It had been a few years since George had fucked my wife. We were still friends and she often teased him. He would give it right back to her, and I sensed some sexual tension between them. One night when we were all three alone, we began to party. Annie got pretty loose real quick after a few drinks. I whispered in her ear to go and change into something sexy. She giggled and said no at first, but I kept after her until her passion built enough to make her dare to do it. George had gone to the bathroom and when he back, I told him to sit on the couch. I also put in an X-rated movie and started it up.

Annie came out in only a pair of G-string panties. Her beautiful tits were bared and her luscious large nipples began to harden. I patted the couch between me and George and she sat there. Soon, she had her hands on both of our legs. George responded by placing his hand high on her inner thigh. He lightly rubbed it and I watched as her nipples grew even larger, the aureole beginning to bump up. She leaned over towards him and began to kiss him. Her full wet lips met his and their tongues battled for control over the other’s mouth. I saw her hand move up to his cock and she began to squeeze and rub it through his pants. He cupped one of her beautiful tits and stroked the nipple gently, eliciting a sigh from her throat.

He bent his head to her nipple and sucked it into his mouth. Meanwhile, his hand began it’s journey to her honey pot. I knew she was real horny at this point and when his fingers touched her clit, she came. At this point I suggested they go into the bedroom. I gave them a half an hour of intimate privacy, then I followed. I saw George between her legs fucking her hard and fast. She was moaning out “Oh yes lover! Fuck me! Oh my God, that feels so good! Yes! Oh God yes, fuck me, please!” His hips ground into her in a circular motion, bringing her ever closer to cumming. I stood there watching them, stroking my dick. It was so exciting to see another man fucking my wife again! He pounded into her and her moans started coming quicker and faster. Soon she cried out “Yes baby! Oh God, cum with me! Cum in me! Now oh yes!” With that, they both came for seemed like an hour. He came real hard in her tight wet cunt once again. After they were both spent, he said “Baby, you’re every bit as hot as I remember. God, that was fantastic!”

She lay there as he rolled off and saw me standing there. She said “Come on over here and eat me baby!” I almost dove between her legs. I knew how hot she got by me eating her after a man has filled her cunt. Their combined cum leaked from her well fucked cunt and I lapped it all up. Then I decided it was my turn. I kissed my way up her slutty body, sticky with sweat, until I came to her mouth. She tasted like sperm, so I assumed she sucked him off before they fucked. I thrust my tongue into her mouth at the same time I thrust my cock in her cunt. There was still quite a bit of sperm left in her pussy, and it felt like I was fucking hot water.

About halfway through, George knelt at her head and she started to suck his cock back to life. As he grew, he was able to push more and more it his cock into her throat. Annie loves feeling a cock slide down her throat and tonight was even more enhanced. He fucked her throat and she began to make unintelligible sounds. This proved to be too much for me, and I began to shoot my load deep in her spasming pussy. I rolled off and they changed positions. George lay on his back and she straddled his face, then went down on him again. He began to eat her sloppy cunt while she sucked his cock hard and fast. Her cheeks hollowed and I knew the feeling he was experiencing. He turned her over on her hands and knees and took her from behind. I got in front of her face and she sucked my cock in, causing it to begin to grow. She stopped for a second and said “Fuck my asshole! I want to feel your cock there! Please!”

George was only too willing to comply and was soon easing his throbbing cock into her asshole. He was gentle at first ’til she started bucking back against him. Then he began to fuck her. I pulled my cock from her lips and slid down under her. Finally, my cock was aimed at her cunt and I slid in. I could feel George’s cock just scant millimeters away from my own. As he pulled out, I thrust in. As he thrust in, I pulled out. I matched his rhythm and soon Annie was cumming hard. It didn’t take either of us too long to shoot off inside of her either. George was first, now ramming his cock into her asshole, then I followed seconds later.

All in all, she had five loads of sperm pumped into her that night. We all fell asleep together, and awoke the next morning to fuck her once again. Later that day, she said to me “I really loved that. Can we do it again soon?” God yes! I thought. God Yes! And thank you!