me! God that feels so good! Oh yes baby, make me cum! Aaarrggghhhh!” And I was orgasming once again. This time I pulled him away from my clit. I was just so sensitive that he had to stop. I pulled him back up to my face and kissed him, tasting my cum on his lips. Then it was my turn. He had stripped at so me point while eating me, and I lowered my head to his groin. I was amazed to find a rock hard cock there, that had to have been at least a foot long. I couldn’t get one hand around it no matter how hard I tried, he was just so thick. I stuck out my tongue and licked it from his balls to the underside of his mushrooming head. I closed my lips over the tip and sucked it in gently at first. I stroked his mighty shaft as I sucked the head, and I tasted his precum which began to ooze out of the slit at the end of his dick. Slowly, I engulfed more and more of it until he was at my throat. One thing I can do like a pro is to deep throat men. I took a breath and began to swallow this monster into my throat. I was able to get all but about two inches down, and I pulled back up, sucking hard as I went. Then I dove back down on it. Ted said “God, Amy! You’re better than any woman I ever had! No one has been able to swallow my cock before! Oh fuck, that feels so good! Yeah baby, suc k it!” I kept bobbing my head up and down his shaft, continuing to pick up speed as I went. After about fifteen minutes of this, Ted yelled out “Oh God Amy! I’m gonna cum baby! Yes, please let me shoot it down you’re throat!” He didn’t know that I had every intention of swallowing a load from this big cock. There was no way anyone would stop me! He flooded my throat and even though I swallowed as fast as I could, he came so much that it flowed back up into my mouth. But that’s as far as I let it go. What amazed me was that his cock remained rock hard. He stroked it into my mouth for a few more minutes, then pulled out. “OK baby, how do you want it? You on top, or me?” “I want it every way possible!” I exclaimed, then I climbed on top of him. My cunt was soaked, from him eating me, and from the excitement I felt sucking him. Still, the immense size of this monster caused me to lower myself slowly onto it. I sunk down a few inches, the slid back up so that just the thick head of his cock was in my cunt. Then I dropped back down, going a little farther. I repeated this until he was completely filling me. He stretched my cunt to the limits, but I felt only ecstasy as he filled me. I began to move up and down, picking up the pace as I went, until I was slapping my ass down hard each time. As I came down, he thrust up, bouncing against the back of my cunt. He reached out and began to pinch my clit hard. This drove me right over the edge, and an enormous orgasm took over my body. I felt so weak I fell off of him. He was on me in a flash, and began slamming his cock in my pussy.

I experienced orgasm after orgasm, until he started to moan out that he was cumming. “Yes Ted, fill my cunt up with your sperm! Fuck me! Oh God Yes! Come on baby! Harder! Faster! Oh God Fuck me!!” I screamed out. I knew that anyone in the house could hear me, but I couldn’t care less. I was being fucked by the biggest cock I ever had, and my slut body took over. Soon, he had emptied his load deeply within me, and he rolled off. I suggested we get dressed and go back to the party, and he agreed. Roger and Janie were no where to be found, and I guessed that Ted was right about them. I didn’t mind, I knew that Ted satisfied my most urgent needs, and I was content.

About an hour later, they returned, Janie looking the part of a “just fucked woman”. She managed to get me on the side and said “Amy, I hope you had as good a time as I did! Your husband really knows how to fuck!” About an hour later, all the guests had left except for us. The four of us went to the king sized bed and experienced some more fucking. I was on top of Ted, his cock buried to the hilt in my cunt, and Roger climbed in behind me, thrusting his cock into my ass. It didn’t even hurt a bit as her entered me. Soon, I was being pounded in both my holes. Roger came first, shooting his sperm deeply up my ass, with Ted following suite about twenty minutes later.

We get with Ted and Janie almost every weekend, and what a thrill we all get! Change? Never!