Since my introduction to black cock, I’ve found myself needing more and more of it. I suppose this makes me a slut, but I don’t care. It satisfies me sexually, and gives me a feeling I’ve never experienced with white guys. It started on our honeymoon. We got married, then caught a flight to Jamaica where we going to spend two weeks in the warm Caribbean sun. Jimmy and I had known each other since grade school, and when we became old enough, we started dating. During college, we were on again – off again, dating other’s since we were about 1,200 miles apart. After college, we began dating again, and finally got married at the age of 25.

We arrived in Jamaica and checked into our hotel. The first thing we did was to test the bed out. Jimmy is a wonderful person, very handsome and has eight inches of cock. As we fucked, he brought me closer and closer to a huge orgasm, and we both came together. Then we got dressed and went out to eat. We both had a lot to drink and felt the affects of the alcohol. We got back to our hotel at 11:00 PM, and jumped back in bed. Jimmy fucked me to three orgasms before he, too, blasted his sperm into my hungry pussy. Then he rolled over and fell asleep. I was still drunk and not at all sleepy, so I went down to the beach and drank in the warm Caribbean breezes. I sat on the beach in my very brief bikini, with my head spinning. I noticed a figure moving down the beach towards where I sat. As the figure grew larger, I saw it was a big black man. As he approached, I thought about the way I was dressed and wondered how he would take it. He stopped and said hello, and we started up a conversation. He introduced himself as James, and told him I was Holly. As the conversation went on, I found myself intrigued with this large black man. The muscles rippled on his chest, and I found myself feeling very warm in his presence.

I told him I had just gotten married and that Jimmy was passed out in our room. He asked if I wanted to do some Coke with him, and I said I’d like that. He took my hand and pulled me to my feet and we walked, holding hands, to his car. We drove through the city and ended up at a house on a mountain overlooking the city below. We went into the house and to the bedroom where he produced the Coke and a mirror. He cut out several lines and we began snorting the powerful drug. I felt euphoric as it took effect, my mind becoming numb with the sensation. He put his arm around me, and I first felt panic. As he hugged me, I began to feel horny, scared at this feeling. I had just gotten married and here I was having these feelings for a man I had just met. He took my face in his hands, and brought his full lips to mine. My head was spinning, I was ready to spread my newly married legs for this man and allow him to satisfy his needs in my steamy cunt. On the other hand, I felt guilty that I almost couldn’t stand it. He parted my lips with his tongue and began to explore inside of my mouth. I sucked on this invading tongue, feeling the heat continue to build inside of me.

Then his hands began to explore my body, first untying my top and letting it fall off, then taking my nipple between his fingers and rubbing it ’til it became fully erect. I knew what I was doing was wrong, that I was cheating on Jimmy who lay asleep in our room, but my body betrayed my feelings. He continued to kiss and fondle me, and finally his hand went to my briefly covered pussy. He pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and I felt his huge hand on my pussy. He slowly inserted a thick finger, then another and finally a third. As he began to finger fuck me, I found my passion going beyond what I had ever felt. Finally, he pushed me down on the bed and fully removed my bikini. I lay there on this stranger’s bed, completely naked, waiting for him to fuck me. I reached down to rub his cock, and he pushed my hand away. He stripped and then lay between my legs, spreading them wide open. He lowered his head to my fully aroused cunt, and I felt his breath on me. He gently licked my inner thighs, teasing me and starting me out on the journey that would inevitably lead to his pumping his cum into me. I felt his tongue lightly scrape my clit, then again, a little harder. Finally, he took it into his mouth and began to suck on it.

He once again inserted three of his thick fingers into my waiting cunt, moving them in and out. I shuddered as an orgasm snuck up on me and wracked my body. He began to kiss his way up my body, and stopped at my nipples. As he sucked them, I felt his cock bounce around between my spread wide legs. God, he must be huge! I thought to myself. Then I felt this big prick begin to enter me. He moved his face to my own and again began to kiss me as his cock began it’s journey inside of me. I felt so wicked, cheating on Jimmy like this, but I powerless to do a thing about it. He slid in inch after inch, stretching my cunt out more than it ever had been stretched before. I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. I came repeatedly, experiencing for the first time, multiple orgasms. Finally, he stretched me to the limit, and could get no more of his cock into me. It was moving in and out of me with each stroke becoming harder and faster than the last. He fucked me for about an hour and a half before blasting his sperm deeper than I had ever felt before. When he withdrew, he told me to suck his dick and make him cum again, this time down my throat. I swallowed as much of this fourteen inch cock as I could, taking it down about half of his length. I sucked him for about forty minutes, until he sent another load of sperm down my throat and into my belly.

We left his house and he drove me back to the hotel. Jimmy was still asleep, and I lay there alongside of him wondering how I was going to break this news to him. Finally I went to sleep, more from sheer exhaustion than anything else. It was about 3 AM when I finally slept. I awoke the next morning with Jimmy eating out my pussy. I was cumming before I was fully awake, and he climbed on top of me and sunk his cock into my cunt. After he came, I began to cry and he asked me why. I came clean and told him everything that happened the previous night. Instead of the expected anger, he began to get horny again, his cock growing very large. I asked him if he was mad at me, and he replied that he wasn’t, that he still loved me, and that he would love to watch this happen again. I was dumbfounded at hearing this. He then slid back into my cum filled cunt and started to fuck me again, begging me to tell him all the lurid details. Soon, he was shooting his cum into me, and finally rolled off.

Later that night, we went out for dinner and proceeded to get drunk again. After we got back to the hotel, Jimmy had me dress up like a slut, and go to the beach to see if he came back. He did, and this time we went to our room. Jimmy was sitting in a chair, naked, and told James to feel free to use my whore body any way he wanted. James took me in his arms and began to kiss me. I felt the heat rise once again, and I allowed my body to respond to his touch with horniness. As we lay down, James bared my 38 D tits and began to suck at the nipples. My pussy was, of course, on fire and in need of this man’s huge cock. He pulled up my skirt and found only my nylons covering my long muscular legs. His hands went to my cunt and he began to finger fuck like he did the night before. I came quickly and asked him to let me suck his pleasure giving cock. With that, he straddled my face and rubbed this monster all over it.

Finally, I took it into my mouth and began to suck it in earnest. He fucked his way into my throat, and soon treated it like a cunt. This time, I managed to take the entirety of his cock down my throat. As he was about to cum, he pulled out somewhat so that his sperm shot into my mouth and not down my throat. Still hard, he got behind me and slid his cock all the way in, with one thrust. Jimmy came to the bed, and kissed me. I still had James sperm in my mouth, and I stuck my cum covered tongue into his mouth and he sucked on it. I finally transferred all of James’ sperm into Jimmy’s mouth while the king of cocks plugged away in my ever increasingly hot cunt. Finally, James let out a groan and shot his sperm deeply in my womb. After he came, I straddled Jimmy’s face and allowed the thick cum to drip down and into his mouth. After I came, James said he had to leave, and Jimmy asked him to return. It appeared that James’ cock filled my desire and then Jimmy told him to bring friends if he wanted to . James said that he’d do what he could, and then left.

The next day we went sight seeing around the island, and we pulled off into an area that was hidden by the lush tropical foliage from view. Jimmy took me there on the ground in the jungle. After he shot his load into me, he asked how I liked getting laid like a slut. I told him that it was very good and that I loved him all the more for allowing this. I told him I was a little concerned about being gang banged by a group of men, and he told me that when it happened, I should just lay there and enjoy it. We returned to the hotel about 8 PM and showered. There was a message there for us to meet James at an address at 10 PM. We hailed a taxi and arrived at the address at the appointed time. We entered the house and I was told to strip. I hastily removed my clothes and stood there. Jimmy was led to a chair where he was told to strip, and after complying, he was tied to the chair. I looked around at the men, all naked, and almost panicked seeing the size of their cocks. They ranged from 9 to 16 inches and I wasn’t too sure that they would all fit inside of me. I was taken to the bed and tied there, spread eagled and laying on my belly. They put a pillow under me which thrust my ass high in the air. This time, there was no foreplay. I felt a cock begin to rub against my pussy and when I got wet, it was thrust inside of me. There were about 50 men there in the room with us, and I was sure that I was going to be pretty sore for while after they finished with me. After this large cock made it’s way into my slut hole, another got in front of me and started rubbing his big dick all over my face. I sucked his cock and he pumped into my throat. They all took turns at me, and then some began to leave. Eight men were left and my body was cum soaked. I had dried sperm all over my body and in my hair. They untied me and one of them made me get on top of him and insert his great cock in my cunt. Then another got behind me and he slid his cock into my cunt as well. Fortunately, my pussy had been stretched so wide that it only hurt a little at first to have two big dicks in me. Then the feeling became pleasure and I lay there, both of them thrusting their long cocks deeply inside of me. They both came at the same time, sending what felt like a gallon of sperm into my whore cunt. God, I felt so wicked, yet also so fulfilled. After a while, just James, Jimmy and I were left in the room. James untied Jimmy and told him to lay on the bed. I straddled his face and began to fuck his mouth recklessly.

James then got behind me and I felt his cock begin to probe my asshole. I was a virgin in my ass until this moment, and he thrust into it causing me to scream out from the pain. Jimmy continued to eat me, and soon the pain was replaced by the most excruciating pleasure I ever felt. I came my brains out constantly while taking James’ huge cock in my back door. Jimmy had a full view of this black man fucking my virgin white asshole, and finally he slid down my body ’til his cock was at the entrance of my sore pussy. He slid into me and started fuck me hard.

This happened every night we were there, and by the time we arrived back home, I was well stretched out by the black cocks that fucked me nightly. Jimmy and I continued to fuck like animals, but I found myself missing the huge dicks that had used me for their own pleasure for the two weeks.

One morning Jimmy was reading the paper and saw an ad announcing that Black Culture Week was approaching and that it was to be held at a nearby town. We decided that I would go to the event and see how many men I could pick up. The day approached and I packed my overnight bag and headed out. I got a flat just before getting into town, and a car load of black men stopped and changed it. I asked them how I could repay them and they told me how sexy I looked. I offered to follow them to their hotel and take care of each of them. They agreed and soon I found myself naked in bed with them. I allowed all five to pleasure themselves at the same time. I sat on one cock, another was planted up my ass, one in my mouth, and the last two with my hands pumping their dicks. After they finished with me, about four hours worth of fucking, I got up to leave and told them I may see them again, but I was trying to see how many black men I could fuck during the week. I went to a bar and so group of about thirty blacks descended on me. I ended up letting them do me tight there in the bar. As they fucked me, more men joined them and I think I must have fucked and sucked about sixty guys that afternoon. Finally, the manager, a white, asked me to join him in his office. I agreed and found myself kneeling at his feet, blowing him. I really felt like trash, like a slut who was starved for cock, but I was having too good a time to give it much thought. I went from bar to bar, from bed to bed, all week long, getting fucked by at least two hundred and fifty different men. Even though I was on the pill, I became pregnant that week. I guess that there was just too much sperm in my body to remain not pregnant. But, one thing was for sure, I felt hornier than ever before after I got back home. We put the baby up for adoption, and I continued my wicked ways.

To date, I’ve fucked over five hundred men, mostly all of them with huge black cocks. I’ve become addicted to fucking, and find myself ever on the lookout for more. One of my girlfriends told me one day of her own dark thoughts about extramarital sex. I admitted everything to her and we agreed that she would spend the week with us when her husband went out of town for a meeting. Just before he left, they fucked and she told him to have fun, and fuck other women. He was kind of stunned, but he told her she was great for allowing him to. So, that night, when she got to our house, I told her to sleep with Jimmy. I went out in search of black cock, and didn’t return home ’til 4 AM, my cunt filled with black sperm. I entered out bedroom, and found jimmy and Sal fucking like rabbits. After he shot off in her (for the fifth time that night), I crawled between her legs and started to lick out my husband’s sperm from her well used cunt. Jimmy, meanwhile, was now eating my pussy and brought me to several orgasms. Sal was cumming quite a bit also, and Jimmy swung around so that she could suck his coc k. Finally, everyone had cum, but Sal wanted more from me. I continued to eat her sweet tasting cunt, and reached into our night stand drawer and retrieved a huge dildo. I fucked her with it, causing her to eventually cum, screaming. The next night, we both went out and picked up a group of four black men and went back home with them. All of them had us, in every hole, repeatedly that night. We didn’t get home ’til noon the next day. I turned Sal into a slut who loved black cock as much as I did.

Then, after a week of this, she left for home, since her husband was due back. She later told me how he had fucked several girls he worked with during this meeting, and then she told him about her experiences. Her husband, Wayne, asked her if she thought I would allow him to fuck me. I readily agreed, since I believe that all sex is good sex. Sal came to our house the next Friday night to spend the weekend with Jimmy, and I went to their house to fuck Wayne. I arrived wearing nothing but an overcoat to hide my nakedness as I walked in their house. Wayne had an impressive cock, and I dropped to my knees and began to suck it. Soon, he filled my mouth with his sperm, and then turned me over and fucked my asshole. He ravaged me all weekend, and I loved every second of it.

This all happened ten years ago, and I’ve still not gotten my fill of cock. As a matter of fact, I’ve become hornier than ever, and I satisfy my lust daily. Usually, it’s with black men, but I also fuck other white men, and also women. I hope I never get tired of all of this fucking, for it has made my life complete. I am a slut, but so what? I spread my whore legs for anyone who wants them. The paper boy gets a special tip each month, as does the grocery boy at our local supermarket. I had them get together some friends one time and let them all fuck me. There were ten fifteen year olds that time, and they would cum, and remain hard, fucking me three times each, sending their young sperm into all of my fuck holes. What a life!